Every Thorn Has Its Rose

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Chapter Three


“I don't understand what all the fuss is about.”


“Hmm?” Aro looked up from his book then, turning his stare to his blond brother.


“You. The Cullen boy. Taking up with human mates. Is there really a difference?” Caius sounded annoyed. Seriously, what was so special about it? Why couldn't they just take mates of their own kind? Aro had previously with Sulpicia. He had courted her while she was still human, true, but there was no intimate relationship. Caius knew of Aro's plan, of course, but Jesus was he taking his sweet time.


“There isn't,” Aro answered, licking his thumb before turning to a different page. He quickly added with a smirk, “Much.”


Caius wrinkled his nose, “Much? I can't imagine there's any at all.”


Marcus, who had been standing near the bookcase, decided now was the time to duck out of the conversation. He disappeared with a light breeze. Aro watched him go before turning to Caius with a smile, “Dear brother, how could there not be a difference when humans have so much warmth?”


“Their body temperature has that great of an impact?” the blond asked, just shy of disbelief.


“Absolutely,” Aro almost purred, then he sighed, “I'm afraid my dearest Ashleigh didn't enjoy our first encounter. She was untouched, and her fear only further heated my desire. I took her by force.”


At that, Caius grinned. Any human suffering was thrilling to him. Aro looked less enthused, but chose not to chide his brother. His gaze was far away, “To be inside her... Was so very different. Surrounded so tightly by her warmth and wetness. Her hear racing beneath me. Her scent-”




“Pheromones, brother. Humans produces them, we can easily smell them,” Aro waved a hand, “It was all too much. I was not able to stop when she needed it of me.”


“Her purpose is to produce offspring, yes? Why wait for her consent.”


While that normally would be a question, it was Caius' not subtle way of saying her permission was not needed. Aro had yet to tell him why it actually made a difference to him. Caius scoffed, “I still don't understand the appeal.”


Aro shrugged and returned to his reading. The blond man tried to do the same, but found himself quite distracted by his brother's shared details.


* * * * *


I still had no idea what I was doing. Hitting random keys, the computer beeped angrily. I held back the urge to swear, the Masters would not approve if they heard.


“You, human.”


I jumped. Couldn't they at least clear their throat or something so they didn't give me a heart attack? I immediately stood, “Master Caius, how may I be of service?”


He stood quietly, hands behind his back, as he looked me up and down. “Turn.”




The man rolled his eyes, “Turn around, stupid girl.”


My cheeks got hot and I had to bite back a retort, but I did as I was told. He made a sound like he was not impressed, “I suppose you will do.”


“Do for what, sir?”


“Master,” he reminded.




He spun me so I faced him once again, “I expect Heidi made it clear that you are to do as you are told, correct?”


I nodded. Caius smirked, “Do keep that in mind. Aro tells me you are barren. Is this also correct?”


How would Aro know that about me? I'd only told one other person. “That is correct, Master.”


“Excellent. You will do quite perfectly, then. I am conducting research, if you will, and your participation is required. Is that clear?”


Again, I nodded, “Yes, Master Caius.”


“Good,” he pat me on the head, which was weird, “Meet me here at your desk at midnight, then.”


Then, he walked away. Slowly, I sat back down in my chair. This was supposed to be a simple receptionist job. That would hopefully end in my getting to be one of them. What the hell had I gotten myself into?


* * * * *


Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick.


The sound of the clock echoed around the vacant room. It was strange being here at this hour. The building was creepy enough during business hours but now, absolutely nothing stirred. Master Aro was, no doubt, with Ashleigh. Or preparing for his fake business trip. Marcus, I never saw. The Guard, I rarely witnessed. And Caius, well, who knew where he was or what he was doing. I checked the time to find it was only about a minute until midnight.


“I must admit,” a voice spoke between slow footfalls, “I admire your punctuality, Miss Silvestri.”


The blond appeared from the direction of the elevator, coming around to stand behind the desk in front of me. A bit closer than I had expected he would. I took a step back, bumping into the edge of the structure, “Thank you, Master. What was it you needed my assistance with?”


Caius smirked, “I'm glad you asked.”


No space remained between our bodies now. He rested his hands on the desk to either side of my hips, his face mere centimeters from mine, “It seems there's a growing trend among vampire men. Engaging in sexual activities with you human women. I simply cannot understand it.”


I had stopped listening after “sexual activities”, unsure how I felt about where this was going.


“So, I'm going to conduct some experiments. Of sorts. And you,” he traced a finger along my jaw, “will indulge me.”


I swallowed hard. For some reason, the more I considered it, the more I enjoyed the idea. What was wrong with me?


“There will, however, be certain... Guidelines, you could call them. One, you will do as you're told, without protest and without delay.”


My curls bounced as I nodded.


“Two, there will be no kissing of the lips. Elsewhere is acceptable.”


Again, my head bobbed in agreement.


“Three, if you happen to climax from our interactions, good for you. However, I will not go out of my way to see that you do. Four, you will see to it that I do. Understood?”


“Understood, Master Caius.”


“Perfect,” there was a wicked sparkle in his eyes, “Then you should get started.”


He stepped back, never taking his eyes off me as he began to loosen his belt. I bit my bottom lip as I watched, “Do you... Have a preference, Master?”


The man shrugged, “I do not, I suppose. You may do as you please.”


Okay, then. I lowered to my knees, placing my hands on his hips. I hesitated, “We're really going to do this here? What if someone sees?”


He waved a hand flippantly, “Let them watch.”


My face got warm. There was a lot I was willing to do, but I wasn't sure a live performance was one of them. With any luck, no one would happen by while we were busy. I brush my lips against the hair, lightly licking at the base, and he immediately began to get hard. With a few strokes of my hand he was ready to go.


I wrapped my lips around the head and slowly slid them down his shaft. I sucked gently as I pulled them back up, tightening my lips and keeping my tongue again him. His breathing caught in his throat. I held his thighs securely as my head bobbed up and down. Caius shuddered, his fingers winding through my hair. He tugged me back, “On your feet.”


As soon as I stood, he spun me around and bent me over the desk. My dress was hastily pushed up to my ribs, my panties pulled aside. His nails dug into my waist, and I gasped as his cock stretched me. He pounded into me with such force that it actually hurt. But not enough to take away from the immense pleasure I was feeling. My gasps and moans were quite loud. More so than I would have liked them to be. If anyone was remotely close they were going to hear me. In that moment, thought, I didn't care. Hell, I'd even let them come watch, too. Caius growled, his thrusts slowing but getting more deep. Claws tore through my skin as he held my hips flush to his and groaned, his climax throbbed within me.


After some deep breaths he cleared his throat. A gush of fluid ran down the inside of my leg as he pulled out. I straightened up, smoothing my dress back down over my hips, “Well?”


He tucked in his shirt, “Well, what?”


“Do I get a performance review?”


He stared at me and I half expect to be told off. But he hummed, “Satisfactory. I will let you know when I'm in need of your assistance again.”


And with that he was gone, leaving me staring into an empty lobby.

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