Yearning For More

BY : CharonsPole
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“I guess the show’s over then,” Perrin said, his thick shoulders slumping.

            Rand put on a smile. "Only for now. I’m sure Master Merrilin will be back in time for the celebration proper. It’ll be a Bel Tine to remember. No doubt."

            “The last maybe,” Egwene said softly. Rand thought he caught a hint of sadness in her big brown eyes, but by the time he had turned his attention to her fully it was gone as if it had never been. She was holding one end of her new braid in her hand, and he saw her give it a light tug, as though to remind herself of something.

            “Are you really going to leave?”

            She gave him a small smile. "Will you miss me, Rand? You must promise me you won’t grieve too long, I know how emotional you can get. It might not seem like it now, but I promise, someday you will meet another woman, one more suited to you, to a life here in the Two Rivers."

            Perrin looked a little stunned. "Where are you going, Egwene?”

            “I haven’t decided yet, Perrin. I may take the Wisdom position in a city north of the Taren, but I want to consider my options first."

            The young blacksmith blinked at that. Rand could almost see him examining the idea in his mind, considering it from every angle, looking for flaws, deciding what, if anything, he should say in response. He was very much a thinker was Perrin. Cautious and deliberate. Not so Mat.

            “I didn’t know they even had Wisdoms in cities. Well, anyway,” Mat eyed the crowd of Two Rivers folk, the adults muttering in disapproval over Thom’s abrupt exit. "I say we go find Dav and Elam, before some chores find us." He set off in the direction of the Cauthon farm, which was near the edge of the village.

            Rand and Perrin were quick to follow, and even Egwene only hesitated  a moment before trailing along. No-one wanted to have a goodwife’s or goodman’s frustrations taken out on them.

            As they hastened along the busy street, Perrin turned to Rand and asked. "Have you heard anything from Anna? I haven’t seen her or Master al’Tolan about town."

            Anna al’Tolan and her father lived in the Eastwood, like Rand and Tam. They were neighbours, in so much as anyone had neighbours out that ways. "I haven’t seen her in a week,” Rand said. "But last we spoke she was complaining about wolves having gotten into their chicken coop. She and her father were planning to thin the pack a little, to try and drive them off, she said. Tam told her to tell Master al’Tolan that he should wait until after Bel Tine, and that he would see about gathering a full hunting party while we’re in town."

            Perrin frowned worriedly. "I hope they listened."

            Rand set his hand on Perrin’s thick shoulder. "It’s a long walk from their place to Emond’s Field. If they set out at about the same time as Tam and I they’d still be on the road. She’ll probably be here soon, don’t worry."

            “I’m sure Anna will keep Master al’Tolan from doing anything foolish, Perrin,” added Egwene.

            Mistress Cauthon’s farm was on the outskirts of Emond’s Field, with rich pasturage stretching north  and a large stables built near the village itself. Mat’s father Abel was known throughout the Two Rivers as a man with a shrewd eye for horseflesh and a thrifty bargainer, which had made him the target of many a sour look from his less gracious neighbours, though little more than that – Abel also won the quarterstaff contest nearly every year, after all.

            The Cauthons met them on the well-trodden path, stout Natti tugging her husband, a stockier and greyer version of Mat, along as he attempted to dry his hands with a towel. Just in from the pasture, Rand thought, and late for the meeting.

            Mat’s mother gave him a knowing look. "Dav isn’t here, Matrim. He took off over the fields, looking rather nervous about something actually. You don’t have any idea what he might have been nervous about do you?”

            “Couldn’t say,” Mat’s expression held only shock and bewilderment. "Maybe he’s off to make moon eyes at Cilia Cole some more. Or maybe he’s got an eye for Bode and was worried you’d catch him peeking."

            “He should be,” Abel snorted. "Just as well the girls are off at their lessons."

            Egwene pursed her lips at that and Rand wondered f she'd been hoping to meet up with the Cauthon girls. Egwene made friends with other girls easily, though she could be quick to fall out with them too; Bode was one of those who were in her good graces these days.

            Mistress Cauthon hurried by, her thick brown braid bobbing behind her. "As if we don’t have enough nonsense to deal with. Stay out of trouble, Mat."

            “Of course!” Mat did a credible job of sounding aggrieved at his mother’s implication. Abel gave their son a friendly slap on the shoulder as he strode off towards the Winespring Inn.

            Mat watched them go, a cheerful smile plastered to his face. But as soon as his parents had passed out of view, he made a beeline for the stables, skinny legs pumping fast. He could move surprisingly quickly when he wanted to. Rand and the others followed at a more sensible pace.

            Egwene sighed in exasperation. "What have you woolheads been getting up to this time?”

            “I have nothing to do with it. Whatever it is,” said Perrin.

            Their footsteps rustled the straw scattered upon the ground of the dimly lit stables. As Rand’s eyes adjusted he found several horses leaning over their stalls and eyeing the newcomers curiously. Mat had moved further in and was rummaging inside an empty stall when Rand approached.

            “Blood and butt-kissing ashes!” he swore. "That pratt Dav Ayellin must have set it loose before running for the hills." He had an old sack and a loose piece of rope in his hands. "Ah, it would have been a laugh to see them all run shrieking." The sack and rope dropped to the ground and Mat shrugged, “Well, it’ll still be a hell of a celebration."

            Egwene stood in the middle of the stables with her hands planted on her slim hips. "Let me guess. You caught some manner of mangy critter and were planning to loose it near the Spring Pole to try and frighten the young women. Honestly, that the three of you should qualify as grown men says all there is to say about your gender."

            “I had nothing to do with it,” Perrin muttered again.

            Mat grinned unabashedly while Rand scrubbed a hand through his red hair. Egwene had a point – It wouldn’t have been very nice to spoil the girls’ big day. Still, when he imagined them all shrieking and running in circles with their hands in the air, his lips twitched a smile.

            With a sigh, Egwene tossed her braid back over her shoulder and strolled around the stables, checking each of the stalls. "The least you could do would be to show some gratitude to women like Nynaeve and I for putting up with you. Most women, less patient – or just less stubborn – than we Two Rivers women, would put you out and let you fend for yourselves. " Having finished her short patrol, she stopped and ran her eyes over the three boys critically.

            Rand felt compelled to speak up. "Tam and I take care of ourselves, you might recall. He even owns his own farm."

            Egwene sniffed. "It’s a great shame that he’s such a stubborn fellow. If he’d only remarried, neither of you would have had to struggle so hard to make do." She shook her head sadly, regarding Rand with a mixture of fondness and pity. It made his cheeks colour, but whether it was from embarrassment or anger he could not quite decide.

            “It’s not been anywhere near the struggle you imagine,” he muttered.

            “Still, gratitude is owed, as I said,” Egwene continued, not hearing or just ignoring Rand’s words. Her voice sounded rather breathy suddenly. She was staring at Perrin’s brown shirt, which was not at all large enough to hide the blacksmith apprentice’s thick chest muscles. "And since I’m a grown woman now, I think I shall allow you to work off your debts."

            Egwene’s cheeks had a pretty, rosy hue to them. She took a single deep breath, then pulled her white blouse up over her head. The three boys gaped at her. Coolly, a slight smile on her lips, she hung the blouse over the door of an empty stall. Only the frilly white cotton of her camisole hid her young breasts from their suddenly intent stares.

Egwene pointed towards the hayloft with an excited gleam in her big dark eyes, “Fetch some large bundles Matrim,” she commanded.

Mat opened his mouth as if to object, but the thought of what could follow if he obeyed stole the defiance from his lips. He moved as if in a daze as he climbed the ladder to fetch what Egwene wanted.

The girl in question watched him climb with pursed lips, each quickening breath causing the thin material of her undershirt to expand and contract in an eye-catching manner. She turned her attention to Rand and Perrin. "You two can take your clothes off now. I want to see your bodies."

“What is going on Egwene,” asked Perrin with incredulity written plain on his face.

Egwene smiled brightly and shook her head. "Oh, Perrin. You’re such a silly boy sometimes. Endearing silly, though. Consider this a going away party. One I’m certain you will never forget."

Rand’s cheeks were red once more, though definitely not from anger this time. He began to undo the buttons on his coat.

Perrin turned and gaped at him; he was still staring when Rand discarded the coat and went to work on the laces of his shirt. A bale of hay landing beside them with a muffled thump caused the normally unflappable youth to jump. Shaking his curly-haired head, he transferred his stare to Egwene, then slowly started to undo his own shirt with nervous, fumbling fingers, looking very much as though he had been poleaxed.

Another hay bale thudded to the ground as Rand discarded his shirt. It made for a comfortable seat as he began to undo the laces on his boots.

Egwene was watching him with a pleased smile on her pretty face. "You are pretty though. So tall, and such fair skin. I’ve never met anyone else who looks at all like you,” she mused.

            Perrin folded his shirt studiously before setting it down. His cheeks burned, and he was careful to avoid meeting anyone’s eyes. Thick slabs of muscle, and a generous supply of dark hair covered the young blacksmith’s body. Egwene’s eyes drank in the sight and her smile grew even wider.

            Several bales later an already half-undressed Mat hopped down from the loft and moved to stand beside his two friends, his wiry form a stark contrast to their more muscular physiques. When all three boys were down to their undershorts they stopped, shuffling their feet and glancing at the still-dressed Egwene uncertainly.

            The Mayor’s daughter gestured at their shorts impatiently.

            Mat was the first to doff his underwear. Grinning excitedly as he revealed his already-hard penis, rising long and thin from a thatch of brown hair.

            Egwene’s efforts to appear calm and collected were not enough to prevent her from blushing red, nor to hide her gulp.

            Rand thought her altogether more attractive then, than when she had been posing coolly before them. He bent and pulled his shorts down over his long, muscular legs; then kicked them aside. The slight stir of air upon his exposed nudity sent shivers all over his body – more than the mild temperature in the stables warranted. Egwene licked her lips as she examined his cock, which was only just beginning to stir.

            Perrin took a deep breath and followed the other boys’ example, cheeks burning even hotter than before. Rand couldn’t help but steal a peek at the burly boy’s hard manhood. It was thicker than Mat’s, but not as long.

            Egwene smiled slowly as she surveyed the three naked young men arrayed before her. With confident deliberation she loosened the ties on her thick woolen skirt and allowed it to pool around her feet. Underneath she wore loose white drawers and stout brown stockings that reached to her knees. Her waist was slim and her hips well-rounded. Rand felt himself stir as he watched her undress.

            She sat upon a hay bale to remove her sensible shoes and slide the warm wool stockings down her slender legs. One arm disappeared deftly within her camisole and soon the white top was pushed up and over her head. A trio of indrawn breaths greeted the sight of her pert young breasts, not large, but certainly not small either. Egwene’s excited breaths caused them to rise and fall hypnotically. She grinned widely as she stood to pull her underwear down, her breasts and dark braid dangling before her. Rand was hard as a rock by the time he laid eyes on her lightly-thatched pussy. He took an involuntary step towards her and Egwene raised a cautionary finger.

            “You look lovely, Egwene." Perrin’s voice was husky. He had not moved from his spot but when Rand glanced back he saw his friend’s fully erect penis twitching excitedly.

            Egwene gestured imperiously towards a empty stall. "Drag one of those bales over against that door, Mat."

            “Why do I have to do all the work?” moaned Mat, but he hopped quickly to it nonetheless. His narrow haunches straining as he dragged the bundle across his families barn.

            While Mat was busy working, Egwene advanced towards Perrin and took him gently by the chin. She stood on tiptoes to kiss his lips softly; Perrin’s brown eyes drifted closed as her returned her kiss with equal tenderness. One of Egwene’s eyes slid open and she gave Rand a sly glance, still kissing his friend.

            “There,” announced Mat with a loud dusting of his hands.

            Egwene broke the kiss and turned towards the stable, allowing Rand to catch a glimpse of her slim, flat bottom. She took a seat upon the hay bale as though it were a throne and beckoned to Rand impatiently. "Since you’re so desperately impatient, Rand, I suppose I’ll allow you to show me your appreciation first." She leaned back against the stall door, and spread her legs slightly, giving them all a glimpse of her pink, and glistening, sex.

            Rand wasn’t about to refuse such an offer. His long, thick cock led the way as he knelt before Egwene and took her face in his hands, kissing her lips hungrily. Her legs spread for him and her hands slipped around to caress the muscles of his back. The tip of his cock rested against her young sex; Rand slid along her slit, seeking out the hottest, wettest part of Egwene. When he found it, he slid easily inside her.

            The two youths clutched at each other as they gasped in exploratory pleasure. Rand wanted more, wanted to feel her heat all around him. When he pushed forwards he encountered some kind of resistance. Egwene bit him lightly on the shoulder and he would have stopped, but her sharp nails digging into his buttocks urged him onwards. His breath came in short, light groans as he worked his way into Egwene, savouring the sweet heat of her sex.

            There was mingled pain and pleasure in her eyes when he leant back to look at her. Egwene took a firm hold of Rand’s hair and pulled him in for a kiss, almost of their own volition his hips began to rock back and forth, stroking his cock along her wet pussy.

            Rand’s thrusts were long and slow. He held Egwene to his chest tenderly as they fucked, her pert young breasts pressed against his hard chest. She nibbled on his ear for a bit, it was an odd, but not entirely unpleasant sensation.   He sped up, the pleasure and hunger taking hold of his mind.

            Egwene was hungry too though, and not for Rand; or at least not only for Rand. She took a firm hold of Rand’s hips to stop his thrusting. He blinked at her confusedly.

            “Perrin’s turn,” she panted. Rand let out a groan of frustration, one that was echoed by Mat. When Rand glanced at him he saw that his friend was stroking himself and likely had been while watched Rand and Egwene screw. Excitement warred with embarrassment in his heart.             Dutifully, Rand pulled himself out of Egwene’s wet pussy. He sat back with a sigh, the straw tickling his naked buttocks.

            Egwene beckoned Perrin towards her with crooked finger and a confident smile. When the burly youth only stared at her she rose from her straw throne with a tut of exasperation and marched across the dirt floor to fetch him. Taking Perrin by his curly brown hair, Egwene pulled his lips down for a kiss. She guided his hands to her young breasts and urged him to caress them. Intent concentration fought with nervous desire on Perrin's face as he carefully kneaded Egwene's tender flesh in his powerful hands. Her eyes drifted shut in pleasure. "Push those bales together you two," Egwene murmured.

            Rand clambered quickly to his feet and dusted straw from his bottom. He had little difficulty shifted the bales, years of conscientious farmwork had strengthened his body. Egwene watched him work appreciatively as Perrin attended to her body and Mat stared at her open-mouthed, hand still running up and down his hard, young cock.

            When the improvised bed was prepared, Egwene took hold of Perrin's meaty manhood and laughed at the loud moan he let out. She led him by the cock to the straw pallet and put one hand to his chest; for all Perrin's bulk, and Egwene's slight figure, she easily knocked him onto his back. Rand drank in the sight of her body as she crawled up to kneel above Perrin's eager sex.

            "Oh Light, Egwene!" Perrin cried as the young woman sank down on his cock. He crushed great handfuls of straw in the grip he did not dare use on her. Once he was fully sheathed within her wet sex Egwene quickly started grinding herself against him and moaning sweetly.

            It struck Rand, as he watched Egwene ride one his oldest friends, that he should be jealous. It had been made plain to him years ago that he and Egwene were supposed to marry when they were older, and Egwene was now officially a woman by Two Rivers standards. How exactly they had come to be considered promised to one another Rand had never been able to discern - certainly his opinion on the matter had not been sought, to his great frustration! Egwene was beautiful and smart, the Mayor's youngest daughter, Rand's almost-betrothed; and he found himself smiling as he watched her fuck another man. Did that mean he didn't really love her?

            Egwene didn't seem fazed by such thoughts either. She let out an exhausted whoop as she clambered off Perrin and sprawled beside him on the straw. Perrin's cock stood red and unsated,  glistening with their juices. Egwene glistened too, sweat coating her as she gasped for breath. She raised her head just enough to catch Mat's eye and shoot him an inviting smile.

            He was quick to take her up on her offer, kneeling on the straw he placed his hands behind Egwene's knees and pushed her slender legs apart to expose her pink slit. Mat shoved himself inside Egwene without preamble. All the way to the hilt he went, and once there he quickly began to ride her hard.

            "Fucking hell Egwene," groaned Mat, "That is a sweet pussy you have."

            "Mind your language, Matrim Cauthon," said Egwene as she lay on her back, legs spread wide, her brows creased and eyes squeezed shut in what was not pain. Her breasts jiggled madly from Mat's frantic fucking; the nipples had somehow gotten even larger than when she had first unveiled them. The sight mesmerised Rand.

            "Wait," gasped Egwene after a time. Her eyes shot open and she looked up at Mat who continued to thrust in and out of her desperately. She placed a hand on his chest to stop him, ineffectively at first, but just when Rand was about to intervene, Mat's awareness of himself returned.

            "Wa?" said the skinny farmboy succinctly.

            Egwene pushed him again and he obligingly slid his cock out of her, as unsated as the rest of them.

            With a light harrumph, Egwene rose back to her knees. Her eyes sought out Rand and he moved to join her without need of more. He pressed her hot flesh against him and kissed her deeply. Soft breasts teased his chest as his hands ran down her smooth back to squeeze her buttocks. Egwene's kisses were ardent now, ardent but brief, for it was not his lips she wanted to taste. Egwene kissed her way down Rand's neck and broad chest, lowered her braided head until her face was close to Rand's cock. Her tongue darted out to touch the head lightly, even that enough to bring a gasp from Rand. Egwene looked thoughtful for a moment - contemplating the taste, he suspected - then she grinned wickedly, opened her mouth and began sucking Rand's cock.

            She only took the head into her mouth, but that was more than enough to set Rand to moaning. Perrin shifted his position to stare at the show but made no move to join in, waiting for Egwene's word. Mat however soon took hold of Egwene's slim hips and pulled her ass upwards; he lowered his face to meet her and began licking the slit of her sex. Egwene moaned in appreciation, Rand felt it through his cock and shuddered. Her saliva dribbled down the length of his manhood as Mat's nimble tongue explored her sex.

            Egwene's big brown eyes darted open and she took Rand's cock out of her mouth. She glanced about her, saw Perrin and quickly hopped atop him once more, accidentally slapping Mat's unprepared face with one ass-cheek in the process; he gave a low squawk of offense that she ignored as she took hold of Perrin's cock and placed it before her wettest hole.

            "Oh, yes," gasped Perrin as Egwene took him inside her. He reached up and began kneading her breasts again.

            Egwene paid little heed. She reached out and grasped Mat's still-hard cock and pulled him nearer almost roughly. Rand had never seen her move so frantically before. As she lowered her face towards Mat's cock she looked up at Rand and said in a surprisingly smokey voice, "That just leaves one hole for you. . ." Then she closed her eyes and began sucking Mat's cock and riding Perrin's cock.

            Rand had a great view of Egwene's butt as she rode Perrin with short, fast thrusts. Each time she sank down on his cock, her tight asshole opened slightly. The sight was enticing to Rand, and he did not waste long watching it. He got to his feet and walked around the straw pallet until be could kneel directly behind Egwene. He stilled her movements with a firm grip on her hips, which brought a groan of frustration from Perrin; it turned briefly to one of confusion when the wet head of Rand's cock trailed along the other man's shaft, seeking and soon finding Egwene's back entrance. Perrin started thrusting upwards into Egwene even as Rand began to work his way into her tight anus. Egwene resisted him fiercely but all the same Rand's manhood was soon slipping into her dry heat. The dual penetration set her to moaning around Mat's cock.

            The three friends buried their cocks in Egwene's willing body. They fucked her with desperate abandon. Even when Mat took her by the sides of her face and held her still so he could thrust into her mouth, she did not object. Rand worked his way deeper and deeper into Egwene's ass, his head thrown back and teeth gritted. Perrin thrust desperately into her soaking wet pussy. All four youths were completely lost to the pleasure that wracked their bodies.

            Almost completely.

            Rand saw movement from the corner of his eye, and turned his face towards the still-shut barn door. His thrusts slowed slightly, but Egwene didn’t notice. He searched in vain for what had drawn his attention, and was close to writing it off as his guilt-fueled imagination when he noticed a dark eye in a girl’s round face staring back at him through a gap in the planking. Bodewhin, Mat’s little sister. She must have ducked out of her lessons, he thought, hopefully she can keep a secret. Their eyes met. Rand raised a hand to brush his sweat-slick hair back and discreetly pressed a finger to his lips. He could swear he saw Bode smile back at him. Well, regardless if she told on them or not, there was no point stopping now. He took hold of Egwene’s hips and fucked her with renewed ardour, the idea of being watched by young Bodewhin Cauthon strangely thrilling.

            Suddenly Egwene’s muffled moans took on an annoyed tone, she jerked Mat’s cock out of her mouth and pointed it away from her. Mat stifled his cries as best he could as he spurted on the floor of his families barn, Rand couldn’t tell how much was pain, pleasure or disappointment. Egwene spat loudly, milky fluid mixed with her own saliva, and glared at the skinny farmboy. "I swear Mat, you are utterly hopeless. I told you to be careful."

            “Huh?” Mat said dazedly. "You never said anything about this."

            Egwene sniffed. "Does a woman have to tell you everything then? Honestly. Some things even you should be able to figure out on your own." She shook her head in matriarchal disapproval.

            Mat paid little heed to her complaints, instead sprawling naked and sweaty on the straw with a sleepily satisfied grin on his face. Rand wondered what he would think if he knew his little sister had just watched him cum.

            He put the thought from his mind, watching the dark braid of Egwene's hair wave between her narrow shoulders as they continued fucking. Rand stroked her ass long and hard, while Perrin pounded her pussy with short, sharp thrusts.

            Egwene sucked in a sharp breath and tensed. Sensing her imminent climax, Rand quickened his pace, rubbing himself in her butt with short, swift strokes, determined to finish in time. The girl threw back her dark head and grunted her victory at the rafters of the barn. Her anus tightened painfully around Rand’s member, and with a final few forceful jerks he exploded within her with a shout of satisfaction. For what seemed a long time afterwards each breath carried with it a new wave of pleasure and dragged a new moan from the lips or both Rand and Egwene.

            In time, Rand fell back to his knees, spent. Egwene was purring in satisfaction as Perrin rubbed her young breasts with his big, careful hands. "That was beautiful, Egwene,” whispered the blacksmith’s apprentice.

            Egwene didn’t seem to hear. She brushed her dark hair back from her face and blinked around them. Then she reached back and pushed Rand away from her, his manhood slipping out of her stretched and soiled butthole. With a groan she rose to her feet, Perrin’s still-hard member abandoned. She stood over them all for a moment, catching her breath, then walked towards her discarded clothes on shaky legs. Perrin stared after her dolefully, but said nothing. When she reached her skirt, Egwene put her knees together and dipped down to gather them, which afforded the boys an excellent view of her slim young hips and bottom. All three stared. She had her back mostly turned, but Rand could see a pleased smile tugging at the corners of her lips as she stood and settled the heavy fabric around her waist; he knew she was enjoying the attention.

            As she was lacing up her cotton blouse, Egwene turned back to the trio and grinned. "Well. You boys won’t soon forget this, will you?” she said, happily. Rand watched as she tied the last of her laces, hiding her young breasts from view once more. He raised his eyes to hers and found her smiling confidently at him. "Don’t go thinking I’ll make a habit of treating you like this though,” she continued, not waiting for anyone to answer. "You’ll need to be on your best behaviours if you want to earn my attention." She bent to snatch her discarded underwear from the ground, stuffing them behind her waistband as she strode towards the barn door. "Be sure to clean this place up before Mistress Cauthon gets back,” she called to them. "I’ll be counting on you to make sure these two don’t slack off, Perrin."

            The young blacksmith clambered to his feet with a sigh, straw clinging to his sweat-soaked buttocks. "Alright Egwene, don’t worry,” he said, trying to hide his disappointment. Egwene took one more look back at the three naked youths, grinned brightly and slipped out the barn door.

            Rand stood and stretched, letting out a long sigh as he did so. No sign of their unexpected audience, he noted. She was probably long gone.

            “Did you not get off then?” asked Mat, leaning back against a bay of hale with his hands crossed behind his back. His grin could only be described as “smug”.

            “It’s fine,” said Perrin, stoutly. He moved to gather up the haybales.

            “Ah don’t be a fool, Perrin,” Mat said as he rolled his eyes dramatically. "Go take care of yourself while you still remember what those pretty titties looked like, me and Rand’ll fix this place up."

            “Yeah, don’t worry about it,” Rand added.

            Perrin looked embarrassed, even after all the three of them had already done. He gave the other two boys a gruff "Thanks" before stumping off to one of the empty stalls. There was a loud creak as he leaned his considerable bulk against the wooden wall, the noise soon followed by the all-too familiar sound of flesh rubbing frantically against flesh.

            Rand shot Mat a crooked grin that even he would have been proud of as the two friends sat to pull on their breeches. "Bel Tine is off to a great start this year. I think it might turn out to be the best one ever."

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