Domination Road

BY : LadyDragonseeker
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A/N: Extreme rough draft, posted for enjoyment written just to get it out of my head. I will edit it when it's finished, then repost it.


“What the fuck is she doing here?!” Plank demanded as woman walked into the clubhouse. She held her head high with pride, she walked with purpose as if she owned the world. As if she belonged in their clubhouse, Plank had no doubt that confidence is why prospects let her walk right in. He half hoped they hadn’t but knew they’d be lying on the ground outside. 

“Who is she?” Pierce asked, moving slightly as the woman approached. He didn’t like hurting women but he wasn’t going to let his president get killed on his watch either. 

“Her name is Tina Harris, road name Viper. Her grandfather was Eli Harris, road name Cobra.” Plank said with a little snear, Pierce knew what that tone meant, and he recognized the name Cobra. The old man had been president of this chapter back in the day, he was considered deadly but fair. His two sons rode with him Copperhead and Cottonmouth, his brother-in-law was his VP, a man by the name of Scorpion. There was no rule against women being in the club or patched members explicitly but it wasn’t exactly done by most clubs. Least if all one like the Diamondbacks, Pierce didn’t see any patches on her jacket. He did however notice that the club members seemed to step out of her way. He couldn’t help think of how Alena moved like water, never letting anyone touch her, not even him, unless she allowed it. 

“President Plank, I’m Viper.” She said Pierce blinked once, in just the brief moment he let his mind think of her he’d lost several precious moments that could have cost Plank his life. He had to get his head in the game. 

“I know who you are, you’re not part of this club. As I recall your grandfather made it clear none of his family would ware our colors again.” Plank said dismissfully, and Pierce knew Cobra’s leaving had been hard on the chapter. Viper was a woman with all the right curves in all the right places, Pierce estimated her weight to be around 220. Her skin tight jeans hugged her hips perfectly, they were the kind of hips that a man could grab onto and fuck all night. She wore no cut but the front of jacket said Viper in blood red.  

“Quite right, as I recall you were a prospect then. You’ve done well, congratulations, but please allow me to explain why I’ve come to you. There is a run coming up, I would request to be allowed to tail this chapter.” 

“Why?” He asked wanting to know Viper’s angle. Strictly speaking no Cobra was still founder of not only this chapter but the Diamondbacks as a whole. Still he’d left them, now for her to be here, and now of all times, he didn’t like it. 

“Respect. I know Cobra built this chapter out of nothing, and I know it damn near destroyed it and him when he left and took us with him. Which for the record he didn’t want to do.” She said politely, to Pierce it was like silk over venom. There was a lot of history she wasn’t talking about but she was telling Plank she knew more then she said. It was bait, a luare to tempt Plank with, and the fool took the bait hook line and sinker. 

“He was forced out?” Plank asked casually. 

“Pulled out, but as I said. I’m here to get permission to tail you. I have no desire to open up old wounds but I have my own reason for wanting to go on this run. None of it is business of any club.”

“Tell ya what, go down to Casper, by Sea Haven. There is a little club there. If they’ll let you, you have my permission to ride with them.” Plank said with a little smirk. Pierce frowned unsure what his president was playing at. Viper nodded and turned to walk out, Plank motioned Pierce to follow her. He nodded and escorted her out to her bike which was parked a little distance away from the club bikes but close enough no one could readily fuck with it without someone seeing. 

“I don’t need and escort, I’m leaving.” 

“I know, but you need to understand. The club he’s sending to, they don’t screw around.”

“You’re telling me this because….?”

“Don’t be surprised if they tell you no.” 

“I’ve been told no all my life, nothing I haven’t ignored before. Just ask Cobra.” She smirked and grabbed her helmet putting it on before she swung her leg over and kicked her bike to life. She nodded once to Pierce and took off into the night, he couldn’t help the respect for her developing. The woman reminded him of some of the old saying “forged in the fires of hell” he had no doubts he would be seeing her again. Plank was an idiot to think they’d turn her away. 

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