Things Change

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I was feeling just a little bit outnumbered. I had four wonderful men that I loved dearly staring at me with desire. I had made the decision to move to the bedroom of my own free will, but I was feeling a little intimidated. I took a step back, only to abruptly sit down as I backed into the bed. Jean-Claude and Richard took that as a signal to step forward with Asher and Nathaniel not far behind.

Once again with that odd unity that they seem to have lately, Richard and Jean-Claude each touched a hand to my face in a reassuring gesture. Moving together like they had practiced for this moment they ran their hands down my arms to take hold of my hands and pull me back to my feet. They offered their free hands to Asher and Nathaniel. As we joined together it was like completing a circuit. A jolt of fire seemed to wash through our bodies. I was once again experiencing the feelings and emotions of the others as if they were my own.

It wasn’t the ardeur that feels different, but it definitely felt like magic to me. I gasped pulling my hands away the energy didn’t diminish. It wasn’t like the other night my will was not torn from me I was fully aware, almost too aware of what I was doing. My body was vibrating with the desire to share my feelings and myself with these men I cared about. I could tell they felt the same. I don’t know who moved first and I don’t suppose it really matters.

I can’t really explain it; it was like the best of all possible worlds. Like being young and innocent with your first love, but having no barriers and no fear. Each of us seemed to have our own flavor for lack of a better word. Richard was hot and spicy, Jean-Claude a cool, but sweet desert, Asher was a strong cup of coffee warm, but bracing and Nathaniel was like home made bread fresh out of the oven, delicious.

I was passed from one to another each set of arm and lips a sensual feast. I lowered my head to gently kiss the chest and stomach of Richard’s that I admired so. I felt eager hands removing my clothes as I immersed my senses in the taste and touch of his skin. I unsnapped his jeans and pushed them off his hips as I felt the touch of Jean-Claude lips and the slight scrape of his fangs across my bare nape. I arched my back at the exquisite pleasure that gave.

As I moved my head I caught sight of Asher to one side hesitant, but yearning as I concentrated on him, his feelings came in to sharper focus for me. His longing and his fear had an equal hold on him. I reached out a hand beckoning him and he eagerly came to my side as I turned to press the length of my body against his. I rubbed against him enjoying the unique sensation as his scars proved to have a highly pleasurable friction when rubbed against bare skin. As I explored Asher the others were not idle. Jean-Claude experienced the same sensation as he stroked his body along Asher’s back.

Richard and Nathaniel were experiencing a flipside of their usual roles with Richard playing submissive to Nathaniel’s dominance. He had pinned Richard against the wall his hands held over his head while he nipped and licked his skin causing gooseps tps to break out visibly on his skin.
Meanwhile I had progressed to kissing each scar of Asher’s better I had worked my way down his side to his belt line and had removed his leather pants. I could feel his thighs tremble under my caresses and giving into my desire to taste him further I took him fully into my mouth. His hands clenched in my hair as he rocked his hips faster against me. Jean-Claude was as committed to pleasuring Asher as I was. He was kissing him like he couldn’t get enough. Asher pulled away drawing me to my feet and embracing me while he trembled.

I took his hands in mine and led him to the bed. I had wanted him for so long. I reclined urging him to cover my body with his. He pressed his groin into the juncture of my thighs he lifted his chest in a push up motion staring in my eyes with his icy blue gaze I felt him nudge my thighs wider and penetrate me oh so slowly. Both of us shuddered as the sensation. I felt my body stretch to accommodate his thick, heavy maleness. Every move he made was measured and deliberate. I had no idea that Jean-Claude, Richard and Nathaniel had joined us until I felt two warm pairs of lips capture my breasts. Then I saw Asher throw back his head as Jean-Claude entered him from behind and brought back feelings that had been missing for centuries.

As we all touched I could feel what the others were experiencing. It was a heady delight to dazzle the most jaded senses. Skin against skin, friction, pleasure and pain, but only a good pain. Asher had paused momentarily and renewed his strokes with a new urgency sending me into raptures of desire as he slammed into me harder and quicker. I felt my self slipping over the edge as I felt not only my own orgasm, but also those of everyone on the bed. Each of us was being pushed into a higher level of sensation by the feelings experienced by others. We collapsed in a sweaty heap and I think I lost consciousness for a few moments I was certainly in a daze.


Lying in amidst the warmth of my lovers I felt safer than I had ever felt since my mother died. A gentle hand stroked my cheek and I turned towards it. I looked deep into Asher’s light blue eyes as he spoke, his voice husky. “Mon Cher, it is impossible for me to ever repay the gift you have given me.”

“Asher,” I said leaning to place a gentle kiss on his lips. “It was not a gift and you owe me nothing. I have wanted to be with you for a very long time.” I reassured him.

Richard lifted himself to one elbow behind Asher and laying his face along his scarred cheek he added his own confirmation. “She is not lying Asher she would not be able to do that. We can all feel the truth in what happened. I should be horrified,” he continued. “The only feeling that I can seem to conjure up right now is relief and a little sadness that it took so long to bring us together.”

A hand reached over my waist to run down Asher’s side as Jean-Claude joined the conversation. “Mon chardonneret it is a dream come for all of us.”

Pale blood tinged tears started to slowly slide down his face as he began to accept that we all loved and adored him. Nathaniel crawled up from the foot of the bed and began to gently lick the tears from his face. Asher wrapped his arms tightly around Nathaniel as he continued to cry from a combination of love, relief and just plain happiness. I watched as strong arms and long auburn hair twined around the two of them binding them together.

I couldn’t help myself I just had to join them and I wasn’t alone as Richard and Jean-Claude joined me in stroking and whispering words of love and care to the vampire who was in his own way even more broken and damaged than Nathaniel had ever been.

I could feel us being bound together ever closer with every sharing of our bodies and feelings. I didn’t know were it would go from here, but I couldn’t wait to find out.

The End

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