Jake's Good Night

BY : M.Smith
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Disclaimer: I make no money from this story. I do not own the characters or anything related to Animorphs. They belong to K. A. Applegate, ‎Michael Grant

Hi, my name is Jake. But you know all about it by now. You know about our war with the Yeerks, how they took my older brother and how me and my friends are the only line of defense. It’s been almost three years since Prince Elfangor showed up and gave us the ability to transform, to Morph, into any animal we could touch.

But tonight was a special night, tonight I couldn’t be the leader of the Animorphs, I couldn’t make the tough life and death decisions I make everyday. Tonight, I was grounded. I haven’t been sleeping well and I mouthed off at dinner, not something I normally do but- I just need a good night sleep. I was sitting on my bed listening to some music when I heard the familar voice in my head <Hey>. I looked out the window to see a small Barn Owl perched on the window outside. 

“Come on in, Cassie.” I offered. I figured someone would come and visit but I guess I thought it would be Tobias.

Cassie fluttered her little owl wings and flew into my window. <So, this is kinda embarrassing, but I didn’t have time to get my morphing gear on, can I borrow something?>

“Sure.” I responded. I went to my drawer and pulled out some black sweatpants and an old REM T-Shirt. I turned my back to give her some privacy, but my eyes caught the full-sized mirror against my wall. It wasn’t much but it was more than I’ve ever seen of her before, her caramel skin becoming clearer as the owl parts began to fade away. My hands trembled a little as she pivoted on her feet, a quick flash of pebbles on her perfect little breasts. I had never seen breasts in person before. Marco has tried to convince me to use my Peregrine Falcon eyes to look down women’s shirts on the street but that seemed a little shady and perverted for my liking.

                I tried to avert my eyes. I had already seen more than I should have, less than I would like to but I wanted to be respectful. “Okay”, she said back in her human form. I turned to look at her. My girlfriend, I guess you’d call her that, we’d only really kissed a couple of times but, yeah, she was my girlfriend, she stood there, wearing my shirt that was clearly too big for her and some sweatpants she had to tie tight. God, she looked so gorgeous in my clothes. “You okay?” She asked, I guess I’d been staring as she blushed a little when she asked.

                “Yeah, I’m just tired”. I answered. She walked over and grabbed my hand, leading me to my own bed. We both lay down, spooning, both of us facing my window, my right arm wrapped around her, my left under her head and my pillow. She held my right hand in hers, no words were needed but I knew she was comfortable. This was the type of relaxation I hadn’t felt in a very long time.

                My hand found it’s way under her shirt and onto the soft silky feeling of her belly. I could feel her breathing and tried to match my breath to hers. I stroked her belly, feeling her belly button on the palm of my hand. But my hand wandered Northwards, she didn’t stop me as I got close and began to feel a little bump, the clear underside of her breast. My heart began to pound faster and faster but she kept her breathing calm, I tried to slow my breath to match hers again. She didn’t stop me as my hand continued up, cupping her full breast in my hand, feeling the unquestionable feeling of her nipple on my palm. I started getting hard, I was trying to resist the whole time I thought about it but now that I was groping her, I couldn’t control it anymore and it got as hard as it could, it almost hurt. I knew Cassie could feel it in her back, but she didn’t say anything. Either she didn’t know what it was or she did and she enjoyed it, because I kept massaging her breast and my hard on kept pressing into her back.

                Cassie moaned a little as I squeezed, feeling her perfect tit in my hand. I began to tremble with excitement. I had never done this before and to do it with someone I cared so much about, someone who meant so much to me. I slid my hand across, feeling the other breast, trying to put in as much time with each one so as not to, I don’t know, make one side jealous. Not sure what to do next I pinched her nipple and pulled every so gently, getting out another soft moan from Cassie.

                “Is this okay?” I asked, nervous I had crossed a line. She didn’t say a word but nodded and pushed my hand back onto her tit, signalling to keep going. She turned her head, it was an awkward position but we managed to get our lips together and kiss. After what felt like five minutes of making out and me exploring her tits, she took my hand and began to slide it back down to her belly. “Did I-?” I started, worried I did something wrong. Again, she didn’t answer but I felt her hands untie the sweatpants. She took my right hand again and slid it down her belly towards the waistband. I wasn’t sure what to do, I’ve never done anything like this before, but I was so hard and so into it, I kept going.

                I could feel the tickle of her pubic hair on my hand, trying not to let my mind wander as my hand had. She put her head back on the pillow as I began to feel the warmth of her slit. I found a spot that made her moan and kept flicking my finger back and forth.

                “Oh God, Jake. Don’t stop” She finally said. I kept flicking what I could only guess was her clit as her moans got louder and more frequent. I decided to try something new and slid one finger inside her pussy. “Oh yes.” She said as I bent my finger inside her and flicked my finger over and over, she was so wet, I didn’t think it was possible, but my cock got harder than it has ever been before.

                I leaned up a little to get into a better position, finally freeing my left hand from under her head, and I kept going, thrusting my finger in and out, in and out until she seemed she couldn’t take anymore. I shifted my body again, this time between her legs and pulled her pants down, revealing for the first time ever, her beautiful patch of black hair and a small pink wet vagina. I looked up at her and she smiled, clearly not wanting me to stop. As I pulled the pants down her legs, I kissed her skin as I went. Down one side until she was fully exposed and up the other, my lips finally reaching her inner thigh. I used my tongue to try and find the same spot I used with my finger and began to lick, flicking my tongue as I went. As I kept working her G-spot with my tongue, I inserted my finger back into her pussy. Her heartbeat got faster and faster.

                With my free hand I reached up, desperate to touch those perfect tits again. She lifted the shirt off her head, allowing for easier access. I toyed with her nipple with one hand, my other pounding a finger into her wetness as my tongue did a workout sucking on her clit.

                I took a break, trying to catch my breath and stop my hand from cramping. I slid up on my knees and looked down. Finally taking in the full image of my girlfriend, naked on my bed. Her perfect dark nipples were hard, her pussy was so wet, and her face was in a state of pure joy. “what’s wrong?” She asked.

                “Nothing.” I answered, a big smile on my face. “Nothing at all”.

                “Okay.” She said before adjusting herself up to my level and leaning in for a kiss. Her hand slid down and began to rub my cock through my jeans. She used both hands to unbutton my pants, as she slid her hand down, under the elastic of my boxers. I had been anticipating this moment since I first realized I liked her. I felt her hands grip my shaft, she used her thumb to stroke my head. God, I could have cum right there.

                I shifted my weight and slid my pants and boxers down, revealing myself to her. Her eyes lit up just quick enough for me to catch. I don’t know if I’m big or small or, whatever size I am, it seemed to impress Cassie and that was more than I could dream of.

                After a minute of her stroking my hard cock, she leaned in and kissed my chest.  Trailing kisses down my body she placed a few kisses on my member before opening her mouth and taking me in. Her mouth was so warm and soft, she used her tongue like I had and flicked and twisted as she sucked me in and out of her mouth, using her hands on the part of me that couldn’t fit.

                “Oh, Cassie.” I said, I couldn’t think, I couldn’t see straight, this felt so good, nothing in the world, not even flying as a bird could compare to the sensation I was experiencing. “I’m gonna… I’m gonna…“

                She stopped. “Not yet.” She said. She pushed me backwards, my head nearly hitting the foot of my bed. She used her hands and pulled my jeans and boxers off all the way. As she did, I sat up just enough to take off my shirt. She lay down with her head next to mine, both of us naked, simply feeling the heat of each other’s bodies.

                “Okay.” She said, finally breaking the silence.

                “Okay?” I asked back, not sure what she meant. But she looked in my eyes and repeated. Finally, I think I understood. “Okay.” I repeated. She turned around and lay back at the head of my bed, her head resting on my pillow. She spread her legs ever slightly, using her body to add to her words, she was ready.

                I climbed on top and aimed myself at her welcoming pussy and slowly put it in. She bit her lower lip and moaned ever slightly. Her face winced. “You okay?” I asked. Again, she didn’t answer but pulled me closer to her, indicating for me to go a little deeper. She was so tight, I had never felt anything like it. It just felt so right, like nothing else in the world was meant to be except for this feeling.

                I pulled out and put it back in, wanting to recapture that first tight feeling, but this time it was different, I felt myself deeper in her and could feel her body shiver with pain and pleasure at the same time. “Oh, God” she whispered as I tried again. I pulled my cock out and slowly pushed it back in, again and again. Each time I felt her open slightly more, allowing me to get deeper and deeper inside of her.

                She clawed at my back, leaving scratches. I didn’t care, the pain felt so good. I leaned back, getting more onto my knees and a better view of her perfect body. As I thrust in and out, her body bounced up and down on my bed, but her breasts stayed in the same place. I reached out and grabbed her tit as I pushed, harder this time to get through the final break into her deep pussy. The sound she made, the moan and gasp at the same time, the tight feeling of her hole as I slid deeper. I wanted her to be as loud as possible. I wanted her to scream and call out my name with her full voice, but I didn’t want to be too loud. I wanted it to be quiet and intimate. “Cassie, I…” She placed a hand on my mouth, shushing me. She slid her hand down my body, scratching my chest as she had done to my back.

                “Slow.” She instructed. But I didn’t want to go slow, I wanted to pound her faster and faster, harder and deeper. I wanted to push my cock as far as it would go. I wanted this to last forever and still wanted to cum soon. I didn’t know what I wanted, but I knew I wanted to be in this moment. “Stop.” She whispered. “Stop”. I stopped. I don’t know why she wanted me to stop. I was so close. I could have cum multiple times already tonight but she kept stopping me when I was close. She softly pushed my off. What did I do wrong? Was I bad at this? Did it hurt too much?

                She pushed my left shoulder, turning me onto my back. She climbed on top this time. Sliding her tight pussy onto my cock, the warmth and wetness feeling fresh after only a second of stopping. I used my hips to try again but she held up a finger. “My turn”, she said. She stretched up as she slid the last of the way down onto me. As I slid the rest of the way into her, her hands moved along my body. She began to slide up and down. I could feel my cock sliding in and out, in and out as her rhythm began to get faster and faster. Her perfect tits bouncing and slapping against her body as she went.  I reached up with both hands and squeezed as hard as I could, feeling her nipples in my palms. I released my fingers and just used my palms to massage her nipples, causing her to let out another moan of excitement. She took my hand and slid it down her body, down past her belly, past the patch of pubic hair and down to her slit. Once again I found a spot where she seemed to react well and began to move my finger.

                “Oh yes. Don’t stop. Right there.” She said as I used both my fingers and my cock to pleasure her. She sped up her rhythm again, up and down, faster and faster. As she sped up, so did my finger on her clit.

                “I’m gonna…” I started again, “I’m gonna…”

                “Don’t” She ordered again.

                I gently moved her off, just like she had done to me, pulling my cock out of her, and flipping our positions. My ecstasy was too much, I couldn’t wait anymore. She had kept me from cumming and I couldn’t keep it in anymore. I put her on her back, just in time as I finished, my hot cum spilling onto her tits. She squeezed her own tits together, letting my cum into her perfect cleavage.

                I collapsed onto the bed next to her. She leaned over and gave me a big kiss.

                “That was…” I couldn’t find the words. Perfect? Amazing? Special? Nothing felt right.

                “I love you, Jake.” She whispered into my ear. “You don’t have to say it back but I wanted you to know I…”

                “I love you too” I said, interrupting her. We kissed again before resting our heads on my pillow. I had never felt peace like that before, never felt comfort or calmness like this before.

                I looked over at her, catching a glimps of my clock on the wall, it was just past 8pm. I closed my eyes, taking in the moment.

                When I opened my eyes again, Cassie was gone. The clock read “4:12am”. I must have fallen asleep.

                “Hey.” I heard softly behind me. I turned over to my window where Cassie was standing, back in my sweatpants and REM t-shirt.

                “Hey.” I responded.

                “Get some sleep.” She said. “My mom will be waking me soon to work in the clinic. You okay?”

                I nodded and watched as she morphed back into her barn owl, she flew out of my window and I smiled, falling back asleep.

                The best night I ever had.


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