Protecting Humans for the Unruly

BY : Cleo_Calliope
Category: G through L > Guild Codex Series
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◆ 1 ◆

The sun sinks toward the horizon, warmth already beginning to fade. Another night will soon begin. Another hunt, where I am both predator and prey.

I take all the warmth I can from the fading light. All the magic I can absorb into myself for the long, dangerous night ahead.

Maybe this would be the night the hunters caught me. Or maybe not. Maybe it will be my claws that find them, and I will live to see the dawn.

Moving silently through the rocks and Ahlēvīsh, I make my way further into the bolder fields. The higher ground will make a better place to keep watch from, the hidden crevices between towering rock and crystal better places to fight. The tight spaces favoring the smaller, lither demon.

My hunt will soon begin, even as the three Dh'irath who have been tracking me will begin their own. I rest my hand on the smooth surface of a towering crystal, still warm from the baking heat of the day.

A tingling, a feeling moving through my body. I stop. What is this?

Then the world begins to dissolve around me. Kish lēvh, My body becomes spirit. I do not understand. I have not chosen to go into the Ahlēvīsh.

The world fades around me until it is gone.


Then space, my body beginning to take form again. I can feel that there are others near. The smell of vīsh I do not recognize.

I pull all the light and heat toward myself, readying for a fight. I call the shadows to confuse the hunters. It will give me barely a second, but even that small amount of time can mean the difference between life and death.

Spells begin to form, red light crawling up my arms even as my body becomes solid once more.

Words. Someone speaking but I do not understand.

Two forms. Two shapes of heat. Not demon. Their scent is foreign, strange.

I leap from a crouch — claws extended, calling my talons, to cut down these creatures.

I hit a barrier. Am flung back. Vīsh.

I try to stand. My head hits another barrier.  More vīsh.


I crouch. Waiting.

Cold. It flows through me, sinking into me. I snarl, try to cast it out, but it is already inside me. The alien vīsh sinks deep before the cold fades. I am dizzy, but for only a moment. It passes quickly.

"Do you understand me now, demon?"

A male voice. I breathe in the scents of the room. It is all foreign to me.

No. No, this cannot be.

I am Vh'alyir. We are never summoned. The other houses are wiping mine out of existence for that reason, because we alone are safe from the hh'ainun.

"I've never seen one of them make the whole circle dark like that before," one of the two males says.

"It must be powerful," is the answer, full of excited greed.

'It' this creature calls me. I hold still, waiting. I know what will happen, know what they want.

I know what these males must be.

Hh'ainun. Human.




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