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*Note* This is my first story here, and first serious foray into a more sexual writing. Reviews are encouraged, because I'm always looking to improve my writing skills. 


The cavern was surprisingly warm for how far North it was. On certain days the furs used to keep warm were in fact too warm, and Meera Reed would strip down to her smallclothes. Unsurprisingly, however, the cavern was desolate as befitting north of the Wall. Bran and the Three-Eyed Crow spent much of their time together in the adjoining room, doing whatever it was to refine the young Stark’s power. Meera and Hodor stayed in their own room, except for the occasional Child or the rare times Bran would come to eat with them. The Children were not a talkative people, or at very least, not towards Meera. The Northern girl was isolated in this cavern. Meera truly missed her brother, but it was also this brother who kept her here. She wouldn’t abandon the mission her brother died for. But this couldn’t change the thoughts that crept into her head. She would die here, alone, and no one would remember her. The Walkers would come and subject her to a fate worse than death. Bran wasn’t anything special and they would return home, without Jojen.

Other thoughts would also worm their way in. Ones of a sexual nature. Meera was of age to get married, but here she was. So far North that the only men for hundreds of miles were right here in this cave. Meera had never known a man, and wondered what it felt like. Remorsefully, she thought of her brother, who would never know a woman. Brushing aside the thoughts of her deceased brother, she thought of the men in this cave with her. Bran was crippled, who knows if he can still function down there. The Crow was an old man in a tree, and Hodor was mentally lacking. All in all, the giant of a man seemed her best choice. No, this is wrong, she thought.

Meera after a moment's hesitation got up, grabbed a bundle of furs, and walked over towards a corner, facing it, as she sat down. Meera sat down, draped the furs over her lower half, and pulled down her lower smallclothes. Meera spread apart her legs, and stealthily slid one finger in her dripping pussy. She stimulated herself in the corner, going in and out, back in forth. One finger became two, two became three. Meera tried to hold back her moans of ecstasy, but a small sigh still slid out of her quivering lips. Hodor in response let out a confused Hodor, as Meera turned her head to look at the lumbering man. The Crannogwoman had forgotten about the giant as she focused on herself. Her thoughts before, of the men of this cavern, came flooding back. Meera had enough. Discarding the furs, she seductively crawled over to the now confused Hodor.

“Hodor, do you like what you see?” she purred. Hodor did not reply, but Meera saw him stiffen in his breeches. She pulled down his britches, and his cock sprung out. Meera recoiled back in shock. His prick must have been at least a foot long, maybe bigger.

“Hodor,” he said sheepishly. Meera licked her lips, and moved in close to his dick. Her hot breath on it a sharp contrast to the cold air of the cavern. His dick smelt foul but this only further turned her on. She put her mouth of his dick, and went to peel back his foreskin. It was salty and sour from a mix of smegma and sweat, but she loved the flavor.

“Just tell me if you want to stop,” she paused and said, knowing Hodor’s vocabulary was severely limited. Meera went back to his shaft, and took more of it’s length down her throat. Past his bulbous head, she got perhaps half way, before she had to pull back and gag. A thin rope of saliva connected her mouth and his cock. Meera returned to his head, wrapping her tongue around it, playing with every part of it. She licked the underside of his head, and probed around the slit of his penis. With a renewed burst of confidence, she once again tried to take Hodor’s massive length. She got further than before, perhaps nine inches, before she started to recoil back. She stopped herself and forced the last three inches of his member down her throat. She pulled back, as she started to cough, tears running down her eyes. After a few seconds, Meera composed herself. She pulled off the rest of her smallclothes, revealing her petite but firm breasts. She motioned for the giant to lay down.

He complied, his cock quivering above him. Meera crouched over it, and guided the head into her cunt. She sat down, looking at Hodor’s massive legs, and his cock filled her up. She froze, in both carnal pleasure and in slight pain, as her once maiden cunt was being stretched out, far beyond what her fingers could do. After a moment, and some brief adjusting, Meera was ready. She bobbed up and down on the cock, similar to riding to a horse, a skill her father made her learn. She picked up speed, her round and soft arse cheeks slapping against Hodor’s groin and bits of his belly. She continued this motion, till she reached a peak, and Hodor’s dick slid out. She grabbed his girth and guided it back towards her pussy, rubbing the head around her slit before finally letting it slink back in. Meera continued to ride his cock, harder and faster than before. She feared she would leaves bruises on him from her curvy arse. She stopped, and grabbed Hodor’s hands, which lay slack at his side, and brought them to her breasts.

Hodor grasped her tits, squeezing and groping them. Meera couldn’t hold back a scream of delight as the man did this. It reverberated throughout the cavern, but Meera did not give a damn if anyone heard them together. She arched her back, leaning in closer to Hodor. Meera’s own hands at her clit, engaging it. Meera started to moan louder and louder as she neared cumming. Suddenly, Hodor bellowed out a Hodor as his penis twitched, shooting ropes of thick semen inside of Meera’s cunt. Meera, still affixed to Hodor’s rod, also began to cum. Their pleasures mixed and mingled to what seemed to them a long time, which in reality was only about a minute. Meera’s moans turned to tired panting, as cum leaked out of her, back onto Hodor’s cock. She hopped off his dick, and went to licking up the mixture of their fluids off Hodor’s cock and groin. She swallowed the load down, nearly gagging and choking in the process. Meera went over to Hodor, and gave him a gentle kiss upon the lips. Meera lay down next to him, and fell asleep.

In the other room, Bran blew his load into Leaf’s mouth. Brandon Stark, however, was not watching the Child of the Forest work his shaft. No, he was watching through Hodor’s eyes, like a boy, pretending to be a lord.


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