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I regained consciousness lying naked in straw my left ankle in a shackle, which I soon determined was chained to a ring in the low wall to my left.  I saw that there were four other girls chained in the pen who also appeared to be waking up.  We were in some kind of animal stall.  There were two low walls on either side and what was probably the exterior wall behind me.  The fourth side was open.

There appeared to be another a similar stall facing us with another five girls in it on the other side of the walkway between.  I could see that there were five men in tunics holding long supple sticks in one hand and some kind of looped rope in the other standing among the women saying things I could not make out.  One of the women shook her head no at what the man in front of her said and protested loudly in some Slavic language, perhaps Russian.  The man swiftly lashed out with his stick and struck her twice on the upper arm, and she yelped with pain.  He said something firmly to her and pointed to the floor in front of her.  She rubbed her arm ruefully and dropped to all fours where he had pointed.  The other four women were doing the same in front of the men who stood near them.  The men then crouched beside them doing something with coils near their necks, the men then disengaged the shackles from their ankles and stood behind the girls shaking out the coils.

I gasped, realizing that the women were now on leashes.  The mean then tapped the women with their sticks and the girls began crawling out of the stall turning to my left.  The redhead, who I later would find out was French Canadian,  chained across  from me in my stall buried her head in her hands weeping.  As the last girl left the stall across from us, I noticed five more men in the walkway on the right bearing another five unconscious naked women on their shoulders.  They carefully placed the bodies on the straw and shackled the girls by their left ankles and left. 

We waited miserably, sometimes trying to speak to each other in whispers, but only two of us had English as a first language.  Every few minutes we could hear a girl’s scream from somewhere fairly near.  I had a bad feeling of what those screams were from.

Soon, five men walked into our stall bearing the sticks and leashes.  I saw that two of them were Lysander and Pullo but they went to stand by two of  my other stall mates.  Another man stopped in front of me,  Maximus.

“Greetings, slave.  Still not believing my world is real?” he said in English, looking down at me.

“Greetings,” I said,  “I suppose I have to accept what I see and hear-”

He looked at me sternly,  “Honorific, girl, you know which one.”

“ - Master” I begrudged.

He smiled’  “As you may be aware, we are currently unloading and processing our cargo from the Slave World.”

I was certainly aware, being part of the cargo.

“You will go to all fours and to be leashed and unshackled.  You will crawl to the processing station, obeying the commands I give you with the switch. One tap at the small of your back:move forward.  Two taps: stop. Tap to your left flank: turn left.  Tap to your right flank: turn right.  Understood?” Maximus said.

“Yes, Master” I answered..

“All fours” he ordered.  I complied, there seemed no point in suffering the same fate as other girl.  He set about buckling the leather collar of the leash on my neck and released my ankle from the shackle.  He took up position behind me and tapped his switch to my back.  I hoped he enjoys the view, I thought acidly. “Oh” I cried and began crawling forward.  My pussy started to heat.  I hoped it would not oil and leak in front  of Maximus, he would enjoy that too much.  A tap on my left as I reached the walkway.  I looked to the right before turning left  and saw men bearing girls on their shoulders outside heading towards the entrance of the building.  Our replacements in the stall were arriving.  We made our way to the far end of the building and turned right, my stall mates following.  The corridor ended at a canopied courtyard, Where a man in a leather apron was tending a fire brazier with a number of metal rods thrust in it.  Next to that was a rack and there were shackles attached to a winch dangling from the ceiling  I swallowed hard seeing this.

I was conducted before the rack and made to kneel.

“Put your arms in front of you, wrists crossed, lower your head and repeat these words” commanded Maximus.

“I, the former Jamie Vorena of Earth, submit myself to the Men of Gor as their property, their girl, their slave.” I repeated , my voice choking.  I was, in full consideration of Gorean law then, a legal  slave.

I was then brought to the rack and locked within it.  My wrists shackled above my head, my left thigh secured tightly in the padded vise so that no movement was possible, my right thigh less tightly locked in its mates,.  I was trembling in fear of what was to be done to me

The man in the leather apron inquired something of Maximus, nodded and went to brazier.  I could see the other four girls kneeling some distance away watching intently what was happening to me.  Maximus  said to me “I recall you read the dina’s book.  I think it would be fitting to give you her brand,  don’t you agree?  You have permission to scream as loud as you can.”  I whimpered seeing the man in the leather apron approach me with a branding iron in his gloved hand,  the end glowing yellow hot. He worked his to my left side and lined up the iron with the port to my thigh.  Satisfied with the alignment, he pushed it forward, the mark touching and vaporizing my outer layer of skin.  I threw my head back screaming, my wrists jumping in the shackles.  It only need be in my leg a few seconds, but it felt like years.   I smelled the stink of my own burning flesh.  Then it was done.  The man in the leather apron affixed a heavy steel lock collar on my neck, the first slave collar I was to wear.

I did not have time to dwell on it.  Maximus drew me from the rack, dragged me to the shackles hanging from the ceiling and locked me into them.  He then drew the winch so I was pulled up with my heels slightly off the floor.  I moaned in pain from my branding and the pull of my own weight on my wrists.  Maximus  took a slave whip from its peg near the winch and shook it out.  The next girl was conducted to the rack in misery at seeing my experience.

“This will be your introductory whipping, slave.  Just enough to give you a feel.  Ten strokes at half strength, Count off.”  He then applied the leather to me, and while he said half strength, my back still burned. “One.  Two. Three..”

Soon I was at ten, and Maximus thrust the whip to my lips “Thank me for your whipping and lick and kiss the whip.”

“Thank you for my whipping, Master”  I said panting.  I then licked and kissed at the whip, subject to it.

“Well done, for a raw girl.  Do you remember I said striking me would cost you, girl?”  he went the winch and drew me up higher so my toes just touched the floor.  “Five full strokes.

“Master?  But. that must have been months ago for you! I am sorry, I did not know!” I pleaded.

“I have been looking forward to correcting you for displeasing a male, slave” and laid into me truly.

“One!” my eyes rolled “Two! Mercy, Master!  Please!” my back was screaming agony “three” I slumped in my the chains seeing the other three girls kneeling in front of me looking horrified “four” I nearly passed out. On five I did pass out.  

I came to be released from the chains on the floor facing his sandals.  He looked down  “Thank me for enslaving you, then kiss my foot”

I groaned “T-thank you for enslaving me, Master” diligently licking at his sandal. I hoped I was pleasing.  I did not want to whipped again.  I did not want to ever be whipped again!

After a minute he was satisfied took up my leash and switch and conducted me to the next station. There I was given a thorough  medical examination by a man in green robes, who cleaned and applied anaesthetic salve to my brand, filled out my slave papers, took my finger and toe prints. Gave me some shots and made me drink the foully bitter concoction, “slave wine”, a contraceptive with amazing properties.  A red ribbon was looped through my collar, signaling I was available for sexual use to the other staff here.

Before we left, my wrists were cuffed behind my back, so I would not be tempted to touch my brand as it healed.  My group was now finished with processing and the men led us to the kennels.  The kennels were cells about four feet wide and tall and ten feet deep, stacked in tiers six high and twenty wide.  Walkways were in place at the third and fifth tiers.  We ascended to the first walkway as there had been enough slaves processed to fill the first two tiers.  Maximus stopped at the first open kennel on the third tier and opened the gate as I dropped to my knees. 

“Get in” he said.  

“Yes, Master.” I walked towards the gate on my knees.  I bent over to navigate the threshold when he to stop.

“Head to the floor, ass up, slut” he told me.  I complied feeling very vulnerable.

I gasped, seized from behind, his manhood plunging into me.  He took me without consideration and in fewer thrusts than I would have liked.  While this was going on, the others of my group were kenneled, Pullo’s and Lysander’s girls had been white silk so they asked Maximus make way if he was done with me.  Pullo went first taking some time to rub my clit and kiss my back. Lysander wanted something different of me. Kneeling me before him, I was presented with his cock,, he wanting me to use my mouth and tongue.  I drew him in sucking and licking his uncut shaft, this was difficult with my hands cuffed behind me but I finally coaxed his cum out which was torrential.  I gagged and spit some out.  Lysander grabbed my hair looked into my eyes and informed me that a slave girl always swallows.  Making sure I gulped down what was still in my mouth, he then made me lick the spillage off the floor.  He scraped whatever had dripped on my chest with his fingers and made me lick them clean as well as his cock.

Finished with me, they locked me in the kennel.  I lay there with the taste of cum thinking about what had happened.  To me, my previous day I had worked in an office doing spreadsheets and calculations.  Today I was a used slave, bound in a cage, hurt, violated, abused...and in some deep corner eager about what my future held.


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