Morning Egg

BY : DyonicheDen
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Aegon felt like he barely had gotten any sleep at all since he felt his eyelids give up and his body shut down after last night’s long awaited ‘catch up’ session when something got him to shake out of his slumber and mumble tiredly, not yet recognizing exactly what kind of physical ministrations were being applied to his resting form. He fluttered his eyes open, unknowing of what he would find when his exhausted gaze finally decided to focus on a clear view of his environment, and he can’t say the sight surprised him despite the conflicting feelings that it spurred. 


There she was, the sister he hadn’t seen in more months than he could remember after they parted ways in Volantis until yesterday, when he had finally landed on his homeland as the returned prince of the realm. She was licking and toying with his hard as a rock manhood while scraping his inner hips and thighs up and down with her nails, staring back at his still drowsy purple eyes with her own burning ones the moment she felt them on her. Her Valyrian eyes contrasted beautifully with her darker skin and raven hair despite the peculiarity of such blend. Since Egg had memory, to him they always appeared as hypnotic pools of violet water, captivating his gaze to them like a maelstrom. Although they never were successful enough to keep him from appreciating the rest of her desirable beauty. 


He must have had something similar to the dumbfounded and dazed expression Rhaenys used to mock him about whenever she would shamelessly tease and rouse him up randomly(sometimes in less than appropriate places at court) since they were old enough to be drawn to each other in a more intimate way, because she seems genuinely amused with that stupid little smirk that only makes Aegon want to kiss it away before forcing her lips somewhere else. Oh well, she is taking care of the latter on her own just fine. “Good morning, little brother. I wondered when you would pay me the honor of acknowledging your devoted sister’s affections. It’s not proper of a crown prince to be that discourteous.” And at that last remark she dived between his legs, one delicate but firm palm holding his girth at the root while her mouth plants a steamy and wet kiss on his sack, her tongue darting out to apply a generous amount of saliva to coat the surface before the pink extension starts scrubbing his breeders with vehement strokes.


“Seven hells, Rhae. You could at least let me recover until my body has had enough sleep to allow me to move anything under my neck.” He surely was beaten after his journey across the Narrow Sea, the endless curtsies after his arrival and the subsequent handling of his form by his sex-starved and lustful big sister once she had enough of seeing him sweat in the courtyard with Visenya instead of with her. Although his voiced reluctance came out a tad unconvincing given the current position of his main hand tangled around Rhaenys’ ebon locks, pressing her head more into the humid and tarnished mess she is making of his balls instead of yanking it away.


His pull making it impossible for her dainty nose to be anywhere but cramped tightly against her brother’s stones, forcing her to inhale fully his virile and heady musk that she won’t openly admit she’s already addicted to more than pride would allow her. For a moment Aegon’s eyes close briefly, taken aback from a hearty squeeze of her hand at his cock’s midsection whilst her mouth traps one of the round soaked organs inside her warm oppressing confines. Her tongue covered the captured testicle in circular lashes before releasing it all the while nibbling on the folded skin to give its twin the same treatment. At this point, his towering shaft was pulsing under her palm, meanwhile its nose was uncontrollably spewing the rich precum already coating her fingers that were helping the substance spread all over his veiny pipe in a sluggish motion. 


“It seems the *schlurp* only thing I needed has recovered perfectly♥.” And there go the remnants of his patience.


After sitting upright with the help of his elbows, he quickly jerks at his sister’s head which severes her lovemaking with his nuts with a surprised groan from her lips. Her ample and supple chest ends settled against his own rigid one, while her midsection and mound trap his flexing erection between their bodies as he sinks his teeth hungrily on her neck flesh. He is rough and inpatient, nibbling and sucking on her skin like it’s breathing life into him but it only makes her moan and quiver as her womanhood keeps drooling arousal in anticipation to have him inside once more. Before she can word her longing more needy than she would prefer, her face is twisted and her mouth clashes against Aegon’s with his possessive hand’s hold at her nape, and it’s rapidly assaulted by his tongue in search of her own. The kiss is sloppy and raged as their tongues wrestle each other, and Rhaenys is sure her lips are going to be swollen and red as sunset before they separate for air with their respective hot breaths in the other’s face.


She closes her eyes for a moment and tries to recover her composure to no avail, because Egg is already handling her frame straight above him, his fingers steadily enclosing her waist while her slit is hovering over and coating his prick with her desire. Despite her better judgement on her current state, she cannot help herself the jesting remark, convinced her brother to be in the same plight. 


“Why, I wonder what could have made my sweet brother so wanton all of a sudden. Mayhaps is appropriate to let you continu-” Her hoarse voice dies in her throat as soon as he angles his throbbing meat with her outer lips and drags his crown until it’s awfully pressed against her puffy clit, rubbing it up and down along his glistening dick hole while his other hand has traveled up to fondle and caress her breasts.


Her own hands set on his hard abs for support. She was about to concede a weak plea out of her trembling lips as she was nearing climax that easily when in a swift motion his thick cockhead spread her sex before Aegon buried most of his rod in the welcoming hole, pushing his butt up off the bed in the effort. The sudden invasion almost knocked the air in her lungs with a silent scream, and it only took a second thrust from her brother to see her crumble and fall face first onto his collarbone, wheezing at the feeling of his tip kissing her cervix as she desperately tried to extend her legs and open up more in this position as he starts to pick up pace.


Last night she only had seen a small glimpse of this new side of her brother, but now it was unfolding in full force on her expense as his cock battered her cunt relentlessly. Her generous ass in broad display was rocking in each full hilting of his manhood within her compressing slit, the final punch always making her watering eyes shut forcefully as her nerve endings were submitted to something as intense as nothing before. Between escaped mewls and whimpers, she tries to concentrate on anything besides the foul sounds of flesh against flesh his balls are making in every lunge up and the squelching of her sopping pussy getting split open. But as soon as she finds a bit of peace to breathe deep and somehow evenly, the blasting kick of an orgasm blows her senses away and her mind is abruptly flooded by blissful whiteness. 


“E-Egg! *plap* I-I can’t...shtop *hnng* CUMMING from m-my little b-brother’s *uff* big COCK~!!! 


If the sudden constriction of her vaginal walls around the bloated intruder makes her assume Aegon is going to yield on his mating even slightly, that notion vanishes in little time when he only happens to dive himself into a more frantic nailing of his member inside the milking canal. Rhaenys feels her sounds go mute as she is delivered another blinding zenith instead of riding out her first climax, as Egg’s reddened cocktip doesn’t stop scraping that damned spot on her cunt’s roof. At this point she can do little else but sink her nails on his shoulders for a steady grip and attempt to don’t cut her tongue off as it dangles from her open mouth as he seeks for his own release, his nuts tightly hugged together in waiting. And for the first time since his frenzied assault commenced, he acknowledges her presence besides her breeding hole, clutching her slim neck in his left hand to force her face at his. Her eyes have a hard time focusing enough to see him relishing on her to be sure shameful visage as he continues to thrust into her in a calmer manner, and he tilts his head to trail his tongue up her chin to her gaping mouth, kissing her violently before pulling back to leave a couple of shared saliva strands between them.


“Egg…” Her slender hands guide themselves to his face affectionately after shedding a few blood droplets over his shoulder blades, wanting to melt on her brother’s lips before he spills inside of her but she falls to a new inflicted rapture as Aegon’s vacant hand entraps the button above her folds and begins stroking it expertly in strong circles. She bites down under her lip and frowns trying desperately to hold on his ministrations but added to his inexorable impaling as his hips don’t fail a single beat to meet her hovering body, she welcomes yet another wave of ecstasy that overtakes her. This time however, Aegon’s flexing member cannot suffer through another asphyxiating squeeze of his sister’s moist depths and her orgasm pulls his overstimulated cockflesh along with her. 


The first discharge from his swollen tip saw its end against the roof of her womb, shot with impressive force as the organ delivering it sits just past Rhaenys’ cervix supported by her brother’s stance, firmly jutting his lower body upwards til only his upper back and feet are touching the mattress whilst her numb body stays locked in a tight hug of his arms around her waist. As her brain tries to cope with the fact of Egg’s twitching shaft buried entirely inside her as it shoots its long awaited payload, she has to fastly adapt to the amount of further stimuli the countless strands of doughy and searing ballsnot being deposited inside her matrix are providing, and threatening to utterly break her mind with another sexual peak. Aegon’s acquired prowess goes beyond another abnormal barrier, the volume of his climax proving too great to be safely contained as spurts of his balmy excess fly forcefully between his manhood and Rhaenys’ puffy and well-fucked slit as his testicles keep churning and squeezing out more of it.


Before long her uterus has been rendered a squirming pool of rich cock juice, and although Rhaenys cannot be bothered by it right now there’s still a voice at the back of her head that fears and questions if there’s any amount of moon tea that could prevent what is assured to happen next if left unattended. But as of now all her mouth is capable of producing is feeble whines as Aegon’s orgasm subsides and finally it ends with him flopping his body back on the sweat ridden sheets. Letting out a long kept sigh, he huffs and chuckles as his hands start to pet and caress her shaky frame. “My dear and loved Rhae… I believe you were saying something before I interrupted you?”

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