Power Play

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[Writer’s note: Chapter 1 contains heterosexual scenes, and chapter 2 contains homosexual ones, for those who would like to avoid one or the other.]


Rand followed the departing chiefs from the meeting room, struggling not to let his weariness show. Organisations for the march from Rhuidean to Cairhien were still ongoing. In all the stories he’d read armies seemed to appear out of the mist like magic; he was finding the actual act of marshalling one was a lot more like trying to wrestle a tree stump out of a field with your bare hands. Food, water and spare weapons; enough for several hundred thousand men and women. And that was just the beginning! Light have mercy.

He found Moiraine waiting in the corridor just where he’d left her. She had wanted to join the meeting of course, but he wasn’t sure what the chiefs would make of that. The Aiel kept strict rules about what was Wise One’s business and what was chief’s business, and Moiraine was a Wise One of sorts. Best not to ruffle any more feathers than he had to, he’d decided. True to her word, Moiraine had waited without. For what must have been at least two hours. He glanced at her sheepishly and got an icy stare for his trouble. She had promised to obey him as though she were gai’shain, and they were both still learning what that oath meant.

The chiefs nodded to Moiraine respectfully as they passed. Aiel tended to be respectful of Aes Sedai. Too much so for Rand’s taste if truth be told. He was far from certain that the White Tower would prove an ally rather than an enemy, despite Moiraine’s faith in her friend Siuan Sanche, the Amyrlin Seat. He paused beside her and let the Aiel chiefs gain some distance before saying, “Sorry to keep you waiting Moiraine. When I told you to wait outside I assumed you would wander off and find someone else to talk to, not literally stand there all this time.”

“I swore an oath Rand,” the diminutive Aes Sedai said, coolly. “Several of them in fact.”

“So you did,” Rand murmured. He was still struggling to believe it. He gestured down the darkening corridor. “Walk with me then. What exactly is it you wanted to talk about?”

Moiraine gave a small sigh of exasperation as she fell in beside Rand. “If I had several years of your time I might be able to exhaust all the things I want to speak to you of Rand. But I do not have that time. And neither do you it seems. You must find…” She closed her eyes briefly in annoyance. “I would appreciate it if you could make a space in your schedule for some lessons. If you still mean to follow through with this rash plan to invade Cairhien, then there is much you will need to know of the politics of the land.” She herself was Cairhienin, and a member of House Damodred, one of the most powerful noble Houses in that nation. No doubt there was a lot she could tell him indeed. But the prospect of yet more talk of politics and armies was daunting to say the least. Rand wanted at least some rest tonight.

Duty is heavier than a mountain, death lighter than a feather, he thought. “Other than House Damodred, who are the major claimants to the Sun Throne,” he asked, his voice quietly dignified.

Moiraine smiled slightly, in approval or victory or who knew what. Aes Sedai faces were almost impossible to read. Emotionless masks, capable of destroying lives without blinking. A beautiful mask in Moiriane’s case. Pale skinned with large, dark eyes and dark hair carefully styled. Held back by a silver chain from which hung her ever-present blue stone.

She lectured concisely as they walked the streets of Rhuidean. Abandoned for years, the city had sprung to life in the months since Rand had revealed it to the Aiel. He wondered if it might grow to be the capital of a great nation someday. He would like to think that. The Aiel looked on Rand with a respect that few wetlanders ever did. The Dragon Reborn and the Car’a’carn were both prophesised to save and destroy, but the Aiel didn’t seem to resent Rand for the latter part the way he had come to expect. It was comforting in a way. It also made the fact that he would destroy them someday hurt all the more.

The Aiel might have accepted Rand as their leader but he still refused to dress the part. Like so many of the men they passed, Rand was tall and fair-skinned, red of hair and blue of eye. But unlike them he wore clothing of a wetlander fashion. A long coat of red worked with gold thread over a white shirt with black breeches and tall boots. Moiraine was dressed in the style of her homeland too. Her high-necked dress was all of dark blue. Of course. She was small even by wetlander standards. Walking alongside Rand and past so many towering Aiel she seemed almost childlike, though she was anything but. Aes Sedai lived a long time, everyone agreed. Moiraine could be ninety for all Rand knew.

“Riatin cannot be underestimated,” the Aes Sedai was saying in her chiming accent. “Galldrian’s disgrace has cost them dearly but Lord Toram and his sister Ailil will be all the more eager to reclaim the throne because of it. Toram in particular is known for his pride and wields a heron-marked sword. Ailil likes to hold her secrets close and may be the more dangerous of the two.”

“No doubt,” Rand said as they entered the roof of the Maidens, where he slept. “Against such overwhelming military might as I will bring with me, direct confrontation will be pointless. It’ll be the secretive, treacherous sorts that pose the real threats.”

“Good,” Moiraine said with a slight smile. “Most young men wouldn’t see that.”

“I’m not that young,” Rand muttered. “And I’m not an idiot either.”

Moiraine brought him to a halt with a slim hand on his forearm. “Do not be so quick to see offense where none was intended. In politics that can be a particularly damning flaw.”

Rand nodded curtly. There was wisdom in that, he thought. They climbed the stairs in silence as he mulled it over.

When they reached the door to Rand’s sleeping chamber they found two Maidens waiting. Enaila was short and fiery-haired, Somara tall and blonde. Both smiled to see Rand, and he grinned back in anticipation.

“Thank you for the advice Moiraine,” he said, distractedly, “but we will have to continue this discussion another time. Good night.”

“There is still much you must learn,” she objected in her most commanding voice.

“No doubt,” he responded, smiling at Enaila. “I look forward to it.”

“Rand al’Thor will be well educated this night Moiraine Sedai,” the young Far Dareis Mai said amusedly.

“Lessons befitting a young man of his quality,” added the older Somara, with a fond look towards Rand.

Moiraine regarded the pair with pinched lips and a cold Aes Sedai face. “I speak of lessons that could decide the fate of the Pattern itself. Not of such… activities.” That last she imbued with all the scorn of an Aes Sedai and a highborn Cairhienin Lady combined.

The Maidens wilted before her stare, casting uncertain glances Rand’s way. The Dragon Reborn shook his head and strode past them, opening the door to his chambers. The Aiel’s tendency to walk small around Aes Sedai was going to be a problem, he foresaw. Once inside, he turned and held out a hand welcomingly to Enaila and Somara, but Moiraine darted past them and all but slammed the door in their startled faces. Rand gaped at her, his shock quickly turning to anger. Still trying to make him do what she wanted. For as long as he’d known her Moiraine had been trying to control his life.

“You have no right,” he began roughly, but she spoke over him, her voice cool and cutting.

“I have more than the right, I have the duty. For the entirety of my adult life I have searched for you. Prepared for this war we fight. I will not allow it to end in failure, no matter the price. To me, to you, to anyone,” declared Moiraine Damodred, Aes Sedai.

Rand’s anger dissipated. She looked very much the queen in that moment. Tiny, doll-like in her beauty. But regal nevertheless. And he could find no fault with her words, for they echoed his own private resolve. Still. “I will pay the price fate has decreed for me Moiraine,” he said quietly. “But I will snatch what moments of happiness I can along the way.”

Moiraine studied Rand in silence for a long, still moment. “So be it,” she announced at last.

Rand had the strange feeling that she had come to a decision long in the making. Well, so long as she was going to stop interfering. “Well. That’s good. Now, if you don’t mind I’d like to get some rest…” he hinted.

“That is not what you want, though the words are not untrue. You are learning.” Moiraine said as she glided across the room, face serene. She stopped before Rand, reached her hands up and placed them on his shoulders, stood on her tiptoes and stretched towards him.

“What are you doing?” Rand asked, breathlessly.

“Offering you what you want,” chimed Moiraine. “Do you not dare claim it?”

She couldn’t mean what she seemed to mean, thought Rand. Moiraine? Her lips were right there, waiting for him to lean down and taste them. This is a terrible idea, he told himself. It’s Moiraine! Think of the consequences. But she was so beautiful, and his feelings towards her so confused. Just one kiss, what could it hurt…, he lied, knowing it could never be just one.

And so he kissed her. A thrill ran through Rand’s entire body with the first brush of Moiraine’s lips, his heart pounded and he pulled her into a tight embrace. One kiss became two, three, more. His hunger seeming insatiable. She was pliant in his arms, her kisses slow and patient, unlike his own. Rand slid a hand over the fine silk of her dress, down her graceful back and boldly cupped Moiraine’s left buttock in his palm. She started slightly, but did not break their embrace. He wonder what her bottom looked like, it felt pert as he kneaded it gently through the blue fabric. Moiraine’s fingers brushed through Rand’s red hair, she wrapped her arms around his neck and held his mouth to hers. The lady’s tongue darted out to meet Rand’s, surprising him with another surge of forbidden pleasure. He reached his other hand for her breasts and fondled one gently. It was not large, but fit her diminutive frame perfectly. Moiraine stepped back, spots of colour marring the cheeks of her serene mask.

“You are so beautiful,” he said, voice husky.

“Thank you Rand,” Moiraine replied. They stared at each for a long awkward moment.

“I want you,” Rand confessed, artlessly.

“I know,” she said with a small smile. The Aes Sedai glanced at the floor in an oddly uncertain way. But her dark gaze soon returned to Rand and she began unbuttoning her gown. The blue silk soon puddled on the floor of Rand’s bedroom, revealing an intricately-laced shift of pure white beneath. Moiraine took a deep breath before sliding the straps over her slim shoulders. With agonising slowness, the shift slid down, catching upon her outthrust breasts for a moment, before her own quickened breaths dislodged it. Rand beheld Moiraine’s naked bosom and wanted to weep at the magnificence. He stared, still only half undressed, his hands gone still of their own accord. Moiraine stepped out of the pile of discarded clothing clad only in her stockings and frilly white panties and advanced towards Rand on slim, graceful legs. She caressed his now-naked chest before reaching down to help him undo the belt on his breeches.

Moiraine went to her knees as she removed the last of Rand’s clothing, gaining a close look at his engorged penis as it sprang free of his shorts. Her dark eyes widened and her cheeks coloured yet more. The feel of her hot breath upon his sex caused Rand to let out a low moan. Moiraine glanced up at the young man before her, raised an eyebrow at the eager look on his face and smiled coyly. “How often have you dreamed of this, I wonder…” she whispered. Then she closed her beautiful eyes and kissed the shaft of Rand’s cock.

“Light have mercy,” Rand gasped, as Moiraine kissed him. She ran her lips down one side of his manhood and back up the other, let her wet tongue trail along the hot, stiff flesh. She held his balls in a careful grip and caressed them slowly. Her other hand she used to pull his cock down, aimed it at her own open mouth and wrapped her lips around it. Rand was paralyzed with pleasure. The sight of Moiraine’s beautiful mask of a face, sullied with his cock in her mouth branded itself upon his memory. The Aes Sedai sucked on the Dragon’s manhood as he breathed deeply above her, finally moaning her name, “Moiraine.”

She stopped, freed his penis from her sweet mouth and met Rand’s wide blue-grey eyes. “Would you like to discuss the laws of succession in Tarabon now, Rand?” she teased, with the falsest of innocence in her voice.

“No,” Rand growled, falling to his knees before her. “Not now. Later. First I need to taste you.” He wrapped her in his arms and they fell onto the soft cushions, caressing each other’s naked bodies.

Rand kissed Moiraine’s breasts as she lay amidst the pillows of his bed. He sucked on her stiffened nipple, let his tongue run laps around her pale pink areola. She sighed in what he took for approval as she writhed beneath him, her graceful fingers stroking his hair. His hands caressed her body, from her clean dark tresses, tousled in such an uncharacteristic way, to her sweet little breasts and tiny waist, finally resting upon her hips where they found the final barrier to his prize. He sat back, looked Moiraine straight in the eye as he took hold of her smallclothes and slowly pulled them down her slender legs. She made no move to stop him, only stared back with those big dark eyes. She raised her legs gracefully to let him slide the underwear past her small feet.  Then the lady spread her legs wide and gave the young man a clear view of her wet sex.

Lust inflamed the Dragon. The dark hair of Moiraine’s pussy was neatly trimmed, the smell of her arousal caused his already pounding heart to thunder in his chest. He was pulled towards her sex as if by an invisible force, yet was certain she had not used the Power upon him. His lips met hers, and without preamble he thrust his tongue within her crevice. For the first time, he heard Moiraine’s pleasure defeat her self-control and demand she give it voice. “Oh, Rand,” she gasped. He smiled, wondered briefly if she could feel how his lips curved against her, then began to feast. Moiraine attempted to thrash as Rand devoured her sex, but his firm grip upon her hips held her fast. A small frown marred her ageless face and she clasped one hand over her mouth as though to pull back the words, or hold further in. Her toes stretched involuntarily. Her other hand shot down and grasped Rand by the hair, holding him against her. Rand licked Moiraine all over, paying special attention to her tiny nub. He savoured the taste almost as much as he savoured the short, sharp breaths the Aes Sedai sucked in as she struggled to maintain her dignity; and the low moans that occasionally escaped her.

Rand could wait no longer. He crawled upwards, stared down at Moiraine’s face as he positioned himself above her. Her brown eyes shone brightly in the light of the setting sun. Rand looked away, finding himself strangely reluctant to look into her eyes as they made… out. Instead he kissed her upon the side of her neck as he aimed his sword at her welcoming sheath.

The Aes Sedai had always seemed so cold to Rand, but her pussy was impossibly hot. They both gasped as they joined, Rand savouring every inch of his journey to Moiraine’s most intimate core. He buried himself in her to the hilt and once there held himself in place for a long, long moment. She was right, he had dreamed of this often. Now the dream had become reality and Rand intended to seize it. With that thought, he wrapped his arms around Moiraine’s shoulders, kissed her deeply and began to fuck her hard.

Moiraine’s lips were hot upon his, her panting breaths sweet on his face. Her stiff nipples poked against Rand’s chest, one hand caressed the heavy muscles of his shoulders, the other clutched at his taut buttocks as he thrust into her again and again. She raised her legs and crossed her ankles behind his back, locking him in place. The wet heat of Moiraine’s sex grasped Rand in a tight grip and sent waves of bliss surging through his body with every stroke. The Dragon Reborn was in ecstasy.

Lost in his pleasure, Rand was only vaguely aware when Moiraine’s resolve broke and she called out his name, her chiming voice making of it song.

He had no idea how long they cavorted so. Minutes, hours. When he felt his climax building within him and looked up, they were both covered in sweat. Moiraine’s hair was darker than ever, the ornamental blue stone she wore upon her brow peeked out from amidst her soaking wet curls. Her eyes were squeezed shut and she was moaning wantonly, the skin of her face and chest reddened with exertion and more. She had never looked more beautiful to him.

Rand had no idea if Moiraine had climaxed already, so lost in pleasure he had been. Yet stopping now was far beyond his powers of self-control. Burying his fingers in her hair, he launched a final series of fevered thrusts before an explosion of joy stunned him. He shouted Moiraine’s name as he came inside her in long, thick spurts. Her eyes shot open and she stared up at him with what might almost have been adoration.

Rand’s strength failed. He collapsed upon Moiraine, his cheek resting against one soft breast. He could hear her heart beating fast and thought it a lovely sound. She wrapped her arms around him tenderly, petting his hair as she made soft cooing sounds he half-remembered from somewhere. For a time he knew peace.

It was the Domani who woke Rand from his stupor. Apparently their King was appointed by the Council of Merchants and could be removed by that same Council provided at least three quarters of them agreed to it. He couldn’t be much of a king then, thought Rand. He snorted in a breath, raising his head and blinking around stupidly. “What?” he muttered.

“This has led to restrictions on the military capabilities of the nation. Arad Doman maintains only a small standing army, lest the King grow truculent and challenge the Council’s wishes,” Moiraine continued. She lay naked in Rand’s bed, yet her Aes Sedai serenity was back in place. He sighed, wondering how long she had waited after their love-making before continuing her lecture.

“It is important that you know these things, Rand,” Moiraine said, sternly.

“I know, I know,” he agreed, smiling ruefully. She had pulled a blanket over herself and held it firmly to her chest. All distractions hidden from view. I knew this was a bad idea, he thought dolefully, now I’ll never get any rest. The lessons will be never-ending! And how was he to keep his plans secret from her if she was never far from his side? No doubt that was why the Aes Sedai had chosen to place herself in his bed. Still, Moiraine… she was worth putting up with any amount of nagging and risk.

“There will be plenty of time though, aren’t you tired?” Rand hinted.

Moiraine looked as serene as ever, yet he thought he saw a hint of fear in her eyes. “We never have as much time as we’d like to have Rand. It is best to make use of it fully,” she said, quietly. Rand, whose prophesised death loomed ever over him, nodded solemnly.

“Will you be staying with me tomorrow night as well then?” he asked, boldly.

Moiraine pursed her lips together and gave him an arch look at that presumption. Which took some skill, given the givens. “Assuming you learn quickly it may not be necessary for me to stay at all,” she said, her voice carefully neutral.

“It’s just as well I’m such a terrible student then,” Rand said with a roguish half-smile.

The Aes Sedai surprised him with a soft laugh. “Well. I shall have to tutor you in private.” She looked away and added, “This new-found eagerness is appreciated by the way.”

Rand felt a thrill of anticipation, his tiredness fading. He leaned down and tried to kiss Moiraine’s lips but she ducked her head aside. “There will be time for that later,” she said, firmly.

“We don’t have that much time,” Rand countered, taking hold of the blanket and slowly, gently tugging it down. “I’d like to make use of it fully.” Moiraine tilted her head slightly in acknowledgment, yet her grip upon the sheet held firm, resisting Rand’s insistent little tugs. “Besides, there’s no reason we can’t talk and do… other things at the same time.” Rand added. “The Domani for example. The Council of Merchants are going to be a problem. Little as they may like it they are going to have to gather a much larger army. Could they be made to see reason on that, or will more drastic measures be needed?”

Moiraine relaxed her grip upon the sheet with a small sigh, allowing Rand to unveil her small breasts once more. He grinned and gave them a kiss of welcome as she expounded in detail on the private dealings of the various women who held the true power in Arad Domon.

Rand listened to her lecture as his hands and mouth roved over her body. He saw a little blood upon the bedsheets and thought one of them must have been cut in the midst of their impassioned coupling. Her nails were sharp, and he hadn’t trimmed his own recently. No matter, she had probably Healed it by now. He kneaded her breast gently in his hand and planted a kiss upon her cute belly button. When he moved to explore Moiraine’s dark-haired and moist vagina with his fingers, however, the melodious flow of her words was cut off by a sharp gasp.

The Aes Sedai denied Rand’s explorations. Clamping her thighs together and raising the volume of her voice as she renewed the lecture. There might be a way to negate the Council if I can get all but a quarter of their number firmly on my side, Rand thought, then I could deal directly with the King instead of having to worry about a committee of squabbling merchants. Bribery perhaps. But more importantly… he reached his arm around Moiraine’s slender waist and turned her over, finally getting a good view of her pert bottom. “As lovely as I thought it would be,” he murmured in satisfaction. Moiraine let out a soft sound, it was there and gone so fast Rand almost missed it. Not a giggle, surely. Not her. She continued apace, head resting upon one slender hand as she lay on her belly and gave forth. Kneeling behind her, Rand planted kisses on each soft, round cheek and conceived a wicked plan…

He walked his fingers down the graceful curve of Moiraine’s spine before bringing them to rest on her tight, hairless sphincter. He rubbed one fingertip around her opening in light, circular motions, slipped another within her hot, dry hole to the middle joint. She tightened her butt reflexively, almost trapping Rand’s digit, and frowned back over her shoulder at him. Rand smiled sheepishly, then withdrew to knead the soft flesh of her buttocks for a time. He soon returned to her anus, using his tongue this time instead of his fingers. They were busy stroking his hardening cock and gathering it’s juices. The Aes Sedai did not resist when the Dragon slid two wet fingers into her tight bottom, causing him to grin in anticipation.

Rand crawled forwards and tangled one hand in Moiraine’s thick tresses. He stroked her hair gently as he positioned himself at her now wet and relaxed entrance. He leaned forward and kissed the side of her neck as the head of his cock knocked against her back door.

“What do you think you’re doing,” Moiraine demanded, glaring back at Rand in outrage.

“Learning about Arad Doman,” Rand replied innocently, as he worked his way into her delightfully tight ass. “They have a long-standing rivalry with Tarabon don’t they?”

“That’s… that’s not what I…” she began, her words punctuated by soft grunts. “Tarabon is ruled by… uuuhhnn…” Moiraine’s groan of mingled pain and pleasure was followed by a long, hissing breath of satisfaction from Rand. He tightened his grip on her dark tresses as he slid all the way into her, claiming the Aes Sedai as his.

“Burn me,” he swore through gritted teeth, “that feels good.”

Moiraine clutched the pillows of their bed in a death grip. “I didn’t say you could….ah!” Rand tried a stroke, much harder than his slow penetration had been. He groaned in pleasure.

“Sure you did,” he whispered as he began to ride her, slow and steady. “You said you would serve me, didn’t you? And teach me.” Still gripping her firmly by the hair, Rand reached around and clasped one of her sweet breasts in his palm, kneading it gently.

“Yeeess…” Moiraine hissed low. “But...”

“Tell me more about Tarabon then.” Rand scarce had a damn to give about Tarabon, his thoughts were filled with the beautiful woman snared in his arms.

“The King… oh!... and… the Panarch share…” Moiraine sucked in a deep breath before continued in a rushed gasp “governancewithtaxesandcontrolof…oh light!”

Rand chuckled as he quickened his pace a  little, kissing Moiraine’s tense shoulders.

“Rand, I can’t… while you’re…” moaned the Aes Sedai.

“Alright,” he relented. “Raise your hips a little, and part your thighs; It’ll help.” Rand finished commandingly.

She hesitated for a long moment, biting her lip slightly. There were few things sweeter in Rand’s life than that moment when she parted her creamy thighs and pressed her buttocks back against him.

The Dragon relaxed his grip on his Aes Sedai’s hair and ran his hand over her smooth belly to cup her deliciously wet sex. She let out a loud moan as he slid a finger inside her.

Rand began to ride his lady in earnest now, his hand rubbing her pussy as his cock pounded in and out of her ass. Unconsciously, his grip upon her tit became hard, but Moiraine did not try to push him away. She was pinned helplessly in his embrace, moans of pleasure flowing freely from her wide open mouth. The lesson on hold for now.

Moiraine’s reserve crumbled completely. She ground her hips back against Rand’s, gasping, lost. He buggered her hard and knew she loved it. His fingers worked feverishly upon her pussy lips, soaked in her arousal. When she came, she came hard. Moiraine’s whole body tensed in Rand’s embrace, she threw back her head, arms held out straight like a stretching cat and her anus clamped down upon his cock almost painfully. “Oh, BURN ME!” she screamed as her juices flowed over the palm of Rand’s hand, where her most intimate place now rested. It was the first time Rand had ever heard the Aes Sedai curse. He grinned, deciding there and then that he would hear it many times more. Moiraine held her intense pose for what seemed a long time; when she finally relaxed it was as though someone had cut the strings away from a puppet. She let out a long sigh, and fell limply amidst the tangled sheets and cushions of Rand’s bed. Their bed now. She lay there, lax and unresisting as the grinning youth continued to have his way with her.

Rand looked down, watching Moiraine’s pert bottom quiver with his thrusts. The fiery hairs on his crotch brushed against her pale cheeks each time he entered her, his Aes Sedai, his lady, his Moiraine. With that thought he felt it begin. He fell forward and took his new lover by the throat in a firm but gentle grip, turning her face towards his; he brushed her sweat-soaked locks away from her beautiful face. He kissed her lips as his pleasure built and built, then rested his head upon her shoulder and moaned her name as the dam broke and his seed burst forth.

The lovers lay entangled in each other’s arms, thoughts drifting blissfully.

At last, Moiraine stretched and sat up. Her long dark hair shielded her from Rand’s sight as she arranged the cushions of their bed to her liking and pulled the sheets over them, settling in for the night. When she leaned close he brushed her tresses away from her face to reveal a surprisingly pensive expression. It soon faded into a small smile of mingled exasperation and fondness. “What am I to do with you, Rand al’Thor?” she sighed, snuggling into the crook of his arm, her small body delightfully smooth and warm against his side.

“More of what you already have, I hope.” Rand murmured drowsily. She laughed softly as he cradled her against his chest. He closed his eyes and drifted into a peaceful sleep. Almost.

“Perhaps,” Moiraine allowed. “Still, are you certain that leading the Aiel into the westlands is wise? Many nations may turn against you. Surely, waiting for word from the Amyrlin would be the more prudent course.”

Rand groaned. I knew this was a bad idea, he thought despairingly.

They were still talking long after the sun had set.


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