Things Change

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As we slid into sleep I felt Nathaniel tuck me in close. My last thought before sleep claimed me was that my life was about to undergo another major change.


For once the phone didn’t wake me up and I wasn’t short on sleep. I woke up savoring the feeling of being held in strong arms. I opened my eyes slowly to gaze into a pair of lavender eyes that never failed to amaze me with their beauty. “How do you feel this morning?” I questioned Nathaniel.

A big silly looking grin spread across his face. I’d never before seen an ear-to-ear grin before and had to smile back.

“I am wonderful.” He purred stretching his body like the cat he was. “I havefeltfelt this good in... Forever.” His lids drooped giving him a satiated, satisfied look.

I felt the heat rush to my face as look he gave me ignited memories of how we had spent the night. I frowned at him and decided to give some of his teasing back to him. “You know its not considered to be a wise thing to do to embarrass your Nimir-Ra.”

“My Nimir-Ra can do anything to me that her heart desires and I would love every minute of it.” He returned.

I felt my blush redouble at the suggestive comment. “I was right last night you have been spending entirely too much time around Jason.” I was completely flustered and yet completely at ease with it. I had spent too much time around men who wanted more than just me. They wanted me as way to secure their power base. Knowing that Nathaniel had no ulterior motives was allowing me to relax my guard in a way that Jean-Claude or Richard had always denied me.

“Hey,” Nathaniel was starting to look worried. “I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. I was just teasing.”

“Its okay.” I reassured him. “I am just enjoying the moment. I am not angry or upset with you.”

Just then I heard a noise in the hall and heard the door start to open. I automatically went for the Browning and leveled it at the door. I was ready for anything.

Zane and Cherry bounced into the room, closely followed by Gil, and came to a screeching halt at the sight of the gun pointed at them. “Damn it I have told you guys that you are gonna get shot one of these days bursting into my room that way.” I said lowering the Browning and clicking on the safety. I noticed the three of them looking at me strangely. “What?” I said impatiently.

Cherry spoke up. “Uh…Anita…um look down.”

I looked down and I was kneeling on the bed stark naked. Eeek. I quickly pulled the sheet over me and looked all over the room avoiding their eyes. It was now my turn to babble incoherently “Well you see…um…we …uh Nathaniel and I...”

“Oh we know all about that. “ Cherry said dismissively. “We heard and smelled everything last night. We just wanted to know what you wanted to eat now that you are finally awake. Its after five”

“Coffee, I want Coffee.” I mumbled. I had forgotten all about the consequences of living with lycanthropes. No privacy. I felt Nathaniel leave the bed and my robe was handed to me. He knew my two top priorities get armed and get dressed and since I was armed he took care of the dressed part.

“Thanks Nathaniel.” I said. “The rest of you, OUT. They fairly stampeded out the door. “I didn’t think I was that scary.” I grumbled.

I heard a suspicious cough and turned to glare at Nathaniel. At my look he dissolved in outright laughter and rolled on the bed giggling hysterically.

In between gasps for air and continuing laughter he commented. “You should have seen your face. You looked like somebody hit you in the back of the head with a board. I have never seen anyone look that stunned as when Cherry told you to look down.”

“I am glad that you think this is amusing.” I grumped. As I imagined what my face had looked like an unwilling grin tugged at the corners of my mouth.

“I saw that.” He said. “Admit it, its pretty funny.”

“Okay, I admit it. It must have been fairly amusing.” I admitted falling back to the pillows and covering my face as another thought occurred to me. “I am never gonna live this down.” I groaned. “This is gonna haunt me worse than throwing up on the corpse at a homicide investigation did. Some submissive you are,” I teased, “making fun of your Nimir-Ra.”

I felt Nathaniel move closer and he tugged my hands away from my face. He looked down at me with a worried look on his face. “I am not making fun of you. I would never do anything to hurt you.”

“I know.” I said pulling him closer to give him a gentle kiss. “I am just embarrassed and I don’t deal well with embarrassment.”


Steeling myself to face the smirks and knowing grins that I would find in the kitchen I took a deep breath and walked in. Lined up on one side of the table with Cheshire grins on their faces Zane, Cherry, and Gil didn’t say a word just poured the coffee in a new mug of mine that said “Pour the coffee and nobody has to die.” I don’t know where Gil had found it but it was now my favorite next to the cup with the baby penguins.

The three of them for once waited until I had my first cup of coffee in me before pouncing.

Zane as usual, was their spokesman. He blurted out in his normal fashion. “We are so happy that you and Nathaniel have finally gotten together. You have both wanted it for so long.”

“What do you mean by that?” I snapped back at him. “This just happened. Nothing was planned or anything else.”

“Anita,” Zane looked down as if frightened. “We know you didn’t plan this, but we are Lycanthropes, we could smell your desire and his. It was almost overpowering at times. We just want you to be happy and we think Nathaniel can do that.”

I sighed. “Zane, I’m not angry at you. I’m just not up to discussing my sex life. I glanced out the window and noticed that it was full dark. Time to call Jean-Claude and let him know what had gone on at the meeting last night since he had to take care of some problems at Guilty Pleasures and hadn’t been able to attend. Just the thought of last night brought a frown to my face. Richard was becoming a real problem and I didn’t know what I or even if I was going to be able to keep the peace and since I was the only person that all the various lycanthropes could agree on I was still needed in the meetings.

I cradled my second cup of coffee in my hands savoring the taste of real cream and sugar as I walked to the phone. I called Guilty Pleasures and Willy answered the phone. “Willy, its Anita I need to talk to Jean-Claude.”

“I’ll put you right through, hang on a second while I transfer the call.” Willy was still the only person I had known both before and after he’d become a vampire.

“Ma petite,” Jean-Claude’s voice still gave me shivers every time I heard it. “I have been expecting your call. I felt something extraordinary through the marks last night. I understand that Nathaniel has become your pomme de sang in truth at last.”

Trust Jean-Claude to bring up sex before business. “Jean-Claude I called you tell you about what you missed at the meeting last night, not to have this discussion.”

“Anita a certain werewolf friend of ours felt it as well and he is at the club right now, pacing and acting very disturbed.”

I knew that something was wrong now. He never called me by my name unless we were about to be ass deep in alligators. “What’s going on? What do you mean ‘disturbed’?”
“We can discuss it when Richard and I arrive at your house. I don’t believe he is willing to wait until you can come in to see us.” Jean-Claude returned. “We will be there in about twenty minutes.” And with that he hung up the phone.

I stood there holding the phone until it started to beep and I finally hung it up. “Shit.” I said

I felt Cherry come close. “What’s wrong?” she said suddenly worried.

“Richard and Jean-Claude are both coming over and according to Jean-Claude Richard is upset to put it mildly.” I answered. “They’ll be here shortly. So maybe you guys might want to make yourselves scarce.”

Gil spoke up. “We won’t run and hide if you need us and maybe our presence will help keep the peace.” I was startled; this from the man who had come to me scared of his own shadow.

“If things get out of hand I don’t want you guys to get hurt.” I said wanting to protect them.

“We know that Anita” he said and taking a deep breath he continued. “You’ve done so much for us that we want to help if we can.” Zane, Cherry and Nathaniel came into the room and had their stubborn looks on their faces and nodded their agreement to what Gil had said.

I sighed caught between pride and worry for them they had come so far from the broken people I had first met. I didn’t want to ruin their self-confidence, but I also didn’t want them to be hurt. “Okay you can stay, but I want you to understand that this is my problem and I want you to stay quiet and let me take care of it.”

The four of them eyes shining like they had won a major battle nodded grins breaking out on all their faces.

It was only a few minutes later that the doorbell rang and I went to answer it checking the peephole to make sure who it was. I opened the door and let the two of them in. Immediately I could feel the anger, almost rage coming off of Richard. It was enough to make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up; it was like standing next to a high voltage power line.

I followed them into the living room and figuring the best defense is a good offense. I lead off. “Jean-Claude said you wanted to talk to me and you were upset about something Richard. What do you want to know?”

Richard swung around his face like a thundercloud. “What I want to know is who are you fucking now? I felt you last night and it wasn’t Jean-Claude or Micah.” He stated glaring at me.

I was immediately pissed. “Look,” I said. “I don’t ask you who you are sleeping with. You broke off our relationship, not me, its none of your business anymore and how the hell do you know who it is or isn’t?” I shot back at him.

“None of my business.” He shouted stepping closer and pointing his finger at me. “Its my business when every time you sleep with someone I can feel everything you feel. When it wakes me out of a sound sleep and I can almost taste you and I reach out to touch you and you’re not there.”

I was shaken. I had never seen Richard this close to the edge before. I could feel his rage pressing against the marks. I could feel how fragile his control was and how very close he was to losing his control entirely. “Richard I had no idea. You have closed the marks off from me entirely. I thought that you had learned to block out the involuntary sharing of our feelings. Why didn’t you say something?”

He closed his hands around my upper arms so hard I knew I would have bruises tomorrow unless my accelerated healing took care of them first. “Do you think I wanted to let you know that I was experiencing the ardeur whether or not I wanted to?"

Jean-Claude came up behind me and laid his hands over Richard’s. Mon ami, you should have said something we could have helped.”

I was tired of being manhandled. I raised my hand to brush away theirs and when touched them energy exploded through the three of us like when we married the marks only stronger. I screamed as I felt us merge I was feeling Richard’s rage like it was my own I could feel jean-Claude’s ardeur spring to life and sparking mine to flow between the three of us and grow stronger.

I jerked away from the two of them and fell to my knees next to them. it made no difference that we were no longer touching. Gil and the leopards came running at the same time Jason came through the front door. They all rushed to help and as they touched us the power engulfed them as well.

I could feel the power flowing through all of us like an electric circuit and growing stronger. “Jean-Claude what’s happening to us?” I managed to gasp out.

“I do not know ma petite. I fear that Richard’s loss of control and the length of time since the three of us have used the power of the triumvirate has combined some how.” He forced out between gritted teeth. “The hunger of ardeur has never been this strong before and I believe we have passed it to the others.” He said pointing to were Zane and Cherry were rolling on the floor with Gil.

“Oh god.” I said aghast. “What are we going to do?”

“I fear that there is very little we can do. The ardeur must run its course. the longer we fight it the worse it will get and I have no idea of the consequences with it this strong.” Jean-Claude crawled towards me along with Richard.

“No!” I ground out. “I won’t do this. Not here.” Coming to my feet I backed away from them and stumbled as I bumped into a hard male body. Turning around I faced Nathaniel and as the ardeur blazed out of control I felt Jean-Claude and Richard come up from behind. I ran for my room desperate for a place to hide. I could face down rampaging Lycanthropes. I could stand up to a million year old vampire and stare death in the face. Not this. I couldn’t fight both the ardeur and my feelings.

I paced over to the window leaning my head against the cold glass. I was feeling the ardeur and the power of the triumvirate pounding through my veins and pulses of electricity tracing my nerves. My whole body was shaking I was trying to ride the power instead of it riding me and I was losing.

I was so lost in the struggle that I had no idea that anyone else was in the room until I heard Jean-Claude speak from right behind me. I whirled around and he was so close that my body slid against his as I turned.

“Ma petite, you cannot deny yourself.arnearned you when you felt the ardeur the first time that if you did not give in to it you would deny yourself the choice of who and where.”

“I will not be controlled by the ardeur.” I screamed as the power flooded my body extinguishing rational thought and what few scruples I had managed to retain after the ardeur had become a part of my life.

Leaning into jean-Claude’s body I shuddered at the sensations that small movement produced. I kissed running my tongue over his teeth not caring if I was cut on his razor sharp fangs. When I felt the sharp pin prick on the end of my tongue and tasted the blood the power rose to an even higher level I could not see. Only feel and I could feel Richard coming closer and closer then I could feel him at my side.

“Richard.” I gasped breaking the kiss with jean-Claude. I feared the earlier rage I had felt in him would boil over and he would shift and attack us. In the state we were in there was no way we could fight him off. Then he locked his arms around us both and I felt his willingness to accept whatever love I or to be more accurate we could offer him. I felt the effects of the ardeur in him and finally his acceptance of jean-Claude’s place in our lives and beds.

We fell on to the king size bed in my room I am not sure how we ended up there instead of the floor one of the boys must have been thinking clearer than I was. Our hands started tearing at clothes and seeming no time at all the only thing I could feel against my body was bare skin. Everywhere. I was surrounded by bare flesh. The scary part was that I was reveling in it. I had no shame no doubts nothing. Just pure enjoyment of the feel of Richard’s electric warmth and jean-Claude’s cool power.

I couldn’t catch my breath. I felt jean-Claude scrape his teeth against the back of my neck as my tongue dueled with Richard’s. I felt the moment that all barriers came down between Richard and jean-Claude and they kissed. Earlier today it would have grossed me out and been the end of any thought of a relationship with either of them. Now it just seemed exciting and erotic. I watched as they leaned over my prone body to touch and caress each other. As I watched I could feel exactly what they felt. Jean-Claude’s admiration of the same body I had lusted after for so long. I felt Richard’s unwilling attraction to jean-Claude. I knew the true secret of Richard’s dislike of him at last. The subconscious desire he had felt and had never consciously even acknowledged. Feelings he had suppressed even harder than he had denied his beast.

The same feelings that had overwhelmed me at the marriage of the marks overwhelmed me again. The feeling that all things were possible swept over me again. I ran my hands up my lovers’ sides pulling them to me. Startling them out of their fascination with each other.

Jean-Claude fell to my side pulling me to face him. As I stared into his drowning blue eyes, the pupil completely eclipsed by thes, Is, I felt Richard spoon in behind me. I could feel him pressing into the cleft of my buttocks. At the same time I felt jean-Claude probe between my legs, his hand drawing my thigh over his hip. I could feel the shudder that shook them as they both tried to enter me and collided with each other. I was shivering as well as I felt them slide against me.

I could feel them in my mind as we came to an unspoken agreement. Jean-Claude slid into me as he pulled me to lie on top of him and Richard came to his knees between our spread thighs. I felt him press against me from behind in a way that had never before occurred to me and I would have thought disgusting even a few minutes ago.

It was both painful and strangely exciting and I could feel the two of them enjoying the dual sensations I felt as Richard seated himself to the hilt in my body. I was shaking and a cold sweat had broken out all over my body, as we lay motionless as my body adjusted to the new sensations.

I was the first to move as I adjusted my body and delightful chills swept down my spine. As if of the same mind they both began to move in unison slowly pistoning in and out of my body gently at first and then with increasing urgency as we strove tlievlieve the ardeur and reach the pinnacle of fulfillment. I was incoherently moaning and shaking with desire and pleasure as we moved together in perfect synchronicity. I could feel the skin on my scalp tighten as my body tensed and then convulsed with each stroke. I could feel same sensation ricocheting between us as they too convulsed in ecstasy. I collapsed against jean-Claude momentarily blacking out.

I could feel when Richard’s weight came to rest on us both. We were all shuddering in aftermath and Richard rolled off to jean-Claude’s right and I rolled to the left. Reality was starting to filter back in when the power of the ardeur backlashed into us from what felt like a thousand people.
Immediately it was if we had never fed the ardeur and I started to turn back to the boys when a hand touched me from the side of the bed. I whipped my head to the side to see Jason and Nathaniel crawling on the mattress both of them looking somewhat worse for wear. Their hair was in a complete rat’s nest and their lips looked thoroughly kissed. As I stared into their shining eyes a deep moan distracted me.

I turned to see Richard and jean-Claude embracing running their hands over each other’s bodies. I watched as they touched and licked and sucked. Loving each other in a way that should have shocked and repulsed me but only intensified my desire.

I guess they took my silence as consent for as I watched jean-Claude and Richard enjoying each other. Nathaniel and Jason took matters in to their own hands. They began by rubbing their bodies against me in a wholly submissive manner, but we soon became a tangled knot of hands, arms and other loving body parts.

The next few hours blurred together I never could untangle it, but I clearly remember what came after. It had been early evening when we all lost control a noise woke me up and a quick glance at the clock showed me it was now four in the morning.

I frantically searched for a weapon as Asher stalked through the door as I relaxed I realized I was lying in a bed with four men and cherry, gil and Zane were lying on the floor next to the bed. We were tangled together in a knot of arms and legs and I had only been able to free one arm.

I reached for the sheet and yanked it up to cover me, flipping Jason out onto the floor. “Asher. What are you doing here?” I asked a little frantically shoving at the bodies lying around me that showed few signs of waking up.

“What am I doing?” he said disgusted. “What the devil have you been doing? The entire city is going crazy. Every vampire and nearly every lycanthrope felt it and were compelled to join you.”

I sat stunned my brain straining to comprehend the impossible. “Oh dear lord. Please don’t tell me that…they didn’t.” I stuttered completely bewildered by the information.

“Mon chardonneret,” jean-Claude was the first to make a coherent answer. “How bad is it truly.”

“How bad you ask…how bad. It is like driving through a city-sized orgy. Not only lycanthropes and vampires were affected we are the only ones that had any control at all.” He raged at us. “Every ordinary human over the again of thirteen or fourteen has been in a sexual frenzy until just a couple of hours ago. The three of you are positively seething with power. More than anyone has ever seen or used in time uncounted.”

Richard leapt out of the bed totally oblivious to his nudity. “This will trigger a back lash against magical and preternatural creatures that will make the Inferno look like nothing.” He shouted. “What are we going to do?”

Jean-Claude spoke in totally calm voice instantly focusing all attention on him. “Isn’t it obvious we will use the power we have inadvertently raised to cloud the minds of the entire city. It will be as if it never happened. We will change their memories of this time to some mundane, yet unusual happening such as a power outage. I know a witch that will help us with the casting of the spell and a spell it must be.”


And that’s exactly what we did. Jean-Claude made a phone call and sent his limo to pick up the oldest human being I have ever seen. She was even shorter than I am and wizened, dried up like a raisin, but the air vibrated with the power that she carried with her.

He introduced her as Emily an old friend. And within a couple more hours with her assistance thnds nds of the city had been clouded. Ordinary humans, even those with a touch of power have no idea what truly went on. They even sent a spell specific to the workers at an electrical substation that had them damage and repair the electric system to back up the spell with concrete evidence.

We watched the morning news and no mention was made of what had really happened they even joked about the population explosion that would probably follow in nine months. They had no idea.

With that crisis out of the way we sat at the kitchen table staring at each other and contemplated the personal crisis that was about to erupt.

To Be Continued…

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