Department 19: Jamie and Larisa's night

BY : Sorenhead
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Larisa found her way into Jamie's room in the dead of night. It had been a long week since the attack made by Valeri Rusmanov had taken the Loop by storm and Larisa soon found herself unable to stand not doing anything to get her revenge. More than half the department's active roster were gone in a single blood filled fight. Her senses told her to stay calm and let the department deal with the problem. Her vampire side however growled nonstop for her to commit unholy acts of violence for what Valeri had done. When she entered the room she floated in the air not wanting to wake him but she needed to blow off some steam. She had a feeling that her late boyfriend would be more than willing to help her but she also felt it cruel to wake him after what had happened.

He finally had Frankenstein back and one of his best friends was now kidnaped. She knew that taking the boy's sleep from after all this was cruel. Part of her just wanted him to be awake as to relieve her of her conflict. She thought of her boyfriends actions these last few days and convinced herself to leave when she was confronted by her vampire side. You deserve this! You want this! You need this! To hell with his sleep, wake him. He'll enjoy it Larisa, what are teenage boys for anyway? do it. She instantly felt bad for the thought but her eyes filled up with glowing red material as she fantasied about herself and Jamie. In the end it was this glowing red that woke Jamie.

'Hey Larisa' he said yawning. 'what time is it? Did I sleep in?

'No' Larisa said her smile growing and becoming more exited by the minuet. Jamie took a few long seconds to figure out what was happening before he gave a devilish smile of his own. They both felt a rush of excitement as Larisa floated just above Jamie lowering herself onto him. He started to kiss her softly along the neck. His arms moved across her butt and she growled as her eyes went a deeper red. Jamie stopped confused for a second before she told him to ignore her and keep going. His kisses become more violent until they felt like slaps across her skin. He unzipped her uniform and she shrugged it off. Jamie felt surprise flush over him to find she was wearing nothing under neath. Her perfectly smooth skin and skinny body made her look like a supermodel only without the ribs sticking out. Her eyes now a deep crimson were moving toward his pelvic area.

 Jamie let his eyes wonder across her perfect body as she started to dry hump him. He stared at her boobs which hung out like beautiful low hanging fruits. Noticing his admiration she moved them onto his face as she went to work. She lifted him of the ground and used her supernatural speed to undress him right down to his under wear and then dropped him onto the bed. He stared at her in confusion until the pain of his erection hit him like a spike of violence. He removed his under wear and let his penis breath. It stood tall for a second and Larisa stared at it. She gulped at the size of it which Jamie took as a good sign.

Larisa's vampire side took control as she growled in savage pleasure. She put her mouth around Jamie's member and stared to suck vigorously. Jamie felt a bolt of pleasure shot through him as the tightness of her mouth constricted his shaft. He didn't take long for his climax to come. He didn't warn her but she could hear it coming through his body with her supernatural ear and lifted her face just in time for it to not shoot in her mouth but not soon enough for her to escape it landing on her face.

Larisa looked at Jamie in primal desire. Jamie saw his cum all over her face as it driped down her face and thought the sight was beautiful. She licked some of it off her face and Jamie was filled with lust.

'You taste good' she said her eyes now like burning coals.

'You know when a vampire says that it usually is a bad thing' Jamie teases and she smiled wider then brought herself top of him and sat on his penis. It was in her vagina he thought after a second of confusion as to what had happened. Larisa felt a jolt of pain and felt how big he was inside her. She wanted this so much that she was willing to move pass it. She moved herself up and down. The pain was still there but it faded. She did it again and again until she was doing it so fast that the pain had been replaced by pure ecstasy. Bliss!

Jamie felt a mixture of want and pleasure as she moved her body. She felt good on his member. So tight, he loved every uneven and bumpy groove as his cock was thrown up and out of her vagina, never quite leaving it. She tuned her back toward him and moved her butt up and down on his skin. Jamie felt pleasure but not quite enough to satisfy him. He wanted to explore her. He wanted to be in control.

Larisa felt Jamie sit up forcing her on all fours on the bed. Jamie found a new and faster rhythm that she followed as he took her doggy-style on the bed. She fell to the pleasure and lay down and Jamie moved on top of her. Sandwiching her between his beautifully sculpted abs and the soft bed. His hips rocked into her butt. He moved back and forth and all she could do was ride it out as she was consumed to point of surrender to the absolute pleasure of being taken by him. He rocked his hips and pounded Larisa's pussy. She felt pain but loved it.

'I am going to cum!' he yelled a little too loudly

'Do it in my ass!' Larisa yelled back definitely too loudly. More than that she didn't know where the words has come from. Did she really want him in her ass. When he did so she felt it and it felt strangely good. Jamie felt himself climaxing and he fingered her climax at the same time. Larisa felt her pussy convulse and move around her boyfriends fingers and screamed in pure delight. Jamie climaxed as well sending hot sticky cum into her ass. She felt it and knew she would have a hard time removing that. They lay still for a moment until Jamie looked at her with a smile that wispered sin.

'Round two?' he breathed

She smiled at the horny teen in front of her his messy broken, brown hair and his blue and ravenous eyes. 'Take me, make me your play thing for the night. Fuck me silly!' She said and then she was floating in the air at the level of his shaft. Jamie spread her long, pale legs apart and saw the clint of her pussy. He wasn't ready to start from scratch again. His cock was still sensitive from the fucking they just did. Instead he sent two of his fingers into the vampire. The contact with her vagina's lip caused her a small seizure of pure pleasure and a sharp intake of breath. Jamie slid his fingers into her all the way till he could feel the end where she constructed so much he couldn't fit any more of his hand. She felt such ecstasy that she had to hold her mouth to stop from screaming. She fraught his fingers but he left them in her until she was so wet that he needed to taste her womanhood. She let his mouth eat her out. He left the muceal spasm that meant she was cuming as she screamed through her hands in a loud muffle of swear words mixed with his name and a few yeses. Jamie could taste Larisa's cum and it made him horney He loved it, it tasted so sweet.

'When it was over she flew back into a straight stance and held Jamie's mouth shut. He wondered what she was doing when she picked him up and raced out of the room. She flew down the corridors with blinding speed. Jamie superseded the urge to scream knowing that it was not worth getting caught naked in Larisa's arms. He presses his face against her breasts to shield himself from the sweeping winds. She found the elevator and made her way down the shaft and into the training rooms where he and Terry had spend most of his beginning life in blacklight. She took a long sniff and was satisfied no one was there. She moved them into one of the showers and then pressed herself with deadly vampire strength against the shower's cold tiled wall. Her eyes glowed a deep red that for the first time in months frightened him.

Larisa turned on the shower and handed some bodywash to Jamie. Jamie saw the cum dripping out of her ass as she motioned too it. 'You've got to clean me. Look how dirty you made me' she grinned and turned around. She bent her body outwards while bending her bottom to him. Jamie's fear was gone and his lust had returned with a vengence as he lathered his hands with the soap. He took hold of her waist and moved up her stomach rubbing her up and down. He felt every inch of her beautiful body and she pressed her back onto his hard and perfectly sculpted abs allowing his fully formed cock to rise between her legs and touch her stomach. She breathed heavily and as he pushed his cock up and down rubbing it against her clint. She took a sharp intake of pleasure as he licked her earlobe and pushed his middle finger up her ass to clean his cum out.

He scooped out large amounts of his seamen from her butt and she left it as his middle finger bend and pull the hot sticky stuff from her. Over her panting she heard large clumps of his cum hit the shower floor. She felt her orgasim coming to his cock rubbing up and down her womanhood and as he sucked and bit on her ear she moved her head to kiss him inorder to muzzle her orgasmic screams. Their toughes fighting in each others mouth and reaching down each others throats when she had the most intense organism of her life hit her like a thunderbolt. She fell to the floor dramatically and looked up after a few seconds of seamless animal like pleasure. She looked up and saw Jamie look down at her with fiery eyes and his cock stood straight out in front of him.

'Your not going to leave me with all this tension are you?' Jamie asked far from anything innoceant. She then wrapped her boobs around his shaft while on her knees. She put her mouth over his manhood and caused a tingle of delight from Jamie's penis that sent a shiver up his spine. She moved her body up and down with exceptional speed. He tit fucked her till he could not stop himself from exploding out. His erection pulsed in her mouth until Larisa was filled again to the brim with yet more cum than before. Unable to swallow it she spat it out all over the floor at Jamie's feet. She panted and looked at her boyfriend standing over her.

'Lick it all up' he said. Unable to refute she got on all fours and licked up ever clump of his seed that she could find on the floor swallowing it. She was out of energy now but Jamie has one more in him. He picked her up easily and held her by the ass above his head while he inserted his member into her. She didn't refute but instead moaned his name as he moved her against the shower walls. He sandwiched her and moved up and down and sent pure delight into her.

'Fuck, Jamie! Don't stop, don't stop... Owwww... Yeah, Fuck, yeah, oh Jamie, your so big!' She continued her rant and Jamie felt so great that he let himself cum inside her vagina.

'Take it all, Larisa, Take it all...oh fuck!!!' When they had both climaxed for the last time they laid down exhausted. She and he were completely satisfied for there first time together and as the water beat on both of their naked bodies they kissed.

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