Secrets of PJO

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Chapter 1 guys (my first fanfic ever pls don’t judge me)



At age 17, Percy woke up one morning, after yet another frustrating fantasy dream about Annabeth. It was complicated between the two of them. They had broken up over 3 months ago, but he was desperately missing the sex, and he could tell Annabeth still wanted nothing to do with him simply by being near by. 

But it wasn’t like he could just walk up to any girl and...

And then it hit him. He was tired of being a hero, someone who completed countless tasks for the benefit of others with nothing in return. It was time for him to earn some of his hard work back, in the form of pleasure...


Annabeth woke with aching muscles. She blinked and started to panic. She was sitting on a wooden chair, but she couldn’t move. Her arms were bound behind her, and her legs were tied to the chair legs. 

Desperately trying to calm herself, she tried to think back to the last thing she could remember, but she drew a blank. 

She gasped when she realized two things. She was gagged with a ball gag, and she was naked, except for her panties! Her legs were spread, leaving her cloth covered pussy out in the open. 

She heard a door slam and tried to swivel in her bondage without success. It was Percy. She breathed in relief. Despite things being a little bitter between them, he would help her. 

“Mmm. Look at you Annabeth.” 

Annabeth was puzzled. Did he know about this?

“I do love admiring my own handiwork,” he said slyly. 

Annabeth tried to talk through her gag. “Why?” She moaned through the red ball. 

“Ever since we broke up you’ve been flaunting your body to other boys, and that body belongs to me. So I’ve decided to kidnap you and keep you forever, my personal sex slave. And if other people pay me well, you can serve them too. And heck, if I feel like it, maybe I can take a couple of your friends as slaves too! How about Piper, Hazel, Reyna...”

Annabeth squealed. As bad as this was going to be for her, she wasn’t going to let her friends be caught up in it too. 

Annabeth sobbed. 

“Let’s get started.” Percy said with a smirk. 

First, Percy reached out and grabbed her huge tits. Walking behind her, he grabbed them and squeezed, groping her. Annabeth struggled to wriggle out of his grip. 

He continued squeezing and massaging them. 

“Ahhh, I’ve missed these tits Annie,” Percy groaned. 

Annabeth sobbed furiously. 

“I’ve got a surprise for you Annabeth, but you’ll have to be good to get it.”

Percy reached down with one hand and started rubbing her panty-covered pussy. Annabeth trembled with the effort not to feel pleasure, despite her tears drying and her pussy growing moist...

Percy rubbed harder. 

“Moan for me bitch.” He slapped her pussy. His other hand kept kneading Annabeth’s big tits. 

“Mmmhhhmmmm,” Annabeth moaned as Percy rubbed her pussy harder and faster. 

“Your so wet, you slut,” Percy smirked, his hand moving faster and faster over Annabeth’s pussy. 

Annabeth started bucking into Percy’s hand, ready for a frustrating, angry but still much-needed orgasm. 

Percy pulled his hand away. 

Annabeth screeched, still humping the air, desperate for some friction. 

Percy shrugged. “Sorry Annie, you gotta earn it. But don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to cum.”

Annabeth tried to yell, but it resulted in blabber. 

The gag around her pulled tightly into the corners of her mouth, and her wrists and ankles ached from the thick rope. But nevertheless, Percy walked to the end of the room, pulled open the screechy metal door and exited, leaving Annabeth with the sounds of bolts locking in behind him.


Ok first chapter! This is one of those stories where Percy basically goes through every female in Riordanverse so be prepared ♥️

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