Percy Jackson Truth or Dare

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Percy Jackson Truth or dare


Percy Jackson Truth or dare

New Demigod joins the game


Dan was a new kid at Camp half blood. However he was 18 years old and a son of Posiedon. Dan had arrived a few days ago fighting a monster. Dan was actually loosing the fight until his half brother Percy Jackson had to come and help. Dan also saw a beautiful girl run after Percy.


That was 3 days ago. Dan had been introduced to many campers. Being claimed by using his powers in a game of capture the flag and knocking a dozen kids from the Ares cabin into a river.


Percy was in hysterics as girl called Clarrise took the most of the force from the water. Percy then offered to walk Dan to the Posiedon cabin and get him settled. As Dan was throwing his stuff on his bunk. Dan noticed from the window a couple of pairs of eyes.


Percy then pulled a blind down.


''Sorry dude but well with muscular physiecs girls watch the cabin and want to catch me with my girlfriend.'' Percy said to his half brother. Dan just looked at his bunk.


''Percy come to the Aprhodite cabin.'' Dan turned as a girl spoke. She had long legs, a beautiful face and body. Dan felt something come up which he wanted down.


''Why Piper?'' Percy questioned her. Piper then said Silena had organised a game of Truth or Dare. Percy dragged Dan out of the cabin too.


''Why me?'' Dan questioned his half brother.


''Well if I go down your coming with me. Family style.'' Percy said back. As the two went to a huge cabin in pink which reeked of Perfume. Dan had to catch his breath after going in the cabin.


In a circle in the basement sat a girl who was stunningly beautiful. Gorgeous face and planets in her bra. Which poked through her loose camp shirt.


''Well whose this?'' the girl asked. Pointing at Dan. Percy spoke up.


''He is Dan my half brother. The kid who flooded most of the Ares kids.'' Percy said to the group. Two kids who looked identical laughed and cheered. A kid who looked like a spanish elf was also in hysterics.


Percy then sat next to a blonde who kissed him. This was clearly the girlfriend Dan thought to himself. Dan was forced between the two pretty girls. Who introduced themselves as Silena and Piper respectivly.


''Dan you ever played this game?'' Silena asked him. Dan nodded at her. Silena beamed at the group.


''Before we start rules. Not doing a truth is one kiss to the person's crush. Not doing a dare is one item of clothing.'' Silena said the group nodded. Piper nudged Dan.


''Go slow at first.'' She told him. His eyes glazed over. Piper had accidently charmspoke him. She then nudged him to reality.


''Guys whose starting?'' Piper asked the group. All looked at each-other. Until Silena spoke up.


''I'll start.'' She said calmly.


Silena Pov


I offer to start this game. I wanna find out about the new kid. Piper does too. She muttered to me that the kid reminds her of Jason. Well the blue eyes with mischief.


''Dan truth or dare?'' I ask the new kid first. Dan thinks for a split second.


''Truth.'' He replied shyly. Dan had never been over confident with girls.


''Well then how big is your dick. Whisper in my ear.'' I tell the beet red new kid. I do hope for some fun after my beloved Charles.


''9.5 inches long 3 inches thick.'' Dan whispers. I go wet at the thought. Now if I can get it out.


''Dan have fun now.'' I whisper to him. Dan forgot after one turn it is the victims turn.



Dan Pov


I have never told anyone about my manhood. But a beautiful girl wants to know the size I have to be honest. I now have to choose who to pick for a dare. Well I only know Percy or Silena.


''Silena truth or dare?'' I ask her. Hoping she could do anything.


''I'll take a truth for now.'' She said back calmly.


''What is the sexiest thing you've ever done.'' I ask her. She could have said anything.


''Well I often play on web cam. It is good fun.'' Silena replies to me. It takes the group by suprise.


''Well I like to drive people crazy. It is so fun.'' Silena added to the sentence.


''Piper truth or dare?'' Silena asked after this. Piper just thinks for a second.


''Dare.'' Piper responded quickly. Silena had an evil grin.


''Give a Blow job to anyone while they finger your ass.'' Silena told her half sister. Piper glared at Silena but then looked around the boys. Well Travis and Percy have girlfriend's so they are ruled out. Connor no chance. Leo could do but Calypso would be fuming. It left just the new kid.


''Come with me.'' She told me. I follow the beautiful girl to her room.


''Dan get your pants off. My clothes can come off too. I perform better when both are undressed.'' Piper tells me. Soon my jeans, shirt, and boxers are off and over her floor. Piper follows removing her shirt, bra, jeans and panties.


Piper pushes me too her bed and gets me hard. The Piper bobs her head up and down giving my balls a squeeze. It is an awesome feeling.


Piper Pov


I love my half sister Silena even more now. She allows me to taste this mega cock. Dan maybe new but he is bigger than Jason. I still miss Jason now months after his tragic death.



Well I get Dan to blow his load in my mouth. I swallow all of it. He had a huge load from his mega cock. I wanna feel it elsewhere now. Dan and I get dressed and go back to the game. Nothing has changed Leo is grinning like a maniac.


''Guys if Chiron catches us now at 11:30 we'll get bad chores. Now off to bed. Tommorow we can play again.'' Silena says and the group disperses.

Silena then whispers in my ear. She wanted to fuck the new kid tommorow day time. So she would beg Chiron to show him around the camp.


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