Zeus Inside of me!

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My name is Perseus Jackson 16 years old. I was in the throne room, al the Gods were looking at me. I was nervous, i didn't know why Zeus had summoned me. After a few minutes of silence, Zeus spoke.

"Perseus Jackson, we have decided that you're power is too strong for a demigod. We've been discussing it and we think that the best solution is to grant you partial immortality and make you a guardian of Camp Halfblood." He explained.

To be honest, i liked that. I would be able to pass the rest of my live at camp, so i couldn't complain. "But we will need to do a few changes" I looked up at him. " As you know, Chiron left camp after al the wars were over. Dionisius has been made a guardian of CHB and you will be another. But we think that the camp needs a female guardian, so we've decided that you, Perseus Jackson will be turned into a female, Aphrodite has everything ready for the transformation." he sentenced. Oh, and it is not an offer, you have no option."

"Wait a seco.." i started complaining as suddenly i blacked out

I woke up feeling dizzy, i was in a small room. I walked to the bath and i soon as i turned on the lights i freaked out. I was looking at me at the mirror, but it wasn't me. I was a few shorter, my brown hair fell past my shoulders, I have a slim figure. In front of me were a pair of big boobs and a geogeous ass. Wow I was hot. As i was admiring my body i heard someone open the door.

When i left the bath i found Aphrodite smiling at me. "Hey sweetie, you look amazing. I came here to present you, on the wardrobe you will find clothes. Bye" She winked at me as she left.

As soon as she left i opened the wardrobe, There was only a Roman dress not even shoes. I dressed, the dress coming barely down my ass, bewildered, I left the room.

I was escorted to the throne room, once inside the door was closed behind me, I advenced and kneeled in front of Zeus noting we were alone with some maids, he told me to stand and come near him, I gulped aproching the throne, Zeus was eyeing me like some delicious piece of meat making me feel funny between my legs.

Once neer him he stood up and marched around me eyeing me up and down, I felt like some marchandise being appraised. He tugged my dress past my belly botom and slapped and kneaded my ass while I blushed.

His mouth was on mine before I even saw him. he pulled me towards him and kissed me some more while he ran a hand up kneading my breast, the other was still on my rump. My mind was insisting we continue on the path we were on as I was loving the feelings that the god was sending through my body. I actually tingled at his touch. And as wrong as I knew it was, at this point it was oh so very right.

He stepped back and ordered me to take off my robe, I obliged, taking aside my shoulder straps and stepping out of my dress still dazed, offering him full view of my naked glory.

I was soon bent 90 degrees over his throne with my legs spread and drenched hairless pussy displayed in invitation to comit lustful sins. Somehow his cock was out and insistently rubbing up and down my soaking wet slit. I'm not sure how big he was, but it felt great. The more he rubbed, the more excited I got, as I was pushing back against his cock which sent sensations throughout my body.

Zeus didn't disappoint me. He slowly and deliberately slipped his cock into my pussy taking my virginity with  little pain on my part and began rutting in and out of me at a fevered pitch, telling me how narrow my hole was while I moaned. He fucked me faster and faster while reaching around to play with my clit. The sex was hit and heavy, as he used my pussy with long, hard strokes. I willingly pushed back against him, receptive to his dick and enjoying his thrusts.

A free hand of his held my midsection while the other reached around to caress my breast. He fondled me while humping in and out of my pussy.

Suddenly he accelerated. "I'm going to cum."

"Use me Zeus, cum, my king cum."

He hooked my right leg across his still clothed chest with both arms, my naked feet tickled being in contact with his beard and I marveled at how deep this new position allowed his dick inside my hole.

Zeus rocked quickly inside me, sending sensations throughout my body as he fucked me so deep.

With a final clench of my walls he spilled inside me and I trembled at the feeling of hot stuff filling me. "You are so sexy, i wanted to do this since i saw you." he said breathing heavily.

Smiling, I asked whether he spoke like this when he fucked a new conquest. He slapped my ass and started massging it making me vibrate around his dick "Yes," he admitted. "every times." He took his cock out and I straightened while he sat on the throne.

Slipping to my knees I sucked the King of the Gods . His cock freshly coated with my pussy juices and cum, taking it firmly in my hand and jerking it while licking the side and his balls taking them inside my mouth, pubic hair tickling my nose and lips. Slowly I worked the big thing, hearing his groans from above. His cock filled my mouth, and I loved the way he enjoyed rocking in and out of my mouth.

He was savoring the slow lip service, groaning as I'd hit a special place. The action got a little more intense with me using my tits to grant him a more enjoyable service with penis between my twin valley and inside my mouth with his hand fisting my hair using my head to pleasure himself. He pressed my head down and came inside my throat gagging me, I took his cock out and swallowed with some cum spilling down my breasts.

I marvelled as he was still stiff, Smirking he told me to turn around and sit on his shaft and I happily obliged.

Turning around, I slid his slick cock into my hot, wet slit while I was bent hands on the ground snaking around my calves, I was marvelling the new flexibility of this body. It filled my pussy and this time there was no stopping him with both hands on my ass, relaxing on his throne, while occasionaly slapping my rump. The guy rutted me harder and harder, enjoying my pussy from behind.

Damn, I started to cum just as he shot his stuff into my unprotected pussy. It was awesome as we enjoyed getting to a mutual climax. Hot, naughty, nasty sex. We were breathing heavily with Zeus resting back, his cock still pumping every last drop of cum inside me Getting me pregnant without me knowing at the time.

I slide off his cock, down on my hands and knees giving Zeus perfect view of my pussy dripping with cum before he took hold of my hair forcing my head back I swalling his cock once again coated with our mutual arousal in this awkward position allowing him deeper access to my throat and an enjoyable view of my tits, I was once again on all four, this time taking him in my virgin asshole while he had his legs on ether side of my waist, hands still on my hair, it felt like he was riding me like a horse. The night continued with Zeus enjoyed every hole I have, touching every part of my body and making me swear on river styx to never enjoy sex with anyone else.

From that night I became one of his personal whores.

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