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Yasmeen Behan x Amy Cahill. Part 1.

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I hate incest: Well when it comes to this series, I pick the pairing at random. So I can't promise you that there will be no incest. But I will always put warnings in my chapters.

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Chapter Warnings: Adult Language.




"Loud Sounds"


Locations and Time of day.

Inside of a bedroom. six, fifty nine in the morning.

A person can be seen sleeping on a bed under white covers. A black alarm clock rest on a dresser next to the bed.

The light of sun is dimmed by the curtains on the window. But it's still enough to brighten up the room.

The only sound that can be heard is the light breathing of the sleeping person. But than the red numbers on the alarm clock change to read seven o'clock.




The sound of the alarm fills the room, waking the person on the bed. Soon a feminine hand reaches out to the clock and pushes a button to turn off the alarm. A groan is than heard and the person pushes the covers off of them. The person than gets out of bed, showing that it's a sixteen year old girl.

She stands five feet, six inches tall with peach skin, reddish brown hair that stops just before her mid back, jade green eyes and full lips. She has a slim body shape with slim arms, small hands, slim fingers, big B-cup breasts, slim waistline, slim hips, curvy butt, shapely legs and small feet. She is wearing a black T-shirt that stops just passed her hips.

The young woman arches her back with her arms stretched out behind herself and her hands tightened into fists. Her T-shirt rides up a little, showing the white panties she's wearing that hug her butt cheeks. She looks at a calendar on her wall and a frown forms on her face. (We probably only have enough money for two more months. What are we going to do.) She than picks up a towel and some folded clothes off of a dresser. She walks up to her door, opens it and steps out of her room.

A few minutes later.

The door to the bathroom opens and the young woman walks out. She is now wearing a white T-shirt, a red jacket that's unzipped, blue jeans and white sneakers. She looks down the hallway she is in, to a closed door across from her own. (I better make sure Dan is up.) She walks towards the door, but it opens and a thirteen year old walks out.

Dan stands five feet tall with peach skin, dark blonde hair, jade green eyes with a scar under his right one and thin lips. He has a slim body shape with slim arms, small hands, slim fingers, slim waistline, narrow hips, slim butt, slim legs and small feet. He is wearing a dark green T-shirt and black boxers with Pokeballs printed on them.

Dan has a white towel resting on his right shoulder. He is holding the end of it with his right hand, while raising his left hand close to his lips and let's out a yawn. "aaayyy." He looks to the right and sees the young woman. He walks up to her with a smile. "Morning Amy."

Amy looks at Dan with a smile of her own. "Good morning Dan." Her smile than becomes a small smirk. "It's good that I don't have to wake your lazy butt up for once."

Dan gives Amy a pout and puts his left hand on his hip. "Hey. You don't have to wake me up all the time." He stops pouting and takes his hand off his hip. "But Amy... About are money problem."

Amy steps behind Dan, puts her hands on his shoulders and lightly pushes him towards the bathroom. "We'll talk about that after you get ready. Breakfast will be ready when you're done."

Dan looks back up at Amy and gives her a nod. He than walks into the bathroom and closes the door.

Amy than walks towards the stairs. (I just hope we can come up with something.)

Inside of another bedroom in a different house. Seven, fifteen in the morning.

Another sixteen year old girl is sitting on a bed and was putting on her shoes.

She stands five feet, six inches tall with peach skin, straight black hair that frames her face, dark brown eyes and full lips with pink lipstick. She has a fit body shape with slim arms, small hands, slim fingers, small C-cup breasts, fit waistline, curvy hips, curvy butt, fit shapely legs and small feet. She is wearing a blue sleeveless shirt, black pants and white slip-on shoes.



"Yasmeen sweetie. Breakfast is ready."

Yasmeen looks at her door at hearing the feminine voice coming through it. "Coming mom." She walks up to her dresser and picks up her phone. She taps the screen with her thumb and looks at her screen saver. The picture is of Amy sitting at a desk, looking away from the camera with a smile on her face. Words are also typed under Amy that read. The girl that will never notice me.

Yasmeen let's out a sigh as she puts her phone in her right pants pocket. "uhh." (Yeah, the day Amy notices me, is the day it rains chocolate milk.) She walks up to her door, opens it and steps out of her room.

Amy and Dan's house, Inside of the dining room. Seven, sixteen in the morning.

Amy was just placing her and Dan's plates down on the table when Dan walks in. He is now wearing a dark green shirt, blue jeans and white sneakers.

Dan smiles as he sees what Amy made for breakfast. "Pancakes. Thanks Amy." He takes a seat at the table and puts some syrup on his pancakes. His smile drops as he looks over at her. "So are you finally going to talk to me about how much money we have left?"

Amy let's out a sigh as she puts syrup on her own pancakes. "uhh. Ok." She puts the syrup bottle down and looks at Dan seriously. "We only have enough left for three months worth of bills."

Dan's eyes widen in shock. "What! Why didn't you tell me sooner!? Don't we have a wait like four months until we get our inheritance?"

Amy nods her head and looks at Dan a bit sadly. "Yes, and the reason I didn't tell you was..." She than looks away from him. "Let's just say it didn't go the way I thought it would."

Dan looks back down at his pancakes. "I think I'll go try to pack groceries at the grocery store not to far away from school."

Amy looks back at Dan. (Thank goodness he's to worried about our money problem.) "And I'll definitely come up with something." She than gives him a small smile. "But for right now, finish your breakfast so we are not late for school."

After the two teens finish their pancakes, they washed their plates and forks. They than picked up their bags, Dan a black backpack and Amy a brown book bag with the strap over her left shoulder. The two than walked up to the front door, Dan opens it and they walk out of the house with Amy closing the door behind them.

Unknown highschool, in one of the hallways. Three o'clock in the afternoon.

Amy was just closing the door of her locker with a slightly sad sigh. "uhh." (Well... I guess that didn't work either. Come on, there has to be something I can do. It's not like something is going to just fall into my...)




Amy reaches into her right jean's pocket and pulls out her phone after feeling it vibrate. On the screen she sees that it is a message from Dan.

Hey Amy! You wouldn't believe what I just saw on YouTube just now! Man it would be perfect to help us out. It sucks that I'm not old enough.

Amy looks at the message in confusion as she taps the link attached to it with her right thumb. (What did you see Dan?) The video than starts to play with a man facing the camera.

The man stands six feet tall with tan peach skin, short black hair and green eyes. He has a fit body shape with fit arms, big hands, slim fingers, fit waistline, narrow hips, fit butt, fit legs and big feet. He is wearing a blue button up shirt, black pants and black dress shoes.

The man looks at the camera with a smile. "Hey everybody. I'm Rex Green, and I have some questions for you." He points to the camera with his right index finger. "Do you like robots? Do you like seeing said robots fight it out to see who's built better?..."

Amy rolls her eyes and moves her right thumb over the screen. (Of course Dan would send me something like this. Sometimes I wonder what goes on in his...)

Rex's smile than becomes a smirk. "How about having a chance to win one hundred thousand dollars?"

Amy's eyes widen and she moves her thumb away. "Wait what?"

Rex crosses his arms over his chest. "I bet that got everybody's attention. Now to answer all those questions. I'm hosting a month long competition called, Robo Wars. Teams of two people and their robot they built, fight it out to the end to win the one hundred thousand cash prize. The only requirements, you and your teammate must be over thirteen and... you need a robot. So go to the, Robo Wars website to register and get more information." He uncross his arms and gives the camera a thumbs up with his right thumb. "So I'll see you later battlers." The video than stops playing.

Amy blinks as she continues to look at her phone. (You got to be kidding me. Half of that would be more than enough to solve are money problems. If only.. ) He eyes widen and she than opens her phone's web browser. She is soon on the Robo Wars website and starts to read. (So it is going to be held here. Than maybe if I ask...) Her eyes than fill with worry and she puts her phone back in her pocket. (Crap! I hope she isn't gone yet.) She than runs towards the doors.

Outside of the highschool.

Yasmeen was standing on the sidewalk, waiting for her ride home. She pulls her phone out of her pants pocket and taps the screen with her right thumb. She lets out a sad sigh as she looks at the picture of Amy. "uhh." (She looked so beautiful today. Not like she doesn't look beautiful everyday. I just wish I could talk to...)

"There you are Yasmeen."

Yasmeen blushes and quickly puts her phone back into her pocket at hearing that familiar feminine voice. She turns around and sees Amy walking up to her. "A... Amy. You are looking for... for me?"

Amy stops in front of Yasmeen and gives her a smile. "Hey Yasmeen. Your good at robotics right?"

Yasmeen still has a blush as she raises her right eyebrow. "Y... yeah. Why do you ask Amy?"

Amy pulls her phone but out and shows it to Yasmeen. "Here, watch this." She than shows her the video.

After watching it, Yasmeen looks back at Amy shyly. "So what does this have to do with me?"

Amy gives Yasmeen a pleading look. "Dan and I really need the money. So I was hoping that you I could enter this competition. We only need half of it, so I'm more than happy to have you take the other half. So will you be my partner please? I'll do my best and help you build it."

Yasmeen blushes has she at Amy in surprise. (Is this actually happening? Amy wants to build a robot with me? Stop steering and say yes you idiot!)

She shakes her head and gives her a nervous smile. "Y... yeah. I'll be happy to help you and your brother out. I even have something I'm been working on. With some minor changes and you helping me, it should be ready in a few weeks."

Amy gives Yasmeen a great full smile. "Thank you Yasmeen. You have no idea how much this means to me." She than gives her a hug. "We actually have a month before the competition. I know I shouldn't act like it's in the bag, but the stuff you showed off that you built is incredible."

Yasmeen's whole face blushes red and her body stiffens in the hug. (Amy Cahill is hugging me. She is actually hugging me! Oh my God. And she smells like roses.)

Amy stops hugging Yasmeen and looks into her eyes. "Can I come over your house? You can show me what you have so far and we can think about what to add together."

Yasmeen nods her head as it feels like steam coming out of her ears. "S... sure. It shouldn't be any problem with you coming over today."

Amy gives Yasmeen another hug. "Cool." She than looks down at her phone and taps it with her thumb. "I just have to call Dan and tell him where I am." She than raises the phone to her right ear.

Yasmeen looks at Amy with a sad smile. (Why am I getting so flustered for? She will never feel the same way about me.) She looks at the other girl's happy smile and hers grows. (But at least I get to hang out with her.)

One month later. Inside of Yasmeen's garage. Six in the afternoon.

Dan is sitting on a stool as he watches Amy and Yasmeen finishing the robot. A woman than walks in through a doorway. she is carrying three cans of soda.

The thirty four year old woman stands five feet, seven inches tall with peach skin, long black hair that stops at the top of her back, brown eyes and full lips with red lipstick. She has a slim body shape with slim arms, small hands, slim fingers, big C-cup breasts, slim waistline, curvy hips, curvy butt, shapely legs and small feet. She is wearing a sleeveless blue shirt that shows off some cleavage, tight black pants and white shoes.

The woman puts two of the sodas on a desk and walks up to Dan. She hands him the third soda with a smile. "Here you go sweetie."

Dan takes the soda with a smile and a blush. "Thank you Ms. Behan."

Ms. Behan than looks at the two younger women. "I hope you two are almost finished. Dinner will be ready in a little while."

Yasmeen looks up at the older woman with a smile. "Don't worry mom. We're pretty much almost done."

Ms. Behan nods her head. "Ok, I'll call you three when it's ready." She than walks out of the garage with a sway to her hips.

Dan smirks as he watches the sway of Ms. Behan's hips as she walks away. "I'll give you a hand!" He gets off of the stool and quickly goes to catch up with the older woman.

It just takes a few more minutes and than the two girls look down at the finish robot.

Yasmeen looks over at Amy with a apologetic look. "I don't know if this robot can win." She than looks away from her. "Especially since you said you and Dan really need the money. I should have made a better robot. I..."

Amy puts her hands on Yasmeen's shoulders. "Hey, were is all of this coming from? Look at me Yasmeen." When the other teen looks at her she continues. "This robot you and I built is incredible. I know you and I have a good chance of winning this thing." She than gives her a smile. "And even if we don't win, Dan and I will come up with something. I won't regret any of this because I had a blast just hanging out with you."

Yasmeen looks at Amy in shock before she gives her a smile. "Thanks Amy. I really like hanging out with you to."

"Girls! Dinner is ready!"

Both girls turn their heads at hearing Yasmeen's mother calling out to them. Yasmeen is the one that answers her. "We're coming mom!"

Amy surprises Yasmeen by kissing her right cheek. "No, thank you Yasmeen." She than walks out of the garage.

Yasmeen touches her cheek with her right hand still in shock. A smile slowly forms on her face and she walks through the doorway everyone else walked through. (Best day of my life.)

To be continued.

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