The First Adam

BY : GeorgeGlass
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to real persons or events is purely coincidental.

The First Adam

by George Glass

Summary: The story of how a lusty, power-mad Adam screwed up God's first iteration of the world.

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Chapter 1: Lioness

In the beginning, God spent five days creating the heavens and the Earth, and populating the Earth with a diverse multitude of creatures. Then, on the sixth day, God created the first man, Adam, and gave unto him as his wife the first woman, Eve.

Satisfied, God placed Adam in charge of naming all the creatures of the Earth and gave him dominion over them. Then God turned His attention to the rest of his creation, letting Adam run the Earth according to his God-given free will.

This did not go well.


It was a sunny day in the Garden of Eden. These were the early days, before the many kinds of animals spread out all over the Earth; back then, they all could be found in the Garden, from panthers to penguins.

Adam was out and about, roving around Eden as he often did. He was naked as always, God having given him no reason to be ashamed of his body. God had, in fact, made Adam tall, muscular, and quite well hung, with the expectation that these characteristics would help him to be fruitful and multiply. Which was very much what Adam had in mind today, albeit not in the way that God had intended.

He walked out onto a beautiful plain of tall, tan-colored grass. Near a patch of trees that marked the plain’s watering hole, Lion and Lioness lay in the grass. Adam approached them.

“Hello, Lioness,” he said, seemingly ignoring Lion entirely. “Your golden fur looks lovely in the light of the sun.”

Lioness heard a suggestive tone in Adam’s voice. She had not seen Adam since the day he named her and Lion, but some rather strange rumors had been going around Eden about what Adam had been doing since God turned His attention elsewhere. Could they possibly be true?

“Thank you, Lord Adam,” Lioness said cautiously.

The rumors about Adam were instantly confirmed, for the next thing he said was, “Come and position yourself before me, Lioness. I wish to get you with child.”

Upon hearing this, Lion grew angry. “To mate with her is my task and my privilege, human!”

For the first time since his arrival, Adam looked at Lion.

“Tasks and privileges can be given,” he said, “and they can be taken away. My task is to name all the creatures of the Earth. Is it possible that I chose the wrong name for you? Perhaps I should give you a different one. I believe ‘Rat’ is still available.”

Lion was no fool. He knew that he could not stop Adam from renaming him. And while Lion might be powerless to protect his mate against this human, Adam’s renaming could render Lion powerless to protect her from anything else, ever again.

So Lion backed away, lowering his maned head.

“A wise choice,” Adam said.

Adam approached Lioness and put his hand on her head, stroking her behind the ears like a pet. Then he slowly ran his hand down her neck and shoulder and then down her flank, feeling the softness of her fur. His hand reached her underside and then moved slowly rearward, his fingers fondling her rows of nipples, one after another.

Lioness loosed an unwilling sigh. She did not wish to show pleasure, to feel pleasure, at being touched so intimately by a human man. But Lion could not touch her this way, and it felt so very good, even though Lioness knew she should hate it.

Adam stroked Lioness’ nipples for several moments, watching her face and body subtly twitch and writhe as she tried in vain to conceal her responses to the unwanted by nonetheless erotic stimulation. Then Adam moved his hand back between Lioness’ hind legs to cup her sex, holding it as though it were an object he owned—as though she were an object he owned.

“Mmm,” he said. “Like a ripe fruit, ready to be enjoyed.”

He moved close behind her, and she felt his hard human member touch her in that intimate place.

Adam was more than pleased. He had been lusting after Lioness since the day he named her, and now, he would learn how her feline cunt felt around his long human cock. As a bonus, he would have the pleasure of showing Lion his place.

Glancing back at Lion, Adam said, “You may watch, if you wish.”

Despite everything, Lioness’ pink pussy was wet and open. Adam smiled.

“Your feline body wants me inside you, even if your mind does not.”

“No,” Lioness said, but it was scarcely even a whisper. “No, I…I do not…I- Aaaaah!”

Adam had just pushed the first few inches of his thick member into her cunt. And now, slowly, he forced in more, and more.

“It feels good, doesn’t it?” Adam said, knowing the answer. “My cock is longer and thicker than Lion’s, and it has no barbs with which to hurt you. Now, you can experience penetration as God intended: deep, and fulfilling.”

Lioness said nothing, but she made an involuntary whimper of pleasure as Adam’s cock touched her deepest place—something Lion’s member had never done.

Adam pulled out slowly, then pushed in again just as slowly. Against her will, Lioness sighed, “Ahhhh…”

“Yes,” Adam breathed. “I will show you what it truly is to be bred.”

He pumped her slowly and steadily, enjoying the tightness of her channel around his length. He knew he was getting deeper inside her than Lion could; no doubt, the so-called King of Beasts had never felt Lioness’ cervix kiss his cockhead as it now kissed Adam’s on every slow, deep thrust.

Even though Lioness was holding still and contributing nothing to the act, she couldn’t help but begin to pant. She felt shame at being so aroused by this human who had forced himself on her, and even more shame when she realized that part of her excitement came from knowing that Lion was watching. And that he would still be watching the moment when Adam impregnated her. Almost against her will, she imagined the moment when Adam’s fertile seed would rush into her body, into her womb, and start a litter of half-human cubs growing inside her.

“Ahhhhh,” she moaned, louder this time, even as she tried and failed to keep the sound from escaping her lips.

“Yes,” Adam murmured, starting to fuck her faster. “That’s a good little kitty…You were born to be bred…and not just by that house pet that passes for your mate…”

Lioness wished that Adam’s words had angered her. She should be feeling righteously indignant at being verbally demeaned by this human even as he forced himself on her. Instead, she found herself beginning to push her hindquarters against his fur-less hips in time with his thrusts, helping him fuck her.

God help me, she thought, even though she was certain God wasn’t listening, I want him to breed me. I want him to put his cubs inside me. And I want Lion to watch it happen. If I am going to suffer the humiliation of being impregnated by a human, Lion should have to suffer the humiliation of knowing that he wasn’t strong enough or brave enough to stop it.

“That’s right, little pussy,” Adam breathed. “You love getting fucked when it’s a real cock inside you, don’t you?” He emphasized the word “real’’ with a balls-deep thrust that made Lioness gasp.

“Now,” he continued, “let’s make some cubs.”

He started fucking her at full speed, and Lioness moaned loudly—not only because Adam’s human cock felt so good as it plunged deep inside her again and again, but because her urge to mate had become overwhelming. Her very womb seemed to ache with need for Adam’s seed, desperate to be filled, to be fertilized, to begin gestating the offspring of this superior being who ruled over all the animals.

Lioness’ arousal rose like the tide and completely submerged her shame. Now, she felt no more need to suppress or conceal it.

“Fuck me, Master!” she cried, vigorously pumping her tan-furred ass back against Adam’s hairless hips. “Fuck me hard and deep! Fill my womb with your seed!”

Adam pounded Lioness’ pussy hard, his thick cockhead ramming the feline’s cervix with every powerful thrust.

“Take…my…seed…” he grunted. “Take…it…ALL!”

He came inside her, and when Lioness felt the flood of his hot load burst through the entrance to her womb and rush in, she let out a roaring scream of ecstasy as she climaxed harder than she ever had before.

After Adam had pumped the last gout of his seed into Lioness’ womb, he kept his cock inside her as he lay down on her back, enjoying the softness of her fur against his naked torso. 

Lioness made a low purr of pleasure. Through her half-open eyes, she saw that Lion was looking at them. He had probably been watching the whole time, even after Lioness forgot he was there.

Adam’s cock had lost some of its turgidity, but now, Lioness could begin to feel it begin to become fully hard inside her again.

“You are a good fuck, Lioness,” Adam said. “I think I shall breed you all afternoon.”

Lioness looked at Lion to make sure that he was watching her. Then she turned her head to look back at Adam and answered, “Yes, Master. Breed me all you wish.”

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