Every Thorn Has Its Rose

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Chapter Two


“I'm sorry, sir, but we have no openings on that day.”


I rolled my eyes. What was so hard to understand about “we are booked”? And that arguing wasn't going to magically make an opening appear?


“The first available tour I have is not until April fourteenth.” I paused while he protested, “Yes, I know that isn't for three weeks yet, but that is the soonest we can offer.”


The man huffed and hung up. I made a face before I did the same. It was a good thing I was alone in the lobby, otherwise I'd probably have gotten fired. Or eaten. Normally I could maintain a calm persona, but that man was just so damn rude. My attention returned to the computer screen, where I was attempting to alter records as shown but was still having difficulty.


“Rosetta, my dear.”


I about jumped out of my chair at the sudden disturbance. One second I was alone and the next I wasn't. But I did stand and give a short curtsy when I saw who it was, “Master Aro.”


After having seen them in the hall yesterday I made it a point to learn which one was which. The blond one who had stared had been Caius. The sad looking one was Marcus. This one was definitely Aro, though he lacked his usually cheerful disposition.


He gestured at me, “I require you're assistance. Come.”


The man all but glided away and I could only admire how graceful he was as I followed him. He led me to the elevator, pressing the same button I'd seen the entire last week. We were going to his chambers. But why? I waited for him to explain but he remained silent and still, like a creepy statue. Couldn't place my finger on what it was exactly, he just gave off this “I'm a creeper” vibe.


We were out of the elevator and half way down the hall before he finally decided to tell me what I was needed for.


“My guest has had herself shut in the bathroom for quite some time now. I'm not worried of an emergency situation, or I'd enter myself. But I am growing very concerned. Since you are of the same sex, I ask that you go in and check on her. And report back to me immediately.”


The two of us stepped into the bedroom and I was instantly put off by the sight of the broken bed. Now I was genuinely worried for her. I walked at a clip to the door, my heels snapping against the stone floor loudly. I knocked lightly on the door, waiting a moment before opening it about an inch, “It's Rosetta, may I come in?” There still was now answer so I slipped inside, shutting the door behind me to give us some privacy. Ashleigh stood in front of a full length mirror, with one hand held tightly to her chest and the other keeping a towel around her. Her wet hair hung in knots down her back and she shivered slightly. A light trail of blood ran down the inside of her thigh.


I took a few steps closer. I wanted to touch my hand to her shoulder but given her current state I didn't know if she'd want that.


“Master Aro wanted me to check on you.” She flinched when I said his name. “He said you had been in here for a few hours. Are you alright?”


The answer was pretty obvious. And I was beginning to piece together what happened. Broken bed. The bruises. Blood down her leg. Wincing at the mere mention of Aro. My heart dropped through my stomach and I wanted to cry with her. Finally, she gave a slight shake of her head. No, she wasn't okay. I quickly turned around to return to Aro. And what I did next was incredibly stupid of me, but I was pissed.


As I approached him, I drew back my hand, “What did you do?!”


He easily caught my wrist, twisting me around so that I was now behind him. The man disappeared into the bathroom. I stared after him, shaking. Suddenly, Ashleigh erupted into near-hysterical sobs.


* * * * *


I glared as he approached the desk once again. But this time he wasn't having my attitude. He leaned in closely, “If you value your life at all, you'd do well to mind your behavior.”


“I'm sorry, Master,” I muttered, trying to relax the death stare off my face.


He walked around the desk, picking up the phone, “I will be in contact with a close friend who happens to be a physician. It appears dearest Ashleigh could have a broken wrist. Unfortunately, it could be some days before he arrives. I need you to tend to her while I'm taking care of some business. See to it she gets something for her pain so that she can sleep. She's in the guest room on the second floor.”


“Yes, Master,” I fetched my handbag and took my leave. Aro was now dialing numbers into the phone and paying me no mind. I rounded the corner to the elevator and waited impatiently. These things always took forever when you were in a hurry. But I finally got there. Lucky for me, I actually knew where to go. I knocked but didn't wait for a reply before I entered.


Ashleigh sat on the edge of the bed. Her hair was still wet but had at least been untangled. Eyes were still swollen and red, she only recently stopped crying. Poor thing. She kept her injured wrist close to her chest and was struggling to button her shirt one handed.


“Here, let me help you, dear,” I said as I stepped over to her and began to hook them quickly.


“Thank you, Rosetta,” she sniffled. Once that was taken care of I rummaged through my bag for the small orange bottle. I popped it open and handed Ashleigh two of the small white pills, “This will help with the pain.”


I helped her to slide back into the bed. After finding an extra blanket to prop up her injury, I tucked her in beneath the warm covers. She smiled the first genuine smile I had seen, “Thank you Rosetta. You didn't have to do any of this.”


“It's no trouble at all,” while I did go the extra mile because I considered her my friend, I wasn't about to tell her that I really did have no choice. The door opened then and he appeared. Aro waved his hand at me dismissively, “You may leave now, my dear.”


I smiled warmly at Ashleigh before doing as I was told.


* * * * *


“Rosetta, my dear. Come.”


Aro didn't stand up, or even look at me. Simply waved at the empty chair across from him. As I strutted toward him, I took note that both the other Masters were also present. Marcus paid me no mind. But Caius looked up from his book. I caught his gaze and smiled, maybe a bit more playfully than I should have. He smiled wickedly in response.


I sat in the chair he had indicated and crossed my legs, “You asked to see me, Master?”


“I did”, he licked his thumb and continued leafing through the book on his lap, his brow furrowed in concentration, “It seems dearest Ashleigh has grown attached to you. I have realized that she may never forgive me, should you meet the same end as most our human help.”


My confidence faltered for a moment, a flicker of fear crossing my features. The way he spoke implied he was regretful he wouldn't be able to terminate me. He flipped the book shut then, the sound making me jump. He turned to face me with the smile he was known for, “I have a proposition for you, my dear.”


Caius' eyes narrowed. Aro ignored him. I looked back and forth between the brothers, “What kind of proposition?”


“It's quite simple, I assure you,” his voice was smooth as he reached out and took my hand, “My Ashleigh is quite fond of you, as I mentioned. As her friend, you have a certain...influence over her. What I need from you, my dear, is to use that to my advantage. I will be away tomorrow, and I want you to keep her company. I also want you to plant certain ideas into her mind while you do so.”


“Like what?” I asked, “And why would I help you play mind games with her after you raped her?”


The 'r' word made him flinch and from the look on his face I was afraid he was going to kill me then and there. I shrank back in my seat. He leaned in closer, “Because if you refuse, I will rip out your throat with my teeth. And dearest Ashleigh will just have to accept it.”


I rubbed at my neck, “And what's in it for me?”


Aro sat back in his chair, “Should you succeed at coaxing her to submit to me, I will grant you that thing you wish for most.”


Suddenly, his face was next to mine. He whispered in my ear, his breath sent a chill down my spine, “Immortality.”

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