The Misadventures Of Lisbeth Salander

BY : RedWasp
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It has been a month since the altercation with that pig Bjurman, I have healed and moved on from that ordeal. He has not contacted me since and won't be a problem. Blomkvist has convinced me into an open relationship where we can fuck whoever we want. He did this for himself mostly but I might as well enjoy the arrangement. I haven't told him about Bjurman, nor do I intend to. Part of that night hasn’t left my mind, no matter how much I try to avoid the subject in my mind. It's how good my shit tested on Bjurman’s cock, I don't like to admit it, but it has gotten me curious.

Since Blomkvist moved into my luxury Stockholm apartment, we have grown closer, I’ve been able to let my guard down, share more personal thoughts. It’s been a nice change, if not a difficult and foreign change. Should I bring this up with Mikael? No he’d never agree to it, but maybe he will.

I light a cigarette and sit on the window sill, staring out over the city, it’s what I do to relax. I’m in a crop top and some panties but that's it. I hear the door open and blow smoke out as I turn my head, putting out my cigarette. “Lizzy? You here?” I hear from the front door. I hate it when he calls me Lizzy, Kalle Fucking Blomkvist. I stand up and walk out to see him. “I told you not to call me that” I say as I give him a kiss, he just smirks back at me, “but you’re cute when you're angry”. I ignore him and pour us some coffee, “busy day?” I ask as I give him a coffee, he takes his jacket off and sits down, exhausted. Mikael is a 42 year old journalist, 6 feet tall, blonde, very charismatic. “That obvious huh? I shouldn't be surprised, you're the best investigator I know” Mikael says as he grabs his coffee, shaking his hand as it's hot. “Don't need to be an investigator to see how your day was” I say as I sit on the kitchen bench, looking at him smirk at my comment as he drinks his coffee.

I look down at the ground, thinking for a bit, he doesn't notice as he's just trying to unwind. I look up and push some of my hair out of my face, taking a silent deep breath. “Hey Mickey, can we try something tonight?” I say after consideration in my mind, even though it would be blunt from anyone else's perspective. My question peaks Mikaels Interest, as this kind of thing isn't normal for me. “And what is it you want to try?” He responds as he puts his coffee on the table in front of him and leans back, raising an eyebrow in anticipation. “I…… *sigh* I want to taste your shit” I say quickly just to get it out. Mikaels eyes grow wide as he almost falls backwards in the chair. We have done some kinky unorthodox things before, but never have we gone to this level. “You wan… shi?….. Really? Are you sure? This is very niche, I've never done anything like this before” He says, confused as I can tell from his eyes that he's comprehending this through his mind, trying to understand what I’m asking and why. “I haven't either, I just really want to try it, I’m curious, I…...I think I might be into this sort of shit” I say accidentally making a pun, this makes Mikael laugh, since he knows I definitely didn't do that on purpose. “Well, I mean, it’s something that's never crossed my mind before, but I don't see why we can't try it, if it’s something you want to try. It can’t hurt” He says in a friendly and open tone, it causes me to smirk with my crooked smile as I blush slightly from embarrassment, hiding my face slightly so as to not show weakness. Mickey definitely noticed the abnormal behaviour I am showing.

I finish my coffee, and Mikael finishes his, we spend 15 to 20 minutes just talking about how our days went. Mickey ranting about how the printers weren’t working and it’s why he was so stressed and exhausted, since he has a magazine that needs to come out this month. I had a nervous but excited feeling through my body, I can’t believe he agreed to do this. But then again, he is a raging sex addict, so I shouldn’t be that surprised. Mikael starts to wash up and do the dishes as I check Bjurman’s computer quickly with my spyware I installed on it, no activity still, It seems like I’m fine, and he won't be a problem. I am closing down applications and winding down my laptop when Mickey turns around and leans on the kitchen bench. “So…… when do we begin my little toilet” he says, this shocks me but at the same time, turns me on, even if he is just messing with me. I regain myself and look up at him, through my dark hair, my crooked mouth smirks slightly. “I’m ready when you are” I say as I close my laptop and stand up. We slowly walk to the bedroom as I drop my panties and take my top off on the way, showing my fit but incredibly skinny and petite body. I’m about to be a toilet for a man almost 20 years older than me and a foot taller.

We get to the bedroom and I turn around as he shuts the door, slowly undoing his shirt. “How do you want me?” I ask as he slowly strips and walks up to me. He grabs my jaw and looks me in the eyes, his dominant side coming out now. “On your knees, I need to piss” He says as I slowly get onto my knees. I look up at him “that wasn’t part of the deal” I say. “You haven’t said no yet”. He says, he knows me too well. I smirk up at him as he slowly strokes his cock and aims it at me, I open my mouth and stick my tongue out, I’ve never tasted piss before. After a couple of seconds which feel like minutes due to the anticipation, he begins to piss. The stream of liquid gold hits my forehead before he readjusts his aim and slowly brings its down to my mouth, covering my face as he does it. The salty harsh liquid slowly fills my mouth as I wipe my eyes and look up at him, he’s enjoying this a lot, I can tell. I’m rather enjoying it too, my mouth overflows and runs down my chin and onto my tits and abs, I close my mouth and take a big gulp as I swallow the mouthful of piss. The taste is unique, it’s no fine wine I’ll say that, but it does have an alluring taste to it that is hard to describe. My mouth is almost fully filled again as his stream slows down and eventually finishes. I look up at him with my soaked face and mouthful of piss, he looks incredibly turned on and satisfied, as am I. I start to gargle the piss to turn him on even more before swallowing it. “Oh you dirty girl”. He says, just the sight of that makes him rock hard.

He grabs me delicately but with purpose and pulls me to the ground on my back, my face staring up at the high ceiling of the apartment before he walks over me, standing over me. He looks down with a smile “Are you sure you want to do this? This is your last chance to change your mind” he says down to me. I look up to him, my hair damp along with my face, I think about it for a second and know that this is what I want. I shift my brown eyes up to his and smirk “Might as well get the toilet uninstalled from here” I say in a cocky voice as I giggle. He smirks as he slowly begins to squat down, his ass 6 inches from my face. I have rimmed him before, but that's entirely different to this. He grabs his cheeks and spreads his ass, showing me his hairy pink asshole. I open my mouth as he begins to slowly push, I stare at this asshole as it slowly tenses and opens, showing some brown shit. I hear his groans as he pushes, his shit slowly begins to emerge from his hole as it slowly lowers. I feel it land on my chin as it pushes, when he pushes it all out it falls upwards from my chin to my top lip. The smell instantly hits my nose, that familiar smell from Bjurman, I love it, it's intoxicating and demeaning. I stick my tongue out and lick the shit laying vertically across my mouth, Blomkvist looks down and sees this 23 year old goth girl with his shit across her face as she licks it, and his only reaction is to begin stroking his cock at the sight of it. I wrap my tongue around the shit and pull it into my mouth and begin sucking and chewing on it, taking in the smell and taste.

Mikael watches at this beautiful foreign sight with curiosity as he strokes his well endowed cock. “So? Do you enjoy this as much as me?” he asks, showing his approval and enjoyment for this sexual exploration he never thought he would have. I’m chewing and sucking and swallowing the waste that he shat into my mouth as I look up at him, and just shake my head before I swallow it before turning my head and puking the shit out onto the floor next to me. Mikael looks concerned before he sees me put my hand up to show him I’m fine. “Give me more” I say with shit all around my mouth and chin as I get into position again, ready for his shit. He squats down again but this time facing the other way, he begins to feel my tits, body and pussy as he starts to push out more shit, the first shit hitting my forehead, he readjusts and begins to shit a third log directly into my mouth this time, as he strokes his cock with one hand and rub my clit with the other, making me moan around his shit.

He’s now down with his shit, having none left in the tank. He turns around and begins to rub the shit on my forehead all over my face, painting it with his waste as I try to chew and swallow his log but its too big for my little mouth. He sees this and has an idea. He aims his cock at my mouth, and slowly begins to push it inside of my mouth, forcing the shit down my throat. I choke and gag as it slides down my neck. He starts to slowly thrust in and out, each thrust pushing my shit down my throat as he moans and enjoys using his little toilet. The shit slowly goes down as he just begins to facefuck me with his shit covered cock. I begin to rub my clit as he fucks my mouth, both of us moaning from pleasure. He starts to moan louder and harder after each thrust, “Oh lisbeth, baby….. I’m……” and before I know it, his cum is pouring and pumping down my throat, at the same time I orgasm and slightly squirt across the hardwood floor. He pulls out of my mouth and sits next to me on the floor and breathes heavily as I do the same laying next to him, covered in his shit and piss. Both of us slightly smile as we turn our heads to look at each other, ecstasy filling our faces. This one night has single handedly changed our relationship for the better.

We get up, I have a shower and clean up as he cleans up the mess on the floor. We don't say any words for the rest of the night, we don't need to, our actions spoke for us that night. After we have cleaned up and wound down, we got into bed and drifted off to sleep.


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