Bluebell and Sparkle

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Aodhan and Illium made it to the tower with the storm still raging around them bare chested, both of them having lost their tees to the churning ocean.  Aodhan was the first to alight on the railing-less balcony that led to the private quarters of the seven.

          He turned to grasp Illium’s hand as the other man joined him on the balcony, a seemingly permanent grin on the blue winged angel’s face.  They pressed up against each other momentarily, the sensation causing Aodhan to raise his head to the sky.  He couldn’t wait to have Illium join him in his art studio that also doubled as his private quarters.

          His eyes caught Dmitri standing on the balcony above them gazing at them with a knowing look on his face. Since Aodhan’s return to the tower from China some six plus months ago, he’d been tight lipped about their newfound relationship with the rest of the seven, preferring to wait until Illium had returned for them to inform everyone together of their change in status.

          It wouldn’t be long now, even as Aodhan was certain Dmitri and even Raphael already suspected that something more had occurred between Aodhan and his childhood friend. 

          He saw when the leader of the seven tossed a small grin in their direction before heading back inside.  The fact that Dmitri hadn’t touched either of them minds with comment meant that he was allowing them a bit of privacy.

          Aodhan wouldn’t squander it, and squeezing Illium’s hand with his own tightly, he guided them towards his quarters.  The late hour and the storm raging outside wouldn’t have made a difference to the activity inside the tower. However, since this was the private wing of the seven, they encountered no one in the hallways.

          Aodhan quickly dragged Illium inside his studio, his lips already missing the taste of the other man’s.  Their grasp broke once inside which left Aodhan feeling a little bereft, especially when Illium moved away from him to glance around the apartment.

          Unlike the other private quarters of the seven, Aodhan’s was indeed a studio in size which meant his queen size bed was smack center in the room.  But the two large windows which also boasted railing less balconies allowed for plenty of light while Aodhan worked on his art.   In fact, there were several pieces strewn about the area, some mounted on the walls others only leaning against it.  He saw when Illium’s eyes lit up at a couple of new ones that featured the blue-winged angel.

          Illium moved to stand in front of one painting examining it closely. It depicted him taking flight from the tower balcony up close, the silver in the blue of his primaries visible. “You weren’t kidding when you talked about stocking up on all that extra ultramarine blue paint.”

          Aodhan felt they were getting a little off topic here, especially when there was something left undone between them which was long overdue.  He couldn’t imagine Illium was going to allow the passion they’d experienced over the sea to subside now because he was distracted by Aodhan’s art. “Blue, are you …”

          Illium straightened as he interrupted him, “Hungry? Yes, I’m starving.”

          Aodhan appeared nonplussed and blinked a couple of times. “Of course, you’re hungry, you just flew many miles. Let’s head to the kitchen ward and…” He found himself being interrupted again when Illium placed a cool finger against his lips.

          “Actually, I’m hungry for something a bit more than food.”  The smoldering look in Illium’s gold coin gaze seemed to consume Aodhan.

          Aodhan found himself swallowing involuntarily which caused a droplet of moisture leftover from their time in the storm to make its way further down his throat.  When Illium shot forward and licked the droplet off his bare skin, the action went straight to Aodhan’s cock.

          “I want to taste you,” Illium said in a low voice.

          Aodhan nodded, “I got that impression.”

          “Take the rest of your clothes off,” Illium demanded.

          Aodhan wasn’t one to take orders if it wasn’t coming from Raphael or Dmitri, but he quickly obeyed now. Kicking his water-logged boots off, he made short work of his belt before peeling his soaked pants and underwear off in one go.  He soon stood naked before Illium, unabashed as his best friend’s gaze devoured him.


Illium had seen Aodhan naked before, communal showers or dips in a lake had offered brief glimpses.  So, he wasn’t surprised by the sparkling silver pubic hair which cradled the other man’s sex.  However, it was the first time seeing his childhood friend so very erect, and the hard cock jutting up seeming to vie for his attention was very … different.  

Aodhan’s cock stuck out from his body like a board, all glistening with a hint of sparkles in the ridged skin.  The weeping tip seemed to wink at him, the perfect shape of the mushroom head invited touch and tongue.

          Illium wasn’t sure how long he looked his fill, but Aodhan allowed him the time, standing perfectly motionless, his wings held tightly behind him as Illium took his time observing his new lover.

He knew that words were not necessary but the time for action had come. Reaching out, Illium grasped the stiff cock in one palm.  Aodhan’s sharp inhale of breath had Illium’s gaze flicking briefly upwards to his face.  The other man didn’t appear to be in pain, but his stance was held rigid as he allowed Illium to do as he wished.

Ever so slowly, Illium began to stroke him with long fingers, using the moisture that was left on Aodhan’s cock due to the rain to ease the friction.  The fractured green and gold of Aodhan’s eyes rolled up in his head.

Illium couldn’t help his smirk. If his Adi thought that was good, well it was time to find out what he thought of this. Going to his knees before his naked companion, Illium quickly swallowed his cock down to the root.

          Aodhan was suddenly leaning against the door for support, his body stuttering slightly due to the sensations of Illium’s mouth.

Illium may have had more practice with women, having had more female lovers in the past.  However, that didn’t mean he didn’t know his way around a cock, he had one of his own after all.

He pulled all the way off, his lips leaving the tip of Aodhan’s dick with a sinful pop. He then laved his pink tongue against the spongy head, tasting a secretion from the slit that was both tangy and slightly bitter at the same time.

He enjoyed the flavor but wanted more of Aodhan’s cock, therefore, he deep throated him once more. Illium’s lips came to rest against sparkling pubes and stayed there.  Angel’s not always needing to breathe meant he had no gag reflex. This allowed the tip of Aodhan’s cock to hit the back of Illium’s throat with no problems.

He sucked gently, moving his lips and the sides of his mouth against the living fleshy steel currently stretching his mouth.  His eyes did glance upwards when he heard Aodhan cry out.

“Nnng, Blue… I can’t hold…”  Aodhan never got to finish his sentence before he was coming down Illium’s throat.

Illium swallowed, savoring the taste of Aodhan’s essence.  He continued to suck until Aodhan softened enough to fall from his lips.

Coming to his feet, Illium stepped out of his boots before beginning to unbuckle the belt Aodhan had sent him while he was still in China helping to build Archangel Suyin’s new citadel.  Once they were both naked, he gave Aodhan a lopsided grin, “If you could kiss me while I jerk off.” His hard cock was already between one hand in preparation.

          “I have a better idea.” Aodhan’s fractured gaze turned towards the queen-sized bed, the dark burgundy sheets still perfectly made.

          Illium had no issues taking it slowly, they had the rest of their very long lives after all. So, he needed to make sure this was exactly what Aodhan wanted.  He grasped his lover’s arm and looked directly into his gaze. “Is this what you really want?”

          Aodhan’s face held a slight grin before he moved to a nearby dresser and removed a small vial from within a drawer. He then handed the lubrication to Illium.  His next words left no doubt as to his intentions. “I want you inside me, Blue.”

          Ilium chuckled before grabbing Aodhan around the waist, “You don’t have to tell me twice.”

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