Dirty Work

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Disclaimer: I don't own Vampire Academy or the charactes of Vampire Academy and it all belongs to Richelle Mead. I also don't make money/profit off this and is only for fun/entertainment

I do not own Vampire Academy or any of the characters in it. I don't get money/profit from thisi. I just write as a fan.


Rose’s POV

          “Fucking Bitch!” The man smacked me a crossed the face. I yelp and fall to the ground with a thud. I heard him on his phone and kicked me when he got off. I whimpered in pain and within ten minutes my employer was at the door. He grabbed me by the hair and dragged me out. He threw me in his car and got in. The door closed. “Âû áåñïîëåçíî øëþõà! Ïî÷åìó âû íå ìîæåòå ñäåëàòü ÷òî-íèáóäü ïðàâèëüíî!” He said. (You useless slut! Why can't you do anything right!)

          I whimpered in pain. He still talks in Russian when I know barley any. He snarls and smacks me a cross the face and switches to English. “I’m losing more money than gaining with you! I lost two thousand dollars because of you!” He continued to yell. The car stopped and I was yanked out by the guards. “What are we going to with her Mr. Dashkov?” They asked. “Throw her into the basement room.” Victor told them. They walked off with me being dragged off.

          I was dragged to the basement and thrown into a room made of cement and leaked with water. A cot was across from the door and bucket for whenever I need to go to the bathroom and there was no window, just a small light bulb. I sighed and laid down on the cot.

          I’m Rosemarie Hathaway and I’m twenty years old. I have a pathetic mother and I know nothing about my father. I have no siblings and no friends, in this business you don’t want to get close to anyone. The big bombshell is that I work as a prostitute and not by choice. My mother was in debt with the Russian mafia, so to get the money she sold me off to Victor when I was sixteen. I still couldn’t leave whether I was eighteen or thirty. I was property to Victor and no one could leave without him saying so. He sold women off to men or women to either sexually please them or to be arm candy. I have long gorgeous dark brown hair and beautiful dark brown eyes. I have a tan complexion and a body with a hour glass figure. I had a big butt and a D cup. I was drop dead gorgeous. I know.

          I fell asleep after a while. I woke up to the door opening and Victor entering. I got up and glared at him. “What do you want.” I stated flatly. He ignore my question. “I have been very kind to you Rosemarie the past years. I’ve also been very tolerant. I have a very rich man paying me for the most gorgeous girl I have and that is you Ms. Rosemarie. This is your last chance to please me. You don’t, and I get rid of you. Permanently.” He said. The guards dragged me out of the building kicking and screaming.

          They threw me into the limo and Victor got in. “Get her changed.” The people in the limo started tearing at my clothes and putting me in a gold dress that stuck to everywhere on my body. When they were done with me we had arrived. I was shoved out and I looked up to see a very big mansion and many expensive cars in the front. Victor got out of the car.

          “There are two families living here. The Zeklos’s and The Belikov. You will be sold to Jesse Zeklos the second youngest. You WILL behave. The Zeklos don’t tolerate misbehavior. They will put you in your place if so. Now keep quiet while I talk.” He said as we arrived at the door. He rang the doorbell and the door opened a few minutes later. I saw a boy about a few years older than me open the door. “Ahh…Jesse?” Victor asked. “Yes.” Jessed said.

          “I’m looking for your father. Him and I have a deal to make.” Jesse opened the door and walked ahead. Victor walked ahead of me with the guards on each side of me. We came to an office and walked in. A man around his fifties looked up. “Ahh…Victor! So nice to see you!” He gave Victor a hug. Victor returned the hug. “Mr. Zeklos! It’s been very long.” Victor said. Mr. Zeklos glanced at me and examined me.

          After a few minutes of looking he nodded in approval. “Magnificent. I love her.” He said. Victor smiled. “But are the bruises and cut lip for?” “She has a bit of a stubborn personality, but will eventually submit with a few smacks here and there.” Victor explained. Mr. Zeklos nodded and turned to Jesse. “She’s all yours Jesse.” He said. Jessed smirked. “I’ll her broken in right now.” Jesse grabbed me and took off to what I assumed his room.

          We went up a flight of stairs to the second floor and down the hall and into a room on the left. He closed the door and sat down on the bed. “Strip for me.” He said. I just stood there stubbornly. Jesse a got up and smacked me a cross the face. I whimpered in pain. “Strip!” He yelled. I nodded and I grabbed the zipper in back and pulled it down. The dress fell and showed my naked body. He growled and grabbed me and threw me on the bed. He took off his clothes and climbed on top.

          He thrust in without any warning and I yelled in pain at his size. He didn’t stop. He kept slamming into me making it painful and he bit my nipple hard enough to bleed. I yelled in pain. He groaned and within minutes he came in me. I whimpered when he pulled out. He smirked and got his clothes on.

          “Such a fucking slut. Get your clothes on. You’re going to meet the family. Don’t look like a whore and dress nice.” He threw me a dress and I put in on. It was a black strapless dress that hugged my curves and showed my cleavage enough to look more sexy than slutty. It stopped at mid-thigh and I threw on some black high heels. “Where did you get these?” I asked. “My father sent them to my room when he knew you were coming.” He shoved me out of the room and down the stairs.

          He went in front of me and took me to the dining room where everyone was talking. When we walked in everyone looked at us. “Everyone Jesse has new personal servant.” Mr. Zeklos said. Everyone just nodded. Jesse sat me down forcefully and sat next to me.

          “What’s your name?” A woman with pretty brown eyes that looked her forty, but maybe older. “Rose. Rose Hathaway.” I said. “Rose such unique and pretty name. My name is Olena Belikov and this is my husband Randall.” A man in his fifties nodded at me. “And these are my children Karolina my eldest and her son Paul,” She referred to the woman that was very pregnant and little boy next to her. “And my daughter Sonya” a girl with dark hair and eyes smiled. “Viktoria my youngest” A girl that was about a year younger than me. “And my only son Dimitri” I looked and saw the most gorgeous guy I’ve ever met. Dimitri had long brown hair that went down to maybe his shoulders, but was in a ponytail at the moment. He had beautiful chocolate eyes that could hypnotize you. A body, from what I could see, made of pure muscle. To sum it up. He was fucking hot! He was also checking me out. “H-Hi.” All he did is smile and nodded.

          “Hathaway did you say?” Randall asked. I nodded. “Ahh…You must be Janine’s daughter.” I growled at the mention of her name. “Yes.” I said shortly. “I also know your father.” He said. I snorted rudely. “Yeah. Well I don’t. He didn’t stick around for long.” I said flatly. Randall chuckled. “That’s very disappointing because he is a great man. But I doubt he would skip out on his only child.” “Believe it. The only thing I’ve got from him is the nazar that my mother gave me that was given to her by him.” Showing the necklace. “Ah…I remember that charm. Abe gave it to her before she left him.” I raised my eyebrows.

          “Wait. My mom left my dad. Janine said he left her. Me.” I said. “No she left him. He never found out the reason why. But now I know why.” He said. “Who is he?” I asked. “Ibrahim Mazur. He is the leader of the Turkish Mafia. As am I in the Russian.” “My mother seems to get into Mafias a lot…” I mumble. He laughed.

          Later after the dinner Jesse grabbed me and took me to the office. “What.” I said rudely to Jesse. He growled and back fisted me in the cheek. “Don’t speak unless spoken too!” “Yeah that’ll happen when pigs fly.” I snarled. He grabbed me and threw me into the fish tank and it broke. “You just don’t know when to keep your mouth shut!” He again back fisted me. I screamed in pain. “Come to my room when you’ve learned your lesson.” With that he walked out.

          I walked out of the office and looked for the back door to the backyard. When I found it I went out back and walked over to the fountain by the hedges that seemed to make tall walls. I sat at the edge and looked at my reflection. Both my cheeks were pure purple, my left eyes was black around the outside and the eyelid, my lip was split open again. I looked like I got beat by a bat to a pulp. I felt my tears well up. I sobbed as they fell.

          This was my life and I couldn’t do anything about it. I sobbed even more, finally breaking down after everything. “Hey…You ok?” I felt a warm hand my shoulder. I spun around to see none other the Mr. To-Die-For-Body looking down at me. “Yes! I’m just so happen to be crying like a baby for no god dam reason!” I snapped at him.

          He ignored my bitchy comment and pulled me into a hug. I fell into it sobbing until I passed out from exhaustion…

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