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Hey everybody, sorry this took so long, but part 2 is finally here. I hope all of you like it.

Disclaimer: I don't own 39 Clues.

Chapter Warnings: Adult Language, Nudity, Yuri Sex. (girl x girl)




"Loud Sounds"


Locations and time of day.

Inside of a hotel somewhere in California. Eight twenty eight at night.

Alana and Maleia are now standing in the lobby of the hotel that Alana is staying in. Maleia looks around in amazement at how great it all looks. She sees people sitting in very comfy chairs and long couches as they watch something on a very large flat screen TV. She also sees people getting card keys from the front desk, walking up to the five elevators with golden doors in the right wall and some sitting at the bar drinking that's right in front of her.

Alana smirks as she sees Maleia's excited face. "So, I guess this is the first time being here."

Maleia looks over at Alana with an embarrassed smile. "Yeah. I always wanted to stay here. You know, like a mini vacation." She than looks away from her a little sadly with a pout. "But I could never afford it."

Alana smiles and puts her left hand on the middle of Maleia's back. This makes her look back at her. "Well, just think that the next two days are the vacation that you always wanted." When she got a smile and a blush in return, she than lead them to the nearest elevator and pushes the button with her right index finger.

When the doors opened, Alana quickly pulls Maleia inside and than raises her left hand behind herself to push a button to close the doors. A man with peach skin, short black hair, brown eyes and wearing a black suit was rushing up to the elevator with a suitcase in his left hand. "Wait! Hold the elevator!" But the elevator doors closed right in his face. He lightly glares at the closed doors and than rolls his eyes. "Nice."

Meanwhile inside of the elevator.

As soon as the elevator doors closed, Alana turned Maleia around, grabbed both sides of her gray jacket and pulls her into a kiss. She than turns them around and pushes her up against the wall next to the doors, opposite of the floor buttons.

Maleia wraps her arms around Alana and grabs her shoulders. She also raises her left leg and wraps it around her hip. After a few more seconds she stops the kiss with a wet "pop" and looks into her eyes. "Hah. This is crazy. I've only known you for a few hours."

Alana smirks and than starts to roll her hips, making their clothed centers rub together. "So, are you telling me that you changed your mind?" She than kisses Maleia's left cheek and than down her neck.

Maleia tilts her head back, holds Alana a little tighter and let's out a moan. "Ooohh. Fuck no." She than thrust her clothed center against hers a little harder.

Alana puts her hands on Maleia's stomach and slowly slides them down to her shorts. She pulls the waistband of the shorts with her right hand and slides her left hand under them. But she pulls herself off of her when a "dink" is heard and the elevator doors open.

When the doors fully open, Alana holding Maleia's right hand with her left, pulls her out of the elevator and down the hall. They almost crashed into a dark brown skinned woman with long black hair, brown eyes, full lips with red lipstick, DD-cup breasts, fit waistline, full rounded hips and butt and shapely legs. The woman is wearing a red dress that hugs her curves.

The woman had to move out of the way as the two lovers rushed passed her. She looks at they with a small glare. "Hey! What ever happened to excuse us!?" She doesn't get a answer as the two disappear around a corner. She let's out a sigh as she walks into the elevator. "Uhh. Some people. But still, I'd probably be like those two if Grace was here on vacation with me." She than pushes a button with her right index finger and than the elevator doors closed.

Meanwhile with Alana and Maleia.

Alana and Maleia are standing in front of Alana's hotel room door as she pulls out her card key to open it. She holds it in her right hand as she swipes it through the lock and unlocks it. She than opens the door with her left hand and holds it open for her as she looks at her with a smirk. "You first beautiful."

Maleia blushes with a smile as she walks inside of the room. "Thank you... sexy." Alana than follows her inside and closes the door behind herself. Maleia looks around the big living room, seeing the white walls, light gray carpet, a long white couch in the center of the room, a small wooden table in front of it, a large flat screen TV on the wall facing the couch, open double doors leading out to the balcony and two closed doors on the far wall.

Alana turns Maleia around and kisses her. She than spins both of them around and lightly pushes her up against the door. She pulls Maleia's jacket off and than her own while keeping the kiss going. She than puts her hands on the younger woman's waist and slides them down to her curvy hips. She than let's her left hand slide under her shorts and rubs her center through her swimsuit.

Maleia pulls off of the kiss with a wet "pop" and let's out a moan while tilting her head back. "Ooohhh. Fuck. God, just move it out of the way. Please just touch me." She than reaches around the older woman and grabs both of her curvy butt cheeks.

Alana steps back a bit and than smirks as she sees Maleia's confused look. She than grabs her right hand with her left and starts to pull her towards one of the closed doors. "Don't worry baby. I just think that we should have a quick shower after our day at the beach." They than walk up to the bathroom door, Alana opens it and the two walk inside.

Once the door is closed, Alana walks behind a screen that blocks the shower from view. Maleia can only see the older woman's silhouette through the screen. She watches as she unties her bikini top, letting it fall to the white tiled floor and than unties her bikini bottoms, also letting fall to the floor. She than hears Alana's voice call out to her. "Well, are you going to join me or not?"

Maleia quickly pulls her shorts down, steps out of them, pulls the thin straps of her swimsuit down her arms and than pulls the rest of it down her body. Now just as naked as Alana, she rushes behind the screen to join her in the shower. Her eyes widen and a blush fills her cheeks when she sees the other woman. She starts at her small feet and slowly goes up her long shapely legs, curvy butt cheeks, smooth back and finally into her brown eyes that are looking back at her over her right shoulder. She gives the older woman a shy smile while slightly sticking out her chest. "I hope you like what you see just as much as I like what I see."

Alana gives Maleia a smirk as she turns the shower on. "Oh trust me I do." She than turns around, letting the younger woman she her round big B-cup breasts and her center with brown hair trimmed into a triangle above it. "Now stop being shy..." She than raises her right hand and curls her index finger three times. "And get over here."

Pink Lemon Start!

Maleia takes the few steps up to Alana and kisses her. The older woman than picks up a bar of soap, that was resting on a shelf built into the wall. Soon both women were rubbing soap all over each other, giving the others breasts or curvy butts light squeezes and kissing as they take this bath together.

After rinsing off all of the soap, Alana looks into Maleia's brown eyes with a smirk and puts both of her hands on the younger woman's shoulders. "Now, let's start with your soft lips and tongue somewhere else on me." She than lightly pushes her down on her knees.

Maleia blushes and gulps as she looks at Alana's center. "I.. I've never ea... done this before." She than feels both of the older woman's hands on her head, making her look up into her brown eyes.

Alana gives her a smile as she pushes Maleia closer to her center. "It's not that hard to lick pussy baby. Just do what you think is right. I'll let you know if you are doing anything wrong." The younger woman closes her eyes and than slowly licks up her center. "Mmmm. Yes, now start to go a little faster." The younger woman gives her another lick and soon after is licking her center at a fast pace. The older woman is soon panting and rolling her curvy hips into her face. "Yes. uhh, More. uhh. I want you inside me. uhh."

Maleia was already blushing as she was licking Alana, but her blush darkened when she heard what the older woman said. She than held on to the older woman's thighs and pushes her tongue inside of her.

Alana aches her back and starts to thrust her curvy hips into her face. "Ooohhh! Fuck! Yes! Ooohhh! Just like that! Ooohhh!" She than bites her bottom lip while she quickens her thrust. After a little while she feels that she is at the edge of her first climax. "Ooohhh! I'm almost there baby! Ooohhh! Just a little... a little..." She than closes her eyes, tilts her head back and pushes Maleia's face closer into her center as she cums. "Fuck! Oooohhhh!"

Maleia tightly warps her lips around Alana's center as she cums and sucks as much as she can into her mouth. She gulps it down and than pulls her lips off with a wet "pop" She than licks her lips with a smile and than licks all over the older woman's center for any leftover cum.

Alana breathes heavily as she opens her eyes and looks down with a smile. "See, that wasn't so hard now was it?" When she saw Maleia look up at her with a blush and a smile, she smirks and moves her right hand so the younger woman can see it while she is curling her right index finger upwards. "Now get back up here sexy."

Maleia stands back up and is pulled into another kiss. She than feels Alana's hands slide down her back, down to her curvy butt to rub and squeeze the lower cheeks. The older woman than pulls out of the kiss and starts to slowly kiss down the left side of her neck. She continues down to the left breast, kissing around the nipple and than taking it into her mouth and sucking. The younger woman grabs the back of the older's head with both hands and let's out a moan. "Ooohhh. Fuck. Ooohhh. That feels good."

Alana than pulls off with a wet "pop" and than starts to suck on the right breast, listening to more of Maleia's moans. "Ooohhh. Yes. Ooohhh. I should have done this to you. Ooohhh." She than let's the nipple go with another wet "pop" and starts to slowly kiss down the younger woman's body. She smirks and squeezes the curvy butt cheeks as she looks at the younger woman's center, not seeing a single hair. "I was expecting a stirp or something. But this is just as good." She than gives the center a long slow lick.

Maleia puts her hands on the bathroom wall and tilts her head back. "Ooohhh! Fuck! Ooohhh! Damn that felt good." Alana is soon licking her at a quick pace and she can't help but roll her curvy hips. "Ooohhh! God! Ooohhh! no wonder you... Ooohhh! You like this so much! Ooohhh!"

Alana than pulls Maleia's left curvy butt cheek away from the right one and moves her left index finger next to her back door. (Let's see if I can make you go off like a firework.) She than stops licking, wraps her lips around the younger woman's clit and sucks as she pushes her finger inside of her back door.

Maleia's eyes open wide before she closes them tightly and let's out a scream as she cums. "Aaaahhhh!"

Alana quickly let's go of Maleia's clit with a wet "pop" and sucks on her center. She than starts to slam her finger in and out of the younger woman's back door as she is swallowing the cum in her mouth.

Maleia is trying to recover from her orgasm when she feels another one coming. (What!? But I just...!) And than once again her eyes widen and close tightly as she let's out another scream. "Aaaahhhh!" She fills Alana's mouth with more cum that is happily swallowed.

Alana smirks as she pulls out her finger, moves to the side and than stands up behind Maleia. "So, how was that baby."

Maleia pants as she tries to catch her breath. She than looks over her right shoulder at Alana with wide shocked eyes. "Y... you fucked my ass."

Alana puts her hands on her curvy hips as she continues to smirk. "Yes. And you came hard, twice. Did you hate it?" She got a blush and a shake of Maleia's head as her answer. "Good." She than gives both of the younger woman's curvy butt cheeks a squeeze. "Because I'm definitely going to fuck your ass again before I have to say goodbye to you." She than turns around and walks around the shower screen.

Maleia hears the sink as she takes one last calming breathe. She turns off the water in the shower and walks around the screen to Alana. The older woman was waiting for her and grabs her left hand with her right.

Alana gives Maleia a smile as she pulls her out of the bathroom. "I'm not done with you yet. Let's go to bed." They walk up to the bedroom door, she opens the door and pulls her inside.

Maleia can only see the big queen size bed with white sheets, two pillows and light blue covers folded at the end of the bed, before she is pushed down on to it on her back. She blinks her eyes as Alana climbs up on the bed and on top of her. The older woman locks her lips to her's when she is fully on top of her.

Alana moves her legs between Maleia's and pushes them farther apart with her own. She than pushes her center against the younger woman's, making both of them moan in each other's mouths. "mmmm." She than starts to thrust her curvy hips, quickly picking up the pace after a few thrust and soon filling the room with the sound of wet slaps with their moans.

Maleia pulls out of the kiss with a wet "pop" and tilts her head back against the pillow. "Ooohhh!" "slap" "Fuck!" "slap" "Ooohhh!" "slap" "Alannnaaa!" "slap" She than reaches up with both hands and grabs Alana's shoulders.

Alana tightly grabs the bed sheets by Maleia's sides and looks down into her eyes as she continues to thrust her curvy hips. "ugh." "slap" "You like that baby." "slap" "ugh." "slap" "Feeling me against you." "slap" "ugh." "slap" "Cause I do." "slap"

Maleia looks up with half lided eyes and a small smile. "Ooohhh." "slap" "Yes." "slap" "Ooohhh." "slap" "Don't stop." "slap" "Ooohhh." "slap" "Please don't stop." "slap" "Ooohhh." They continue to move together for a few more minutes and than she closes her eyes as she feels a third climax coming. "Ooohhh!" "slap" Alana I'm...!" "slap" "Ooohhh!" "slap" "Fuck!" "slap" "Ooohhh!" She than aches her back and let's out a loud moan as she cums. "Ooooohhhhh!"

Alana, feeling Maleia cum on her center, aches her own back, gives three more hard thrusts "slap" "slap" "slap" and tilts her head back as she cums. "Maleiiiaaa."

Their cum mixes together and slides down in between Maleia's curvy butt cheeks, on to the bed sheets beneath her. Alana falls on to the bed next to her on the right as the two pant heavily with smiles on their faces.

Pink Lemon End!

Alana, after catching her breathe, looks over at Maleia with a smile. "So, how was I baby?"

Maleia looks over at Alana with a smile and a blush. "Incredible. But I think I need awhile before we can go again."

Alana sits up and grabs the light blue covers, covers both of them and pulls Maleia closer to her. "Don't worry. Right now let's get some sleep." She than smirks. "We'll have more fun in the morning." She than pulls the younger woman into a kiss.

After a few seconds they stop kissing and lay down while holding each other closely. Soon both of them fall asleep with Alana dreaming about all the things she is going to do with Maleia while their together.

One month later. Nine five in the morning. Maleia's house.

Maleia walks out of her kitchen while drinking a bottle of water held in her right hand. She is wearing a white sleeveless t-shirt, red shorts and white sneakers. She stops drinking and drops the now empty bottle in the trash with a happy sigh. "uhh." (That was a good jog. Now what am I going to do now.) Than she hears a "knock, knock" coming from her door. (I wonder who that is?) She walks up to her door and opens it. "Yes can I he..." She stops herself and her eyes widen in surprise as she sees who's standing in front of her.

Standing on the other side of the door is Alana, who has a smirk on her face and her hands on her curvy hips. She is wearing a red button up shirt, black skirt that stops just passed her knees and black two inch heels. "Well aren't you going to at least say hello? I thought you'd be happy to see me."

Maleia shakes her head and gives Alana a smile. "Sorry, but I thought that I was never going to see you again." She than steps aside so the older woman can walk in. "Please come in."

Alana walks inside with a smile as she looks around. "Thank you. And now I can have a good look around since we were in and out the last time." She than turns her head to the right to Maleia. "So how have you been?" Her smile that changes into a small one. "Are you seeing any one?"

Maleia gives Alana a smile. "I'm fine." She than lightly blushes. "And no. I haven't been with anyone else but you. So what brings you back so soon? You can't be on vacation again, can you?"

Alana crosses her arms over her chest as she gives Maleia another smirk. "No, no. You see, I got a new job here and I moved in to a house that's just a few houses away from yours." She stops for a second to enjoy the happy shocked look on the younger woman's face. "So I came over to see..." Her smirk than becomes more devilish. "If you have anytime to have a little fun."

Pink Lime Start.

Maleia grabs Alana by her shirt and lightly pushes her up against the wall next to the now closed door. She quickly unbuttons it and pushes it open. She than grabs the bottom of the black bra that the older woman is wearing and pulls it up over her breasts. She watches as they bounce from the movement and than lowers her head to the left one, so she can suck on it.

Alana holds the back of Maleia's head with her left hand and sides her right into the back of the younger woman's shorts. "So, since I have nothing to do today. Let's start here in your living room." She than raises her left leg and wraps it around the younger woman's curvy hip. "And make are way up to the bedroom."

The end.

And finally done! Once again I apologise for how long it took this chapter to be finished. But here it is! And next is the second and last part of my, A Teen in Toontown: 39 Clues version. And yes it's the lemon chapter just like this one.

So until next time. Bye!

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