Goddess of Lust

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From the day she was born, Aphrodite was known across the world for her beauty.

After the Titan King Kronos dismembered his father, he tossed his remains into the sea, creating some foam from which Aphrodite was born. There, she met the three Horai, or season goddesses, who clothed her in a beautiful white dress, a delicate golden crown, golden earrings and a golden necklace, before subsequently escorting her to Mount Olympus on Zeus' order when he saw her unnatural and divine beauty, deeming her a goddess that deserved a seat among the rulers of the new world he had built.

When she arrived, due to her great her incredible beauty, Aphrodite had caused a lot of problems on Olympus. Zeus, Poseidon, Ares, Apollo, Hermes and all the gods who were present instantly wanted her for themselves, being turned on by her beauty and sexuality. She did not blame them for wanting her, for she was the most beautiful being to ever walk on the earth. Feeling that her family was about to unravel, Hera was determined to prevent that and hastily ordered them to silence themselves. As the goddess of marriage, she felt an obligation to pick the perfect husband for the new goddess and proclaimed that such a perfect match was her son Hephaestus. Hence, Zeus married both of them right then and there, bonding the two of them as husband and wife, much to the later's dismay, for she considered the blacksmith the least attractive and the last person that she wanted to be with.

However, during her unwanted wedding night, Ares, the handsome and passionate god of war, feeling unfair because he was not chosen when Aphrodite clearly had her eyes for him, had sneaked into her room and raped her, making it the best night in her entire immortal life. He had been extremely violent with her, abusive even, and he slapped her around and treated her like shit but the next morning he had gotten away with it because he had been that good, and his enormous dick had felt that amazing. Soon, she had started having a relationship with Ares, who could always be found in her bedroom, and carried him several children. However, while Ares was her best lover, one that she considered to be her boyfriend, he was not the only one that she committed adultery with. The Gods had had a fair share of her, even her husband Hephaestus when she was in the mood for it. It didn't take it long for everyone to realize that Aphrodite was a shameless slut, as she was turned on by absolutely everything, and everything was a fair game for her.

There were no descriptions for boundary in her dictionary. She did not care about the number, genders or genders, for as long as they were capable of fucking and had a dick big enough to her liking, she would let them fuck her. There were several stories of her that weren't recorded in any history books, of Aphrodite fucking armies of men and monsters in ancient time, when men had been brutal and merciless while monsters were plenty around for her to choose from.

Aphrodite had come down to Sparta and had had sex with King Leonidas and his three hundred soldiers to reward them for their bravery when they were about to leave the city to face the Persian, who she had also had sex with before coming to see them.

She had come down to the Labyrinth to face the Minotaur and all manner of monsters down there before Artemis was able to find her in a pool of semen, thus starting the first feud between the two of them when she found out that Aphrodite had also had sex with Lycaon and his pack of werewolves, her worst enemies.

During the first Gigantomachy, Aphrodite had been captured by Periboia before being given to her brothers, who had spent the next three weeks raping her, severely weakening them and resulting in their defeat at the hands of Olympus. Zeus had rewarded her with the most beautiful and attractive gems the world could find, but Aphrodite had been more interested in his dick, and she had had sex with him and Ares the following night.

Before the rules of territory were made, minor Gods had found their ways into her bedroom more than once, with or without her knowing, several at the same times even and she had allowed them to get exactly what they came for while loving every second of it…

But that was only the start of her story.

At the moment, Aphrodite was spending her time in her bedchamber, which dominated the entire second floor of her Great Palace. In the middle of the room was massive bed that was surrounded by silk curtains. It was large enough to host a few dozen people at the same time, with stripper-poles installed in every corner of the room, while the wall was decorated with the highest quality pornography. On the other side of the room was a massive flat-screen television and it was turned on, but muted, showing what appeared to be a homemade porno, with the focus of the shot being an extremely beautiful woman, who were on all four before a muscular man, whose equally muscular cock was penetrating her ass, making her moan and squeal in delight. The scent of sex and sweats was also heavy in the air.

Goddess of Love Aphrodite lied on her side in the center of her bed, moaning and drooling as a strong young man slammed his thick cock into her cunt, with one hand holding her ass and the other reaching out to fondle her massive tit, while the others sat on the side watching with their hard cocks in their own hands. They were the most perfect specimens of masculinity and beauty, some of her harem of personal male attendants, serving her as their mistress and nobody else. Some of them were dark skinned, some black while others pale and blonde, but each one of them had a cock worthy to be put into her pussy, for she had hand-picked personally from the world of mortals. They were all in perfect health, peak physical condition and possessed extraordinary sexual stamina. Any one of them was enough to fuck an entire brothel full of slutty and horny prostitute without getting tired, but here, they were merely her entertainments.

They were not the only ones on the bed with her, however, as there were also several of her best sluts from her harem of female attendants, the most beautiful and attractive women anyone could find in this world, each boasting a perfect round ass, heavy tits that were like perfect tear-drop shaped melons and full lips that looked soft and perfect to please their mistress or wrap around a rock hard cock. Their hair colors and facial features varied from there, but all were stunning in their own way, carved out for sexual perfection. At the moment, they were minding their own business, allowing their male counterpart to take care of their mistress while they watched and masturbated from the side.

However, as beautiful as they were, they all paled in comparison to Aphrodite. She put them all to shame, making them seem as candles compared to a blazing wildfire. She was tall, taller than most women with flawless creamy skin, crystal clear blue eyes and wavy blonde hair. Her tits were absolutely massive, almost the size of basketballs, and yet they were soft and looked incredibly inviting, bouncing and shaking with the softest of her breaths while her round and heart-shaped ass made it look like she was constantly arching her back. Sexuality oozed from her voluptuous body like honey from a honeycomb, and to the men and women in the room with her, she simply smelled like sex. It was impossible for them to stand in her presence and not become extremely aroused. Aphrodite had stripped out of her clothing, which wasn't much to begin with, leaving her naked body for all to see and worship, with only a set of anklets, wristbands and belly-chain on her body, all of which were crafted by the best craftsmen known in the history of mankind.

"Mistress… I am about to…" the man who was fucking her groaned as his thrust quickened.

"Do it, stud, cum inside me. Fucking blast your seeds right up my womb." She said, whispering sweet words into his ears as she pulled him down and allowed him to suck on her breast, head leaning back when he took one of her perk nipples into his mouth and started slurping with a lecherous enthusiasm while he continued to fuck his cock into her in a dominating mating press. Despite closing to cumming, the young man was able to hold it back for another ten minutes, savoring the amazing sensation of his mistress' pussy for a bit more, before he erupted deep within her, his heavy testicles smashing against her labia as he gave one final thrust, and then forced his head back, arching his strong back upward just to force in every last millimeter of his well-endowed manhood into the Aphrodite. Aphrodite smiled as she looked up at the maze of muscles exploding over his glistening chest as he came inside her, filling her womb with thick and nutritious seeds. The goddess of love had always loved the sight of a muscular man on top of her, especially one that could fuck her hard.

With a simple gesture of her hand, beckoning for him to come forward, the male servant understood what he had to do, and quickly removed his still spurting cock from her pussy before he moved forward, standing on one knee above his mistress and pointed his lurching manhood at her face. Aphrodite opened her mouth to receive him and drank his savory hot semen, draining his fat balls until there were nothing left. As his orgasm subsided, the young man stood up and moved to the side, allowing Aphrodite to stand up on her knees and smile at him.

However, before she could do anything more, or decide which one that she had chosen to her bed that night she should fuck next, the door to her bedchamber was forcefully kicked open and came walking in someone she did not expect to see that night, but his entrance and presence was not unwelcomed. He was a massive, overly muscular man with a vicious sneer on his cruelly handsome face, with a long scar on the side of his cheek. His dark hair was slicked back, but some strands fell down to his foreheads. For clothing, he wore a red muscle shirt underneath a dark leather duster, black jeans, combat boots and a massive combat knife strapped to the belt of his thigh. He also wore red-tinted sunglasses that covered his flame-filled eye sockets.

"Ares…" she called his name with a sweet, flirtatious smile "You're back." He sneered, and she could feel his flaming eyes on her sinfully erotic body from behind his glasses.

"Yes, I am." Ares answered in his deep voice.

She was very happy to see him. As much as she loved to spend her time with him, she hadn't seen him much lately as he had been running an errand for his father, which was rare because Ares didn't seem to care much for Olympus and its affairs, like her. They also had a very open relationship, with Ares viewing her as his personal slut more than an actual girlfriend, so seeing her with other men didn't seem to bother him as much as it had always bothered her husband. Blessed his monster cock because without it she would have asked for a divorce from his mother a long time ago, now that the men on Olympus had settled down with their wives she was free to choose whoever she was married to.

With a wave of her hands, the men on her bed left as quickly as they could, moving out of the room, all of them cowering before the might of the god of war. The women, however, were allowed to stay, and much like their mistress they all looked at Ares with lust in their eyes. "I've been waiting for you, you know?" Slowly, she stood up and made her way down her bed, striding toward her lover with in a slutty, hip swaying, breasts bouncing walk. Ares said nothing as he watched her sexy movements, eyeing her luscious breasts as they bounced with each step she made toward him. As tall as she was, she was a head shorter than him, and his form, his shadow completely towered over her as she stopped before him and leaned up to kiss him on the lips, his hands moving around to grope her butt, squeezing it so hard he made her whimper a little into his mouth. The kiss was sexy, wet, heavy, passionate and almost combative, with both of them putting all of their wilds, their lust for each other into their lips and tongues. As she went on and sucked on his tongue when he forced it into her mouth, Aphrodite's hand moved away from his hair and sneaked down to his muscular chest, down to his rock hard abs before sliding into his pants, finding his semi-hard cock and churning balls.

A moment later, they broke the kiss, with Ares releasing his hold on her ass, but Aphrodite didn't seem to want to let from his balls and continued to kiss her way down his masculine jaw, making Ares smirk when she started undoing his buckle and pulled down his pants, revealing the sexy python that was his cock. It was not even hard, and yet his cock hung partway between his thighs, stretching from his crotch and draping over the enormous, fleshy pouch of his testicles, with the massive tip almost reaching his knees.

"Come with me..." After he had discarded the rest of his clothes and stood naked before her, Aphrodite moved her hand from his balls to his cock and wrapped her hand around the midpoint of his cock, tugging him with her as she walked her way to a clear paneled shower on the other side of the room. As they walked in, Aphrodite turned the fancy showerhead upon them, showering hot water down his muscled body as she washed him while swaying her body and making it a show for him to watch, slowly making his cock grow to full mast, reaching past his stomach. It was as thick as her entire arm, and the bulging cum-tube on the underside was as girthy as the entire penis of an average adult male. As she finished with his body, Aphrodite then kneeled down before him, and proceeded to clean his cock, using only her mouth. She sucked worshipfully at his balls, then trailed her tongue all the way up to the tip, before opening her mouth as wide as possible to take in his cock, then slid down and swallowed some of the girthy monster down her throat. As she pulled back, letting his cock pop free from her mouth with a wet sound, a hot load of semen exploded from the tip and utterly buried her face under a thick layer of his come, making her moan and swallow as much as she could before the water washed it away. "I have missed this so much." She said, her hand wandering to his balls.

However, Ares lost his patience and grabbed her hands, bringing them above her head before he swung his hips, making his hard cock smash her in the face like a bat. "Shut up and make me cum, slut." He said and forced his cock into her mouth while holding her hands. Despite her mouth being well acquainted with his cock, Aphrodite still found herself having a bit of trouble deepthroating his steel hard cock, but she had never failed to deliver and made a please groan to escape his throat as she pushed her head forward, allowing his monster to disappear into her mouth. Finally, after a moment, she had her lips secured a firm grip around the base of his cock and felt her chin resting against his giant, swollen scrotum. With that, Aphrodite began to move her head up and down, fucking her throat on his dong with earnest. He moaned as she blew him with amazing skills, loving the tightness of her throat before starting to move on his own.

Then, without any warning, Ares released her hands and grabbed handfuls of her hair before pulling her head forward, forcing her to take his entire steel bar. His cockhead went so far down her gullets Aphrodite could feel it oozing pre-cum into her stomach of throat.

His stance suddenly widened, and Aphrodite knew what was coming. Ares was the first man to ever force a cock into a woman's mouth. Such lewd act had impressed her, and ever since that day she would let him face-fuck her anytime he wanted, thus inventing skull fucking because that first woman, the one who had taken a cock into her mouth and down her throat, was none other than her, the goddess of sex.

As Ares began shaking her head and thrusting his hips, Aphrodite put her hands behind her head in a submissive posture, and allowed him to face fuck her like he was using a cheap sex toy. She did nothing as he raped her mouth, knowing that there was no point for her to do anything else once he had started.

Then, ten minutes later Ares finally couldn't hold it in anymore and busted his nut, his cock swelling to an even greater thickness as the first blast of semen shot straight into her stomach. The next shot two shots were the same, going directly into her gut as Ares held her head tightly against his crotch, moaning and swearing as he released an entire week worth of built of sexual frustration. "Fucking slut, drink my come." He sneered as he looked down at her and came even harder when he saw the innocent way she was looking at him. It was the same look she had given him the night he sneaked into her room and took her.

The slut still had it even after all those years.

As they walked back into the bedchamber after finishing the shower, Ares started the night by grabbing Aphrodite by her hair and flung her onto the bed, making her stumble and fall flat on her face. Before she could sit up, he plunged his middle finger into her anus and effortlessly lifted her ass and lower body so high up off the bed she was almost standing on her forehead, and in that position he speared his cock into her sobbing cunt until his balls were battering against her clit, making Aphrodite squeal out in delight and cum everywhere as Ares started fucking her like the dominant, alpha male he was. He fucked her in that position for several minutes, spanking her ass, and emptying several buckets of pre-cum into her womb as his cock mercilessly slammed into it before he widened his stance and picked Aphrodite up by her nipples, using them to pull on her tits as he continued to fuck her in a standing position while her legs flailed off of the bed, slipping helplessly against his rock hard thighs. Aphrodite could only hold onto his muscular arms as Ares bounced her on his cock with every thunderous hit of his hips against her round buttocks while having her nipples twisted and pinched. Despite the rough treatment, Aphrodite was smiling a shameless fucked stupid face.

Ares finally came not long after, roaring mightier than even the Nemean Lion could as he filled Aphrodite's pussy with buckets worth of extremely thick and hot semen, causing her womb and belly to expand beyond their limits to contain all of it inside, for Ares's dick had already blocked her pussy entirely. Once he was done, Ares lifted Aphrodite from his cock and dumped her onto the bed, her voluptuous body landing with a soft thud and her breasts bouncing everywhere from the impact. Aphrodite smiled drunkenly as she stared up his mighty cock as it pulsed violently. Ares waited until her spell had finished cleaning up the gooey mess he left inside her womb to straddle her head and mounted her face, plunging the full length of his cock down her throat until his balls were slapping against her forehead and falling over her heart shimmering eyes.

Hissing with pleasure, Ares put his hands on her thighs and started viciously hammering his hips down her face. Soon, the only sounds that every handmaiden could hear were the lustful, masculine panting of the God of War, and the obscene sound of his rampaging, veiny dong travelling inside their mistress' tight, wet throat while his balls repeatedly slapped down her face. Aphrodite loved every second of it, and as his hips became a blur, she came from his brutal throat fucking, over and over without stopping.

Finally, with a bestial roar, he came, testicles clenching mightily in order to pump out wave after wave of hot, sticky rope of thick hot semen, splattering directly into her belly, audible to everyone in the room. With only a single spurt, her stomach was filled to the brim, and then started to steadily bulge, growing bigger and rounder, making the love goddess look like she was going through her last month of pregnancy with triplets. It took him an hour or so to finish cumming and when he was done, Ares pulled out and sat back down to take a short break, but Aphrodite did not give him that luxury, not that he had ever needed it, and reached her hands up to grab his cock, jacking him off to his next orgasm, though it was not as great as the first two. As his cock lurched and he started cumming again, Aphrodite pointed the tip of his cock at her face, smiling lustfully as she let the creamy hot substance to pile up on her flawless features. She turned her face side to side, letting his semen splash on her cheeks, nose, and getting some onto her hair. Once he was done, Aphrodite gave his cock one final kiss, with her tongue licking around his glans before letting it go, allowing the pole to spring back up.

Aphrodite then sat up, and slid down forward until she was lying on her knees and elbows, presenting her greatest assets to her lover, her bubble ass and the tiny asshole between them. "Come and take it, tough guy." She said, shaking her butt invitingly and Ares wasted no time to get behind her, hands on her ass cheeks and several inches of his manhood spearing straight into her asshole. Reaching his hand up to yank on her golden hair, making her yelp like a virgin teenager, Ares forced even more cock into her, stretching her out to the limit before getting himself in the position to start pounding away.

Despite her asshole being the tightest there was, Ares's fat member slid in and out with little to no trouble, every thrust back in hitting her so hard that his balls would slap against her clit and his iron-hard abs would spank her buttocks. Aphrodite was forced to arch her back and bent her head back as Ares pulled on her hair while hammering into her, cumming repeatedly with every orgasm overlapping the previous. Soon the two of them lost track of time, and how many times they had cum, with Ares believing he might have cum once or twice inside her, but didn't care all that much and continued to fuck her into oblivion.

An hour or so later, Ares finally let loose, his cock pulsing so powerfully that it actually made a gushing sound as he came and slammed forward, wrapping his arms around her body and pushing Aphrodite flat on the bed as he laid on her back and squeezed her tits. Aphrodite was cumming too as her asshole milked him for all it was worth, unable to stop the screaming as she held onto his biceps while her body shivered and wiggled uncontrollably, her knees wobbling around so weekly she wasn't sure if she would be able to stand for a few hours afterward. It took him several minutes, but Ares was able to withdraw his still spurting cock from her asshole and aimed it at her face as he turned her head around, covering her beautiful features under a thick layer of his come as her tongue lolled out of her mouth by instinct, swiping and slobbering at the lurching meat before her.

Once he had finished cumming, Ares dropped her head and got up, standing over the sexually brutalized Aphrodite like a warrior emerging victorious from a fierce battle with his opponent and being rewarded with the finest women known to men as her handmaidens gathered around him on their hands and knees, worshipfully running their hands on his lower body while paying special attention to his cock and balls. Aphrodite had also recovered, and she sat up a bit to press her lips against his balls, kissing them with the love and passion for her lover.

Ares was the God of War, and her bedroom had been his battlefield.

She had lost, and she accepted her defeat gratefully.

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