Jeremy and Jaime continued...

BY : Kinky_Turtle
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Disclaimer: I do not own or profit from any works created for the Women of the Otherworld series.

This is the first fanfic that I have published, but my husband has been pushing me to do it so here goes....Hope you like it!


{Quote} I smiled up at him. “Always a gentleman.”
“Not always,” he said, and, with one hard thrust, he was inside me. {Quote}

He paused and growled low in his throat. “You’re so tight.”

“I think it worked.” I teased him. God he felt amazing. If he hadn’t broken the lock I don’t know if I would have lasted any longer before giving in myself.

He chuckled, “Yes, I do believe it did.” Then he started to move. Gently at first, building up the pace. It felt exquisite, but I wanted more.  

“Don’t be scared to move Jeremy, I won’t break.”

“You don’t know how strong I am.”

“Then roll over.” I pushed on his shoulder and he rolled onto his back, pulling me with him.

Slowly, I teased him up and down. I’m not sure who was more frustrated by my pace, but I couldn’t help but to tease him some more. I pushed down as far as I could go and rocked my hips side to side ever so slightly.

“Do that again,” he growled.

I did it one more time then pulled up as far as I could go without him falling out. Then, excruciatingly slowly, I lowered myself back onto him. I rocked side to side then back and forth. Then slowly rose again. I repeated the motions a couple more times before he broke again.

“Enough, you’re killing me Jaime.”

I rotated one more time, just for good measure, then I picked up the pace. If I kept this up, I wouldn’t last very long. I could feel my orgasm coming.

“So close,” I whispered.

“Let go Jaime.” He sat up and started kissing his way down my throat. The added stimulation was almost too much. “Let go,” He growled low in my ear.

“Ahh,” I cried out as my orgasm hit me hard. The sound of his voice so low and animalistic was amazing.

Jeremy started to thrust up into me hard and wasn’t far behind me, letting himself go before my orgasm had stopped.

We sat together on the floor beside the bed for several minutes before either of us spoke.

“Well, that didn’t go quite as I had planned it.”

I laughed, “Jeremy, that was amazing. Let’s get in bed.”

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