Halo: Loving an Elite

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Disclaimer: I do NOT own Halo! Nor am I making any money from it! everything in the story is a work of fiction. Any events that resemble anything in real life is coincidence!

It had been a day since we landed on this place! We have come to call it Halo! I’ve led troops across this ring fighting the Covenant! But without contact with Captain Keyes or the Master Chief, We’ve been sort of stranded and left with occasional assaults. And each one taking out more of us, until all that remained were a small few.

Our luck had unfortunately run out however. My troops and I were unfortunately pinned down. But strangely, not killed. No… They needed us. I’m somewhat trained in the Covenant Language, and from what I made out. They need us for something in their religion. Definitely a change from the genocide on sight I’ve come to know from them. But this gives me the time to think up an escape or even find a way to take them down.

Of course. I’m thinking about this as an Elite has it’s grip on my arm dragging me to a cell aboard their ship. Which I’m promptly thrown into that cell with a barrier put up behind me. The Elites leave us alone. With me is one of my men. The rest of them are in other cells.


“Corporal Elbert” He says. I glance over at him and walk next to where he’s sitting to join him.

“If you’re gonna ask if I have a plan. I regret to inform, that I don’t. Not yet anyway.” I look over at him and shrug.

He sighs. “How are we gonna get out of here anyway?”


I look at him, Hoping to spread some optimism. “Well, perhaps these ones aren’t as good. Our best bet would be to flee on banshees. When their back is turned.” The Marine looked at me unconvinced. “Or we could always kill them all and then flee?”


He finally seems to calm down. “Well, we can hope for that.


Within the quiet cell, I can do nothing more then think. My cell mate breaks the silence.


“Is that, Elite Armor on your left arm?” I open my eyes and peek over at his line of sight. I glance down at my arm. My left wrist has wrapping around it. But. I’ll admit this. Yes it was. I normally hid it under the wrapping.


“Why do you figure?” I toss him a raised eyebrow.


“It’s shaped weird and wrapped up. Unlike your right wrist. How’d you get it?”


I shrug. “I made a friend once. Well. More the uneasy truce of an Elite. We were ideologically different but. Within a situation we found ourselves in. We found peace. I was given this as a sort of memento. And I gave him my old dog tags.”


“Wait. An Elite was nice?” I glance over at him again. “They can be.”


The Marine seems amazed by this. Gawking at my wrist. I unwrap it for him to see. It was Blue in color. The wrist of that of an Elite Minor. “This was back in my younger days. When I was a tiny marine like you.”


“And… You and this Elite just. Parted ways with no fighting? What situation did you even find yourself in?” I look at him hesitantly.


The last time I told someone about it… They betrayed my trust and I got in big trouble. I’m lucky I’m where I am now. “I prefer not to talk about it.” It was personal anyway.


“Oh. Okay then.” I watch him as he seemed to want to say something more. But the Cell barrier opened and Elites marched in holding us at gun point.


We get up as they approach. “Come!” one of them yells. We follow. As we walk. I overhear one of the Elites whispering. About the Minor wrist on my arm. I didn’t cover it back up. This’ll be fun…


“Where did you get that!” I think of what to say quickly.


“Call it a one on one victory.” I spoke their language. They seemed surprised and one even barred it’s teeth at me especially. They mumble some more. They seemed to have chosen another covenant language to speak in that I didn’t recognize. Probably could have not shown off here.


“Separate him from the others.” I glare at them as they walk me away from the other marines.


Eventually we pass through a hangar of sorts. And seemingly met up with a Major and Ultra. With Red and then White Armor Respectively. I Give them a Taunting smile as I approach which doesn’t give me a good look from them. But I’m not gonna be intimidated. I’ve seen a Sangheili up close and personal after all.


“Why would you bother me with this human!” Spouts the Major. He seems to be the one in charge. I can almost feel The Ultra staring at me menacingly under it’s helmet meanwhile.


“He has something that belongs to us.” The Elite Minor grips my arm and pulls it up. The Major and Elite get a good long look at it. The Major seemingly shoots a glance at the Ultra before glaring his eyes at me. “So you think you can trophy around that?”


I shrug. “I usually cover it up. So no.” I smile once more. But I see the line and stop quickly as the Major walks towards my back side. Leaving only the Ultra in front of me.


“If you weren’t useful to us, I’d kill you!” I feel like leaving a quip back but I’ve pushed my luck.


My eyes settle on the Ultra. But then I notice a chain around the Ultra’s neck. Human in design. I try to bury my quip but I couldn’t hold it. “You criticize me for having something of yours when your very own Ultra is doing it to us too.”


The Major shoves me to the ground and laughs. “Real Irony there Human Colonel. He was actually the formal owner of that Sangheili Armor you have.” I spawn about my face a confused look. Looking behind me to see if the Major was serious. He was. I looked forwards and smiles at the Ultra.


His hand was shaking very slightly.


What I could only call an unexpected reunion. Of seeing the very Elite I got this wrist from. Was now my key weakness in this hostage situation I was in.


“I’d say congrats on the promotion but I really can’t stay.” I jump upwards and Drive my whole weight towards the Ultra. Falling us both to the floor, And with quick hands, I used his Plasma Rifle to burn my restraints off. I grab the Rifle and Fire upon the Major and other Elites.


With them distracted, I run for the hills. First to follow the other Marines. But before I could follow where they went. The door locked in front of me. Closing shut. I grumble to myself and Run to cover behind a Banshee nearby.


Cover which was thrown from behind me by the Major. I spam my shots at him as I back into the Ultra which tries to restrain me again. “Too chicken to say hi?” The remark did the trick and he loosened his grip to let go of me. I shoved him back and dove out of the way of the Majors shots.


“Ultra! Focus!” The Ultra only nodded and charged at me. I Step out of the way and then push him down. He fell hard. I tried to run again but he grabbed my leg. I tried scooting back but the Ultra was literally on top of me. I grab the Plasma Rifle and shoot it at him and crawled away more.


I quickly get up and try running however the barrier between the hanger and outside quickly stopped me. Escape is useless if I fall to my death. The Ultra gets up and jumps at me. I quickly move out of the way but as I try to run again. He grabs me again. And with his force, We managed to tumble out of the barrier.


But before I could fall, I found he managed to grab on. I smile slightly until he looked down at me… My smile immediately faded. The hand holding me was quivering. Causing me to slip. I hold onto him as to not fall. The major came into view. I Figure this is the part where I’m served to my demise.


But then… The Major stomps on the Ultra’s hand causing him to loose grip. Causing us to both fall down to the ring below.


I look below to find a small lake. This was good! I try to aim towards it, but there were too many trees in the way! Damn jungle! I quickly hit a branch, followed by another and another. And eventually. Thrown down into the water.


I quickly swim up to try and get bearings only for the Ultra to land right next to me causing the water to ripple majorly, dragging me back under. I tried to swim back up but the Ultra grabbed my leg on the way to the bottom. He was sinking, and he was taking me with him!


I kick at his hand to let my foot go which worked and I once again surfaced. Land wasn’t too far so I began swimming.


Not long after. I noticed the Ultra didn’t surface either. I glance around. All I saw were bubbles rising… They were chaotic. Was he… stuck? I reluctantly dive back down to see the Elite trying to get up, but his armor was too heavy.

Against my better judgment. I dove back down and helped release his harness, Helmet, and then his boots. Giving him enough lightness to be able to swim. But he soon slowed down with less bubbles from his mouth.


Sangheili’s mouths don’t exactly close like mine does. I quickly dove under him and using myself as a crutch, we managed to swim out of the water and onto the shore. He chocked up water as I took deep breaths.


I layed on my back and watched the Covenant carrier fly away. I feel sick to my stomach that I couldn’t rescue the Marines. I Glance over at the Ultra. Indeed. I had met him before. He was still wearing my old dog tags even.

“Lar ‘Lasem.” I called out his name. He finished catching his breath and narrowed his eyes at me.


He sat up and looked around for his gear… all the heavy stuff was still in the water. He then turned his attention back at me. “Don’t say my name! You don’t dare speak my name when you got me thrown from my own ship!”


I furrow my eyebrows at him. “I wasn’t the one who stomped your hand and caused you to fall.” He was about to say more then paused. Looking up at the long since pasted Carrier. “Curse them.” I get up and offer my hand to him since he was still sitting. He declined my hand and got up himself.

“I see your still wearing my dog tags.” He looks down at them.


“And you’re still wearing my Old Armor Wrist.”


I smile. “It has it’s perks. What about you?” He doesn’t answer, and begins walking off.


“Come on Lar. I don’t think we should split up dude!”


He turns around at me and motions me to stop talking. “Don’t call me whatever a ‘dude’ is! And just because we fucked once doesn’t mean we’re friends Tom!”

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