Cater Kane Has Some Fun

BY : ThatOneGuy
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Disclaimer: I do not own or make any money on the Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan. Also I put this with Percy Jackson stories because I know they are in the same universe and The Kane Chronicles doesn't have it's own category. This is my first story.

Carter Kane hated his life. First off his dad gets captured by an ancient egyptian god because oh yeah gods are real. Then he finds out that this is no ordinary god but the god of evil.(Gee thanks Dad!) Then this super old guy dies who wanted to protect them and the new leader of these magicians wants them dead. So now they have to go stop the god of evil before he takes over the world and the most powerful group of that could help them was also trying to kill them because apparently hosting gods was illegal. Gods this was confusing, just thinking about it gave him a headache. That wasn't even the worst part of it all, oh no it wasn't. The worst part of it all was Carter was incredibly horny and that was a problem. Normally he would jack off but that wasn't an option. One thing was that there was no internet so he couldn't watch porn. That created problem number two. The only images he had in his mind to jack off two were the two women he was traveling with, one was his sister (Gross) and the second was an immortal cat goddess. Bast was good looking but he figured if other gods could share a body with him then it wouldn't be to hard for one to read his mind and he did not want her to catch him masterbating to her. Just as he was finishing that thought when Bast walked in from the porch on the back of the RV. Hi Carter she said as she walked by him towards the front vehicle. Carter didn't hear her because he was too busy admiring her figure. He knew he was an idiot to stare at her like this especially since he was being so blunt about it but he couldn't help himself. She was wearing a leopard catsuit that showed off her curves perfectly. Her nice shapley voluptuous ass, that long glassy black hair begging to be pulled and her gorgeous breasts that bounced a little bit every time she walked and gods those eyes. He didn't know what it was about those cat like eyes but they turned him on. He was so focused on her figure and his thoughts that he didn't know she had stopped and turned around to look at him with her arms crossed. He didn't know that she cought him staring and was kinda pleased even after thousands of years fighting chaos she was still attractive and another thing he didn't know was that thousands of years of fighting with no break left her super horny. So that was why she decided to do a couple of things to drive him crazy hopefully goading him to do what she thought they both wanted even if he needed a little help to get started. She kept her arms crossed but put them under her tits so they were more prominent. Carter was snapped out of his thoughts when Bast yelled his name. Sorry Bast I was lost in thought what did you need? Bast gave a fake sigh (though Carter didn't know it was fake) I said hi. Oh sorry Bast, hi said Carter. I'm gonna do some cleaning is that gonna bother you she said. No Carter answered. Bast cleaned a little bit up front then on her way back to the middle of the RV, she made sure Carter wasn't looking then locked the door of the RV. She started to clean up the small coffee table then knocked off something making a great show of it to get Carter's attention then bent down to pick it up showing off all of her ass. Carter saw this and groaned internally. Fuck it he thought to himself if this gets him killed at least it will be a pretty good way to go. He lept of the couch and in two steps was right behind Bast's ass and pulled down his shorts and underwear. Before she wondered if she would have to do more as she didn't hear Carter get up but before she could do anything her head was violently pushed to the floor with one hand while she felt his second hand rip her catsuit so her pussy and ass were in full view and felt Carter shove his cock all the way in a once. FUCKKKK!!! She screamed. He was easily the biggest thing she had ever had in her. Carter wasted no time and started thrusting in and out of her at a brutal pace. Bast screamed in ecstasy at the top of her lungs. YES FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME! FUCK ME LIKE YOU OWN ME!!! Carter leaned in so he was next to her ear and said I do own you Bitch! As soon as he was done he slapped her ass so hard that it left a hand print and she came violently. It had been so long since she came that she saw stars then nothing.


Will continue next time. Hoped you liked it.

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