Lot 5 Item 9

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Over the next week and a half we were given rudimentary instruction in what I understand is the common language of this world.  We were taught enough to understand common commands given to slaves.  As part of this we were also trained in slave positions, kneeling, offering our limbs for binding and throats for leashing and such.  We were told the slave houses we would be consigned to would give us more complete instruction in both.  Occasionally, one of the ranch hands would single one of us out and put her

They also made us practice extensively marching in coffle about a corral like yard, getting used to the necessity of moving in time with the other women on the chain.  They would bring us out in groups of twenty or so by what they told us would be our lot groups  and organized us in line by number. As in all things, they trained us as one would a bright animal.  Striking us with canes when we made an error, rewarding us with small hard candies when we had performed a series of tasks successfully.  The first time my group had completed marching in coffle without a stumble around the practice yard, the candy the drover thrust in my mouth as I knelt naked in the dirt of the corral was the sweetest thing I had tasted in a long time and I felt incredibly pleased to have earned that small token of approval.  I wondered about what I was becoming.

After about ten days, all some two hundred of we captives from Earth were assembled in the yard by our lots to be put in coffle and driven to market.  The drovers moved about us with pots of lotions to protect our naked skins from the sun.  Each woman was expected to slather the lotion on the one in front of her. I flinched when I felt the cool hands of Item 10, who had been  Melissa in our old life start kneading the ointment into my flesh.  I gathered some of the lotion on my fingers and began working it into shoulders of the woman in front of me, Item 8, an olive skinned girl who had been Bella.  Meanwhile, 10 was working on my ass and legs.  I started when her fingers worked down my cleft and past my rear orifice. Soon I was  crouching down to 8’s ankles, my hands warm from massaging her flesh.

Then the drover had the odd numbered slaves turn around to face the girl behind them and apply the ointment.  I started working on 10’s front, liberally applying the balm.  10 tried to turn away when I got to the soft folds between her legs but stood there making angry noises as I finished my task.  Then she did the same to me but started to balk at touching my breasts.  A drover came and tapped her with a switch.

“Do a thorough job, you would not want her delightful skin to burn, and would you and have her suffer because you are too proud?  You also do not want to damage our property. We would not be pleased with you, girl.” he told her.

She stared daggers at me, not daring to openly confront the drover while naked and vulnerable. I was an easier target.

We were then ordered to face forward.  After awhile I could hear the clinking of chains behind me.  Something was being done to 10.  I kept my eyes on the back of 8’s neck. I flinched a bit when a coffle collar was snapped on my neck over the training collar.  I was then placed in the belly chain and cuffs.

Another pair of men then came.  One reached into his sack and came out with a handful of dry slave gruel thrust it into my mouth.

“Chew and swallow, Item 9” he said.  I did with some effort.

The man with him commanded me to lean my head back.  He then put the spike of a water bota into my mouth and opened it “Drink, slut”.  So it was that I was fed and watered.

When all the items of merchandise were attached to the coffle and given food and drink, we were marched out of the farm and onto the road…

...We were now approaching some sort of way station for traders on the road to wherever we were headed and there were a great many people about as well as strange animals.  Giant lizard like draft beasts pulling wagons, ox like creatures as well.  I had seen several wagons with slave girls chained to them.  Men of different sorts, many looking at our coffle of naked new slaves.  But I did not see any free women.  I suppose areas like these might be too dangerous for them.

We turned into wy station which was divided into many areas for wagon trains to shelter for the night as well as places which sold food, tools,  and bathing areas.  The scents and sounds were overwhelming.  I had not yet seen anything of this world other than the farm until now. I was fascinated though frightened.  This world has generally a lower level of technology than where I came from.  I remembered something of why that was, if the stories I read were accurate, but experiencing it is something else.

We were marched into an enclosed area with several open walled structures that I would later find out sheltered large cages on raised platforms.  About halfway in, a pair of drovers released us from the coffle and removed our chains.  The other drovers arranged us in rows and ordered us to lay in belly position, on our stomachs with feet spread wide hands palms up at our sides facing to our left, in the soft grass.  

My legs and feet ached from the miles I was forced to walk today.  I was hot, weary and hungry.,  the healing brand on my thigh itched, my neck was sweaty under the collar, but the grass was cool under me and a pleasant breeze played over my body.  I felt terribly vulnerable in this position.  I could hear the slaver crew working in front of me but I could not see clearly what they were doing and scared to break position to sneak a peek.  I closed my eyes and dozed.

I awoke to a drover calling “Tower, sluts!”.  I and my fellow slaves struggled to my knees against the stiffness in my legs.  I heard many groans of pain around me.  As I rose, I saw that there were wooden troughs at the head of the lines we were in.  The first row of women were ordered to all fours and to approach the troughs.  There were then ordered to feed not using their hands.  I gazed in wonderment as I watched them put their heads down like pigs at the slop..  After a few minutes, they were told to rise and proceed to the watering station. Then the next row was ordered to the troughs.  They are treating those poor women like animals!  And I, too,  am one of the animals!  I grew uneasy at these thoughts, and watched intently.

Soon it was my row’s turn at the troughs.  I sank to all fours and crawled over the grass, shuddering with humiliation and...arousal?  I reached the trough and looked into it.  There was slave gruel with some fruit and nuts mixed in.  Nutritious fare for livestock like...me.  The order came to feed, but I could not move.  My sex was heated and wet.  I moaned. A drover came up to me and kicked my side, not hard but enough.

“Feed, she-tarsk!” he bellowed.

I whimpered in pain and desire, still paralyzed looking into the trough

“Feed!” he said in frustration

Another drover came up “What is going on?”

“This one won’t eat!” the man who kicked me said angrily.

“Can’t you smell, Sixtus?  That little pudding is near boiling!  Go see for yourself” he laughed.

The first man crouched down behind me and fingered my aching clit.  I nearly screamed with pleasure and pressed myself into his probing hand.  “So she is,Camillus”, he said.

Camillus laughed at my reaction,  “Easy, pudding, it is not yet time for pleasure.  You can still cook for a while yet.  Sixtus, see to it that she feeds.  She has another day of walking ahead of her and needs her strength.”

Sixtus grunted assent, put his hand in my hair and forced my face into the trough. I could not breathe! I opened my mouth desperately and tongued as much of the gruel into my mouth as I could.  He let me up and  gave me a moment to swallow then repeated the process.  His hand felt so powerful! I was helpless.  I was dominated.

Tears in my eyes, he pulled me to my feet and quickly walked me to the next station, he was agitated.  “Forgive girl, Master, please”  I whimpered.  He left me in line and stalked away.  I went through the watering, elimination and bathing stations in a daze.

It was getting dark when we were given blankets and directed to the open walled shelters which contained raised cages with wooden floors under their roofs large enough for about ten girls apiece to lay together inside with a  grating over a waste bucket in one corner.  My lot were assigned to the same cage.  They were not large enough to stand fully upright in.   The night was growing a bit cool, so we huddled close to one another for warmth under our blankets.  My thoughts were disturbed as I contemplated what I had felt during the day, especially at the trough.

She who had been Bella asked me softly“Jamie, What was wrong with you when we were being fed?”  When we thought the Goreans were not around we dared use our former names.  They punished us terribly if they caught us, though.

I stayed quiet a moment “I was so humiliated that I could not do anything”

“You were so horny you mean” said Melissa.

“Perhaps” I admitted, blushing.

“You like this, don’t you?  What they are doing to us, making of us!” she accused.

“No I don’t…” I denied.

“Liar, you would have came on that man’s and if the other one had let him. I saw I heard.” she said  “You want to be their slave!”

“Why not? I said  “This is our life now.  We will never be anything other than slaves, for the rest of our lives on this planet. This is not Earth.  No one is coming to save us. No one will punish them for it. They will be rewarded for making us domestic animals. This is normal for this culture.  They will hurt us or kill us if we do not obey.  Why should we not take pleasure as we find it?”

“You are a just a submissive little bitch, ready to open your legs for a man!” she said.

“I suppose I am”  I admitted “I expect you are too, down in your heart.  Their slavers probably would not have selected you, if they had not detected a submissive in you.  In any case, you are naked and in a cage as I am.  They will do as they please with you as much as they will with me.”.

Mellissa exclaimed angrily, but seemed to have no answer to that.

I turned away, lost in thought.  I am a legal slave here.  I might be a slave at the deepest corner of my being.  If I am to survive and have any satisfaction in my life, I must find that slave and bring her to the surface to embrace her as my true self.  I slept.

I awoke sometime later, hearing something outside the cage.  I opened my eyes seeing the drover Sixtus looking intently at me through the cage. I felt my sex warm under his scrutiny.

“Master?”  I said.  

“Relieve yourself, girl.”  He quietly commanded.  I crawled to the wastes bucket, removed the lid, and squatted over it, averting my eyes from him, embarrassed as he watched me make water and defecate.  

“Clean yourself well, slut” he commanded.  I found the damp astringent rags for this purpose and wiped my sex and ass carefully under his gaze.

 He motioned for me to approach the cage door.  I carefully crawled around my sleeping sister slaves and climbed out as he opened the door.  I went to my knees before him, head bowed in the position of the pleasure slave, the backs of hands on my thighs, palms exposed.

“It is now time for pleasure, girl”  he said, agitated.  “Do you beg use?”

“Yes, Master!” I breathed, my nipples hardening at the anticipation of his touch.

“Show me” he said, pointing to his feet.

I lay on the ground, my head to his feet carefully kissing and licking the leather of his sandals touching his skin through the gaps.  I tasted the dust of the road and the salt of his skin on my soft, moist tongue.  My arousal grew as a stoked fire performing this humble act of submission.

“Enough!” he said “Get up, slut, binding position!”

“Yes,  Master!” I said, passionately, rising to my feet, turned my back to him crossing my wrists behind my back.  He took binding fiber out of tunic and tied my wrists together tightly.

He then turned me around and threw me over his shoulder.  I gasped, feeling my belly resting on his muscular frame. He quickly walked out of shelter toward the building where he slavers crew were quartered.  I saw my lot sisters had awakened and had been quietly watching what had happened to me with mixtures of apprehension and perhaps envy.  He carried me quickly through the camp to the lodging of the men. I was acutely aware of  the warmth of his muscular shoulder under my bare hips and belly and his strong arm around the backs of my knees.  I squirmed a bit.  

He slapped my ass with his other hand,  “Be still, slave”  I struggled to lay motionless on his shoulder, but my excitement was growing intense.

After what seemed an interminable time, he stopped walking.  He opened the door and entered the building, I could hear the cries of other girls already pleasuring some of the men. 

“Ah,  what have you got there Sixtus?  It has a lovely round ass.  Oh, it is that juicy little pudding whose slave fires would not let her eat, eh?”  said Camillus

“The little beast does not know yet what slave fires are, but I will show her a taste.”  as he threw me down on his sleeping mat, and locked my ankle into the cuff chained to a ring bolted into the floor.

“Of course,  give her to me when you are done.  It is pleasant to take these barbarians through their paces once they have realized what they exist for.  Most of the others in this coffle have not come as far as her in accepting what they now are”.

I lay back on the mat and threw my legs open.  “Please use this slave, Master” I cried as he put me to his pleasure.

I am Item 9, Lot 5, for now.  I may be Tuka, Bina, Kathleen or even Jamie in the years to come.  Whatever I am called, it will not be a person’s name, but the name of an owned animal. A slave.    I am content with that.


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