The Enchanted Tales of the Warrior Princess!

BY : Puffgirl1952the2nd
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Disclaimer: I do not own Snow White and I make no money from this work. Full Author's Note is on the first chapter...

This is not a fairytale for children; I am trying my hand at writing an adult fairytale for mature readers and hope teens would find a guilty pleasure in this book. I've been a teenager and I have had my own guilty pleasure in romance novels, and I even found interesting erotic romance stories online; so I hope that you, the esteemed readers, would give this story a chance to be told.

I wanted to try my hand at writing erotic romance but with a fairytale twist and mixed with a few other genres. I also chose to write this novel like a TV series of sorts; something different and unique from normal books.


Instead of books they become seasons, parts are changed to arcs and chapters turned into episodes with a set of acts. But I still wrote this as a normal story just in a different set up because I wanted to be unique and bust out of the normal writer box.

This is my erotic fairytale romance and I am new to the genre of erotic romance but I have tried my best along with research. This is a story of a princess who is a descendant of a fairytale princess and how she becomes a warrior, and her adventures; there will be references to other fairytale characters and possible descendants.


This is my first fairytale about a warrior princess told from her view point and I wanted to mix in some horror for kicks. I hope that this story will surprise you at its unique tale and I also hope that I have brought you a unique fairytale…Thank you for reading this Note and please enjoy The Enchanted Tales of the Warrior Princess!

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