Daughter of Shadow, Legacy of Water

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Without time, there is nothing. If there is nothing there can be no time; I have learned this the hard way but with patients I have prospered. And now, I shall tell you my story.

It was during the Era of the Titans that I was born but I was born in the traditional sense. To be more correct I had been made. You see the titans had just started their own family of sorts which were known as the Gods. The only issue was that the Titans had become bored with the earth. They needed something to truly rule in all definitions of the word. Hence my creation.

Prometheus is said to be my father but I doubt I ever had a true mother. He fashioned me out of clay, bit by bit. Most thought he created me as an adult man but you are wrong, oh so wrong. I was created a mixture of male and female but I was also created in the form of a baby, so that I grew.  At first Prometheus had no clue what to do with me as I whined and cried for food and naps but eventually he got the help of Selena, titan of the moon, to help. To me she is my mother. She raised me to be whoever I wanted to be and to never hold back for the sake of others.

It was her that taught me that I was not abnormal from the rest of creation with my mixed body. She showed me that my life wouldn’t be dictated by the things between my legs. And she was right. Thanks to her I love the night instead of the day; along with nature over civilization. Yes, both have their good points but still it’s the night that calls for me.

In time, I learned to read and right Ancient Greek. This helped me when I was older but not for a very long time. She taught me the ways of the world and forces of nature. I learned that the deities above had individual powers and in time so would others.

Selena instructed me to dance like a woman and a man, along with cooking, hunting, navigating, and how to create fire. It took time but I learned it all. One thing I didn’t understand was why I was never given clothes like the Titans wore. I was still young so I didn’t really have any modest to care about but still it’s hard not to notice that they cover up while I was not. Mother wouldn’t tell me why but I felt like I would know in the future.

By the time, I had my first period I had learned lots and explored more. I had created a small home inside a pair of caves near the ocean. I found the sound of the water crashing upon the shore soothing to my ears. It was at this time that I found out why I wasn’t allowed clothing.

That very night I was visited by none other than King Kronos himself and he use my body like it was his personal toy. I hurt more than I could imagine but it did not stop. He continued this act upon me for days on end and when he was finally done he tossed me to the cave floor before disappearing in a bright golden flash. It wasn’t until a few weeks later that I learned the reason for what he did and within less than a year I was gifted with a baby girl.

I was twelve when I had my first baby and for each year after I had another. It took time and it was painful but I learned to live with the almost constant feeling of a baby growing inside me. Soon I figured out that I could work with the baby growing inside of me. I learned how to safely jump and run without having to worry about damaging the little one. I hunted without end everyday while also building up a collection of different things from the world around me. Soon I had to figure out how to expand my home or I would be overrun with my offspring.

As it so happened my manhood work just as well as my womanhood, and so I was soon visited by the Titaness’s along with the titans. I was thankful that Titaness' have to hold the baby for half a year or I would never get situated to house them all. Funny enough it was Perse's, titan of destruction that helped me the most with my homing issues. He used his powers to expand my dwelling, even adding another floor beneath it. After that I had each titan do something to add to my home to make things a little easier for myself and all my children.

Kronos made my cave unable to decay with time, Perse's made it so nothing can destroy it, Prometheus added a room to expand as my knowledge grew, the titan of the south made it so one room would always keep cool which I used to store meets and other such things. Others did little things to the area around my home like, kept dangerous animals away, made the land always fertile, always clean water, snow wouldn’t land in my area, fire could not harm it, and storms would not destroy it.

For years, I gave them children and as those children grew the titans would give them children. Eventually I had to start sending them off in two groups of ten into the world. Of course, I gave them information on the world outside our home but in the end, I would only have twenty children in my home a year. This was rather easy though seeing as I could only birth one child a year while I could impregnate the other nine into different Titans. Sometime there would be twins but I would never eliminate them just because the limit was reached.

So, for fifty years I did this and during this time my children were creating homes of their own in the world. Some sadly didn’t make it but most of them did. And as with me the titans repeated this cycle of creation for well over millennia. How do I know that you ask...? well you will just have to wait and see.

What and who am I? Well that’s a simple really; I am Persia Jackson; I am the First human and I will be reborn every time that I die.

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