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39 Clues: Pink Lemon Tree Stories.

Lan Nguyen x Cora Wizard.

Hey everybody, and welcome to the first Pink Lemon Tree Story. This is going to be a EAU (Extreme Alternate Universe) and have nothing to do with the world of 39 Clues, just the characters.

Disclaimer: I don't own 39 Clues just this story.

Warnings: Adult language, Yuri sex (Girl x girl)




Unknown city: Nighttime

Inside a large building a woman is walking down a hallway with a smirk on her face.

The woman stands five feet, six inches tall and has brown skin, black hair in thin dreadlocks that stops at her back, dark brown eyes and full lips. She has a slim body shape with slim arms, small hands, slim fingers, big C-cup breasts, slim waist line, curvey hips, curvey butt, shapely legs and small feet. She is wearing a white button up shirt, black suit shirt that's open, black suit pants that hug her hips and black two inch heels.

The woman can't help but be happy as she thinks to herself. (Going up in the ranks here is just to easy. Bribing that old fool into retirement was a snap. Forcing that little mouse to resign was child's play. And making those fake documents to make that moron resign, poetry.)

The woman turns a corner and stops as her smirk changes into a grin. (And the best part is I didn't have to sleep with or kill anybody.) Her grin than changes into a small frown. (But I do have some people I need to take care of.)

Her frown changes back into a grin as she starts to walk down the hallway. (But I can think about that later. Now for the sex part. I'm going to need some loyal agents if I'm going to keep this power I have, and to use them to get more of course.)

The woman comes to a stop and looks at all the doors in front of her. "Now where is that girl." She than hears a feminine grunt of "Ugh. 50" and her smirk returns as she walks up to one of the open doors to her right.

The woman pushes the door open and sees the person she was looking for. She cross' her arms arms as she leans her left side on the doorway and watches the young teen woman on the training mat.

Inside the room the young woman is down on the training mat doing push-ups. she has her back to the older women, not knowing that she is giving her a show watching her butt go up and down with her movements.

The young teen woman stands five feet, four inches tall and has peach skin, dark brown short straight hair but with most of it dyed a golden brown and a bang between her eyes, dark brown eyes and thin lips. She has a fit body shape with slim arms, small hands, slim fingers, small C-cup breasts, slim waist line, slim hips, curvey butt, shapely legs and small feet. She is wearing a grey sports bra, red shorts and white sneakers.

The older woman's smirk grows as she continues to watch the younger woman. (And there she is. The most promising new agents we have and one sexy ass girl.) The woman stands straight and licks her lips at what she knows is going to happen. (She is someone I definitely need on my side. And getting her on my side is going to be so easy, and fun.) She than starts to walk up to her. (The best part is no matter what she'll be on my side by morning. The extra benefit can be one of three doe. One: I have a really good night fucking this gorgeous girl. Two: She's good and I get a lover and pawn. Three: She's really good and I can finally upgrade from that husband of mine. That fool hasn't made proper love to me since Jonah was ten.)

She stops behind the younger woman and changes her smirk into a small smile. "Hello Lan, you're still working hard at this hour huh.

Lan gasps and looks behind her seeing the beautiful older woman. (Cora, I thought she would be home right now.) Lan stands up and turns around to her with a smile and a small blush on her face. "Well you did pick me to become a agent Missis Wizard. So I can't let you down."

Cora puts her right hand on Lan's left shoulder while looking into her eyes. "Now Lan, you can call me Cora right now. I'm only your boss before eight."

Lan's smile widens and blush grows. "Ok Cora." She than looks at a clock on the wall and sees it's nine o'clock. making her sigh sadly. "uhhh. Well it's getting late. I better get going." She than turns and walks to her duffel bag that's on the floor.

Cora watches her and when she puts her bag's strap over her right shoulder, she smirks for a second before changing back to a smile. "Why don't you have dinner with me Lan. Than I can take you home later."

Lan looks back at her with a surprised look and her blush still in place. "But wouldn't you rather have dinner with your family."

Cora chuckles as she walks up to her and wraps her right arm around her waist. "Ha ha ha ha. No, I rather have dinner with you. That's why I asked."

Lan's surprised look becomes a big smile and her blush darkens. "Than I would be honored to have dinner with you Cora."

The two of them soon leave the room and are walking down the hallway. Cora smirks as she lightly rubs Lan's waist and Lan rest her head on her right shoulder. (To easy.)

Cora's office: Nine o'clock

They had finished dinner and had talked for a while. Cora is sitting on a white couch with a low wooden table in front of it. she had taken off her heels and her feet are on the dark red soft carpet. She looks across the room at the door that leads to a bedroom that she had them make for her when she got this office. She than looks at Lan who's standing in front of her desk looking at her Nobel prize. She gets up and walks to her as she looks down at Lan's butt.

Lan is smiling as she looks at Cora's Nobel prize. "You're so amazing Cora. The youngest person to win a Nobel prize in literature. How did it feel when you won?"

Cora continues to walk up to her with a smirk. "Oh, It felt good but..." She than pressed her body against Lan's, wrapped her arms around her waist and whispers in her left ear. "I know you can make me feel better."

Lan gasps and finches in her arms while looking back at her. "ugh. Cora what are you doing."

Cora kisses her left cheek and than looks deeply into her eyes. "I'm going to ask you a question, if you say no I'll take you home and we'll never talk about this. But if you say yes I'll give you the best night of your life." Cora than kisses her on the neck making her gasp "ugh" again. "And you'll have to do everything I say." She than whispers into her ear again. "Do a good enough job and I'll leave my husband."

Lan looks at a picture of Cora's family and bites her bottom lip. "You would really leave your husband for me."

Cora smirks at the picture that she put there to face guests to make them think she's a normal house wife, making them drop their guard. She than kisses down her neck and lightly grabs Lan's left hand with her own. She kisses her cheek as she puts her hand on the picture. "In a heartbeat." She than makes her push the picture facedown on her desk. "So will you stay the night with me."

Lan looks back at her into her eyes with respect and lust shining in her own. "Yes"

Cora turns her around and kisses her on her lips. Their eyes close and when she feels Lan wrap her arms around her neck, she can't help but smile into the kiss. (To easy.)

Warning: Pink Lemon Start!!!

Cora licks Lan's bottom lip getting her to open her mouth. Cora trust her tongue inside and wraps it with Lan's making her moan. "mmmm" Cora than turns them around and breaks the kiss with a wet "pop" with both of them panting. "uhhh, uhhh. Well you're a better kisser than him."

Lan smirks as she breaves heavily and than she grabs the top of Cora's black suit shirt to pull her into another kiss.

Cora lightly pushes her back with a smile on her face. "Now, now. You have to do what I tell you remember?" Lan nods her head and Cora gives her a smirk. "Good. Now, strip me."

Lan gulps and blushes as she once again grabs Cora's black suit shirt. She than pulls it off of her and puts it on the desk. She than slowly unbuttons the white shirt and takes it off of her. Her blush darkens as she looks at Cora's black bra that's hugging her big breasts.

When she is about to take off the bra, Cora stops her and points down to her pants with her right index finger. "Those first."

Lan nods and slowly lowers herself to her knees. She than reaches up and unbuttons Cora's black hip hugging pants. She than slowly pulls the pants down those long, shapely brown legs. When she has them all the way down, Cora steps out of them as Lan looks at the small black panties covering Cora's center.

Cora lightly grabs her chin making her look up into her eyes and pulls her to her feet. She wraps her arms around Lan's waist again and brings their bodies together as they kiss. They moan "mmmm" into each other's mouths as their tongues wrap around each other. Cora breaks the kiss with another wet "pop" and grins while looking into her eyes. "Now, continue."

Lan nods while reaches behind Cora and unhooks the bra. She watches Cora's big breasts lightly bounce as she takes the bra off. She can't help herself as she looks at Cora's big round breasts and with a blush she slowly kisses all over the right one.

Cora grabs the back of Lan's head with both hands pulling her into her breast more. "Good girl, now suck." She moans "uhhh" when Lan wraps her lips around her nipple and sucks lightly. Cora leans her head back and moans. "uhhh. Harder. uhhh. Harder baby."

Lan sucks harder making wet "sucking" sounds and moans of "uhhh,uhh" full the office. After a few more seconds Cora pulls her off with a wet "pop" and pushes her into the left one. She kisses all over this one to before putting the nipple into her mouth and sucking it hard.

Cora looks back down at her sucking her breast and listening to the wet "sucking" sounds. She than tries to pull her off of her breast but Lan refuses to let go. Cora smirks as she slowly pushes her head away.

Lan feels her head being pushed back but continues to suck and watches as Cora's breast stretches. Lan let's go with a wet "pop" and the big breast bounces in front of her face. She looks at Cora seeing her smirk at her, making her blush as she reaches up with both hands to lightly squeeze and play with Cora's big breasts.

Cora chuckles as she watches her play with her big breasts. "Ha ha ha ha ha. You like playing with my breasts don't you baby." Lan nods with a smile as she squeezes a little harder. Cora pulls her into another passionate kiss before breaking it and looking into her eyes. "well you'll love this part." She than puts her hands on her shoulders. "Go lower."

Lan slowly moves downwards as Cora pushes downwards on her shoulders. She stops to suck on each of Cora's nipples for a few seconds. She than slowly kisses her way down her body, stopping at Cora's panties. She than looks up into Cora's eyes with her big dark brown ones. She than slowly licks Cora through them from the bottom to the top.

Cora let's out a grown "ugh" as she rolls her hips while looking into Lan's eyes. "Take them off baby." She watches as Lan reaches up to pull her panties down but stops her with a shake of her head. "Use your teeth."

Lan looks at the small black panties with a blush and than leans in. She carefully bites down on them and pulls down. She first sees the neatly trimmed black hair as she continues pulling down. She let's go as soon as she sees Cora's wet lower lips.

Cora steps out of her panties when they hit the floor. She than spreads her legs and puts her hands on Lan's head as she looks down at her with a smirk. "Ok baby, if you make me cum, and hard. I'll marry you in a month." Cora throws her head back with a cry "aaahhh" when Lan dives into her center.

Lan grabs Cora's full rounded butt cheeks as she slams her tongue in and out of her center. (He doesn't deserve you. I bet I can make Cora cum harder than he ever could.) She feels Cora's fingers tangle in her hair as she rolls her curvey hips into her face and hears Cora's cries "aaahhh, aaahhh" fill the office.

Cora looks down at the beautiful young woman between her legs with lust in her eyes. ( Oh my God! I'm going to cum already! Damn this sexy piece of ass is so an upgrade. Bye bye hubby.) She than rolls her curvey hips harder. "That's it baby. aaahhh. Just like that. aaahhh. I'm going to cum, and I want every drop in your mouth. aaahhh, aaahhh. Almost! Aaaahhh! Aaaahhh! Yes! Aaaaaahhhhh!"

Lan tightly seals her lips to Cora's center when she cums and sucks it into her mouth. When she feels she as every last drop, she pulls away from Cora's center with a wet "pop" and looks up at her.

Cora's breaves heavily making her big breasts lightly jiggle. She looks down at Lan who's looking back at her with a smirk. Cora's eyes widen as Lan with a blush, opens showing it full of her clear thick cum.

Lan closes her mouth and tilts her head back. She than loudly swallows and than opens her mouth sticking out her tongue showing she'd swallowed every drop. She looks into Cora's eyes with a big smile and blush on her face. "So, when's are wedding."

To be continued.

Well looks like I'm going to put this into two parts. It was going to be a one shot but I guess I can't do them. So look forward for to part two.

Now it's time for the five challenges.

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2: Cora Wizard in another world.

Cora wakes up in another world and likes it. with a small taste of the power in this new world, what will she do to get more? how many people will she use or have wrapped around her fingers? Will her power hungry mind be the end of her or will she get everything she wants?. Well it's up to you to answer these questions.

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2. She does not replace any other character.

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3: Cora Wizard finds the Mask.

Cora one night finds the powerful Mask and turns into a nightmare of most and a mistress to the ones she keeps. How will things go now that Cora has the Mask? What crazy things will she do with all this power? Will the Mask fall into the hands of anybody else? Well it's up to you to answer these questions.

Bonus points: 1. If your story is a light one, than the Mask slowly makes her a slightly better person. But she'll still do what she wants.

2. If your story is a dark one, than she'll do anything, and I mean anything to get want she wants.

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4: Lan Nguyen in another world.

Lan wakes up in another world and is in for the adventure of a lifetime. Will she find a way home? Will she even want to go home? Will she find more than just adventure in the new world? Well it's up to you to answer these questions.

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2. She does not replace any other character.

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5: Lan Nguyen finds the Mask.

Lan while exploring finds the Mask and goes on the greatest and craziest adventures of her life. Will she use the Mask for good? Will it let her do things that she'll never forgive herself for? Will she love her dark, powerful, crazy side? Will it's up to you to answer these questions.

Bonus points: 1. If your story is a dark one, than the Mask slowly twists her into a evil and insane person.

2. If your story is a light one, than she uses it to be a superheroine.

3. If your story has pairings than one of the main pairings is. Lan/Male character, Lan/Female character, Lan/Harem, Lan/Femharem or Lan/Bi harem. (can be large.) (can have multiple harems.)

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Well that's it until part two. Bye!

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