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Jenny Goebel x Isabel Kabra.

Hey everybody! It's been awhile, but here is the next chapter in this yuri lemons story. Also thank you to the person/persons for the follow and the favorite.

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Chapter Warnings: Adult Language, Nudity, Drinking, Yuri Sex. (girl x girl)




"Loud Sounds"


Location and time of day.

A unknown bar. Eleven o'clock at night.

A forty six year old woman is sitting at the bar with a bored look on her face and her left cheek resting in her left hand. She is looking down at a glass of red wine right in front of her. (Damn it all. This whole day was nothing but a wast of my time. I should have just killed that bastard a hell of a lot earlier.)

The woman stands five feet, six inches tall and has peach skin, brown wavy hair that stops at her back, brown eyes and full lips with red lipstick. She has a slim body shape with slim arms, small hands, slim fingers, big B-cup breasts, slim waist line, slim hips, curvey butt, shapely legs and small feet. She is wearing a purple sleeveless dress that stops before her knees and has a glittering blue strip under her breasts, black stockings, two inch purple heels, golden earrings, a three string pearl necklace and a golden charm bracelet on her left wrist.

The woman looks around the bar with the bored look still on her face. (I need something to get my mind off of today. Or, someone to at least have a good night with.) The door opening behind her gets her attention. Her bored look changes into a smirk as she looks at the woman that had walked in. (Yes, she'll do.)

The thirty year old woman stands five feet, five inches tall with peach skin, long straight dark brown hair that stops just pass her shoulders, it also frames her face, brown eyes and full lips with dark pink lipstick. She has a slim body shape with slim arms, small hands, slim fingers, small C-cups breasts, slim waistline, curvy hips, curvy butt, shapely legs and small feet. She is wearing a white button up shirt, black dress pants that hug her hips and black heels.

The woman walks up to the bar and sits in the stool next to the other one. She looks at the older woman with a smile. "Hello. I hope you don't mind me sitting next to you."

The older woman gives the younger women a smile of her own. "Why would I not like a beautiful woman sitting next to me?" She than sticks out her left hand to her. "My name is Isabel Kabra. What's yours?"

The younger woman blushes and shakes Isabel's hand with her own left hand. "Jenny Goebel. It's nice to meet you Isabel."

Isabel nods her head. "It's nice to meet you to Jenny." She than kisses the back of the other's left hand. She smirks on the inside as she sees the blush on the other's cheeks darken. (Good. Hopefully this is going to be easy. I need a good fuck after today.) She than finishes her wine and looks at the younger with a smile. "Let me buy you a drink."

Jenny shakes her head and looks into Isabel's eyes. "You don't have to do that Isabel. I mean... it's not like we know each other."

Isabel looks at Jenny with a smirk. "So? What does that have to do with anything? Tell you what? I buy you a drink, you buy me a drink and we tell each other more about ourselves, deal?"

Jenny smiles and nods her head with a small blush. "Ok, deal."

Isabel smiles as she calls over the bartender. (Now to work my magic and have this nice piece of ass for the night.) Soon after getting their drinks, she asks Jenny a few questions and listens to hear answers.

One hour later.

Jenny finishes her second drink and than looks at Isabel with a smile. "But luckily I was able to finish writing my book today. All I have to do is reread what I did last and than I'll be done."

Isabel puts her right hand on Jenny's left leg and lightly rubs her thigh. "You know, your the first writer I've ever met." She than gives her a smirk. "And when I think of writers, I usually don't think they would be so beautiful and sexy."

Jenny smiles with a blush as she looks into Isabel's eyes. "Your a flirt Isabel." She than puts her hand on top of the older woman's. "But that's not a bad thing."

Isabel still as the smirk on her face when she leans in and kisses Jenny on the lips. She pulls back and looks into the younger one's eyes. They than lean in and start kissing again. She than moves her hand up the younger woman's thigh and lightly rubs her center through her dress pants.

Jenny pulls out of the kiss with a wet "pop" when she feels Isabel rubbing her. (Fuck.) She bites her bottom lip, grabs the edge of the bar top with both hands and rolls her hips against the older woman's hand. (Damn this is kind of crazy. But I want her to put her hand in my pants.)

Isabel has a smirk on her face as she leans in and whispers into Jenny's left ear. "How about you and me get out of here? There's a hotel near by." She than stops rubbing her and than stands up off of the stool.

Jenny looks up at Isabel and quickly nods as she reaches out to her with her left hand.

Isabel smirks as she takes Jenny's hand with her right one, pulls her up off of the stool and out of the bar. (Just as easy as I thought it was going to be. Now let's find out if you are any good in bed.)

Unknown hotel room. Twelve twenty three in the morning.

Pink Lemon Start!

The door of a hotel room opens and Isabel pulls Jenny inside of the room. She closes the door behind them, grabs the younger woman by her shirt with both hands and pulls her into another passionate kiss.

Isabel than unbuttons Jenny's shirt and takes it off of her. She than reaches behind the younger woman, unhooks her black bra and takes it off of her. She than puts her hands on the other woman's breasts, rubbing, lightly squeezing them and than pinching her nipples between her index and middle fingers.

Jenny pulls out of the kiss with a wet "pop" and let's out a moan. "oooohhhh." She than grabs Isabel by her shoulders and closes her eyes. "mmmm."

Isabel than leans in and kisses down the right side of Jenny's neck. She than sucks the skin at the base of her neck as she continues to play with the other's breasts.

Jenny tilts her head to the left and her grip tightens on Isabel's shoulders. "mmmm." "Fuck."

Isabel pulls her lips off of Jenny's neck with a wet "pop" and leans back to look at the hickey she left on her neck. (To bad that it's not permanent.) She than leans back in and kisses down the younger woman's chest. She moves her left hand off of the other's right breast, wraps it around her waist and squeezes her right butt cheek as she sucks the right nipple into her mouth.

Jenny closes her eyes and arches her back. "Fuck." She than kicks off her heels and grabs the back of Isabel's head with both hands. "mmmm. Touch me." She than rolls her hips. "Please."

Isabel smirks around the nipple in her mouth. (So you want me to touch you huh? Don't worry, I will.) She than unbuttons Jenny's pants, pulls them down to her knees, grabs the waistband of her black panties and pulls them down to. She than holds the left side of the younger woman's hips with her right hand and rubs her center with her other hand.

Jenny let's out a gasp as she tilts her head back. "uhh. Yes." she than rolls her hips and moves against Isabel's hand. "mmmm. Just like that."

Isabel rubs Jenny's clit with her thumb as her fingers get wet. (That's it. get my fingers nice and wet. I need them to be for what I want to do.) She than moves her head, letting the nipple "pop" out of her mouth and puts her right hand on the younger woman's left butt cheek. She looks at her with a smirk as she squeezes her butt cheek. "You are going to like this." She than kisses her on the lips, moves her left hand behind the younger one and pulls her left butt cheek away from the other. (But I'm going to enjoy this a little bit more.) She than slowly pushes her left index finger into the younger woman's back door.

Jenny's eyes widen in shock as she squeaks into Isabel's mouth. (Oh my God! She's fingering my ass!) She than puts her hands back on the other's shoulders and squeezes as she feels the finger move in and out of her. (Fuck! It feels so wried, but why do I kinda like it.) She aches her back as she feels a second finger being pushed into her.

Isabel smirks into the kiss as she feels Jenny moving her hips with her fingers. (Damn. As tight as she is, probably haven't had anything in her ass before. She couldn't stop herself from slamming her ass back into my fingers.) She squeezes the younger woman's left butt cheek one more time, before moving her right hand to the front and rubs her center.

Jenny pulls out of the kiss with a wet "pop" and tilts her head back with a moan. "ooohhh. Shit." She than feels Isabel slowly push two fingers inside of her center. She tilts her head back with her eyes closed, bites her bottom lip and holds on to the older woman's shoulders even tighter. (Both!? She's fucking me in both sides at the same time!? Oh fuck!) Soon all four fingers are slamming in and out of her, a wet sound starts to fill the room and than she feels the older woman kiss down her left breast. (Oh God I'm going to cum. Just a little more.) She than feels the older one suck on her nipple and pushes down on her clit with her thumb. She than arches her back and both her eyes and mouth open wide as she cums.

Isabel continues to suck on Jenny's nipple and move her fingers inside of her a few more times. She than let's go of the nipple with a wet "pop" and pulls her fingers out of her. She lifts her right arm up and looks at her right hand, that is covered in cum with a smirk. "Looks like you liked it more than I thought you would." She than moves her cum covered fingers closer to the younger woman's lips. "Now if you wouldn't mind."

Jenny blinks her eyes open as she breathes heavily. She than focuses on the the cum covered fingers that's an inch away from her lips. She than looks into Isabel's eyes with a smirk as she leans forward and sucks on the older woman's index finger. After sucking and licking all of the cum off of the other's hand. She than kisses her on the lips. After they stop kissing, she looks into the older woman's eyes and than takes off her dress.

Isabel smirks with her hands on her slim hips. She now stands there only in a black bra, black panties and her heels. "Usually, this is the part where you get on your knees and return the favor." She than puts her right hand on Jenny's left cheek. "But I have a better idea. lay down on the bed, but face me."

Jenny looks at Isabel confusingly, but nods her head. "Ok, if you say so." She than gets on the bed, which is a queen size with white sheets, blue folded covers and two white pillows. She turns around so she is facing the end of the bed and keeps her upper body up on her forearms.

Isabel than steps out of her heels, pushes her panties down her shapely legs, steps out of them as well and than steps up right in front of Jenny. "Now, let's see how good you are with your tongue." She than puts her hands on the top of the younger woman's head and lightly pushes her closer to her center.

Jenny closes her eyes as she licks Isabel's center. When she feels the older woman start to roll her hips with her licks, she flicks her clit with her tongue a few times before sucking on it.

Isabel closes her eyes as she tilts her head back, arches her back and pushes Jenny closer to her center. "Fuck. ugh. Damn baby that's good." She than looks down at the younger woman. "But I want... ugh. Want to feel your tongue... mmmm. Inside me. ugh. Fuck me with your tongue."

Jenny let's go of Isabel's clit with a wet "pop" and than gives the older woman's center one more lick. She than pushes her tongue as far inside of the other woman as she can. Soon she is moving her tongue in and out of Isabel's center.

Isabel bites her bottom lip as she thrust her hips with Jenny's movements with her tongue. "Fuck. ugh. Yes. ugh. Just like that. ugh." She closes her eyes, tightens her grip on the younger woman's head and her toes curl as she continues to thrust her hips. "More. ugh. Just a little more. ugh." After a few more thrusts, She arches her back and tilts head back as she cums. "Fuuuccckkk."

Jenny pulls her tongue out and than sucks on Isabel's center as she cums. She than lifts her head up when she has as much of the older woman's cum in her mouth as she could get. She than looks up at the other woman and waits for her to look down at her. When they look into each other's eyes, she smiles and than swallows the cum in her mouth with a gulp. "So, I'm guessing you enjoyed that?"

Isabel decides to answer Jenny's question by getting on her knees, grabbing the younger woman's cheeks and pulls her into a kiss. While they are still kissing, she reaches behind himself, unhooks her bra and takes it off. She than pulls out of the kiss with a wet "pop" and looks at the other woman with a smirk. "Oh, I definitely enjoyed that. But let's get to the best part." She than stands back up. "You stay just like that."

Jenny keeps her eyes on Isabel as she wipes off the leftover cum off of her cheeks with her right index finger. "Ok baby. I won't move." She than sucks on her finger as she watches the older woman's hips sway as she slowly walks around the bed.

Isabel gets up on to the bed and grabs Jenny's curvy hips. "Now, spread out these nice long legs for me." After the younger woman spreads her legs, she pulls her hips up and movers her own legs under her. She than moves Jenny so her center is right above her own. "It's about time I get to truly fuck you." She than puts her hands on the other woman's curvy butt cheeks and pushes her down so their centers are touching.

Jenny, who was looking over her left shoulder, arches her back and tilts her head downward. "oohh." She than starts to roll her hips down on Isabel's own hips.

Isabel bites her bottom lip, tightens her hold on Jenny's butt and thrust her hips up into the other's. (Fuck she as a fuckable ass. I have to get her home so I can bend her over something in every room.) She smirks as she continues to watch the younger woman's butt slightly bounce with their movements. (So I can fuck her hard with my nine inch friend I keep in my closet.) She than picks up the pace and the sound of slapping skin fills the room.

Jenny grips the blue folded covers of the bed as she bounces faster. "Ooohhh." "slap" "Yes." "slap" "Ooohhh." "slap" "More." "slap" "Ooohhh." "slap" "Please... more." "slap" She than reaches down her body with her left hand and rubs her clit.

Isabel raises her left hand and than brings it down on Jenny's left butt cheek with a "Slap" as she continues to thrust her hips up. "So..." "slap" "mmmm." "slap" "You want more?" "slap" "mmmm." "slap" She than tightens her grip on the younger woman's right but cheek and pulls it to the side. "mmmm." "slap" "Ok." "slap" "mmmm." "slap" "I'll give you more." She than slams her index and middle fingers into the other woman's back door.

Jenny's eyes widen, her toes curl, her back arches and she lets out a loud moan as she cums. "Ooooohhhhh!"

Isabel gives a few more thrust after feeling Jenny's cum splash against her center. "Fuuuccckkk!" She arches her back and throws her head back as she cums.

Pink Lemon End

The two women are now lying down on the bed and breathing heavily with smiles on their faces. Jenny weakly turns around, crawls up the bed and lays down on Isabel's right side. "That was wonderful." She than wraps her right arm and right leg around the older woman's body. "I definitely hope we get to do this again Isabel."

Isabel looks into Jenny's eyes with a smirk as she grabs the younger woman's right butt cheek with her left hand. "Well come home with me tonight and I'll take off the kiddy gloves."

Jenny smiles and the two woman lean in and passionately kiss.

The end.

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