Melissa's monster mash

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Melissa was so bored. She had been given guard duty by Chiron because of a stupid prank she had done with Drew. Melissa was the daughter of aphrodite, standing at about 5’7” she had short light brown hair that barely reached her shoulders, small c cup breasts, well small for a daughter of aphrodite all her sister’s where usually rocking E cups or larger but Melissa was happy with her nice handfuls. Especially because of her ass, Thick full and jiggly Melissa had an ass that most women would die for. Her large ass looked even better on her because of her smaller frame, while not fit she had a little ponch to her belly melissa was by no means fat, which made her nice ass all the more stand out.

The reason for Melissa’s current predicament was the fact that she and drew had used their respective skills to manipulate one of there fellow campers into well, they had used Drew’s charm speak and Melissa’s beast allure to convince Kealey a daughter of Demeter, to well they convinced her to bend over and allow a Hellhound to fuck her senseless. Kealey was a very heavy set girl with long light brown hair streaked with blonde highlights. She was a BBW fan's wet dream and Melissa had to admit seeing her bent over with the Hellhound knotting her was one of the sexiest things Melissa had ever seen. Laying back against the tree she was leaning on Melissa reached down and unbuttoned her jeans, spreading her legs she worked for her hand under her pants as she began rubbing her pussy over her panties. Biting her lip to keep from moaning, Melissa thought back to their prank.

While she wouldn’t admit it at least not yet Melissa had been Jealous of Kealey having that massive knotted cock slamming in and out of you. Being under such a massive beast as he took you over and over again with little regard to what you wanted. Melissa’s jeans and panties were now both soaked through as her hand aggressively worked at her pussy. Melissa groaned as she pulled her panties to the side and began to shove two of her fingers into her pussy curling them upwards she began to try and work at her G-spot. Melissa played with herself for nearly an hour before she pulled her hand out of her pants and gave a frustrated groan. 

Laying back against the tree Melissa wanted to cry, she had made the mistake of calling Artemis a stuck up prude several years ago after an argument with one of the Hunter’s after which the goddess had cursed Melissa so that she could never receive pleasure from any mortal, or demigod. Turns out this curse didn’t mean she could feel anything pleasurable it just meant that she couldn’t cum from anything done by a mortal or Demigod. The worst part was that because she was a demigod it meant that the curse applied to her as well. No matter what Melissa tried she couldn’t make herself cum, which meant it had been literal years since Melissa had been able to feel an orgasm, and the frustration was getting to her. 

As Melissa laid against the tree she heard a loud screech from the woods outside of the barrier to the camp. Looking up Melissa could hear a loud commotion coming from within the woods outside of the camp barrier. Picking up her sword even though she barely ever used it Melissa headed into the woods, making her way closer to the source of the sound she was shocked to see her friend Hannah pinned under a large male griffon as the beast rutted her into the ground.

Hannah was the daughter of Dionysus, she shared her father's happy go lucky party attitude though it was hard to tell at the moment with her laid spread eagle on the forest floor with a massive griffon cock plunging in and out of her severely stretched out pussy. Hannah was not a big girl with a flat stomach small b cup breasts and a tight toned ass she was every bit the girl next door stereotype. Her light brown hair was spread out around her head as she stared up wide-eyed at the massive beast on top of her.

Melissa's first instinct was to rush out and help her but she could see three other male griffons standing to the side from the large hard-ons they were sporting Melissa could only guess that they were probably waiting to take their turns next. Four griffons was a lot and could give any hero a run for their money. Melissa might have been able to handle them because of her beast control ability. An altered form of charm-speak allowed her to command monsters to obey her but she had never used it on more than one monster before and she had no idea if she could command all four griffons not to attack her.

Deciding her best bet was to wait and see if the monsters tried to hurt Hannah. Finding a safe spot to hide Melissa began to watch.

The Griffon had Hannah pinned to the ground as it had mounted her one of its front paws had managed to pin both of her hands above her head as it had positioned itself between her legs. Its massive thirteen-inch cock was covered in hundreds of hard backward-facing Barb's, not pointed enough to cause any damage but large enough to cause a similar effect as studding or ribbing does for a dildo. The rough texture making it an exquisitely pleasurable ordeal for the young girl.

The first thrust was the worst the massive cock slamming home sinking all 13 inches inside of her virgin cunt in one stroke causing the girl to let out the scream that had attracted Melissa as well as causing tears to spring forth in her eyes.

Melissa couldn't help herself as her hand slowly crept under her pants and began rubbing at her pussy as she watched her friend getting fucked. The griffon's spiny cock apparently felt amazing because despite her predicament Melissa watched as Hannah screamed as she started to cum.

“Harder, fuck me harder.” Screamed Hannah as she was fucked the griffon. Whether it understood her or not Melissa wasn’t sure but the Griffon seemed to pick up its pace as it began pounding Hannah as hard as it could the beast's massive rough cock plunging in and out of her the spines grinding against her clit as he fucked her. Melissa couldn’t help herself as she quickly stripped out of her clothing pulling off her camp half-blood T-shirt, Melissa looked down at her perky tits, rubbing her thumb over her hard nipple she bit her lip before reaching down and beginning to unfasten her pants. Working the stretched jeans down over her large ass Melissa let them drop once they made it over the largest part of her ass leaving her only in her pink thong the small triangle of cotton barely covered her pussy and the back of the Thong was completely swallowed between her perfect ass cheeks. Peeling off her thong Melissa couldn’t help herself as she sauntered into the clearing.

The Griffons watched her as she approached them, the one fucking Hannah even pausing and pulling out causing the younger girl to moan in disappointment when her pussy was left vacant. Taking a deep breath Melissa got on her hands and knees as she looked up at the large beasts.

“Fuck Us.” Said Melissa as she used her beast control to command all three of the beasts. The Beast that was standing over Hannah pulled away leaving her on the ground as the girl whimpered at the thought of not getting the large cock anymore. Flipping over onto her hands and Knees Hannah started to crawl after the griffon hoping to get the cock back but she was stopped when the other two griffons moved in, jumping on her back one of them quickly began humping her it’s smaller but still large eleven-inch cock sliding along her pussy its spines grinding against her clit causing her to mewl in pleasure.

Melissa watched with a look of hunger across her face as the larger griffon approached her, her ass slowly shaking back and forth in anticipation. To her surprise, instead of walking behind and mounting her the griffon moved in front of her before straddling her lining up, its soaked cock with her mouth. Licking her lips Melissa leaned forward as she dragged her tongue along the length of the cock, the flavor was amazing, while not a full-blown carpet muncher like piper or Drew that regularly shared their bed with any girl they could get in it, but the taste of Hannah coating the cock made melissa think that she should be. Taking the head of the cock into her mouth Melissa started to swirl her tongue around it before she gagged as the Griffon thrust forward sinking half of his cock into Melissa’s throat as he began to fuck her face. She gaged and choked as the griffon took little heed to her comfort or need to breathe as he began fucking her face just as hard as he had been rutting Hannah.

Speaking of Hannah the girl was in quite the predicament seeing as the griffon that had been fucking her had pulled out before laying on its back next to her using one paw it pulled her on top of him. Hannah knew what he wanted as he lined up on top of his cock slowly lowering herself down onto his cock Hannah groaned as she felt his rough spiny cock rubbing against her insides. Hannah hadn’t even begun to properly ride the cock before the final griffon stepped up behind her placing its paw on her back it shoved her forward as it moved ontop of her Hannah looked back confused as to why it was climbing on top of her.

“What are you? No! No, you can’t!” Yelled Hannah as she felt the tip of the griffon’s cock press against her asshole. Hannah may have been a party girl and she might have had a few drunken one-night stands with different campers now and then but she had never so much as ever even fingered her ass before. Hannah was held down by the beast's massive paw as she was given no option other than to just grit her teeth and bear it as the griffon’s massive eleven-inch cock pushed in deep inside of her virgin asshole.

“Gods it’s too big to take it out, please. It’s too fucking big!” Screamed Hannah as the Griffon slowly started thrusting into her his spiny cock sliding in and out the spines causing her asshole to clench and spasm as they slid in and out. The angle at which the griffin was fucking her asshole pushed against the griffon’s cock inside of her pussy against her G-spot.

Melissa was a mess her hair was matted to her face as she was brutally face fucked by the beast towering over her. Coughing and gasping for breath when the Griffon pulled out of her mouth Melissa was shocked when she saw Hannah sandwiched between the two griffons the girl was a screaming mess as the double-teaming she was receiving pushed her over the edge sending her into a chain of multiple orgasms crashing into her over and over again not allowing her to recover before she was cumming again.

“Fuck I want that so bad.” Said Melissa as she watched her friend, looking behind her Melissa watched as the Griffon that had fucked her face willing her ass in anticipation Melissa stared back over at the beast as it mounted her.

“Yes yes please please give it to me.” Begged Melissa as she shook her ass against the large cock. The beast needed no encouragement as it slammed its cock inside of Melissa's pussy. Melissa came. Her world shattered and she came for the first time in years, an explosion of pleasure and sweet sweet mind breaking relief as years of frustrated tension was washed away. Her cunt spasmed and clenched down so fucking tight that the griffon let out a screech as she squirted around his cock. Apparently, the curse that had been placed on her only applied to demi-gods and mortals, monsters were exempt and therefore able to pleasure her. Somehow Melissa was able to hold herself up despite the pleasure wracking her body which was a good thing because the griffon was not going to give her time to recover as it began fucking her. Melissa grunted as the Griffon’s massive cock bottomed out inside of her, silently thanking the fact that her big ass provided a little cushion from the massive beast's thrusts as he pounded away at her. Rocking back in time with his thrust melissa met him fuck for fuck. The sound of moans and slapping flesh filled the clearing as the Griffons fucked each girl, Melissa getting pounded from behind by the alpha, as the other two continued to double team, Hannah.

The two griffons fucking Hannah showed their inexperience as they screeched and thrust forward both spewing their cum inside the small girl flooding both of her holes and sending her into another long shaking orgasm. Before they pulled out dumping her onto the ground as they walked off. Hannah had long since passed out from being double-teamed and did little more than grunt as she was tossed to the side by the two young males softly moaning to herself as cum leaked out of her.

Melissa for her part hoped that the griffon fucking her had much more staying power as she felt her second orgasm of the night come crashing down on her. Her eyes rolling back and a look of pure euphoria plastered across it. Her pleasure shot through the roof as she felt the cock inside of her pulse before her insides were flooded with semen.

“Gods yes.” Moaned Melissa as she quaked under the Griffin as he finally finished inside of her before pulling out, and moving away.

“No please come back I want more. Please.” Begged Melissa pitifully as she looked at the large griffon walking away tears threatening to spring forth as the thought of not being able to cum anymore scared her. Luckily for Melissa, the two smaller griffon’s while not as large as the one that just fucked her had the benefit of youth on their side. The larger griffon had no sooner left her than one of the smaller griffons, sinking his cock into her as he set forth at a breakneck pace. Melissa was in heaven as she felt herself quickly building to her third orgasm of the night her pussy clenching and spasming as she started cumming hard on his cock. Melissa lost track of time but she knew that the griffon fucked her through three more orgasms, before blasting it’s load inside of her, after which the second of the smaller griffons took it’s place and fucked her through another four orgasms before she passed out.

Melissa came to a little while later still delirious and barely conscious she looked up to see that all three griffons were fucking Hannah the two smaller ones in her mouth and pussy as the larger one brutally fucked her asshole. Melissa was too tired to get up and do anything but she really wished it was her in Hannah's place as she drifted off to sleep.


This is a connected story to Challenge of the two gods so many characters in this story will also be in that one. Though this story will most prominently follow Melissa as she fucks her way through every monster in Greek Mythology. As always leave a review or pm me if you have any ideas for this story or any other story.


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