Power Play

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2. High in a half-finished palace in the city of Rhuidean, two men danced the forms across a marble-tiled floor, illuminated by the setting sun. They were clad each in dark breeches and white shirts, and despite the oppressive heat of the Aiel Waste, they pushed each other relentlessly. Rand flowed into the Red Hawk Takes a Dove, then quickly broke off and switched to Kiss the Adder. He might as well have tried to break Lan’s defence with a blade of grass. The stone-faced Warder checked Rand’s attack and immediately launched a blistering counter. The Cyclone Rages followed by Dandelion in the Wind, so fast Rand had to back pedal to avoid being hit. The young Dragon managed to parry Lan’s first few attacks but was soon overwhelmed. The Warder’s practice blade slid past Rand’s and scored a clean hit on the younger man’s ribs. Even as he grimaced Rand couldn’t help but note that Lan had managed to avoid the unhealing wound that plagued his protégé. Rand knew he still had a long way to go before he could match the uncrowned king of Malkier at swordplay. Nursing his injured side, Rand blew out a breath and said, “I’ll get you one of these days Lan.” The Warder grunted in response. He had been rather uncommunicative today, even by his standards. Rand suspected he knew why. The oaths Moiraine had given to Rand recently had shaken Lan. For all that the man had been a staunch supporter of Rand in the past, he was still a Warder and Moiraine his Aes Sedai. A slight to her was a slight to Lan. Rand tapped the wooden blade against his calf and regarded the older man in consternation. He didn’t regret the changes that had taken place between he and Moiraine in the slightest, so he could hardly apologise for any hurt feelings on the matter. Perhaps if they simply spoke about it. “Listen, Lan,” he ventured. “This thing between Moiraine and I…” “Don’t.” The Warder said, cutting Rand off. His voice was grim. Long black hair and icy blue eyes provided the only movement to cue off of. For all the expression Lan gave away on the rest of his face he might as well have been a marble statue. Rand focused on the eyes. In this, like in swordplay, it was his best bet. “Moiraine’s a grown woman, “ Rand said, “she makes her own decisions and they reflect only on her.” Far from mollifying the Warder, that only seemed to enrage him. Lan’s eyes might almost have been ready to shoot lightning. And he was still expressionless! Rand couldn’t help but smile. Smirk even. It didn’t take long before he realised that would likely be taken the wrong way. But before he could explain further, the Warder took a step towards him. “I am well aware of Moiraine’s age, just as I am well aware of yours,” Lan gritted out. “All our decisions reflect on us.” Another step, and Lan was staring Rand right in the eyes. The two men were of a height and stood nose to nose. “You and Moiraine both have plans,” Lan continued quietly. “And you are both willing to make sacrifices. But which of you is enjoying your sacrifice most I wonder?” Rand coloured and looked away. There was no denying that he was thrilled by Moiraine’s efforts to seduce him. He knew better than to trust her of course, but having her in his bed was worth the risk. A small smile played about his lips. “That’s what I thought,” said Lan, grimly. The Warder struck without warning. Rand’s practice blade was knocked from his nerveless fingers, Lan’s own blade was tossed aside as he attacked with hands and feet. Lan attempted to grapple but Rand broke the hold with a solid elbow to the older man’s jaw. Lan’s hair flew out behind him from the impact but he wasted no time flinching, instead he grasped Rand’s wrist and twisted the offending arm behind the Dragon’s back and held it pinned there. His grip was like iron, nothing short of the One Power would remove it. Rand disdained to resort to that however. What was the point of learning to fight with a sword or his hands if he used channelling to win his battles? Instead he stamped his foot, trying to catch Lan’s instep. But the Warder was wise to that move and dodged easily. Lan grunted in satisfaction,  as though hearing a theory confirmed. Lan kicked Rand’s feet out from under him and bore him down to the marble floor, the youth’s arm still pinned behind him. Rand struggled to his knees but could get no further as Lan twisted his arm so far it felt like it might break. He grunted in pain. The pain was subsumed by shock when he heard the distinctive sound of a belt being unbuckled. Rand’s heart was beating fast, and not entirely from exertion. Rand tried in vain to see behind him as he heard cloth being pushed aside. He gasped when he felt a stranger’s hard hand rest on his hip. Shook involuntarily when that hand grasped his belt and yanked downwards, exposing his smooth, pale buttocks in one rough motion. Without preamble, something hard and hot poked at Rand’s puckered anus. Lan paused there. The tableau held for a long moment. Rand thought of the One Power, of all the ways he could end this. Of the price to be paid for doing so, and the price to be paid for not. Lan allowed him that moment to consider. And when the Dragon hesitated too long, the Warder reached forward, grabbed him by his dark red hair, and mounted him. A grunted duet filled the twilit air as Lan forced his way inside Rand. He was big, the younger man soon realised. Long and thick. Part of him wished he could see Lan’s member but all he could see was the black and white tiled floor and the setting sun beyond the railed balcony. Lan pushed forward mercilessly, until resistance waned. Soon Rand felt a pair of hairy balls resting against him and knew the Warder was completely inside him. He breathed heavily as he struggled to accommodate the giant invader. Lan’s breath came heavily as began to ride the Dragon Reborn, pulling back and pushing forwards in long, merciless strokes. Rand tossed his head, but was unable to shake Lan’s grip on his hair as the older man ravaged him. His cheeks reddened, from shame mingled with a forbidden pleasure. He reddened further when he felt his manhood begin to stir. Lan was heedless of his mount’s qualms, his grip on Rand’s arm remained firm as he began to quicken his pace, a loud slapping noise accompanying each hard thrust. Rand squeezed his eyes shut and bit his lip to keep from crying out. His resolve broke with an embarrassing whimper when Lan quickened the pace yet more, thrusting in and out of Rand’s ass feverishly. It didn’t take long at that pace. Lan cried out between gritted teeth and bucked forward once more. Rand felt the Warder begin to spurt inside him and let out a heavy sigh. Lan moaned as he took a final few slow strokes of Rand’s ass, milking the last of his semen. The grip on Rand’s wrist and hair fell away but he did not move from his position. As he struggled to make sense of what had just happened he felt a hard hand reach around from behind and grasp his penis. The grip lasted just long enough to ascertain that Rand was rock hard. With a knowing grunt, Lan released him, pulling his long cock out of the youth and planting a firm slap upon his reddened buttocks. Rand hung his head and blushed furiously. The Dragon pulled up his breeches, studiously refusing to look back; he could hear Lan doing the same, and still some traitorous part of him wanted to peek. Instead he sat on the marble floor and trembled involuntarily with feelings he could not decide on a name for. Lan rose up and stood over Rand. “Now you know how Moiraine felt,” he rumbled. Rand did not look up at him. “She enjoyed it,” he muttered. “I know she did.” Lan snorted. “So did you.” At that Rand did glance up and caught a rare glimpse of expression on his sword master’s face. A pleased smirk. Burn him! Lan turned and sauntered towards the stairwell, leaving Rand to clean up. Showing the Dragon his back, safe in the knowledge that he couldn’t, or wouldn’t strike it. Rand watched Lan go and set his jaw stubbornly. Moiraine would come to visit him tonight, to discuss his plans and try and replace them with her own. He would give her such a seeing to, he decided. He would leave her incoherent with pleasure. And when next Lan came to meet him for swordplay lessons he would fight with all he had, and they would just see what happened. “I’ll get you one of these days,” Rand murmured. He bit his lip again, trying and failing to suppress a smile.

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