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The sun was lowering in the sky but it still burned hotly in the sky.  I was sweating in the heat of the day, footsore and growing thirsty and hungry as I struggled to maintain my time in step with the blonde woman in front of me on the coffle.  The floral mark high in my left thigh burned a bit as my sweat ran over it.  It was only about a week old and was not fully healed, despite the soothing salve the physicians had applied to it.  We had marched most of the day, only breaking twice to be fed a handful of meal with bits of dried fruit rudely thrust into our mouths by the drovers followed by a swallow of water from the spike of a bota to wash it down.  It was meager fare, but I suspect our overseers were looking to trim us down for market between the exercise we were getting marching and the little they permitted us to eat .  We had not been slaves long, so few of us were at our ideal measurements.

 There were some two hundred girls on the chain, from what I could tell. I could not say for sure, the masters do not inform their livestock more than we need to know.  When we had set off this morning we were broken into lots for consignment to the Slaver Houses in the city we were being driven to.  Before we left I had been told that I was in Lot 5 and was Item 9 in that lot, which put me near the middle of the coffle.   A tag was wired about my slave collar, presumably with my lot information on it.  I do not know.  I cannot read the master’s  language yet, and maybe I will never be permitted to learn.  It was the only identity I, in this reality I found myself in,  had at the moment, they had not bothered to give us slave names. There did not seem to be much rhyme or reason to which lot which girls was assigned to.  I suppose each house had some order as to what kind of slaves they wanted and how many.  Height, body shape, hair and eye colors, racial features and even dispositions might be stipulated.  I am not certain how such things work exactly.  I am a slave, not a slaver.


We marched in grass by the side of a great stone road with much traffic headed in both directions.  The wagons that passed us were drawn by great lizardlike beasts,  I had never seen anything like them before. Or coffle was guarded by a couple of riders with lances mounted on similar beasts with some drivers on foot and wagon full of supplies and equipment trailing behind.  I marveled at the sights I was seeing and the beautiful country we marched through and the fresh air.  We were naked and barefoot, chained to each other by the neck on coffle collars over the rude slave collars we wore since arriving on this world. Our wrists were bound to our waists by light cuffs attached to belly chains.  There was about ten inches of play between our wrists and the belly chain, which meant we could swing our arms while walking but could not lift our hands much above our shoulders.  The metal of my bindings was hot on my soft skin where they contacted it.  I felt the eyes of many of teamsters on us as they passed and I was very conscious of my public nudity, my emotions flickering between shame, vanity, and excitement at being so seen.


“Ow!” I cried. My right foot came down on something hard and sharp, perhaps a stone or buried stick of wood, painful on my yet soft sole so used to being shod.  I stumbled a bit, then limped for a few paces while my injured flesh screamed pain in my head, the coffle chain ringing as it jostled, but fortunately I did not fall, though I had disrupted the cadence of the coffle, a wave rippling down the line behind me.


A drover ran up to investigate and  yelled “Clumsy slut!  Maintain your rhythm!”  He then landed a  blow of his whip on my rump.


I yelped at the pain and the sound of the whip striking my bared flesh “Please slave forgive, Master!” I wailed.


“Stupid girl, it is ‘Please, forgive this slave’” he said.


“Yes, Master.  ‘Please, forgive this slave’. Thank you, Master” I  said, accepting his correction, tears in my eyes as he walked away muttering about half trained barbarians.


He had not needed to call me “slut”, I thought, and I surely was not stupid, I had a degree in engineering, after all!  I was just ignorant with so much about this world.  They had not taught me enough!  But then I considered the name calling was part of training, like making us refer to the free as “Master” and “Mistress”Conditioning us to think of ourselves as sexually wanton, as slaves, as inferiors.  Though it is one thing to intellectually understand why a thing is done to you and another to feel it done to you and how that affects your thinking.


 We had arrived at the farm about eight days ago.  The farm was devoted to breeding many kinds of domestic animals, slaves included.  It seems we were deposited there for ease of access for the ship and to somewhat obscure our precise origins.  Why would anyone think it unusual for such a large coffle to originate from a breeding farm? Though perhaps being such a large group of barbarian slaves was unlikely.  From the snippets I heard from the masters conversing near me when they thought I could not hear or understand, our transport to Gor was somehow illicit, though I could not hear enough to comprehend the politics of it.  During our time there we had  been given some rudimentary slave training, practice marching in coffle  and instruction in the dominant language.  I could follow much of the native’s speech, but I fear my vocabulary was limited and my grammar atrocious.  Also, I spoke with a thick accent of American English.  I fear about what I sounded like to the master’s as I mangled their language.  It was not really my fault, they intended for the bulk of our training to be completed by the Slaver Houses who would market us retail.  


All of us had been from Earth, from many countries.  I, myself, had been taken in Orlando, Florida…


My new friends, Beth and Nikki, Kevin and Chris from work and I had met at City Walk for the night.  We had just finished a large building design that had kept us late at work for weeks and wanted let off some steam.  I  had just moved to Florida a couple of months ago to begin my career at the engineering firm that had hired me for mechanical building design and this was the first time I had really gone out since settling in my new home.  We were in the dance club drinking and dancing for over an hour.  I was enjoying myself flirting and dancing with the men around me, including my work colleagues.  “Inadvertently” brushing up against them, laughing at their consternation as I teased them.  I was wearing a short, slinky blue dress with long sleeves that clung to my breasts and hips and a scandalously short hemline with slight cutouts at the sides.  I thought it showed off my bare legs and curves nicely and the color went nicely with my loose shoulder length dark hair, brown eyes and pale skin.


My drink had run out, so I left my friends on the dance floor and went to the bar, ordering a vodka cranberry.  As I ordered my drink, I felt someone close behind me.  I turned and saw a large man I had seen some minutes earlier watching me dance across.  He was handsome, in a rugged way, and carried himself with great confidence.  When I had noticed him watching me he never looked away, even when I smiled at him.


“Hello” I said, raising my voice above the music,  I noticed two other men flanking him, seemingly his companions.  I felt smaller even than my 5’4” height next to them They all were rather close to me, though the bar area was rather crowded I still felt uneasy they looked at me intently


“Greetings”  he said,  “You seem to be enjoying your evening.”


I tried to gently push him back but said pleasantly “ Yes, I am.”


“You dance well, but perhaps too raw, and a bit overdressed” he said.


“Thank you, I think,'' I said a bit nonplussed.  What did he mean “overdressed”?  This outfit was about as skimpy as I could get away with under the club’s dress code.


“We have had our eyes on you for some time.” he said  “We are pleased to finally make your acquisition.  You may call me Maximus for now, and this is Lysander, and Pullo.”


I wondered what “some time” meant, I had just noticed him not more than ten minutes ago, and surely he had said “acquaintance”? The music was very loud.  “Pleased to meet you, too,  My name is Jamie” I said lightly touching his arm.  He had nice muscles under sleeve


“Do you do this often?” he asked, “Come out and entice men with your feminine charms and then leave them unfulfilled?”


“No, I do not usually do this at all.  This is my first time here.  I have been working very hard lately.  I am just enjoying myself. '' I said.  The question was odd, but made me feel a bit wicked.  Surely I had aroused his interest, that's why he sought me out.  To be sure, he was strong and oozed confidence I felt a bit flushed as I thought about perhaps fulfilling his desire.


“Ah, I see.  That is good then, one must enjoy one’s life.  Where I come from, there is a state of being called “La Kajira”, have you heard of it?”


Something about that phrase tickled the back of my mind, but I was sure I had never heard it before.  “I don’t think so. Is it Spanish?  What does it mean?”


He smiled slightly  “Something like Spanish.  It means giving yourself over to a life of love and ecstasy among other things,  Ah, your drink is here”.


I turned  to pay the bartender, “That sounds like a lovely sentiment.  I could get behind that.”


He raised his glass “A toast, then, to ‘La Kajira’!”


“La Kajira!” I answered, taking a large swallow of my drink.


Then as I swallowed he pinned me against the bar with his body, quickly put down his glass put his hands to my flanks and thrust them under my skirt caressing my ass. His two friends watched with bemused looks on their faces.  


I shrieked, how dare he do such a thing without my permission!  I might have let him touch me if he had at least asked or seduced me! I slapped his face, felt him release the pressure holding me fast and squirmed out from between him and yelled “You have no right to handle me like that!”One said 


Pullo chuckled and said, “That was an interesting approach, Maximus”.


The one called Maximus shot a glance to his friend  turned, and sadly said “I have every right.  It is you, who have no right to deny a free man access to your body, Kajira.  Striking me will cost you, girl. I will be lenient as you are new to your condition and do not know any better. But perhaps this better saved to another time and another place.”


“My condition?! You are crazy! There will be no other time or place!” I screamed adjusting my dress.  People were looking at us now but no one seemed to have seen in the darkness and flashing lights or heard above the music what precisely happened before.  I turned, shaken, running weeping to the dance floor to find my coworkers not understanding what he possibly could have meant by that last exchange.


Beth saw me first “Jamie! What is wrong?  Why are you crying?”


I hugged her “Beth, it was awful, some guy at the bar mauled me!  He had a couple of friends with him who just laughed at what he did! I am so scared!”Nikki looked shocked and Chris and David concerned.


My friends gathered about me to console me , Kevin found an empty table where we could sit and I could gather my feelings. Chris got me a glass of water.  I rested my head in my hands, as Beth and Nikki patted my shoulders and assured me it was not my fault.


Calming down a bit, I reflected on what had happened.  He had no right! But, his hands had felt good on me...NO!  Maybe, I should not have hit him...He deserved it!  He was attractive, maybe I should have let him have his feel and withdrawn..he pinned me there!  But he let me go when I objected...No, I made a scene, he could not have held me there after that.


I looked around the club.  I could see no sign of the three men since I had left the bar.  I supposed they had left after the incident.  Good riddance.  I felt very tired, and wanted to go home.  I asked Kevin if he could walk me back to my car, as the parking deck is some distance from the club and it was after midnight.


We exited the club into the night.  Along the way we chatted about work what we both might do for the rest of the weekend.   We soon came to my car and I unlocked the door.  


“You sure you are all right from here?  I could ride home with you.”  Kevin said.


I gave him a peck on the cheek and said “That is sweet of you but they are gone.  I just want to get home and get some sleep.  See you Monday”


“You’re certain?” he asked.  I nodded, sitting in my driver’s seat.  “Good night, then.”


I drove off heading toward my one bedroom apartment a couple of miles away from the complex.  I walked up to the third floor.  The night was quiet and warm. I opened my door, stepped into my home let the door shut behind me and flicked on the lights.


To my shock Maximus was calmly sitting on my wing chair in my small living room.


Horrified I turned to face him, in a frightened voice I said “H-how are you here?  H’-how did you get in?”  He just smiled at me.  I turned to open and run back out the door, but a tremendously strong arm wrapped about my waist from behind and lifted me off my feet and pinned my arms to the side while another covered my mouth.  I tried to bite at that hand’s flesh, but he had been holding some kind of cloth and that just wadded up in my mouth.  I realized that he must have been in my bedroom when I came in.  Struggling against him was futile, yet I tried.


Maximus languidly rose from my chair. “Thank you, Pullo.  I told you we were acquiring you today, we had you under our watch for several weeks now.  From what we have seen you are perfect for our needs, though we should make a final assessment, which I tried to begin at the club, but you interrupted me in a most displeasing way.  Now, though, is the right time and right place for it.”


I swallowed.  I could just imagine what those needs might be and what assessment might entail.


“If you promise to remain quiet and docile, I have my colleague put you down and let you speak quietly.  Agreed?  If not, you could be slain” he calmly told me, brandishing a knife in his hand he had in his pocket” I nodded agreement, what else could I do?


Pullo set me down and released my mouth, letting the cloth fall to the floor.  Seeing it, I realized it was one of my cotton panties.  I shuddered at the realization that he had been going through my intimate things.  Pullo then placed his hands on my shoulders and forced me to my knees.


“Much better, you look well kneeling.” Maximus said pleasantly.


“Please, leave.  You can take anything you want,  I won’t call the police if you just leave” I offered.


“Want?  There is nothing of yours that we want, my dear, besides you yourself, and you have already given us that”.  He said


“I have no idea what you mean.  I gave you nothing.” I said, confused by this turn in the conversation.


“You said the words that made you property.  Surely, you remember”  he said.


“I said no such-”, then I was interrupted by a laugh from the bedroom, and Lysander appeared holding a worn paperback novel.


“Look at how this little tart entertains herself in depths of the night!  It is the dina’s book!”


“Really?  And I thought you said you had not heard of ‘La Kajira’?  This simplifies things.” laughed Maximus.


I groaned, they had found my guilty pleasure, and then it hit me.  Where I had been familiar with “La Kajira”.  It was in that book!  It meant “I am a slave girl”.


“No, no.”  I pleaded, “I had never heard it spoken before.  I did not know what I was saying.  It means nothing.  Besides it is only a story, a wicked fantasy.  It has no legal import.  You said it meant something about love and ecstasy!”


Maximus smiled, “It does, that is part of what being a slave girl is.  While it has no legal import here, but it does where we are taking you.  Rejoice, girl, you have been found worthy of wearing a collar on Gor.”  to his fellows he said  “Let us begin her final assessment.”


I shook my head no, protesting “Gor does not exist.  It cannot exist” Lysander crouched before and gathered my wrists in his hand, pulling me up to my feet , stretching my arms above my head.  


Maximus advanced on me, knife in hand I looked at him wildly  “Easy girl, we are just relieving you of those impediments to our access to you.”  he looked thoughtful “Your choice in style is interesting, this dress is similar to many slave tunics at home.” 


He grabbed the neckline of my dress, puncturing the fabric with the knifepoint and began cutting it off me.  


“Please, no” I sobbed as my breasts popped free of the rendered cloth.  Once all the way through he began cutting at the sleeves.  Soon I was just my lace panties and strap heels. The waistband of the panties were cut and taken away, he then bent down and cut the straps of my heels.  Now, I stood naked and barefoot, my wrists held fast above my head. Lysander spun me around so that the other two could see all sides of me.


“Good curves, girl.  Full hips, nice muscles on the legs, nice shape to the breasts if not overly large.”


I looked at him in helpless fury.  “My name is ‘Jamie’, not ‘girl’” was all I could think to say.


“No, it is not.  You know better than that.  You know the dina’s story.  You are now a nameless slave.  You lost that name when you said you were a slave girl.  And ‘girl’ is a description, not a name, slave.” He said, then he began touching me.


“I did not know what I said! I am not a slave!” gasping as he caressed me.


“Are you sure of that?” he asked.  I had no answer.


He went over every square inch of my body.  From the top of my head to the tips of my toes.  Commenting as went to his colleagues on the smoothness of my skin, the firmness of my muscles beneath, the quality of my responses to being touched in delicate places like the sides of the neck behind the ears, or the palms of my hands, the small of my back, the insides of my thighs, the places between my toes.  He ran his fingers through my hair, annoyed that it was not a natural texture due the products I had used on it that night.  He examined my lips and teeth.  He even pinched my tongue between his forefinger and thumb to draw it out of my mouth and note its length and shape.  To my chagrin, my body reveled at his attentions to it.  My nipples and clit hardened, he pinched the nubs between his fingers as he cupped and weighed my breasts in his hands. I was flushed from head to toe. I felt alive and vital in a way I never had before.  My nerve endings drank in the sensations his explorations of my every contour and crevice aroused.


It was an outrage to be poked and prodded and discussed like a prize sow at the county fair.


It was thrilling to be handled as an object and my merits as an instrument of pleasure that they could make to squeal and kick for their amusement discussed as if I was not there.


Of the emotions warring in my mind I feared thrill was winning over outrage.


What kind of woman was I?


Then he brushed at the coarse hairs below my belly which I had trimmed into a neat shape, he pressed his thumb on my hard clit and pushed two fingers into the folds between my legs.  I closed my eyes and shuddered and moaned.


Delighted, Maximus said “The little slut is sopping wet, see?  She may well survive on Gor. And she is not a virgin. Let us conclude her and get our property back to the ship.”


Both of the other men took their turns feeling my sex.  I whimpered, my knees grew weak.  They let me settle to the floor. Maximus told Pullo to prepare me for travel and Lysander to gather my ruined clothes to obscure what had happened here. Pullo went into my room and brought out a large black leather sack.  From it he pulled soft leather wrist and ankle cuffs and put them on my limbs.  I had no strength protest, even if it mattered.  I was in a daze.  He produced a gag, thrust the leather bit in my mouth and buckled it about my head.  He then hooked the ankle cuffs together and the wrist cuffs to the ankle cuffs.  I was now bound in a fetal position.  Pullo shook out the sack and held it open.  Lysander picked me up and put me in it.  The sack was drawn shut above my head and The world went dark.  More aware now I weakly pulled at my bonds but they held me well.


I felt the being lifted and put over someone’s shoulder.  I heard my front door open and the one carrying me walked through it and down the stairs the parking lot.  I heard a vehicle door open and I was set down on the floor. I heard the three men get into the vehicle and take their seats.  We drove off. I heard Lysander say that it was over an hour to their ship.  Surely, I thought, they cannot be continuing their ruse that they are actually taking me to Gor.


 I was squirming in the sack uncomfortable and frightened.  Soon I heard Pullo say, “Be still, slave” as he propped a foot up on my body.


I lay still thinking that Gor could not be real.  Surely our scientists must have evidence for it if there was.  Subtle indications from the orbits of the other planets of the presence of a gravity well where there should be none, even if we could not see it directly.  These men must be intent on playing out some kind of fantasy, playing at Gor with me as their “slave”.  I expected to be raped, but maybe if I endured they would let me go when they got tired of their game.  On the other hand, they could simply kill me.  I must endure until then.


We drove for over an hour.  We could be anywhere, from Tampa to Daytona.  Finally we pulled off the road..somewhere.  It did not sound like much of anywhere except to the insects and frogs.  I felt the sack lifted out of the vehicle and returned to a shoulder.  He walked some ways, there was a strange sound of machinery.  When it stopped, my captor began walking up an incline which then leveled out.  He made several turns before stopping before something the made more mechanical sounds and continued walking.  He then set my sack down, drew it open, and lifted me out of it.  My eyes were dazzled by the bright lights of the room as I was put on some sort of plastic table.  My ankles and wrists were unhooked and the cuffs removed and I was made to lay on my back on the table.  My eyes adjusted to the light, I could see that the table was in front a large transparent tube.  This was in a large room with many computer looking controls.  Beyond the transparent tube were racks of more tubes.  


“What is this place?” I asked Maximus as he strapped me down to the table.


“This is the hibernation chamber of our ship.  We store our cargo here in what you would call suspended animation until we have collected our quota and fly to Gor.  We still have many collections to carry out, so we will be spending several weeks  in the vicinity of Earth, you will spend them asleep here as well as the time necessary to travel back to Gor.”


He slid a medical gas mask over my mouth  as the other two men prepared the equipment necessary to out its occupant, me, into hibernation.   I must  breathe in whatever the mask was discharging at my nose and mouth.  As I lost consciousness, I realized that many of the racked tubes  so similar to the one in front of me contained nude women, unmoving.


Oh, I thought,  as I lost consciousness, they may be the real thing.


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