Percy and Annabeth: A Special Occasion

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It was a rainy, gloomy day in New York. Winter was here, and it would not be a surprise if it started to snow. Annabeth Chase didn’t mind however, in fact she quite enjoyed the light rain as she made her way towards her apartment. The 23 year old blonde demi-god had just graduated from college in New Rome that spring, and had moved in with her fiancé Percy after he had graduated in the summer. Now, they lived together, and it was everything Annabeth had hoped it would be.  During the day, she worked at an architecture company that built cutting-edge skyscrapers and massive hotels, and at night she would go to the apartment they called home. Percy, however, did not have a schedule quite like that, as he would often be working on preserving marine Animals with his crew from NYU. The trips he made sometimes lasted as long as a week, and she knew there was a project in the works that would take him all the way down to South America where they would stay for at least a month. A pang of worry hit her, since she knew that Percy was a magnet for god-sized trouble, and she didn’t want to find out that there were more gods in the world. With his luck, he would probably piss off some entity that would then demand a human sacrifice or something extremely heinous which would cause Percy to go and cause a war that would destroy a good part of the world. Images of her fiancé fighting for his life in a jungle flashed through her brain, and she bit her lip to stop the thoughts from driving her insane.

As she walked in the door, she started to immediately strip off her rain gear and work clothes, all of which were damp, until she was just in her bra and panties. She stopped to look at herself in the mirror, and noticed that even her skin was a little damp, and her long blonde hair was wet. She knew if Percy had been there that night, he would have seen her like this, and immediately would have grabbed her hand, and pulled her into the bedroom where he would have wiped away her dark thoughts. She bit her lip again, but this time it was because she was thinking of him fucking her until her brain couldn’t produce a single coherent thought, which was saying a lot for a child of Athena. She was tempted to masturbate, but reminded herself that Percy would be home in just a few hours, and she had to get things ready. She stripped out of her remaining clothes and jumped into the shower, where she washed off the sweat and dirt from the day. She got out, and began shaving her legs and her pubic hair, since she knew it drove Percy wild. She then put on a black thong with a garter belt and attached a pair of stockings to it, and then she put on a black pushup bra that would make her C-cup breasts look like D-cups. She then put on a dark blue dress that hugged her body, and ended at about mid-thigh, the garter belt hidden perfectly underneath. She then went and started the water for a pasta dinner, and then began putting on her makeup and brushing her hair.  She completed the look with a black choker and black heels.

When Percy walked in, all was in order. Before he could even finish taking off his shoes she had already told him to not come in the kitchen until he had showered and changed into the clothes she had laid out for him. After just a few minutes he came into the kitchen wearing long black pants, and a collared blue shirt that was skin tight, and showed some of his toned body. His black hair was still wet from the shower, but he was clean-shaven, and looking at her with eyes that showed his desire. She knew she had the same look on her face as well, but she tempered her desire as best she could, and sat down across from him at the small table they used as a dining table. The dinner was not overly complex, the pasta and sauce were simple, while the wine and candle added just the right amount of romance to the occasion. It was the Winter Solstice, and the day Percy had come to rescue her all those years ago from the Titan, Atlas. They had quite a few days like this a year, marking not only their anniversary, but also other days that brought back a mix of good and bad memories. Even among those days, however, this day was special, since it was one of the few days that they had been reunited and were then able to return home, without falling into Tartarus, sailing off on the Argo 2, or having to fight the King of the Titans. Remembering the Argo also brought back another memory, one where she brought Percy to the on-board stables with a door that looked down onto the Atlantic, and where they had both lost their virginity. They had been young, her 17 and him 16, but they had been separated for so long, and they had not been certain they would live through the next few days. It was a decision neither of them had regretted, although they had had the foresight to put their clothes back on before falling asleep in each other’s arms. A blush rose to Annabeth’s cheeks as she considered what would have happened if Frank had stumbled onto them naked.

They finished eating, and Percy was nursing the last of his wine when Annabeth got up and walked over to him. She bent down and whispered in his ear, his face turning red as she told him what she had planned. She pecked him on the lips, rubbing his crotch with her hand, and just as quickly she started running towards the bedroom. She didn’t get far, however, before Percy caught her. He pinned her against the wall next to their bedroom door and smashed his lips to hers, and she moaned as they kissed hungrily. He grabbed her by both legs, lifting her off the floor as he carried her to the bed. She fought him a little, giving him a cue that she wanted him to be rough. He obliged as he threw her onto the bed, and she scrambled along the bed, pretending to be frightened. He had stopped long enough to use what she had left out, and he put his hand over her mouth with the cloth she had set beside the bed for this purpose. She screamed helplessly, as she pretended to fight back against him. Both knew that if she wanted to, she could beat the crap out of him, even with him on top of her as he was, but she had learned in college that she enjoyed being dominated during sex. She had a feeling that it was because she was in control of almost everything in her life, and that giving over control to someone else during sex gave her a thrill of terror and excitement. She didn’t think she would have done this with anyone else, but Percy was her soul-mate, and he knew how far she liked to go. She kept pretending to fight, kicking and punching, and trying to pull the cloth from her mouth, but the chloroform from the bottle she had put under the cloth was starting to work, and soon she was out cold.


                He looked down at his beautiful, unconscious, fiancé, and he had to fight against the urge to take off his pants and jerk off to her. He knew he didn’t have a lot of time until the chloroform wore off and she woke up. He needed to have her helpless before then, otherwise she would take control and while he didn’t mind that, he knew she liked not being in control for this part. Admittedly, the first time she had wanted to try being tied up, he had been hesitant, not knowing exactly how to proceed. What he learned during that first time was that she liked her arms bound behind her, and that she absolutely needed a gag, otherwise she would keep trying to tell you how to tie each knot. That part had been more of a nervous habit for her, she had never let someone tie her up before, and for that matter he had never tied up someone in such an intimate way either. After tying her up a few times however, he had started to understand what she wanted done, and he had been the one to find the chloroform and tried it without her knowing. When she had woken up that first time, he had no doubt that if she hadn’t been blindfolded her eyes would have speared him through, but then she realized how tight her bondage was, and the fucking that followed numbered in one of their top 10. He never hurt her, she wasn’t into being whipped, spanked, or tortured, although they had a small horse crop that he would use on occasion just to tease her.

                Shaking his head so that he could focus on the task at hand, he began to strip Annabeth. He took started to pull up her dress, revealing the black garter belt and thong. He continued to pull the dress off  her, kissing her toned stomach as he went, and after some maneuvering, he had Annabeth down to her undergarments. The combination of the black choker, bra, thong, garter belt and stockings against her white skin just about made him lose control of himself, and he felt his member throb with anticipation. He had been at sea for a week, and every night he had thought of Annabeth, sometimes naked, sometimes just them sleeping together. Either way, the crowded bunk room of the ship had not been a good place for him to pleasure himself, and as such he had been holding back all of his desire for a week. He would just have to wait a bit longer however, and he began to work.

                He went to the drawer and pulled out several lengths of blue rope. He grabbed her wrists and tied them behind her, making sure the rope bound them tightly together. He then flipped her over and made the beginning of the breast harness, wrapping the rope around her arms and over and below her bra. The bra itself was a strapless one, so all he had to do was release the back and pull it off when he was ready. As it was, he enjoyed the sight of her breasts pushed up by the bra and squeezed slightly by the rope. He then attached another length of rope to the one binding her wrists, and began putting her into a hogtie, with her black heels in the air. For the final touches, he put a black bondage mask, which had panels that could be removed for the eyes and mouth, over her head. With Annabeth securely tied, Percy set about setting up the rest of the room.



                Annabeth woke up with a start, as she always did when she got knocked out with the drug. Her mind swam for a second as she tried to remember everything that had happened, then she started to try and move. She felt her wrists bound together, and as she tried to move them she felt the ropes around her ankles. She started to struggle, to break loose of whatever trap she had fallen into. She convinced herself that she had been kidnapped from her home, and that whoever had her tied up was planning to do terrible things to her. She began to struggle in earnest now, and tried to call for help, but her mouth was covered, as was her entire head. She breathed through her nose, glad that at least her captor was not trying to kill her, yet. In the back of her mind, she knew that it was Percy who had tied her up so thoroughly, and she felt her pussy getting wet from the thought that he was going to fuck her hard tonight. However, she kept up the pretense that she had been kidnapped,  her young, sexy body straining against the ropes that held her.

 Percy, for his part, contributed by chuckling at her efforts to free herself, and said “Well look who is awake, did you enjoy your nap?” In response, Annabeth said “Let me go” but it came out mumbled through the mask’s gag. Percy chuckled again, and put his hands on her ass. She screamed at him to stop, but again the mask reduced it to unintelligible moaning, and his hands travelled up her body, squeezing her breasts through the bra, and coming to her neck. All the while she tried to break free before her perverted captor could do anything more to her. He then said “I know who you are Annabeth Chase, I know what you are, and unless you tell me how to get to Olympus, I will have to do some unpleasant things to you, unpleasant for you anyways.” She screamed again, this time in frustration at not being able to escape, and she started to breathe heavily through her nose. He had taken her continued struggles as a negative reply, and he had gotten up and now was by her head. She heard the jingle of metal, and then she felt him squeeze her nose. She struggled again, desperate to break free, to breathe, she tried to roll her body, but she was held fast by his body which was on top of her now, and she started to black out.



                Before Annabeth passed out, he took his free hand and removed the panel gag from her mouth, Annabeth took a deep breath, which was just long enough for him to put the double ring gag into her lovely mouth. She protested again, but it was too late as he secured it behind her head. She continued to struggle, but she didn’t scream as loud since it would disturb the neighbors now that her mouth was open. He put his mouth against hers, and had his tongue go down her throat. She struggled against him, but he felt her pushing her mouth against his as best she could with the gag. He grinned, and slowly snaked one of his hands to her crotch, and pressed the vibrator in his hand to the outside of her thong that was against her pussy. He turned it on to one of the highest settings, and watched as Annabeth jerked and yelped in surprise as the vibrations hit her already wet pussy. It was enough of a shock that it almost made her forget she was supposed to be a prisoner, but she regained it and struggled fruitlessly to try and pull away from the vibrator. Percy then took a bit of tape, and secured it tightly to the outside, so that she could feel it but not enough to make her orgasm. For the next part, Percy rolled Annabeth from her side to her back, with her head over the edge of the bed. With the vibrator at work on her pussy, Percy took off his pants and underwear to reveal his 7” cock. He grabbed Annabeth by the head, and slowly put his throbbing cock into her helpless mouth. She normally wasn’t into blowjobs, but Percy had discovered if you kept her pussy busy, she would let you do just about anything to her. He started to thrust his cock up and down her throat, and he heard gagging sounds from the beautiful blonde as he went balls deep into her mouth. For several minutes he skull-fucked his fiancé until at last the pressure in his cock became too much, and with one last deep thrust of his cock, he exploded into her throat.


The blowjob had been absolute torture for her. Annabeth had known what was coming the moment the ring gag had entered her mouth. Her protests then had been real, for she did not like being deep-throated. However, those had not been the real reason the last few minutes had been torture. The vibrator he had put on the outside of her underwear had been both the best and worst part of the experience, as it kept her busy while her “captor” drove his cock down her throat again and again. However, it had had not been strong enough to let her orgasm, and she struggled to try and better position it to her liking. Percy did not help her though, as he had kept a firm grip on her head as he pounded away at her mouth. Fortunately, she had long ago found out how to suppress her gag reflex, since her dinner during her time on the streets and on quests would often come from dumpsters. So when the time came, and she felt his cum shoot into her throat, she was able to keep from throwing it up. He pulled out quickly, and she cried out a little as she felt more of his warm cum hit the top of her breasts and stomach. She started breathing heavily then, as she had been unable to breathe properly before, and because the vibrator was making her more excited. She struggled again, still pretending to be the helpless victim, and she was rewarded by having the vibrator turned off. She moaned, wanting it to be turned back on, but instead she felt the gag being removed from her head. She felt grateful as the rings were pulled out of her mouth, but she instead started cussing her captor out, and demanded to be freed that instant. Her captor just laughed, and before she could do anything further, she felt a cloth forced over her mouth, and she started to struggle again. However, her struggles got gradually weaker as the chloroform began to work its way into her system again, until she finally passed out.


                He knew he didn’t have a lot of time until Annabeth woke up again, and he started to set up for the final act. He undid the hogtie as well as the ropes binding her ankles together, and then slowly began taking off her undergarments. With a little bit of work, he unattached the stockings from the garter belt and panties, the latter he then pulled off revealing her bald pussy. He felt himself getting hard again looking at it, but restrained himself from masturbating. He then undid the bra she had put on, and since she had used a strapless bra he didn’t have to untie the breast harness he had tied around it. He then set about improving the breast harness, ensuring it was tight and adding another piece of rope that he used to bring the sections of rope above and below her breasts together at her cleavage. He tried to ignore looking at her pussy or her perky pink nipples

She woke up to darkness, but this time she could tell that she didn’t have a hood on. Instead she felt the strap holding the blindfold in place against her head. She groaned as she came fully awake, and was surprised to realize that she wasn’t gagged. However, that was the only good news as she also realized that she was completely naked. She felt that her legs were spread apart, but when she tried to close them she felt the ropes binding them to the bed. Her arms were bound behind her, her wrists and elbows cinched behind her back, with a breast harness trapping her upper arms and tits, making them bulge forward. Annabeth knew what her kidnapper would do to her next, and she started pleading with him, begging him to let her go, admitting to herself and to him that she could not escape from his desires herself. His response was to shove a blue ball gag in her mouth while she was begging, and then he started to pinch her nipples, making her shriek into the gag. Then she felt his tongue start to lick her left nipple, while her right breast was relentlessly groped and pinched. She squirmed under his weight, but she was unable to stop his relentless assault. She whimpered into her gag as she felt his hand move towards her pussy, and she let out a muffled yell as she felt his fingers slip into her soaking wet entrance. She felt her body spasm as his fingers went deeper into her, forcing her to let out a moan of pleasure despite herself.

When he had buried his fore and middle fingers all the way into her pussy, he stirred them around, eliciting another muffled moan of pleasure from the helpless blonde demigod. She felt his fingers exit her, and his weight also decreased as he reached for something, and she suddenly felt a sharp pain on first her left nipple, then her right one as clamps were attached to her exposed breasts. She screamed into the gag from the pain, but soon she felt his fingers re enter her pussy, and she moaned again as he used his free hand to rub her clit. The pain from the clamps started to become almost pleasurable as he fingered her, and she felt herself getting ready to orgasm from the combined sensations. Much to her frustration however, he did not let her climax, and instead brought her to the edge, and then stopped. He continued to do this for what felt like hours, until she was so desperate for orgasm that she started grinding her body against his hand, wanting, needing release. Instead, he removed his fingers before she orgasmed, and left her panting and sweating rom exertion. She did not wait long however.

She felt his cock enter her, and let out the loudest scream yet, a scream which subsequently turned into almost constant moaning as he began thrusting harder and faster into her helpless pussy. Within moments, her first orgasm came, and the wave of pleasure overcame Annabeth. She felt him lean even more into her, and felt his mouth on her neck as he sucked and bit as he pounded away at her. She tried to reciprocate, trying to move her body to give them both more pleasure, but he had tied her legs well, and she was forced to let him do all the work. Not that he needed much help, as the feeling of helplessness, his mouth on her neck, the nipple clamps, and his thrusting cock lead to her having another orgasm, this time though it was not all one wave, but instead was like a chain reaction, with each wave being just as big or bigger than the one before it. She let out a scream of pleasure, easily audible even through her ball gag. She felt the ball-gag get ripped from her mouth, and Percy’s lips descended on hers, and they kissed deeply and hungrily as he continued to thrust into her. She moaned into his mouth as their tongues touched, and she felt his tongue go deep inside her own mouth. She let out even more moans as she felt herself build for another climax, and at the moment heard him moan as well. She felt his cock spasm inside of her, and she felt him explode inside of her, his warm cum filling her, and she screamed into his mouth as the largest chain of orgasms yet rocked and shook her body. She felt his cock slip out of her, causing her to shudder in pleasure, but instead of releasing her, he put the gag back in her mouth, and undid the ropes around on ankle.

He moved the free foot next to the bound one, and bound them both together. He then untied the other foot from the bed, and rolled the blonde onto her stomach. He then retied her legs so that her knees were bound to each side of the bed, and her ankles were again bound to the bedposts. This forced her ass into the air, with her hands still bound behind her back, and her face buried into the bed. She struggled helplessly, knowing what was coming and was again unable to do anything to stop him. She felt the dildo enter her ass, making her cry out from pleasure, and it didn’t stop until its full 8 inches were all the way inside of her. He moved the dildo in and out rhythmically, making her moan as he fucked her ass with the dildo. Then without warning, she felt his cock enter pussy again, and she let out a scream of pleasure as both of her holes were filled, feeling his dick slam again and again into her. She had stopped all pretenses of struggling, and she just wanted him to keep fucking her brains out, to keep slamming balls deep into her pussy until she passed out from the orgasms. He took her by surprise when the dildo suddenly turned on, sending vibrations throughout her whole body as Percy continued to slam his hard 7 inch cock in and out of her wet cunt. The orgasm that came over her was absolutely mind-numbing, as she felt the waves of bliss coarse throughout her bound body. Percy didn’t stop though, and she felt another chain of orgasms rock her for what felt like hours. She could no longer form a coherent thought, between the thrust of Percy’s cock, the unrelenting vibrator in her ass, and the nipple clamps, she surrendered herself completely to the waves of pleasure that shook her body. Then, with several more quick thrusts, she felt Percy cum again inside of her pussy, filling her again with his warm seed. At the same time, she felt another orgasm come on, and let out another yell of pure pleasure.

Percy finally ran out of energy, and collapsed beside her tied up body. He began undoing the knots that held her arms together. She could feel the sweat covering his own body mingle with the hers as he lovingly undid every rope. When he took off her gag he kissed her gently, and then took off her blindfold. She saw his black hair plastered  to his forehead, and felt his hands caress her pleasantly sore body. After he was done, he yawned, and closing his eyes, he said “I love you Wise Girl.” Fighting sleep herself, she said “I love you too Seaweed Brain,” before they both passed out in each other’s arms.

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