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Hey everyone, and welcome back for part 2 of my first Pink Lemon Tree Story. Sorry it took so long and even if it has no reviews or just one person likes it. I will keep going for that one person. I just hope that if someone does like part 1 that you like this one to.

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Warnings: Adult language, Nudity, Yuri Sex (Girl x Girl), Toy Use.




Locations.Cora's office: Nine twenty.

Warning: Pink Lemon Continuing!

Cora smirks as she looks down at Lan while breaving hard. She reaches out her right hand for Lan to take with her own right and pulls her up on to her feet. She than grabs the straps of Lan's grey sports bra and pulls her in, so she can slam their lips back together. Lan's hands grope Cora's curvey butt as she pushes her body against Cora's more.

They both moan "mmmm" "mmmm" into each other's mouths as they slightly move their bodies against the other's. Cora ends the kiss with a wet "pop" and looks into her eyes with a devilish smile. "Three weeks from now your going to be Misses Lan Wizard." She than pulls the happy smiling young woman into a quick kiss. "But now it's my turn." She keeps a hold of the right strap with her left hand as she pulls her to the bedroom door.

Lan tilts her head slightly and looks at her confusingly. "The closet?" She than points at the white couch with her left thumb over her shoulder. "wouldn't it be better to fuck me on the couch."

Cora smirks as she turns the doorknob and pushes the door open. "Oh this is not a closet baby." She than pulls her in and than let's her go to close the door.

Lan looks around the room seeing another door in the left wall near the left side corner. A thirty inch flat screen TV is in the center of the left wall. A queen sized bed with white sheets, folded dark blue cover, two big blue pillows, as it's headboard against the center of the right wall. A wooden dresser is against the back wall in the center. A light in the center of the celling is the last thing in the room.

Cora looks at her with lust as she uses her index finger and thumb on her right hand to turn the light switch dial down, making the room dim a little. "This is the room you have your first time in." She grabs Lan by the shoulders as she turns back around to her and than lightly pushes her into the wall next to the light switch. "And I'm taking you right here before I get you in bed."

Cora slides her left hand into Lan's red shorts and cups her center making the young woman groan. "ugh." Cora's eyes shine with lust as she looks into Lan's with a smirk. "No panties baby. Bad girl, I wanted to pull those off of you when I'd fuck you." She than grabs the bottom of the grey sports bra and pulls it over Lan's breasts, watching them bounce when they pop out of it.

Lan blushes as she looks at her steering at her breasts. "I know that they are not as big as yours. but they are definitely not small, so I hope you like t.." She stops as Cora wraps her lips around her right nipple sucking it into her mouth, squeezes her left breast with her free hand and than rubs her center making her cry out. "Aaaahhh!"

Cora smirks around the nipple as Lan puts her hands on the back of her head and wraps her left leg around her curvey hips. Soon the room is filled with the sounds of wet "sucking" when Cora sucks harder and Lan's groans "ugh" and little cries. "aaahhh." Cora pulls her head back letting the nipple pop out with a wet "pop" and lets go of the breast to grab Lan's left thigh.

Cora slides her hand that's inside Lan's shorts lower and than sucks Lan's left nipple into her mouth. Lan looks down at her with a blush while she's panting. "huh, huh, Cora. huh, what are you. huh, doing. huh."

Cora looks up at her with a smirk as she sucks her nipple. She than slams her middle finger into Lan's back door as she sucks harder on her nipple. Lan grips Cora's head tighter and grits her teeth as her toes curl. "ugh. Fuck."

More wet "sucking" and Lan's grunts "ugh" and little cries "aaahhh" full the room again and Lan moves her slim hips with the slow fingering. Cora feeling Lan move her hips starts to hammer her finger in and out of her.

Lan throws her head back and cries out. "Aaaahhh! Oh fuck! Fuck! huh, huh." Cora going in for the kill lightly bites down on the nipple and pulls it stretches Lan's breast as she slams her middle and index fingers in to her back door. "Aaaaaahhhhh!" This beings her to a hard climax that makes Cora smirk as she feels her wrist covered with cum.

Cora let's go of the nipple and watches the breast bounce with a smirk. She than looks at Lan's blushing face as the young woman breaves heavily "huh, huh" while standing on twitching legs. She than moves her fingers that are still inside of Lan making her groan. "ugh"

Lan opens her eyes and looks at Cora as she continues to play with her back door. "ugh. I can't believe you. ugh, ugh. Fucked me in the ass. aaah!"

Cora than takes her fingers out of her and pulls her hand out of the shorts. "Believe it baby. Your ass is mine now." She raises her left wrist to her lips and slowly licks off the cum while keeping her eyes on Lan's. She smirks while looking into Lan's wide lust filled eyes. "Now, get out of those clothes and get on the bed. So I can fuck you properly."

Lan nods her head and than fully takes off her sports bra. She was about to take off her shorts when movement catches her eyes. She watches as Cora turns around and walks towards the dresser with her curvey hips swaying. (My God that ass.) She can't help but almost drool as she watches Cora bend over, sticking out her curvey butt.

Cora knowing that Lan is watching starts to shift her hips as she looks for what she wants in the dresser. "Baby, I know your in joining the show. And it's all for you, but if your not on the bed when I turn around. I'm going to spank that sexy little ass of yours." She than smirks. "Unless that's what you want of course."

Lan gulps and than continues to pull down her shorts. She rolls her eyes when she gets her shorts down to her feet seeing the white sneakers still on them. She kicks them off quickly followed by the shorts and than gets on the bed in the center.

Cora widely smiles as she finds what she is looking for. "Ah. there you are." She than turns around but keeps her hands behind her back. She than walks up to the end of the bed and smiles down at Lan. "Now I may have bin a little hopeful before, but this is your first time right?"

Lan nods her head and smiles with a blush. "Yes. Nobody but you has and hopefully will ever get to touch me Cora."

Cora's smile changes into a smirk when she shows Lan what she had behind her back, making the young woman gasp. She is holding in her right hand a gold colored, fourteen inch long, double headed dildo with a black belt attached to the center. "Good, because I don't want to have to beat the crap out of any guys or girls who what to take you away from me baby." (And I don't want to wast the money to make some idiot disappear.)

Cora than gets on the bed and crawls up Lan's body until their face to face. She than grabs Lan's right breast with her left hand while bringing their lips together in another kiss. She than breaks the kiss and sits up so she is straddling Lan's hips. She than brings one of the ends of the dildo to Lan's lips. "Open up baby."

Lan blushes as she reaches up with her right hand and takes the dildo. She looks into Cora's eyes as she pushes a few inches into her mouth.

Cora places her hands on Lan's stomach and pushes her center against her's than slowly grinds them together. She closes her eyes as Lan grabs her hip with her left hand and rolls her hips. She let's out sighs "huh, huh" as Lan moans"mmmm, mmmm" while sucking more of the dildo into her mouth.

Cora than stops moving her hips and opens her eyes to look down at her with a smile. "I think you have that ready now." She than grabs the dry end of the dildo and slowly pulls it out of Lan's mouth with a wet "pop" at the end. "Because you already have me ready where it counts."

Cora pushes herself up on her knees and looks down at Lan's wet hairless center with a smirk. "Aw. Now I can't see if the carpet mached the drapes. ha ha ha."

Lan smirks as she still has a blush on her face. "Ha, Ha. Very funny gorgeous." Her blush darkens as she reaches down to her center with her left hand and pulls open her lower lips with her index and middle fingers. "Now are you going to continue the comedy or are you going to take me like you promised." She than winks at her with her left eye.

Cora rubs the dry end of the dildo over her wet lower lips as she looks seductively at her. "Oh I will. Just remember, you asked for it baby." She than slowly pushes her end of the dildo inside herself with Lan watching and lightly licks her lips.

Cora after having pushed all seven inches of her end of the dildo Inside of herself, warps the belt around her waist and buckles it behind her back. She puts her hands on Lan's shoulders and than gets in between her legs.

Lan puts her hands on Cora's back and than slowly sides them down to cup her curvey butt. "Cora. Fuck me."

Cora brings their lips together and slowly pushes the last seven inches inside of Lan's center. She grins as the young woman groans "hgh, hgh" in her mouth and grabs her curvey butt harder. She pulls back, ending the kiss with a wet "pop" when the rest of the dildo is fully inside her younger lover. "It's all inside you, I'm all inside of you baby. Tell me, tell me how it feels having me inside of you, you sexy little thing."

Lan blushes while looking at her with lided eyes. "It feels so good. mmmm. I love how you feel inside me. mmmm. how deep you are inside me."She than bucks her hips up into Cora's making the older woman groan. "ugh"

Cora smirks as she reaches for both of Lan's breasts and starts to squeeze them. "Well, trust me baby. You'll love this part to." She than pulls her hips back, pulling all but the head of the dildo out of her lover and than slowly pushes back in.

Lan starts to pant as Cora starts to pick up her pace. "huh, huh. Faster. huh, huh. Please faster." Her grip on Cora's butt tightens as she thrusts the dildo into her faster.

Soon the room is filled with Lan's moans "ohh, ohh" and Cora's groans "ugh, ugh" that get louder and louder as Cora starts to slam into her. They are soon covered in a light sheen of sweat and wet sounds of "slaps" as their skin slaps together.

Lan's hands slide up Cora's back and she garbs her shoulders. "ohh" "slap" "ohh" "slap" "Yes." "slap" "Yes."

Cora squeezes Lan's breasts as she grits her teeth and continues to slam into her. "ugh" "slap" "Fuck." "slap" "ugh" "slap" "Damn you feel good"

Lan thrusts her head back into one of the pillows with her eyes closed and her moans change into cries. "aaahhh!" "slap" "ohh, Fuck!" "slap" "aaahhh!" "slap" "Almost!" "slap" "aaahhh!"

Cora takes her hands off of Lan's breasts and fist the sheets by her shoulders. She than looks down and watches Lan's breasts bounce with her thrusts. "ugh" "slap" "God your so fuck able." "slap" "ugh" "slap" "Cum for me!"

Lan's eyes open wide as Cora bends her head down and sucks hard on her right nipple. Than with three more hard thrusts, she than arches her back, curls her toes and loudly screams as she cums. "Aaaaaahhhhh!"

Cora pulls off of the nipple with a wet "pop" as she feels Lan's cum covers her center. She pushes herself up on her hands and continues to slam into her. "Cum for me again baby!" "slap" "Fuck, you look so sexy when you cum!" "slap" "aaahhh!" "slap"

Lan grabs Cora's hips with both hands and rolls her own hips into her's. "Cum with me!" "slap" "aaahhh!" "slap" "Please." "slap" "Cum with me." "slap" "aaahhh!"

Cora slams herself into Lan one more time and throws her head back and loudly grunts as she cums. "ughhhhh!" Lan's mouth opens in a silent scream and she cums again, when she feels Cora's cum covering her center and sliding down the dildo into her.

After a few seconds they come down from their climax. Cora falls on top of Lan making their breasts rub against each other. They both pant with big smiles on their faces as Lan wraps her arms around Cora's waist.

Lan rubs her left cheek against Cora's left one and reaches down with both hands to squeezes both of Cora's butt cheeks. "That was amazing. best first time I could have ever asked for."

Cora turns her head and gives Lan a quick passionate kiss. She than looks down at her with a big smirk on her face. "Oh, I'm not done with you yet baby. We still have one more thing to do."

Lan looks up at her with wide shocked eyes. "What. You want to go again?" She than let's out a moan "ohh" as Cora pulls her hips back and pulls out the dildo with a wet "pop"

Cora sits up on her knees and looks down at the seven inches of the dildo that was inside of Lan. She grins seeing it shine with a mix of their cum and than looks back into Lan's eyes. "Turn around and stick that sexy ass up baby."

Lan bites her bottom lip and than slowly turns around. She gets on her hands and knees than looks over her left shoulder with a blush. "You're going to take me from behind?"

Cora smirks at her as she grabs both of Lan's butt cheeks and spreads them apart. "Well, something like that." She than slowly pushes the dildo into Lan's back door, making the young woman grit her teeth and her eyes widen in discomfort.

Cora let's out a closed mouth moan "mmmm" when her pelvis touches Lan's butt cheeks. "Wow baby. You took it all and didn't cry out once. That's my girl."

Lan looks at her with a small smile and wink of her left eye. "Damn right I can take it. I can take anything you give me sexy."

Cora smirks while she lightly slaps Lan's right butt cheek with her right hand. She than slowly pulls her hips back. "Anything I can give you huh?" She than slams the dildo all the way back into Lan's back door making her cry out. "Aaahhh!" She than grabs Lan's slim hips. "Good, because I wasn't planning on holding back."

Cora is soon slamming into Lan again and the room fills with the sounds of their love making again. Lan cries out with every slam and grips the sheets tighter. "aaahhh!" "slap" "aaahhh!" "slap" "Fuck!" "slap" "aaahhh!"

Cora grunts as sweat makes their skin shine and her big breasts bounce with each of her thrusts. "ugh" "slap" "Do you like this." "slap" "ugh" "slap" "Do you like me taking your ass!" "slap" "ugh"

Lan than slams her butt back into Cora's thrusts and looks back at her. "Yes!" "slap" "aaahhh!" "slap" "Yes! like it!" "slap" "aaahhh!" "slap" "I like feeling you in my ass!" "slap" "aaahhh!"

Cora bends over and press' her big breasts into Lan's back as she reaches under her and grabs her breasts. "ugh" "slap" "ugh" "slap" "ugh" "slap" "Fuck! cum for me!" "slap" "ugh"

Lan's eyes open wide as Cora reaches down with her left hand and pinches her clit with her index and middle fingers. "Aaaaaahhhhh!" She than cums hard and a small pool of her cum stains a spot on the sheets between her legs.

Cora slams into her one more time and loudly grunts "ughhhhh!" as she cums. Her Cum covers some of Lan's butt cheeks as the rest slides down the dildo into her back door.

Pink Lemon End.

After a few seconds they fall forward with Lan on the bed with her face in a pillow and Cora on top of her. They both breave havaly as Cora braces her hands on the bed and slowly pulls her hips back. The dildo is pulled out of Lan with a wet "pop" making her moan into the pillow. "mmmm" Cora than sits up on her knees, reaches behind herself and unbuckles the strap on.

Lan slowly turns around and with a blush, tired smile and lightly panting "ugh, ugh, ugh" she watches Cora slowly pull the dildo out of herself.

Cora let's out a moan "ohhh" as the dildo comes out of her with a wet "pop" with strings of her clear cum connecting it to her center. She than throws the strap on over her shoulder and plops down on the bed next to Lan with a smile on her face. "Now, we're done." She than smirks. "Until morning that is."

Lan snuggles up on Cora's left side with her head on her shoulder and her left leg over Cora's one. "Cora, did you wean what you said." She than looks up into Cora's face, who was looking back at her while waiting for her to continue. "About marrying me." She than looks away shyly. "I know we've only know each other for a little over a year." She than looks back into her eyes. "But I love you. I've loved you for awhile now and..."

Cora cuts her off by cupping her left cheek with her right hand and pulls her into a deep kiss. She than breaks it and looks into her young lover's eyes. "I'm a woman of my words, you know that Lan. You're all mines now and we'll be wearing each other's rings very soon." She than pulls her into another passionate kiss. She breaks the kiss again and smirks as she looks at her. "Now get some rest baby. You're going to need it for round two."

Lan giggles and kisses her on her left cheek. "I love you Cora." She than rest her head back down on Cora's shoulder and closes her eyes.

Cora kiss the top of her head and lightly runs the fingers of her right hand through Lan's short golden brown dyed hair. "I love you to baby." She than warps her left arm around Lan's slim waist with a big grin. (Now with this sexy little thing as my future wife and one of are soon to be best agents. I'll be running this place in no time.) She than squeezes Lan's left butt cheek. (But it's just like I said. It's just to easy.)

The End.

Well there you have it. My first complete pink lemon story. I hope you all like it and the few others that are coming, but the next one is going to be a yellow lemon story and the only one in this section.

Well that's it for now, until next time. Bye!

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