Fire & Blood

BY : Silvana
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Celaena woke up thinking that all, the party, Arobynn all of it was a dream. But paper she had with address told her that she was not drunk or in dream it was all true. 

Rowan felt something went wrong when she lost focus practicing with him. Losing sword slipping losing step. He could not understand what is going on with his queen. Aelin was not willing to talk. Instead of talking to him she went to former pithalls and played shadow of death. Future queen acting like drunk scallywag.

Now Rowan had it enough when she came home with split lip. He'll make her explain and talk to him.

-"What is going on? Do you want to tell me? Or should I get someone to follow you and get answers?"-

Aelin looked up to his face. That expression same angry sharp lines like when he met her for the first time. Storm was in his green eyes. He was tighting his jaw making his skin shiver. Aelin lifted hand touching his face feeling warmth of his skin, feeling how he relax slowly.

-"Don't worry it is nothing. I am on edge becouse of all refugees we need to see get home"- She was hoping he will buy her story. As shiver run her body on memory of Arobynn's silver eyes, killer eyes.

-"You would tell me if something else is wrong?"- Such a pain she saw in his eyes that her heart ached. Aelin took his soft lips with hers and hugged him tight breathing in his scent.


Asassins keep has been restored by order of it's former and present king. Part of keep was destroyed the night that demon broke free and Arobynn's world fell apart. King run his palm against rough stone wall in hall, watching busted iron door that beast pull appart.

-"Crush this side of wall and dungeon we won't be needing this anymore. I have other plans for our brave new world"-

-"And what that plan would be master?"-Celaena said leaning against wall. Dressed all in leather, ready to fight. Ready like in old times. 

-"Well look who decided to come. I am surprised you outrunned that eagle of yours"- Arobynn said running hand trough his red hair as he always did.

Damn him for being who he was. Attraction, danger and temptation. He who never declared what he wanted to be. Father brother or lover.

-"My mate is not concern of yours. What you want from me? I am no longer your puppet"-

-"No?"- He cocked his head to side. -"Eh then why you came? What will Dorian say to see you here? Or Rowan? Or your cousin?"-

Celaena fisted her hands to sides fighting with herself. But when he continued to taunt her she rushed on him, with dagger fast as wind as death itself. She didn't understood the smirk on his face, was he mad to provoke fae?

Arobynn welcomed her on dagger he pulled out of his belt. Dodging bending like leaf on wind spearing just with one arm other he held on back. Celaena was surprised he didn't flinched when he saw her shift to her fae self. He was tiredless all she accomplished is to slice one lock of his auburn hair.

Arobynn smirked his eyes held amusment and promise of pain of something she could not understand....Till he pinned her to stone wall firmly pressed against her.

Celaena could feel rising and falling of his strong chest, his breath mixed with hers. So warm, his scent of autumn of crisp apples. He was freshly shaved almond his scent. All those smells overwhelmed her fae senses. Arobynn's body so firm against hers and his knee parting her legs. Caelaena did only thing she could shifted back and pushed Arobynn away. Surprisingly he let go smirking.

-"This is pointless Arobynn. You wanted to talk so talk then"-

-"Not here your Majesty. My office is better to talk we gave enough show to those around us"-

Arobynn smiled again and Celaena could swear she saw glimpse of cannies.

He was too bold or too stupid for letting her walk behind him. Or he knew something she didn't.

His office was almost same most of it. He spread himself over sofa that was new, like cat on middle of it. Like king he was. One leg hanging over it other bend in knee pulled against him.

Celaena moved her look from him to again new carpet.

-"Again new carpet?Whos blood ruined it now?"-

-"Mine. Aelin. Mine thanks to your friend whore"-

Calaena swollowed growl linking her arms against her chest.

-"How you survived? How no one on party didn't sniffed you not even me?"-

-"Magic"- He teased provoking but then peeled off his tunic, loosing amusement, his face was cold eyes shone with anger and rage.

-"This is what that whore gave me death blow. But she had no idea that I will survive. She ran away"- His chest had big white scar screaming against his toned skin against that perfect marbel figure, scar went up to his neck.

-"First her lover gave me scar"- He ran finger over his lips, chin and collar. -"He is dead for that she will come upon same if she cross my path"- 

Arobynn Hamel could still feel pain of that night. Surprise as Lysandra plunged dagger till its hilt in his flesh. Blood rushed out, his vision went from black to white. And still he heard her words.

"Now you can call yourself king of blood for you are red auburn outside as inside"

-"A pitty you are still alive. And how foolish of you to still stay here"- Celaena said as servant brought them coffee and Arobynn waved him out. 

-"Will you sit or stand all the time?"-

Celaena just rolled her eyes but took chair to sit.

-"So to answer one of your question. I survived mad demon king. I will survive baby Dorian and his witch queen."- He paused a bit taking sip of coffee. -"In fact thank witches for new coming disaster"-

-"What? What are you talking about?"-

-"I gave you hints ask your witchy friend"-

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