Fire & Blood

BY : Silvana
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The council was implacable they wanted punishment.

"Dorian you promised peace prosper yet your commander a fae brought war to humans."

Rowan spoke not even letting them to toss this all to Dorian.

"Those humans are helping cover someone you really don't want to be among living."

"And what that might be Rowan? Don't tell us more demons or Maeve came back?"

As everyone started to argue as a wave chaos took chamber, everyone talking and shouting without any order......

Back at assasins keep Arobynn Hamel walked trough half lighted corridor of his former kingdom.

"I know you are here so or you speak why you came or you go back over wall" Arobynn said coldly to male lurking in shadows. 

"You were more humble when we saved your life and hid your new nature from mortal world that you live in" Tall blond male said coming out from shadows. So blond with eyes green as emeralds face sharp jaw lines strong. Male was in hunting attire armed of course more predator then fae actually. 

"And you and your friends were not so...well so arrogant as now Tamlin. I did my part as you asked set things in motion. But I doubt we still have time. "

"Did Rowan bought the bait?" Tamlin asked crossing arms over his chest.

"Yes he did as we speak he is brought before concuil to trial" 

"Good we can't allow that your Valg demons join forces with....well just do your part" Tamlin smiled preparing to leave" 

"What did you two did to me? When you brought me back to mortal lands she could not kill me..not as easy as she wanted." 

"You have drop of my powers in you, Cauldron didn't changed you as king expected, you were his test subject and it failed. But why you ask what you already know you're fae like us. Helion will contact you when it is nessesary. Just keep that Celaena away. " 

And that was it before Arobynn could protest Tamlin was gone. Arobynn looked to his hands his nails bacame clawas imortality had price and he just saw his.

Tamlin didn't wasted anytime he shifted into lupine like creature riunning trough forest back to his lands back over wall. The wall that parted mortals from fae, wall that kept safe these lands from slaughter till holes started to appear. Demons reaped appart mortals and King Hyberen ripped appart fae world. His court was first on strike Tamlin knew that well. But he had to keep it quiet to play most hated High lord of Spring court. Feyre left as Helion predicted to night court to Rhys, plan was in motion. More then that his own people hated him Lucian escaped after Feyre killed twins. Oh yes he was running so fast for all that he could do is trust judgment of his friend Helion of Day court.

Night was close when he was home in his Spring court finding only letter that Helion left. one cut of his razor sharp claws and paper gave up..

"Winnow to my safe house, it is warded come alone. I want you to meet someone, we need to talk and to respond to that call for meeting" 

It was all that letter revealed. Tamlin let out long sigh, took bath and changed but still he went nowhere unarmed.


Arobynn knew that with all that High lord of Spring court have said he need now to prepare and winnow in right moment to that meeting. Glamor that was upon him and Assasins keep was now gone. All members of council had now in heads different story that he needed to comfirm in order to keep Rowan at bay. 

In the middle of room he appeared. Arobynn never quite got used on this way of traveling it was so odd strange yet usefull as he smirked to gasping crowd. Rowan growled first but guards didn't allowed him to attack . Arobynn bow to presiding members of the council.

"My friends you all know who I am..."

But Rowan interupted. "You are murderous coward who think can cheat death" 

"Be silent or be removed from this room Rowan, we had enough of you and your kind who likes to experiment upon humans. Look good and see what they done to Arobynn" Said one of leading humans of council.

"Please ..." Arobynn said palying humble servant to greather cause. "I am here to tell you that not long we will have to face fae from other side of wall."

"What wall? Don't make up things?" Rowan barked again.

"Where do you think your kind came from Rowan? These lands are mortals only we exist over wall once it was lifted part of us stayed cut off, and that is truth why we have fae on both sides. Humans only here"

All that king of Assassins have said was followed with gasps whispers but most of the crowd agreed because of glamour and mind tricks that was placed upon them.


A month before meeting with High Lords

It was so dark, the tomb was cold wet air so heavy. Only light was his powers for he alone went there.
Yet Helion could hear her whisper in back of his mind.

"I am here come to me give me to drink your day light"

Helion had no choice but to awake her even when he was the one sealing her away, her horrible powers her uncontrolled nature. His loyal war partner until she wanted more until she wanted to rage war even when there was none.

What Helion started now must be finished on both sides, his mortal son Sam was dead thanks to Rowan's mate thanks to that arrogant human Arobynn. But he will use them as weapon just as he told Tamlin. And all the incontinent must be saved. His only son Lucian now was safe thanks to Tamlins play and thanks to Feyres big heart.

She was in this tomb alone in vast room underground where he hid her. Lid was so heavy and she was inside still beautiful eyes closed body hard like stone. That was cocoon last flame of her power to keep her eternal till the right time for world to face her again.

Helion watched and watched to that face of wrath, fury, love, life and death, she was all of it. Being from this world from all worlds new and old. He could feel life beating within the stone her voice scraping against his shield mind.

"Helion...Helion" Her voice moaned.

Helion let out long sigh and put palm against her cheek, palm emanate light and she drank on his power on his mastery on his life, light died and she was still stone not moving. Helion cursed his fate, fate of world of everything. It was not over the moment he wanted to leave she pounced taking him by elbow.

"Leaving so soon love? I thought we just started to play"  

And the doom and salvation was awaken. 



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