Slut's of camp halfblood

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Annabeth sighed as she laid back on her bed, it was a hot summer day and the magic air conditioning on the athena cabin had stopped working. Most likely it was a prank from the hermes cabin, she would have to deal with the stoll brothers later. Annabeth was in nothing but her white cotton panties, Annabeth would have gone completely naked but she was self conscious of her new appendage. Not that the panties did too much to hide it, there was a very large bulge clearly showing that Annabeth was now sporting a massive cock. Annabeth slowly ran her hand over the bulge groaning lightly as she felt the cock begin to harden under her panties.  

“What am i doing” said Annabeth as she pulled her panties to the side to allow her cock to stand up. Reaching up Annabeth began stroking her cock, little whimpers and moans escaped her as she gave in to pleasuring herself. Annabeth closed her eyes and rested against her pillow as she slowly began stroking her cock up and down. Annabeth lost track of time while she laid there, never quitting, bringing herself to closer but keeping herself on the edge the entire time.

Annabeth was so caught up in mastrubating that she didn’t hear the knock on the door.

“Annabeth are you in there.” called out Piper's voice as she opened the door to Annabeth's bedroom. Annabeth’s eyes shot open and she started to yell for piper to wait but the protest died on her lips as when she saw the look on her friends face. Piper had a look of shock on her face as she stared down at Annabeth's cock.

“I can explain.” Said Annabeth, her cock still in her hand as she remained frozen like a deer in headlights.

Piper quickly stepped inside the room as she shut the door behind her.

"Explain why do you have a cock?" 

"Monster bite." 

"How long have you had it?"

"Two weeks."

"What does it feel like?" This last question partly snapped Annabeth out of her stunned state.

"What?" She asked, confused.

"What does it feel like to have a cock?" Asked Piper her turn to be embarrassed as a blush covered her cheeks.

"Weird." Said Annabeth after a brief pause. "It feels slightly uncomfortable and it's always hard."

"What does it feel like?" Piper paused as she looked down at her feet, her blush deepening. "Well you know." Piper raised her hands and mimed something popping.

"I don't know." Said Annabeth managing to turn an even deeper shade of red than Piper.

"What do you mean you don't know, you've had it for a week." Said Piper shocked. "No wonder it's always hard you've been blue balling yourself."

"Look every time I feel like I'm going to finish it feels like it's going to burst and I get scared and stop myself." Said annabeth.

"Well yeah your going to burst your about to shoot your load." Said Piper. "You do know how sex works right."

"Of course I know I've just never done it in person." Yelled annabeth. "It's different from how I used to" Annabeth trailed off blushing again.

Piper gave a sigh as she kicked off her shoes.

"Look it sounds like you really need some relief, so how about if I helped you." 

"But wouldn't that mean we are cheating on Percy and Jason." Asked Annabeth her lust addled mind really wanted Piper but she knew it was wrong.

"Only if we fuck, there are other things that we can do to help you." With that Piper stepped up onto the bed still completely clothed except for her shoes. Standing above Annabeth Piper raised one foot bringing it to rest on the underside of annabeth's cock. The blonde sucked in her breath as she felt someone else touch her cock for the first time. Piper slowly slid her foot along the length of Annabeth's cock her soft socks gliding along its underside. Piper slowly slid her foot up and down the length of Annabeth's cock noting that her sock was starting to get wet from Annabeth's precum.

"So how does it feel." Asked Piper.

"Good so good Piper I think I might cum" Piper quickly pulled her foot away.

"Leave it." Said Piper sharply as Annabeth tried to reach out and touch her cock.

"You don't get to cum until I say so." 

Annabeth frowned but did as Piper said and stopped reaching for her cock.

"I thought you were going to make me cum." Said Annabeth.

"Oh I am, I just intend to enjoy it first." Piper balanced on one foot as she reached down and pulled off her sock tossing it across Annabeth's face before returning to the footjob. Instead of cloth Piper's bare foot began to rub against Annabeth's throbbing cock. First rubbing the bottom of her foot along the bottom of Annabeth's cock before sliding Annabeth's cock between her big toe and the rest, sliding her foot up and down as she began to stroke Annabeth off. Annabeth grunted and moaned as more precum leaked out.

Piper locked eyes with Annabeth before allowing a huge globe of drool to leak from her mouth slowly dripping down before finally falling to land on the head of Annabeth's cock. Annabeth let out a moan as she felt the drool land on her cock. Piper slid her foot up Annabeth's cock before using her big toe to smear the drool over the head of Annabeth's cock before slowly sliding her foot down using the spit as lube as she returned to stroking 

annabeth off. With the spit acting as lube Piper began rubbing her foot faster along Annabeth's cock. Pulling her foot away from the shaft of Annabeth’s cock Piper lowered it under Annabeth's balls cupping them with the top of her foot as she wiggled her toes under them. Piper continued to rub her foot all over annabeth’s balls occasionally pausing in order to spit on them whenever she felt like she needed more lube.

“Alright time to wrap this up.” said Piper as she sat down on the bed in front of Annabeth. Piper removed her other shoe as well as her sock before she scooted up two Annabeth and sandwiched Annabeth's cock between her feet. Piper squeezed Annabeth's cock between her feet as she slid it up and down. As Piper continued her foot job Annabeth moaned and whimpered as Piper worked her orgasm growing ever closer.

“You're going to cum for me.” said Piper getting a whimper of agreement from Annabeth.

“You're going to cum Now!” commanded Piper using her charmspeak though it wasn’t necessary Annabeth was already so close.

“Fuuck” screamed Annabeth as she exploded her cum shooting up in the air before raining back down on top of Piper’s feet, a few shots fell back to land on Annabeth’s stomach. Annabeth fell back panting  as weeks worth of pent up cum covered pipers feet and her stomach.

“That was a lot but we are not done yet.” said Piper as she scooted closer to annabeth, piper and annabeth where practically scissoring as Pipers jean short covered pussy was rubbing up against Annabeth's soft cock.

“You still need to clean me up.” said Piper as she presented her cum covered feet to Annabeth's face.

“You want me to clea-augh.” Piper cut Annabeth off by shoving the big toe of her right foot inside her mouth. Annabeth was caught off guard by Piper but she didn’t pull away; instead to Piper's surprise she felt Annabeth's tongue wiggle against her toe. Piper's left foot rubbed against Annabeth's face smearing cum all over it. Annabeth sucked and licked all over Piper’s toe once it was clean she pulled back before moving onto the next toe.

It was Piper’s turn to moan as she felt Annabeth's tongue wiggle around her toe’s as the blonde slurped up her own cum from Piper's feet. Piper pulled her foot from Annabeth's mouth before placing it on her other cheek piper sandwiched Annabeth's face between her feet as she slid the back and forth smearing cum and spit all over Annabeth's face. Piper giggled to herself as she smushed Annabeth's face between her feet occasionally scooping up some cum before feeding  it to Annabeth's mouth.

Once Annabeth finished cleaning Piper’s feet the daughter of Aphrodite finally relented, scooting away from Annabeth as she stood up from the bed.

“Well that was fun how are you feeling.”

“Good though it’s hard again.” said Annabeth as she stood up her cock once again rock hard.

“You liked sucking on my feet didn’t you.” said piper.

“Shut up.” snapped Annabeth as she blushed. “So should i lay down again.”

“You can if you want too, You don’t want to cheat so that rules out my pussy but you can still use any other hole you want.” said Piper Annabeth new that this was a very loose interpretation of what cheating was, but was too horny to ignore it. Thinking back to a conversation with her mom about how the children of Athena where conceived, and thinking of how a daughter of aphrodite was supposed to be built for sex and capable of anything Annabeth made up her mind with what she wanted.

“Get on your knees.” Said Annabeth, Piper smiled as she dropped onto her knees in front of Annabeth tilting back her head Piper opened her mouth and hung out her tongue as she waited for annabeth. Annabeth walked up to piper  taking a hold of her head. Annabeth tilted it back with one hand as she gripped her cock with the other. Slapping her cock against Piper’s tongue a couple times Annabeth lined up the tip of her cock with Piper’s nose. Piper’s eyes widened as Annabeth began to press up into her nose, struggling at first before as if a dam broke and Annabeth slammed her cock to the hilt inside of Piper's nose. Piper’s eye twitched as she stared up at Annabeth completely caught off guard at having a cock shoved up her nose.

“Wow that actually worked, fuck it feels good.” Said Annabeth as she slowly pulled out of piper stopping with only the head left inside before she shoved it back in. Annabeth started out slowly at first, sliding her cock in and out of Piper’s nose, but she soon built up speed as she started thrusting faster and faster into her friend's nose.

Luckily for piper as the daughter of Aphrodite not only could she handle this weird fucking without taking any damage it actually felt really good. Infact it felt so good that the front of Piper’s jean shorts where completely soaked through as she came hard after only a few minutes of fucking. Her arms hung limp at her sides and drool ran from the corners of her mouth to drip off her chin as she became nothing more than a rag doll for Annabeth's pleasure. 

Annabeth lasted longer this time having previously cum from piper’s foot job earlier. Annabeth was soon able to fuck piper at a increadibly fast pase her cock gliding in and out of piper’s nose with no problem, infact at one point annabeth got carried away and ended up pulling out completely, forcing her to pause her fucking. Lining up with the nostril that she had not fucked yet Annabeth once again shoved her cock inside of Piper’s nose. Annabeth returned to fucking Piper’s nose hard smiling to herself every time she heard the girl moan, Piper was now cumming every cupple of minutes, or at least Annabeth thought she was cumming, Piper kept shuddering and shaking but other than that she had gone completely limp even her eyes had rolled back and out of focus. Annabeth felt a brief pang of guilt and hoped that she wasn’t currently causing any permanent damage but it felt two good to stop. 

Annabeth was about to cum her balls slapping against Pipers open mouth with each thrust. Burying her cock to the base inside of Piper's nose, Annabeth groaned as she flooded Piper's nose with cum which sprayed out of Piper’s other nostril. Annabeth held herself inside of Piper as she came, her cock pulsing as she fired shot after shot into Piper's nose. As Annabeth came down from her orgasm what she was currently doing seemed to dawn on her. Pulling out a strand of cum connected Annabeth's cock to piper’s nose.

“I’m so sorry piper are you okay.” Annabeth suddenly worried about her friend. Piper smiled up at annabeth as cum leaked from her nose, raising her hand up piper gave annabeth a thumbs up before passing out collapsing onto the ground.

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