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Percy was living his life. He, Annabeth and all their friends had just survived the attack by Gaia.  Even Leo,  'that little fucker' thought Percy with a smile a he recalled receiving Leo's message. 

He was feeling extra happy since today was his birthday and also his and Annabeth's third anniversary. They had survived two attempts to overthrow Olympus. As much as Percy loved Olympus he was tired with trying to save it,  why couldn't monsters and giants and titans take a few decades off and let Percy and Annabeth live their life peacefully?.. Fortunately there was no GREAT PROPHECY right now with which Percy had to be concerned with. He could finally live peacefully with Annabeth , but obviously his fate or in this case fates wouldn't have that. 

Just as Percy was about to reach home,  he felt someone or something behind him , and he reacted without thinking.  Taking Riptide out from his pocket and throwing away its cap he jumped and swung it turning back. 


The fates smiled , this was even better than they had thought it would be , "it seems as though young Perceus here has decided that he has had enough surprises" said the middle one, with her hand raised to the other two,  they smiled and nodded "can't say I blame him though,  surviving titans,  giants and a primordial , wouldn't want him to die from a surprise attack"

Percy was floating and he could hear everything that they were saying. Even though he may not be the smartest even he knew who they were . THE FATES . The only question was why would they visit him , unless they had a job for him , thinking that Percy groaned internally "No not today!!!" 

The fates could understand what he was feeling and decided to cut to the chase . 'Perceus Jackson....' the middle one said still floating Percy in midair 'as you have guessed, we have a job for you , we know you don't want to do this but you are the only one we can trust , not even Zeus can do this , only you can....' 

She ended abruptly waiting for Percy's reaction. Percy was stunned 'not even Zeus can do this??? What do they want from me?!!?' Knowing that he wouldn't be able to refuse , he reluctantly agreed. 'GOOD' all three fates said together and released him


'Something of ours has been stolen...'  Percy opened his mouth to ask something but the middle one replied before he could , 'Yes Percy,  something of ours has been stolen,  we don't know how and we don't know by whom , and it is not something we want to leave there with someone who could abuse it'  " What is it" Percy asked . 'It is our thread of life , with it a person can kill even a primordial by just cutting their thread'  Percy's mouth was so wide open that even a bird could fit inside. He stood there staring at the fates . ' '  . 'We don't know Perceus but you have to get it back , it's power is very unstable,  it can corrupt even the purest souls'  "But why me then?"   he asked. 

'Because we asked Hestia , who had the purest soul and she said your name and we agree,  you are a person who cares about others above his own self,  that's why we chose you Percy . Bring us our thread back and we will give you a boon , anything you ask.  Stunned Percy bowed and said , ok where do I need to go ? 

'Even though it's been stolen, we know where it is , we will send you there , go and bring us our thread back and kill whatever had it because someone who can steal from us,  doesn't get to live'  

Percy bowed again and got ready thinking 'well there goes my birthday and anniversary , God Annabeth's going to kill me'...

Then all went black






When Percy opened his eyes, he realized that he wasn't in New York anymore,  he was instead at a town in the country. He saw the houses, so small compared to the gigantic skyscrapers he was used to , he saw kids running around, carefree and laughing. He smiled. At least he would be able to enjoy some peace and quiet. After relaxing under a tree for some time, he started roaming around the town trying to find the 'thread' . 

After searching for a few hours, he rested under a tree and tried to think. Suddenly he heard the laughter of a young girl rushing towards him, he quickly sat up straight and prepared to defend himself but the girl ignored him and continued running around, laughing. In her hands she held a string which looked oddly familiar to him. 

He thought back and was startled when he remembered where he had seen it before. This was the string which the fates had cut during his journey with Grover. He shivered despite the weather being warm as he remembered his past adventures. 

He tried talking with the young girl. He soon found out that her name was Jenny, she was 8 years old, had no parents and had found the string in her favorite field while petting the horses from the stables. 

Looking at her, Percy thought that she looked familiar. She had the same kind of black hair, unruly and crazy despite hers being longer and instead of green eyes, her were startling blue. He quickly realized that he was looking at one of his siblings. 

He laughed at the thought and started talking with her again but in his mind he was wrestling with himself. The fates had told him that he had to kill who.ever he found the string with , but he couldn't even think about doing that to the cute little kid sitting in front of him, laughing. 

He decided that he won't do it and started to relax a little. After talking and joking with Jenny for a while percy asked if he could touch the thread. Jenny looked at him and nodded. 

As soon as he touched it, the whole world went dark. After a few seconds he could see light again and realized that he was inthe fates palace , kneeling in front of them. He quickly stood up, because no matter whom so ever it was he won't kneel in front of them without his wish. He tried to talk with the fates but the ignored him and simply asked him 'do you have the thread, perceus Jackson?' 

He nodded and gave them the thread back. As soon as they touched it, it transformed into a spindle, a scissors and a ball of thread. Satisfied they nodded to each other and asked him 'did you kill whomever stole this from us'  knowing he Won't be able to lie , he said 'NO'. 

The fates were stunned , to say the least, and asked him 'WHY NOT PERCEUS JACKSON, WE TOLD YOU THAT THE PERSON DIDNT GET TO LIFE , YET YOU DISOBEYED THAT AND LEFT THE PERSON ALIVE'  before they could start again Percy quickly said 'you promised me one wish of mine that you would grant if I brought you back the thread' . The fates grimly nodded.  So Percy Continued, 'I wish to use that right now... I want you to spare the person who had this in their possession when I found it' The fates couldn't believe their ears, here was a young demigod wasting his chance to have anything he wanted to save the life of a thief.. 

They were shocked but allowed him to continue. He then said,'I ask this because the person from whom I took this thread was just a young girl no older than 8 years. She didn't know what it was and she had found it on a field. Seeing as she is only 8 years old,  there is no way that she could've taken it so that's why I ask you for this wish. ' 

The fates were shocked. They felt glad that they had chosen the right person and, actually , smiled at him. Then as one they said, 

'Perceus Jackson, you have exceeded even our expectations. We knew you cared about your loved ones more than yourself but to use your wish to save the life of a young girl,  impressed even us. This is the first time,  a wish given by us had not been used selfishly and for that we want to grant you the ultimate boon. One that we have been saving for someone worthy.  





Saying that they stopped and waited. Suddenly Percy doubled over, arched his back and screamed,  louder than thought possible. Then he was still,  his body had started growing and changing. The fates gently lifted him and carried him to Olympus's medical ward. 

Many minor gods, goddesses and even major gods stared at them. They tried to see who was the person that they were carrying but couldn't. 

After laying him down, they moved away a little.  The middle one waved her hand and a note appeared on his bedside table. Satisfied, they left but not before bowing lightly and saying 'take care perceus , primordial of life' then vanished. 




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