Debauched Westeros

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"Oh!" Joseph Baratheon moaned as he gently pushed his mother Cersei's head of golden curls down on his huge, throbbing cock.  His mother was all to happy to oblige, slurping and sucking his shaft until the pleasure was almost unbearable, even for the well-experienced, new king. 

Mother will always know best, he thought as he painted the Queen Mother's throat with spurt after spurt of thick cum. Cersei gulped for a second but swallowed all the sticky cum her son could shoot into her slutty mouth. Her gorgeous smiling face and plump, pink lips re-emerged from between Joseph's thighs. "Delicious," she moaned out with a devilish grin.

"Make yourself presentable, Mother," Joseph commanded playfully. "The Starks will expect no less."

With a pouted flourish the Queen Mother pushed her golden tits up in her scarlet dress. Joseph called this dress the cleavage dress, and Cersei's tits on display in that dress had practically brought peace to his realm.

"You won't be cold?"

Cersei smiled again. "I'm sure SOMEONE will keep me warm."

A few minutes later, the king's noble cock had hardened again, and the gates of Winterfell were visible in the distance. His heavy cloak whipped around him in the cold wind of the North. The slender yet womanly form of his younger sister Myrcella bounced up and down in the saddle in front of him.

Mother made a fit when Myrcella wanted to leave the wheelhouse, Joseph recalled. I told her she would be bundled up and kept warm. After all, she can't refuse the king's order. He felt up Myrcella's little ass, and he heard her giggle.

Even despite all the women I've fucked, my sister will always be special, Joseph realized, as Myrcella's golden tresses flew in the wind. He thought of the whorish dresses his sister had begun to indulge in, and the amount of convincing it had taken to get her to cover up for the trip north. One thing I like much better in the south is the women's attire.

The heavy wooden doors of Winterfell creaked open, and the assembled nobles of the wintry castle stood in a tight knot. Joseph recognized the Stark family immediately. Lady Stark attracted his immediate attention. The mature, yet not old redhead was gorgeous. Her sexy, curvy hourglass figure was immediately noted by the perpetually horny king.

Joseph dismounted the horse, boots stomping to the hard ground of the castle as he picked Myrcella off the saddle and placed her gently on the ground in front of him. With deliberate fingers the king reached down and groped his sister's crotch as Myrcella cutely yelped and moaned, giving the castle a show of the incest that had spread like wildfire all over the Seven Kingdoms. Her moans grew louder and louder until Joseph stopped abruptly, leaving his sister humping and whimpering.  She actually fell over and humped the cold ground until her uncle Jaime picked her up in his arms and continued the King's work, fingering his niece and daughter made from his passionate love with his sister.

He approached the smiling Starks as they bowed before Robert Baratheon's son.

"Rise. I appreciate your hospitality, Lord Stark."

"It is our pleasure, Your Grace."

Joseph turned to Lady Catelyn Stark and groped her massive boobs aggressively. Lady Catelyn smiled and let the king molest her breasts. "You are quite the beauty, Lady Catelyn. These tits are wonderful."

"Thank you, Your Grace."

"How many men in this castle have you serviced with these lips, Lady Stark?" Joseph queried while brushing a gentle finger over her soft lips. Lady Catelyn's eyes darkened with lust as she softly sucked the finger into her warm, wet mouth.

"Most of them, Your Grace." Lord Stark looked on with pride at his whore of a wife. The king gripped her fat ass firmly and led her towards her children.

"Have you taught these stunning daughters of yours how to be good, little cocksuckers?"

"Arya has some learning to do, Your Grace, to be honest, but Sansa is already a very good whore," Catelyn said with pride.

Sansa smiled seductively at the king, head bowed to appear more feminine and submissive, while Arya stared at him with indomitable pride. That will be broken easily, Joseph thought with delight. Sansa was one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen. He spanked her mother's ass. Lady Stark cooed and huddled closer to the king. A bitch for spanking, it would seem. Joseph made a mental note of what turned on the Stark-Tully redheaded milf.

"Kiss your eldest daughter, Lady Catelyn."

Lady Stark left his side and passionately kissed Sansa, mouths devouring and tongues writhing. Leaving mother and daughter to their own pleasure, Joseph turned to the Heir of Winterfell, Robb Stark. Quite a handsome young man, he thought. I wonder how tight his ass is. Robb had a starstruck look on his face as if Joseph was his god. Many young men had met him with the same. They had been provided with all the opportunity to satisfy their cocks thanks to the king. Why wouldn't they revere me? Joseph reconciled.

"You are very handsome, Lord Robb." The king felt the heir's cock swell under his hand as Robb stammered, searching for words to overwrite the pleasure flowing from the king's hand to his large cock. "Shh," the king reassured gently as he pecked Robb's lips with a gentle, loving kiss. "No need to say anything."

The king turned to the younger boys, Bran and Rickon, ignoring Arya as she fumed from lack of attention to her little preteen body in a tiny, slutty dress. "You two boys are going to have huge cocks when you grow up, I know it." He smiled as the two pre-teen boys lit up, and their little bulges in their pants grew.

"Thank you, Your Grace," Bran gasped out, stroking his little cock.

He picked up the six-year-old Rickon in his arms and groped his developing ass, giving it a spank.

"What a good boy," he whispered in the young boy's ear, winking at Bran.

Finally, he turned to little Arya, eyes defiant, and body shivering in the cold, as the short little dress offered little protection. Joseph slapped her hard, and Arya yelped, cheek red and no doubt stinging.

"You useless little bitch," the King said angrily. He grabbed her naked pussy and yanked her forward. Taking his massive cock out to gasps from the crowd, he picked up the squirming girl and drove into her tight cunt. Arya screamed as he raped her, each pump an addicting pleasure. Eventually, he came into her womb, and dropped the little girl, who sobbed and cried as his cum leaked out of her pussy onto the ground. Joseph grabbed her by the hair and covered her mouth, pinching her nose. Muffled screams were voiced, as Arya tried to breathe, before falling unconscious to the ground, cum still dripping out of her raped cunt. The King bent down and kissed her little lips. "You'll be a good whore yet."

With all attended to, the king turned to Lord Stark.  "I am ready to get out of this cold, Lord Stark."

The Warden of the North bowed and led the group inside the heated walls of Winterfell. The King picked up the raped little girl, slinging her over his shoulder, and followed. Now we come to the real reason for my visit, he thought with a long look at the gorgeous, red-haired girl beside him.

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