Slut's of camp halfblood

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Annabeth was falling, she had joined Clarrise on a hunt in the forest. Several campers had reported seeing a monster that they couldn't identify in the forest. It had been decided that Annabeth and Clarrise would go in and find it to make sure it wasn't a danger. It was assumed that Annabeth as a daughter of Athena would be able to identify the monster and Clarrise as a daughter of ares would be able to deal with it when it was found. What was not planned for was the ground opening up and dropping both girls into a giant pit.

As they fell a terrifying realization hit Annabeth they were falling into tartarus somehow a pit to tartarus had opened inside the forest and swallowed Annabeth and Clarrise. Looking over at the flailing girl Annabeth could see that Clarrise had come to the same realisation she had. 

Unlike the last time when she fell in with Percy which was an accident this time was a trap. The second Annabeth and Clarrise hit the floor they were swarmed by monsters stripping away their weapons and binding their hands they were shoved to the knees before Tartarus himself. Standing next to the Abyssal God was Typhon to his right as well as Nyx to his left.

“Annabeth Chase not lightly does one leave my domain without permission, especially one who would put my wife back into her slumber.” Rumbled the deep booming voice of Tartarus.

“Giea was attempting to destroy the gods; she left us no choice.” Annabeth’s mind was racing as she tried to find a way out of her predicament sadly she was currently facing three of the most powerful diety’s to have ever been created with no God's on her side to back her up.

“Yes and destroying the gods is exactly what you will help us with” Said Tartarus as he stepped close to Annabeth and Clarrise. “Both of you will.”

“Never we will never help you” shouted Annabeth

“Yeah go to hell you bastard.” Yelled Clarisse.

“Hell” Tartarus seemed to find this amusing as he began to laugh. “Look around little girl I am hell. Typhon take the Daughter of Ares you know what to do.”

Typhon stepped forward grabbing Clarisse pulling the struggling Daughter of Ares into his Arms he carried the girl away.

“What are you going to do with her?” Asked Annabeth

“Not your concern little one.” Said Nyx as she moved closer to Annabeth. The primordial goddess of night seemed to glide across the ground, her curvy body a black void dotted with speckles of starlight.

“You and your friends put my poor sister back to sleep. I was so hoping for a family reunion.” Nyx leaned in close to Annabeth the blonde could feel the goddess's breath on her neck as Nyx whispered in her ear. “Luckily for you I know how to wake her up and your going to help.”

Annabeth fought the urge to hit the goddess knowing that the result would be instant death and still holding out hope that she might survive.

“I won't help you”

“Oh you will see I always wondered when a god and a mortal has a child you get a demigod what happens when a primordial and a mortal have a child.” Fear flashed across Annabeth’s face as her eyes darted over to Tartarus.

“Oh don't look at him my sweet little brother only has eyes for Gaia besides you won't be the mother in this pairing.” chuckled Nyx as she beckoned forward Eris toward them. Annabeth was shocked to see that the goddess of death seemed to be carrying a large very realistic dildo.

“you should be honored you are probably the only mortal to have ever seen Uranus's Penis.” Said Nyx as she took the Phallus from Eris. 

“Strip Her” rushing to follow her mother's command Eris rushed forward and began stripping Annabeth. First pulling her orange camp half-blood shirt over her head, causing the blonde’s boobs to bounce about only contained by her bra which shortly followed the shirt on to the ground leaving the restrained girl topless glaring daggers at Nyx as Eris continued her work unfastening Annabeth's jeans and working them down her long smooth legs. Pulling down Annabeth's panties revealed a patch of blonde pubic hair sitting above her cute pussy.

“Step aside Eris I think she is ready.” Said Nyx as she kneeled down in front of Annabeth Nyx raised up Uranus's cock.

“No keep it away don't put that thing in me.” Screamed Annabeth as she tried to struggle free of her restraints.

“Oh I'm not going to put it in you.” Said Nyx as she turned the cock around and placed the back end against Annabeth's pussy like it was a strapon. Annabeth felt a strange tingling radiating from where the cock touched her pussy as the cock began to merge with her pussy, Annabeth threw her head back and screamed as she felt the most intense pleasure she had ever felt emanating from her nether regions.

Falling back onto the ground as pleasure rushed through her Annabeth thrashed around and screamed in pleasure as Uranus’s cock fused with her. Annabeth was exhausted. She had never felt that much pleasure before, even the few times she had mastrubated could not come anywhere close to what she just felt. Looking up at Nyx Annabeth watched as the darkness seemed to slide off of Nyx like water revealing a beautiful curvaceous woman with large E cup breasts and a hourglass figure that would make any pornstar jealous. Even though Annabeth loves Percy she had always known deep down that she was Bi, having spent many a night rubbing her clit at the thought of Piper or Aphrodite’s face buried between her legs. Staring up at as Nyx moved over her Annabther felt her cock harden at the thought. 

Eyes wide Annabeth glared down at her waist where she now sported a massive 12 inch cock.

“What, what did you do to me?” Asked Annabeth as her head whipped around to Glare at Nyx.

“Simple my dear brother Uranus would never be able to return to to his true form after what Kronus did too him and since the Demi god’s will not overthrow their parents and have disrupted the cycle of the gods we will use the power of Uranus and the blood of Demigods gods in order to restart that Cycle.” Said Nyx as she reaches down and begins to stoke Annabeth’s new cock causing the girl to throw her head back and moan as the new appendage sent sensations into her that she had never felt before.

“You should be honored your the first mortal to ever be graced with pleasure by me.” Said Nyx as she took a firm grip upon Annabeth’s cock Leaning forward Nyx hovered her mouth over the top of Annabeth’s cock. “I hope you're ready for this.” Said Nyx as she extended her tongue and slowly drug it along the base of Annabeth’s cock before engulfing the head as she began to suck Annabeth in Ernest. Bobbing her head up and Down Nyx loved the way Annabeth moaned and writhed under her as she bobbed her head and swirled her tongue around Annabeth's cock. Nyx could finally see why Aphrodite seemed to like having a cock in her mouth so much the feeling of power she had over Annabeth was intoxicating which was causing Nyx’s pussy to begin to dampen and drip as she took Annabeth's cock all the way down her throat.

Being a immortal Goddess Nyx had no need for air and was therefore able to take all 12 inches of Annabeth's cock down her throat and hold it there, swallowing over and over again Nyx began to milk Annabeth's cock with her throat causing the girl to reach down and grab at Nyx's head as she began to cum sending wave after wave of Potent godly seed into Nyx’s mouth which was greedily gulped down by the Goddess of night.

Annabeth could barely comprehend the fact that she just came inside of the Goddess Nyx's mouth, not only did she fill one of the most feared goddesses' mouths with cum she did it with the cock of the primordial god of the sky, a cock that she now had. Looking down at her new cock Annabeth was shocked to see it was still hard. I thought they got soft after they came though Annabeth as she reached out and touched her cock for the first time. Wrapping her fingers around the cock Annabeth began running her hand up and down, Nyx’s saliva acting as a lubricant as her hand began to glide up and down along the shaft.

Hearing a noise to her side Annabeth turned her head and was blessed by the sight of Eris the goddess of Strife and discord on her back screaming and moaning as she fervently rubbed her pussy and groped at her massive tit's. Getting up in a daze, her hand never leaving her cock Annabeth moved to stand in front of Eris as the goddess continued to mastrubate oblivious to the Demigod in front of her. Looking down at Eris and stroking her cock Annabeth was snapped out of her daze as she felt Nyx behind her.  

“You want her don't you,” whispered Nyx as she stepped up behind Annabeth being a goddess she was quite a bit taller than the young Demigod to the extent that as she leaned forward her enormous breasts were on either side of Annabeth's head.

“You want to push that cock deep into her.”

“No no this is what you want,” Annabeth tried to turn her head away only to receive a faceful of one of Nyx's glorious melons. Trying to turn around Annabeth feels as Nyx's arms wrap around her and prevent her from turning, keeping her facing Eris.

“Look at my daughter the goddess of Strife and Discord, a goddess both feared and revered by millions over the centuries bearing it all for you and you would say no.” Whispered Nyx as she began to grope Annabeth's breasts pinching her nipples and causing Annabeth to lean her head back and clench her teeth as she struggled not to moan, her head nearly completely between Nyx's large breasts. Her cock was throbbing with need as she struggled with every fiber of her being not to lunge forward and bury it into Eris’s inviting pussy. 

“No I can't I won't, you can't make me.”

“No one's going to make you sweetie but do you really want to turn that down.”

“Please Annabeth please fuck my little pussy,” begged Eris as she spread her pussy lips and presented her dripping cunt to the increadably horny demigod. 

It was like Eris's words caused something in Annabeth to snap as she lunged forward and buried her cock inside of the presenting goddess. Both of them let out screams of pleasure as Annabeth's cock stretched out Eris's tight pussy. Falling on top of Eris Annabeth began bucking her hips back and forth as she desperately began to fuck the goddess of Strife, there was no technique no skill Annabeth had never had sex before with everything that had happened to her over the years she had given it very little thought. She definitely never thought she would be giving instead of receiving when she lost her virginity.

Finally figuring it out Annabeth properly shifted her position so that she could thrust her hips between Eris’s legs and a much better pace. Annabeth soon found herself mesmerized by the sight of Eris's breasts bouncing on her chest with everyone of Annabeth's thrusts. 

“Yes please fuck me fuck me I'm so fucking close.” Moaned Eris as Annabeth continued to pound her. Annabeth couldn't get over how amazing it felt to be inside of Eris, if this is what it always felt like then it's no wonder nearly every guy she has met has tried at some point to get in her pants.

Nyx was enjoying the view of Annabeth's tight ass as it rose and fell while the blonde demigod fucked Eris. Annabeth's bubble butt was by far one of her best features and Nyx was currently groping her tits with her left hand and slowly rubbing her clit with her right as she watched it rising up and down. Moving her hand up from her pussy and bringing to her mouth Nyx began to suck on it. Savoring the flavor of her juices Nyx made sure to properly cover her fingers with spit before stepping forward and placing her finger between Annabeth's ass cheeks resting it on Annabeth's tight little asshole.

Annabeth froze in place her cock fully buried in Eris's tight pussy as she felt Nyx's finger pressing against her asshole. Ignoring Eris's desperate please for her to keep going Annabeth looked back over her shoulder at a smiling Nyx.

“Don't AAA.” Annabeth moaned as she felt Nyx's finger begin to push into her ass Annabeth was already on the edge from fucking Eris but Nyx's finger exploring her untouched ass sent her over the top causing Annabeth to let out a scream as she began to fill the Eris with her now godly cum and sending the goddess of Strife over the edge thrashing and screaming under Annabeth. Collapsing on top of Eris Annabeth laid her head on top of Eris's breasts as she drifted off to sleep.




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