A Nymphomaniacs Adventures

BY : Pharaoh
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Chapter 1: Yancy Academy: Fun in the library

11 year old Ava Jackson was walking around the schools library, books in hand. She was feeling extremely horny, more so than ever, and was hoping to finally find a guy that would fuck her and take her virginity.

Finally, after searching the library for awhile she found a good looking older guy studying at a desk which was nicely tucked in the far corner of the room away from any prying eyes. Ava highly doubted anyone would come over here. The guy was probably a 11th or 12th grader and seemed like he needed a break from his studies.

So, Ava walked up to him and stopped just a foot or two from where he was sitting.

"Excuse me," she said sweetly, "I need some help with something," she said, and the guy looked up from his books to see who was talking to him.

Seeing the cute little girl in front of him, he politely replied, "Hello, what do you need help with? Homework I'm guessing?" He asked, noticing her books.

"No," Ava curtly replied, "You see, I've got this problem and I need you to solve it," she said. The boy grew confused.

"But you just said that you don't need help with homework," He said.

Ava sighed. She was not good at seducing guys, no matter how much she watched girls do it in porn. Letting out another sigh, Ava jumped onto the boy's lap, grabbed his head, pulled it down and kissed him on the lips.

This took him by surprise, allowing Ava to kiss him for a few seconds. But after regaining his bearings the boy pulled his lips away from Ava's.

"What are you doing?!" He hissed out quietly.

"Well I asked for help and this is what I need help with," She replied as she put her hand on his crotch.

The boy's eyes widened, "Um, you need to stop that, you're too young," He demanded.

Ava narrowed her eyes, "I may be young, but that doesn't mean I can't get fucked," She said, as she ran her hand along his dick through his pants.

The boy moaned quietly before talking, "I'm serious, you need to stop," He half-heartedly demanded. He put his hands on her arms to stop her, but it didn't do much to stop the young girl from getting what she wanted.

"Oh please, you like this. Now, let's get a good look at this monster in your pants," Ava said lustfully. Ava then got off his lap and got on her knees on the floor before unbuttoning and unzipping the older boy's pants.

The boy gave no resistance because he really wanted this too. All this studying has gotten him stressed out and he just needs a release.

"Oh, no resistance huh?" Ava mocked.

"Just shut up and suck my dick, you little slut," He commanded.

Ava smiled before pulling his pants and boxers down to his knees. Once his pants were out of the way, Ava looked at his freed member. She gasped at how big and yummy it looked. It wasn't the first penis she had seen, but it was the first one she saw in person. It was quite big, probably around 7 inches or so, and it was very thick. It was beautiful to say the least.

Unknown to Ava, but the boy was growing restless and wanted Ava to hurry up. So he grabbed her by the throat and leaned down towards her.

"Hurry up, slut, and start sucking," He demanded angrily.

Ava nodded and quickly grabbed onto his dick. It was warm and her hand couldn't wrap all the way around it. She gave it a few strokes and was delighted when the boy let loose a few moans.

Ava then brought her head towards his dick and kissed the tip of it.

"Oh yes, that's good," the boy groaned out.

Feeling more encouraged, Ava parted her lips and lowered her head onto his cock. At first she enveloped the tip of his cock before lowering her head more and taking more of his dick into her mouth. Ava was completely inexperienced but knew what to do to some degree.

This didn't go unnoticed by the older boy above her, but it didn't stop him from moaning and groaning.

"Fuck yeah," he groaned out as Ava successfully took half his length into her mouth.

Ava smiled around his cock and decided that it was time to get some work done. So Ava lifted her head up before lowering it again, sucking his cock. She continued to do this before taking more and more of his length into her mouth.

"Holy shit, that's good, so good," the boy grabbed onto Ava's head as she deepthroated him and took his whole length. His dick was in her throat and it was so fucking tight.

Ava brought her head up before dropping it, deepthroating him again. She continued doing this for awhile until the boy stopped her.

"Turn around and get on my lap. It's time that I fuck you," He commanded and Ava followed. First she stood up and pulled off her panties and skirt, then she climbed onto his lap then turned around so that her back was facing him.

"Good, now lean against the desk and just enjoy the time of your life," he said.

The boy then grabbed Ava's ass cheeks one in both hands and positioned her pussy just above his cock. Once Ava leaned against the desk the boy thrusted his cock up into her pussy.

"Fuck!" Ava yelled as she came right away. Ava had tears in her eyes from the sudden intrusion.

Slowly, he lifted and pushed down Ava's ass onto his cock. His cock disappeared into her extremely tight pussy each time.

"Oh my- yes, yes, yes. Fuck me," Ava moaned out.

"You're such a little slut," the boy said in between groans, "You're so fucking tight too,"

Ava didn't say anything, she just continued to lay on the desk as the boy fucked her. She swears that each time he thrusts, that his cock enters her womb.

The boy however, was enjoying fucking this little girl. How lucky was he that a slutty little girl like her found her way to him? He didn't care what the chances were, he only cares about making this girl his bitch.

"Oh fuck, I'm about to cum," he warned Ava, breaking himself out of his thoughts.

"Good, cum in me," Ava replied.

"Fine by me," the boy answered. With a few rough thrusts and a couple of grunts, the boy found himself cumming violently into the young girl's womb. Rope after rope of thick, white, fertile cum entered Ava's womb. At the feeling of his cum enter her, Ava came again.

"Oh my god, that's so good," Ava moaned as she started to get up, "but I have class now, I should get going," she told the boy.

"You're not going anywhere," he said, grabbing onto her arm, "You're not leaving here until the final bell, or when I feel completely satisfied." He informed her.


"No buts. You came here asking for my help, I'm not letting you leave this corner until I think I’m done helping you," The boy said, cutting off Ava.

"Now, get back on my lap, but this time I want you to face me," He said.

Ava followed his command as she saw that there was no way that she was getting out of this soon.

Once Ava was on his lap, he entered her tight and wet pussy again with his cock. Ava let out a low moan and started rocking her hips.


“As good as that feels, I’ll have you stop because I have something else in mind,” the boy said huskily. 


So Ava stopped her antics and the guy wrapped both his arms around her waist.


“On the count of three you better be ready,” He said before kissing her on the lips, “one… two… three!” He whisper yelled. 


At the end of his countdown, the boy started rapidly thrusting into Ava’s tight pussy.


“Aaaaaaaah!” Ava wailed at the massive amounts of pleasure the boy was giving her. Ava then buried her head into his chest to silence her screams of pure pleasure. This time she was sure that his dick was entering her womb. She wrapped her arms around his back, similar to how he had his around her waist, and raked her nails on it.


With each connection of their flesh a lewd squelching noise sounded but it was mostly drowned out by the loud slapping of their skin. The boy didn’t really care about the noise because no one ever comes this far into the library anyway. So he didn’t have to worry about anyone catching them.


“Holy fuck, this is so good, YOU’RE so good,” the boy complimented.


“MMMMMM,” was all Ava said, not being able to form words from the brutal fucking she was getting. 


“Fuuuuuck!” Ava exclaimed as she came violently. Her pussy walls tightened around the boys cock and squeezed it.


“I’m going to cum already,” the boy warned as Ava’s pussy tightened. He started speeding up his thrusts and the ‘slap’ noises grew louder.


“Aaahh, I’m cumming!” He exclaimed. The boy then let loose about a dozen ropes of his thick cum deep into Ava's womb. Then he thrusted into her hard a few times to get all his cum out. 


Once he was finished cumming he pulled out and picked up Ava. He sat her onto the desk and his cum started flooding out of her pussy. Her pussy before the brutal fucking she had was pink, and now it was a deep shade of purple. She had a gaping hole in her pussy, which was where his cum was pouring out of. 


“That was the greatest fuck I’ve ever had,” the boy said, out of breathe. 


“I’d say the same thing, but that was my only fuck I’ve ever had,” Ava informed him.


“Wait, so I just took your virginity?” He asked, already knowing the answer. Ava just nodded and layed down on the desk.


“Well I guess that means that we have to do this more. I can’t take your virginity and act like I don’t know you after, now can I?” He stated more so than asked. He then stood up and leaned over Ava’s much smaller form and gave her a kiss on the lips. 


“Now get your cute little ass to class,” He said as he pulled up his pants. 


Ava nodded and got off the desk. She then picked up her skirt and panties and quickly put them on. 


“Bye... I never actually got your name,” Ava said after realizing that he never said it.


“Oh yeah, I never got yours either. My name is Zack though,” He said.


“Ava,” She replied and put out her hand for a handshake. 


Zack chuckled, “I think that we’re passed the handshaking stage,” He said with a smile, “But I like your name, it’s fitting for a girl like you,” He continued.


Ava blushed a little, “Well, then what stage are we at?” She asked mischievously.


“I’ll show you,” Zack said with a wink before pulling Ava towards him. He kneeled down and brought her in for a kiss, but as the kissed Zack gripped onto Ava’s tight little ass and gave it a squeeze. 


After awhile they pulled apart, gasping for air. 


“Now, for the last time, get your cute little ass to class. Next time that I see you here you’ll get the same treatment, and that’s a promise,” Zack said, and Ava smiled, she’ll be coming here much more often if he means that. 


“Okay, bye Zack,” Ava said as she turned around and walked away.


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