What the Future Holds

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Long into the night they planned. Moiraine did most of it, with Loial’s advice concerning the Ways, but she listened to questions and suggestions from everyone. Once dark fell Lan joined them, adding his comments in that iron-cored drawl. Nynaeve made a list of what supplies they needed, dipping her pen in the inkwell with a steady hand despite the way she kept muttering under her breath. Egwene would rather have done that herself, she was she sure could do it better, could make the best supplies list anyone could make, but Moiraine had no tasks for her.

Rand paced up and down, as if he had to burn energy or burst from it. He looked rather a fool beside the dignified women, but what could you expect? She might have considered helping him with his energy problem—it had been a trying journey since leaving the Tuatha’an—if it hadn’t been for his earlier words. Elayne. Who is she? And how dare he go sniffing after another woman. I never imagined he would be such a slut. He pretended to be immersed in thought, as if ignoring Egwene’s anger would make it go away. Or perhaps he wasn’t pretending, and actually believed that would work. He was a greater fool than she imagined if so.

There was no worry on Perrin’s face at all, just a mask of weary resignation. He’d been like that ever since his eyes changed colour, just after those Whitecloaks had captured her and her companions. “There’s good hunting along the Blight,” she heard him whisper once. Then he shuddered, as if he had just heard what he had said. She would keep his secret.

Mat looked properly chastened for once. He sat with his hands clasped, knuckles white, saying little. As usual it had fallen to a woman to clean up after his follies. Stealing knives from Shadar Logoth. Even by his standards that was stupid.

Rand drew her apart at one point, over by the fireplace where those planning around the table could not hear. “Egwene, I ...” Under her silent stare he had to stop and swallow guiltily. “It’s me the Dark One’s after, Egwene. Me, and Mat, and Perrin. I don’t care what Moiraine Sedai says. In the morning you—and Nynaeve even—could start for home, or Tar Valon, or anywhere you want to go, and nobody will try to stop you. Not the Trollocs, not the Fades, not anybody. As long as you aren’t with us. Go home, Egwene. Or go to Tar Valon. But go.”

So he was worried about her was he? Well, if it was only his eyes that had strayed ... She smiled and touched his cheek, bringing a shocked look to his face. “Thank you, Rand,” she said softly. “You know I can’t, though. Moiraine Sedai told us what Min saw, in Baerlon. You should have told me who Min was. I thought ...” But that had been silly of her, Min was nearly mannish. “Well, Min says I am part of this, too. And Nynaeve. Maybe I’m no ta’veren ...” She faltered. It really wasn’t right. Why should those three be marked by the Pattern but not Egwene? She would have been a much better choice! The injustice of it made her voice shake. “... but the Pattern sends me to the Eye of the World, too, it seems. Whatever involves you, involves me.” It should be the other way around. He should be following me to the Eye to fulfil my destiny.

“But, Egwene—”

She’d heard enough. “Who is Elayne?” she asked flatly.

For a minute he stared at her, when at last he spoke he told a blatant lie. “She’s the Daughter-Heir to the throne of Andor.”

It was insult added to insult. Was he trying to make her jealous? As if a princess would ever have time for some shepherd! She glared at him. “If you can’t be serious for more than a minute, Rand al’Thor, I do not want to talk to you.” She stalked off to join Moiraine at the table, where the Aes Sedai was deciding what the three ta’veren would do. I will be Aes Sedai too. Who cares about being ta’veren?

Master Gill entered several times, first to light the lamps, then to bring food with his own hands, and later to report on what was happening outside. Whitecloaks were watching the inn from down the street in both directions. There had been a riot in the city, with the Queen’s Guards arresting all involved. Someone had tried to scratch the Dragon’s Fang on the front door and been sent on his way by the bouncers.

If the innkeeper found their party—which now included an Ogier of all things!—odd, he gave no sign of it. He answered the few questions Moiraine put to him without trying to discover what they were planning, and each time he came he knocked at the door and waited till Lan opened it for him, just as if it were not his inn and his library. Egwene was torn. It was good that he respected the rights of Aes Sedai, but she couldn’t imagine her mother or father letting anyone take over the Winespring Inn so easily. On his last visit, Moiraine gave him the sheet of parchment covered in Nynaeve’s neat hand.

“It won’t be easy this time of night,” he said, shaking his head as he perused the list, “but I’ll arrange it all.”

Moiraine added a small wash-leather bag that clinked as she handed it to him by the drawstrings. “Good. And see that we are wakened before daybreak. The watchers will be at their least alert, then.”

“We’ll leave them watching an empty box, Aes Sedai.” Master Gill grinned. Then he showed them to the baths, where hot water and fragrant yellow soap had thoughtfully been prepared.

The Aes Sedai bathed in a private chamber but the village women used a communal room, just like that in the Stag and Lion. The Winespring Inn had no room set aside for bathing, instead they had big copper tubs that were dragged wherever they were needed. Egwene thought this way better, though she would rather have had a private room.

Nynaeve sat up in her tub and leaned over the edge towards Egwene. Her hair hung loose, long straight brown strands clinging wetly to her face and shoulders. It made her look oddly young. She still spoke bossily though. “The Aes Sedai are dangerous enough, but the Blight? If even half the stories are true it is no place for any sane woman. There’s no need for you to come, Egwene. Go home, for the love of the Light. Your parents are probably worried sick about you. I have some coin still, with some clever haggling you could hire a carriage to take you as far as Baerlon maybe. You’re a resourceful girl, you could make it the rest of the way on your own.”

“Go home? While Rand and the other two are off having destinies?” Egwene shook her head angrily. “Never. Have you forgotten I’m going to be Aes Sedai? I can’t go back to being just a Wisdom’s apprentice.”

Nynaeve’s lips thinned. She seemed on the brink of saying something, but whatever it was she swallowed it. She scrubbed herself angrily, the sponge making her breasts jiggle. Did she do that deliberately, to remind Egwene of how big they were? Egwene scowled at her defiantly, she was tired of people trying to bully her.

Nynaeve’s frown faded and she sat back in the tub with a sigh of her own. Abruptly, she ducked her head under the water, scrubbing her hair vigorously.

Egwene didn’t want to listen to another lecture about the comfortable pleasures of home. So the journey had been less enjoyable than she imagined. Nothing worth having was ever won without effort. She climbed out of her tub in a shower of water and wrapped a towel around herself, then bent to gather up her dirty clothes. Nynaeve had resurfaced by then and stared after her, open-mouthed as though she wanted to say more, but Egwene didn’t give her the chance. She stalked out of the bathchamber on bare wet feet.

Moiraine waited in the hallway. Despite the private accommodations Master Gill had offered her, the Aes Sedai had bathed swiftly. She was fully clothed, her new dress as fine and as blue as her previous one, if somewhat less elaborately embroidered. She had said she was of the Blue Ajah, was that why she usually wore that colour? Would she have to wear the colour of whatever Ajah she chose? Egwene would learn the traditions soon enough. She would learn everything. The Aes Sedai watched her approach with a weighing look in her dark eyes. Egwene had the odd suspicion that Moiraine knew what Nynaeve had been saying.

“You have doubts?” she said.

Egwene stopped short. “I ... no I want to be Aes Sedai. It’s just ... what is at this Eye of the World that could be worth going into the Blight? I thought we were going to the White Tower.”

“The Eye is a famous place. In the Borderlands at least. It is little known in the south. Many famous heroes have sought it out, to take counsel with the Green Man. The Shadow seeks its destruction and what the Shadow seeks I oppose.” Her voice was so melodious that some might not have heard the implacable resolve in it.

“So we will save this famous place from the Shadow.” Egwene nodded to herself. “And then go on to Tar Valon and tell the other Aes Sedai of our victory.” That would be sweet.

“Perhaps,” Moiraine said. “Who can know for certain what the future holds. It might prove prudent to remain silent about what we discover in the north. That is one of the things you will learn in Tar Valon. The value and power of secrecy. I will see you delivered to the White Tower, Egwene al’Vere, have no fear of that.” The Aes Sedai held her with her gaze. “You have it in you to be one of the most powerful Aes Sedai in living memory. I would not allow such potential to go to waste.”

The slap of bare feet on the wooden floorboards interrupted her, much to Egwene’s annoyance. Nynaeve  hurried down the hall, wet-haired and hastily-dressed. Her scowls were for Moiraine this time though, to Egwene she gave only a concerned glance.

“Being a Wisdom isn’t a waste of any woman’s potential,” she said. “You leave the girl in peace Aes Sedai. Egwene, I’m not done talking to you. Go on up to our room.”

Moiraine was not impressed by Nynaeve’s outburst. “Oh, but I think you are done ,Wisdom. All that should be said has been said. And much that should not have been. But this is not a conversation that should be had in the corridor on an inn. Be on your way and get what rest you can; tomorrow will be a long day. Egwene, come with me.”

She set off in that stately walk that Egwene couldn’t quite emulate. Yet. She made to follow her but Nynaeve put a restraining hand on her forearm. “It’s not too late to turn back. You would be safe in the Two Rivers, happy. There’s nothing in Tar Valon you need that couldn’t be found at home.”

Egwene pulled free. “That’s for me to judge, not you.” She hurried after the Aes Sedai, leaving Nynaeve to stare strickenly.

Moiraine led the way to the richly appointed bedroom that Master Gill had allotted her. When Egwene caught up the Aes Sedai was standing in the centre of the room, atop the thick, elaborately woven carpet, seemingly deep in thought.

“There was more you wanted to tell me, Moiraine Sedai?” The most powerful Aes Sedai in living memory, that’s a lot better than being a Wisdom. Or a ta’veren.

She was weighing Egwene with her eyes again. Her face gave away nothing of what she thought. “You have the makings of a fine Aes Sedai. Need more be said? I think not. Yet, the Tower has not survived as long as it has by taking chances.” She advanced slowly on Egwene as she spoke, glided past her, and shut the bedroom door with a soft click.

“You are fond of the three boys,” Moiraine said. “There is nothing wrong with that. But in the White Tower you will find that male company is ... discouraged. They can be a troublesome influence on initiates, especially if lines of authority have not yet been firmly established.”

“I understand. Almost any ill can be traced back to a man doing something he shouldn’t have.”

Moiraine nodded. “That would pass muster, even under the Oath Rod.” She stood very close. Something about her careful examination of Egwene made the girl’s heart beat faster. “You are a passionate young woman. In the White Tower, such passions are expected to be suppressed ... or to be channelled in a more healthy direction. The polite term we use is ‘pillow friends’. Have you ever kissed another woman?”

Egwene gaped. She had asked such a personal question in the same tone she might have used to ask if Egwene had ever tasted venison. “I ... I don’t see that that’s anyone’s business but ...” She trailed off under the older woman’s suddenly intense stare.

“You have not,” Moiraine murmured, pacing a slow circle around Egwene. “This too I will teach you.” She tugged at the towel that was all that hid Egwene’s nakedness and it easily fell free, exposing the girl’s bottom. Instinctively she clutched her bundled clothes to her chest.

The Aes Sedai’s fingers traced a cool line down Egwene’s spine. She helped herself to an experimental squeeze of one buttock and made an approving sound.

Nervousness made Egwene’s breath come quickly, but she could not deny a rising excitement. If this is the Aes Sedai way ... When Moiraine took her face between her hands and kissed her, Egwene did not resist. It felt nice. Not as heated as the other times she had been kissed, but nice. Moiraine lips were soft and skilful, but even in this there was a deliberateness about her, a calculation. When she pulled back and gave her that weighing stare again, Egwene dropped her bundle to the floor. The Aes Sedai took in the sight of her pert young breasts, and the erect nipples that crowned them. She smiled, took Egwene’s hand and led her to the bed.

The soft mattress gave pleasantly beneath her back when Moiraine lightly pushed her over. She caressed the inside of Egwene’s thigh, stroking her gently until her legs, and her lower lips, parted slightly in welcome. She slid a finger inside Egwene’s wetness and brought a gasp of pleasure from her lips.

“You want this,” Moiraine mused. “That changes matters.”

The Aes Sedai reached back and deftly undid the buttons on her dress. She shrugged out of it, letting it pool around her feet. Soon her silken shift joined it, the rich garment discarded as though it were of inconsequential. Her dark eyes were half closed and her lips pursed prettily when she began undoing the buttons on her lacy white bloomers. When they too fell, Egwene beheld Moiraine in all her naked glory. The woman was beautiful, much as she might have liked to deny it. Her pale skin stood in stark contrast to her glossy black hair, artfully curled and matched in colour by the neatly trimmed triangle atop her sex. Her breasts were no larger than Egwene’s, but her nipples were much darker, small brown nubs that she had a sudden impulse to suck upon.

Egwene was not one to deny herself. She sat up and squeezed Moiraine’s breasts in her hands. Warm and soft. She lowered her head and took the Aes Sedai’s nipple in her mouth, suckling upon it experimentally. Moiraine murmured encouragingly, but other than the thrill of doing something new  Egwene felt no great pleasure, so she quickly stopped.

Rising up, she kissed Moiraine’s lips hungrily. The Aes Sedai wrapped the girl in her embrace and probed her mouth with her tongue.

Egwene fell back to the bed, Moiraine’s lips still locked on hers. Once more a finger probed her slit, setting to squirming beneath the more experienced woman’s skilful caress. Egwene pawed at the Aes Sedai’s smooth buttocks.

Too soon the Moiraine left her embrace. She sat gracefully on the bed, close to Egwene’s head and rearranged her tousled hair for her. “Do as I do,” she said softly, “and I promise you will not regret it.” She lay on her side, her hand brushing over Egwene’s breast and belly, going lower once more. But it wasn’t her fingers with which she touched her sex this time.

Egwene let out an embarrassingly girlish whimper when Moiraine first kissed her lower lips. It was immediately apparent that the woman knew her way around down there, she soon had Egwene moaning wantonly, despite her best efforts at reserve.

It took a while, when Moiraine’s tongue finally stopped its probing, for Egwene to figure out why. Her moans turned to wordless sounds of question and disappointment and she opened her eyes. When she did she was treated to a close view of Moiraine’s pussy. It looked no different than a normal woman’s would, though she supposed that should not be a surprise really. The Aes Sedai had arched her slender leg over Egwene’s head, presenting herself for the younger woman’s attention. Egwene took hold of the woman’s hips and pulled her down to her waiting tongue, determined to be the best pussy-licker there had ever been, better even than Moiraine was.

Vague awareness of a sound at the bedroom door floated across her mind, but Egwene’s thoughts were too full of Moiraine to pay heed; full of her taste, her scent, her so-skilful tongue that now lapped once more at Egwene’s slit, welcome reward for her own fervent efforts.

She wrapped her arms around Moiraine’s hips and pushed her tongue as far inside the woman as it would go. The hair around her sex tickled Egwene’s cheeks and when she opened her eyes she could see Moiraine’s hairless little butthole.

Movement at the edge of her vision drew Egwene’s eye. Nynaeve’s lips moved soundlessly, as though she were too angry to get the words out; her expression told all instead. It took a moment for what she was seeing to pierce the haze of Egwene’s lust. Nynaeve is here! Her heart started racing even faster, memories of all the scolding’s she had ever suffered as Nynaeve’s apprentice suddenly flashing through her mind.

The Wisdom marched into the room, lips still writhing angrily. Between one step and the next, silence became sound. “... me! You leave that girl alone!”

Moiraine gave a loud tsk of vexation. She lifted her head from between Egwene’s spread legs, her lips glistening wetly. “Do women not teach their daughters basic manners in the Two Rivers? It is very rude to enter someone’s bedchamber unbidden, Wisdom.”

Nynaeve gripped her loose hair in a white-knuckled hand, plainly wishing it were braided so she could give it a proper tug. “Manners? I have no time for manners when my people are being threatened. I knew you were up to something, sneaking around outside the baths. Perhaps I should have known it would be this, but ...” she muttered something under her breath, then finished in a firmer tone, “... You let Egwene go, get up off of her right now, or so help me ...”

Moiraine gave a soft laugh. Completely naked, with her and Egwene’s faces pressed to each other’s private places, she still seemed completely unruffled. “Honestly, Nynaeve. You do have the oddest notions. The girl is no prisoner, unlike you she knows a good opportunity when it is dangled before her nose,” she said mockingly. “Watch.”

The Aes Sedai lifted Egwene’s hips in a surprisingly strong grip and rolled them over. Egwene found herself crouched above Moiraine’s face. That alone was a heady experience, but it only got better when Moiraine’s tongue went to work on her pussy, faster and more demandingly than before. She tossed her head, long brown locks flying free, and moaned loudly.

“Egwene,” Nynaeve gasped. “Come away from there. You can still go home.”

She met the Wisdom’s eyes defiantly. Her embarrassment fought with her outrage at Nynaeve’s constant efforts to hold her back. Outrage won with ease. “What could home possibly offer me compared to all the rest of the world? I’ve outgrown it already.”

Nynaeve looked lost. “I ... you could have whatever you wanted back there. And you’d be safe.”

Moiraine’s tongue flicked against Egwene’s secret nub, bringing a shuddering breath and forcing her to squeeze her eyes shut against the surge of pleasure that coursed through her flesh. Safe. The Two Rivers wasn’t safe. Winternight had proven that. Worse the Two Rivers was small, mediocre. Egwene did not intend to be mediocre; someday stories would be told about her, like they were told about Amerasu or Birgitte Silverbow.

Moiraine’s hands on her buttocks were not as soft as they had been earlier; she gripped where once she had lightly brushed. Nynaeve spoke from somewhere nearby. “You don’t have to go to Tar Valon for this if it’s what you want. Daise Congar and Doral Thane are both married, with children, but that doesn’t mean they don’t ... visit each other.” She really must be desperate if she was resorting to spreading gossip. “I just want what’s best for you,” she whispered. Something wet and warm touched Egwene’s bottom. It felt like Moiraine’s tongue, but Moiraine was ... it was then that she realised it wasn’t Moiraine gripping her buttocks.

Egwene’s eyes flew open. She shot a look over her shoulder, where a fully-clothed Nynaeve was licking determinedly at her round cheeks. She had barely a moment to register that shocking fact before Nynaeve pressed her tongue against Egwene’s tight little butthole. Egwene did not gasp, or moan this time—she shouted aloud. “Merciful Light!”

Nynaeve was nowhere near as skilful or practiced as Moiraine, but she attended to her task with great fervour, rubbing her tongue up and down Egwene’s butt. It was thrillingly obscene.

She sat on Moiraine’s face while the Aes Sedai skilfully pleasured her pussy and the Wisdom stuck her tongue as far up her dirty little hole as it would go. It was the best feeling she had ever known in her life, it was all of Egwene al’Vere’s greatest dreams come true.

Could this Elayne of Rand’s truly be the Daughter-Heir of Andor? If she is, someday I’ll sit on her face too. Someday her tongue will clean me like Nynaeve’s is now.

Egwene pinched her own nipples hard, head thrown back, each breath carrying with it a new cry. Moiraine’s pussy lay forgotten before her. She could feel a great wave building within her and knew what it presaged, but she fought it hard, not wanting this moment to end. Try as she did though, she could not hold it back. She came to orgasm with a shriek, spraying her juices all over Moiraine and Nynaeve as they fought to see who could serve her best. She held her pose, as stiff as a board, for a blessedly long moment, then collapsed on the bed like a puppet whose strings had just been cut.

Warmth, pleasure, satisfaction. She drifted for a time in the lovely aftermath.

Moiraine’s voice finally pierced her pleasant lethargy. “... can’t say you lack for determination Nynaeve. But you must see that the girl has already made her choice. Tar Valon is her destiny ... as a grubby herb garden is yours. Isn’t that what we agreed?”

“I didn’t agree to anything. Don’t put words in my mouth woman. Or anything else.”

The Aes Sedai laughed softly. Egwene spoke up, intent on putting an end to that argument for good and all. “Tar Valon, yes. It’s the White Tower for me. I’m going to be a great and famous Aes Sedai. Just leave over, Nynaeve. I’m never going back to Emond’s Field. It’s not worthy of me. It never was.”

Nynaeve looked stricken. She turned her face away from the naked women and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. As well she might, given the places it has been. I’ll have to remind her of this the next time she gets all bossy.

There was a long and uncomfortable silence. “If we’re going to be leaving early tomorrow I need to get some sleep,” Nynaeve said at last, in a low, emotionless voice. The stood up and trudged towards the door.

Moiraine sighed, almost sadly. “In time, you will come to see it was for the best Nynaeve.” The Wisdom did not reply. She took her leave of them, pulling the door closed behind her.

Egwene shook her head. “She’s probably jealous because she can’t channel like we can. Some women just begrudge others any accomplishment that they can’t equal, or surpass.”

The Aes Sedai’s weighing look turned cool. “You are very young. And the training takes many years,” she said, sounding more like she was talking to herself than Egwene. She looked to the door Nynaeve had just left through and seemed as if she would say more, but then she shook her head and smiled at the young woman in her bed. “So let us attend to what we can here and now. First a test ... of how nimble your fingers are ...”

Egwene did not return to her own bed that night. And it was very late before she finally drifted off to sleep, with her cheek resting against the Aes Sedai’s breast.

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