Melissa's monster mash

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Melissa huffed as she blew her hair out of her face, she had hoped after the incident with the griffon's and the mind blowing orgasm she received that the curse had worn off. She had been wrong, Melissa was currently bent over the table with Clarrise behind her, somehow the daughter of Ares had received a cock from Mom, something to do with drew. Clarrise had surprised Melissa when she had come onto her, she knew that children of Ares tended to be attracted to children of Aphrodite, but Clarrise had always been loyal to her boyfriend and drew. It surprised her even more when the daughter of Ares whipped out a massive cock and told her to bend over a bench in the training arena.

Melissa had been excited at first, the romp with the griffon's had been several days ago and she had been really horny ever since. Clarrise's cock looked so good, but sadly the fucking curse took effect draining every once of pleasure that clarrise's cock should have given Melissa. Which left her bent over a bench as Clarrise slammed her cock in and out of her pussy and all Melissa could do was lay there and wait for her to finish.

"Fuck you close to cumming yet beuty bitch." Grunted Clarisse as she slapped Melissa's ass spanking it. Fuck even the damn spanking felt weird thought Melissa as she felt Clarrise begin to spank her over and over again. I used to like a good spanking but not even that feels good any more.

"Why won't you fucking cum." Grunted Clarrise as she kept fucking she had been thourghly enjoying her new cock especially the fact that she could leave a girl as a drooling mess when she fucked them drew had been the only one to dominate her which was exactly how she intended it to stay. The only problem was that Melissa had the gall to look bored as she was getting fucked at least Drew enjoyed herself.

"I can't." Said Melissa with an annoyed huff.

"I'll make you." Said Clarrise as she sped up her thrusts, her hips slamming into Melissa's ass sending ripples through the jiggling orbs.

"No I fucking can't, Artemis cursed me not to feel pleasure." Yelled Melissa as she gave up holding herself up laying face first on the bench as she let Clarrise keep fucking her. "Just hurry up and finish."

Clarrise's thrust slowed down and she slowly pulled out.

"If you can't feel pleasure then why did you let me fuck you." Said Clarrise as she looked down at Melissa, she had stopped fucking her but she couldn't resist continuing to rub her cock between the girls fat ass cheeks.

"I thought maybe the curse wouldn't work since you got your cock from Mom." Said Melissa as she laid on the bench.

"Why didn't you stop me after you relised the curse was still working." Asked Clarrise confused as to why Melissa would lay there and take it when she wasn't getting any pleasure.

"I didn't want to blue ball you." Said Melissa with a blush. Clarrise surprised Melissa by lowering herself down leaning over Melissa's back as she gave her a kiss on the cheek. Melissa couldn’t help but smile as the daughter of Ares showed her tender side for the first time. 

“So you can not get pleasure from anyone.” said Clarrise as she sat on the bench next to melissa.

“Not any mortal, when Artemis tries to recruit me to her hunters.” Melissa paused as she sat up. “I may have told her that I didn't see why anyone would join her. Though i may have been a little meaner with my word.” Clarrise gave Melissa a look which caused her to blush. “I asked why would i want to join her group of carpet munchers and may have said that her cunt was so dry she couldn’t get fucked even if she found a guy desperate enough to fuck her.”

Clarrise burst out laughing at that as she leaned in and through her arm over Melissa’s shoulder. “So you can’t feel any pleasure.” siad Clarrise as she leaned against Melissa she was still thinking with her lower head though because her hands were on Melissa’s breasts as she leaned against her.

“The curse makes it so that I can't receive pleasure from mortals. I can from.” Melissa trailed off as she blushed even harder. 

“You can from what?” asked Clarisse as she gave Melissa a puzzled look.

“Monsters” said Melissa in a barely audible voice.


“Monsters I got fucked by griffons and I came hard okay.” Shouted Melissa as she stood up from the bench and walked a few steps away, her hands grabbing her head, and her ass jiggling with each step.

“Wait so the same griffons that fucked Hannah the other day?” said Clarrise despite her shock her eyes were locked on Melissa’s ass, shaking her head to try and clear it clarisse stood up and approached Melissa. “So what if you fucked a monster, I’m pretty sure nearly any demigod has fucked a monster at some point. I mean Selena used to get pegasus dick all the time, i joined her at least once.” said Clarrise as she stepped up behind Melissa.

“If you really need a monster cock inorder to get off then you need to go to Triple G Ranch.” Said Clarrise as she wrapped her arm around Melissa pushing her breasts up against her as she kissed Melissa’s neck.

“Triple G Ranch?” said Melissa as she turned her head to look at Clarisse.

“Yeah my brother runs it. It's a monster ranch he raises a lot of domestic or i guess more semi domestic monsters, it’s down in texas.” Said Clarrise as she rubbed her cock between Melissa’s ass cheeks. “Are you sure your fine with me finishing.”

“Yeah your fine.” Said Melissa before she grunted as Clarrise shoved her cock into her. “So this ranch raises Monster?” Asked Melissa as she leaned forward so as to better allow Clarrise access to fuck her.

“Yes.” said Clarrise between moans as she began fucking Melissa without the need to make sure her partner was enjoying it Clarrise was just focusing on her own pleasure.

“How would i even get there though.” asked Melissa as she rocked her ass back into Clarisse.

“I could take you oh fuck,  you would just need to get Chiron’s permission.” said Clarrise as she kept fucking Melissa. “Can we not talk and just fuck for a minute.”

Melissa just rolled her eyes seeing as she wasn’t actually getting anything out of this but she stayed quiet and allowed Clarrise to finish. With a grunt melissa felt her pussy flooded with cum before clarisse pulled out and stepped back. 

“It’s a shame that you can’t feel any pleasure” said Clarrise as she tucked her cock away into her pants and began to dress. “I would love to make this a regular thing.” 

Melissa followed suit getting dressed as she watched Clarrise walk out.

“Don’t forget to ask Chiron for permission to go on the quest.” she called over her shoulder. Melissa headed to the big house deciding to get it over with before she lost her nerve. Melissa found Chiron on the porch, she had to fight back a sudden rush of feelings as she found herself staring at Chiron’s well muscled horse lower half. Flashbacks to the night with the griffon flowed through her mind before she was snapped out of it with a loud cough. Melissa realised that she had been standing in front of chiron staring for nearly a minute.

“Is there something you need my dear.” said Chiron as he turned to face her and the thuds of his hooves on the wood floor made Melissa glance down where she saw his cock hidden in its sheath under it.

“I need to go on a quest.” said Melissa as she quickly looked up at Chiron’s face tearing her eyes away from his cock.

“Has Rachel given you a prophecy?” asked Chiron.

“Well, not exactly Clarrise told me about a place one of her brother’s runs called triple G ranch and said that she would take me there.” said Melissa as she stared down at her feet, she suddenly felt very embarrassed about what she was asking.

“Why would you want to go to a ranch that raises monsters?” said Chiron as he gave her an appraising look.

“Because I need to buy one.” Said Melissa.

“Why would a demigod need to buy a monster?” asked Chiron confused about what she wanted.

“Because Artemis cursed me.” said Melissa hoping that she could leave it at that.

“And the monster will allow you to break the curse?” asked Chiron his look of confusion making way to a look of concern.

“It’s more of a work around.” said Melissa hoping that chiron would leave it.

“Work around in what way, Meissa what is this curse,” Asked Chiron his tone taking on a authoritative tone that told Melissa that there would be no more avoiding his questions. Melissa just stood there until a stomp from chiron’s hoof spurred her to answer.

“The curse makes it so that i can’t feel pleasure from mortals and the other nights i found the griffons fucking hannah and then i let them fuck me and it felt so good, so i need a monster to fuck me again.” her words rattled out and she couldn’t stop herself before she had told Chiron everything. She stood there blushing as chiron shifted uncomfortably in front of her as he processed the information.

“That is a very inappropriate request Melissa, i don’t know if i can allow this.” said Chiron though Melissa notices that his cock had partially slide out of its sheath. It was far bigger than she had originally thought it was nearly as big as the griffon's cock and it wasn’t even hard yet.

“I know what it is like to not have a partner to help you relieve your stress so to speak, there are not exactly many female centaurs hanging around camp. Can you not relieve yourself? I believe humans are capable of doing that unlike centaurs.” This caught Melissa’s attention as she realised that a centaur had no way of jacking off. There was no way for chiron to reach down and touch his cock.

“How long has it been since the last time you were with a female centaur.” said Melissa as she glanced down at Chrion’s large cock again. Chiron scoffed and took a step back at Melissa’s question.

“Because it sounds to me like we could help each other.” said Melissa as she turned around and leaned against the railing to the porch reaching down she began to unbutton her pants before pulling them down. Melissa had to work shaking her hips back and forth as she slid her pants down. 

“Melissa you are one of my wards. I am practically your adoptive father.” said Chiron though Melissa could see his cock hardening as she glanced back over her shoulder. 

“Then fuck me daddy.” Melissa arched her back as she presented her pussy to Chiron. The confidence of the statement drained out of Melissa when the front two of Chiron’s legs were placed on either side of her upon the railing. Melissa gulped down a breath as she felt the massive head of Chiron’s cock press against her pussy. Taking a deep breath Melissa regained some of her confidence Melissa decided to taunt him some more.

“Your so big daddy-” the statement ended with a scream as at the word daddy, Chiron thrust forward and buried half of his cock into her. Melissa’s scream was cut off by a strangled gasp as she lost her breath. It felt like someone had punched her in the stomach and deflated her lungs. Chiron started to pull back which allowed Melissa to gasp in a quick breath before she felt Chiron’s cock begin to push back into her. Melissa was forced to exhale every time Melissa bottomed out inside of her. Causing her to gasp in a breath every time he pulled out. 

The railing squeeked with each thrust as Chiron began to steadily fuck Melissa.

Melissa’s world exploded in a world of fireworks as Chiron’s cock plundered her. She had worried about being stretched out by the griffon but Chiron’s massive cock was all but destroying her.

“I have to say you are much tighter than a centaur.” Groaned Chiron as he ruthlessly pounded into Melissa, his only response was a strangled moan as Melissa drooled underneath him. Her tits flopped back and forth underneath her as she was forced hard into the railing. Chiron took another step forward as he managed to force the rest of his cock into Melissa, a visible bulge formed on her stomach as the head of his cock stretched out her womb. Melissa came again and again as chiron plowed into her the frustration that had built up following the griffons was washed away with the tide of orgasms that rushed over her. Each orgasm felt like it just built a bubble building larger and larger each time she came. The bubble finely burst when she heard Chiron grunt and felt her pussy flooded with cum as Chiron came.

Years of pent up Centaur cum where poured into Melissa’s womb as she shuddered and collapsed onto the railing. Chiron stepped back pulling his massive cock out of Melissa as the girl laid there groaning Chiron’s cum pouring out of her pussy.

“Melissa you can go on your quest but if you wouldn’t mind i would like to continue what we have just done at a later date, because of your curse and my lack of a female centaur i believe we can help each other.”

Melissa slumped down from the railing into the puddle of cum but she managed to raise a hand up to give chiron a thumbs up in agreement.


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