Zeus, Master of Goddesses and Demigoddesses

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In Camp Halfblood, it was just another day. Mr. D was losing against Chiron in their daily board game battle, the dryads were teasing the campers, and the Stolls were creating chaos. It was a year after the Giant War, and everything was back to normal. The monster levels were down and the gods were content, if a little bored. However, this was soon to change.

"ARGHH!" Zeus screamed in frustration. "Why aren't I feared anymore?!" He raged in his palace, angry over the aftermath of the Giant War. Since it was his choice to close off Olympus, he was held responsible for the disasters that followed. Now that they were at peace again, the gods and demigods had remembered his mistakes, and he was a laughingstock. He couldn't remember ever having this little control over the other Olympians, with even Hephaestus mocking him.

'I need to get control over the gods and halfbloods, I can't lose my kingship, but how?' he thought. While he considered his options, from imprisoning those disloyal to him, to making everyone swear oaths on the Styx, he didn't notice the Fates fading into his palace.

"If you seek dominance," they said, alerting Zeus of their presence, "then fear is no longer the answer, for those oppressed will rise against you again and again. It is better to be respected than feared, and better still to be loved."

"And how should I become loved? I refuse to cater to the wishes of others; they should follow me without question." Zeus replied. After all, a king rules through power not popularity.

"If you stay your course, you will be overthrown. Not this year or this decade, but it will come to pass. You must make your change now if you are to make one at all."

"And if I change I will rule forever?" The Fates nodded, "Then what must I do to ensure my dominance?"

"If you wish to control the devotion of your subjects, you will need more female support. The most effective way to do this is to bind them to you." The Fates had discovered where Ouranos and Kronos had gone wrong, and had given Zeus his opportunity.

"How do you expect me to bind every goddess and demigoddess to me?"

"That is up to you, but we will grant you any wish to help you in your quest."

Zeus immediately knew how he would gain a new loyal base of support, and he knew what he needed to help him along. "Very well, here is what I wish for…"

Annabeth blinked in surprise as she vanished from the campsite of the Hunters of Artemis, where she had been visiting Thalia, to the throne room of Olympus. She hadn't been there since the end of the Giant War, where she had been made immortal protector of New York in honour of her mother's role as protector of Athenai. She along with the other Seven had all been given protector positions of past and present strongholds of the gods. However she, Piper and Hazel were the only ones in the United States, with Piper and Hazel guarding Los Angeles (though Piper was there as a chance to see her father).

She snapped out of her memories, and looked around the throne room. To her surprise, Zeus was the only other one in the hall, sitting on his throne in one of his sleek pinstriped suits. "Approach my throne Daughter of Athena." He said. He looked at her with a smug, almost anticipatory smile, and shockingly, she felt her core dampen at the sight of him. She walked towards him, hips swaying unconsciously, her juicy ass jiggling alluringly and long legs displayed in her tight jeans and heels. As got closer, she could feel a damp stop in her lacy panties. Once she was at the foot of his throne, she was the horniest she had ever been. "Lord Zeus, what is happening to me? Why am I here? What-"

"Annabeth," Zeus interrupted, "you are here because you have the privilege of becoming the first of my new sluts. You will serve me whenever I wish, and you will follow my commands no matter what they are." As he spoke, he flared his new aura, his gift from the Fates, and watched as Annabeth's hips jerked in response, craving release.

Annabeth nearly collapsed as she felt a burst of need between her thighs, before registering Zeus' words. "Y-you can't be serious, the other gods won't stand for it, and neither will I-uhhhh!" She retorted, before moaning at the sight of the thick bulge along Zeus' leg. She fought hard against the desire to touch it, feeling her nipples straining against her bra towards Zeus.

Zeus stepped down from his throne, coming even closer to Annabeth, his aura giving her nothing but arousal. "Are you sure you don't want it? You will love it, I guarantee." As he spoke his hands trailed up her voluptuous body to her soft E-cup breasts, cupping then in his hands and trailing his fingers over her hard nipples.

She bucked towards him roughly, pressing herself against his body, rubbing along his crotch. "Pl-please n-no, don't st," She groaned in ecstasy as her orgasm hit. Her knees gave out, and when she looked up, her vision was filled by Zeus tree trunk of a cock, just millimeters from her face 'Di immortales I need him.' She leaned back and looked up at the King of the Gods giving in to the overwhelming pleasure, "My lord, how can your slut serve you?"

"My sluts cannot where anything more than underwear in my presence, undress yourself and you will be rewarded." He promised, watching as Annabeth quickly ripped off her blouse and slipped out of her jeans, revealing her tanned, toned body to her master. He stared at her bountiful cleavage threatening to burst free from her royal blue lingerie. Zeus smiled at the eager look in her eyes, glancing between both his heads. "Now you may claim your reward, unzip my pants."

"Yes my lord, right away." She swiftly had his bottom half naked, before staring in awe at the meat in front of her. Percy had never been this big, and Zeus was still soft! She wrapped on hand around the base, but her hand couldn't come close to encircling it. She started to slowly jerk him with both hands, feeling it swell until she could barely wrap two hands around him. She gaped; it must be a foot long, and nearly half as thick!

As she paused to admire it, she felt Zeus' hand on her head, pushing her towards his pole. She eagerly leaned towards him, tasting the tip as it pushed into her mouth. She drooled at the taste; she could suck his cock all day! She quickly sucked his whole head inside her mouth while pumping the rest of the cock with her hands, drawing a moan from Zeus. She swirled her tongue around his head, licking up the pre-cum spilling from his tip. He tasted like pure nectar!

Annabeth's hand crept along her stomach towards her dripping cunt, she had never craved a cock more in her life, but her fingers would have to do. She rubbed over her lacy panties, which were already soaked through, groaning at the stimulation to her swollen clit. She eagerly used her other hand to cradle the god's tennis ball sized nuts, hoping to coax the hot cum from them into her willing throat.

Zeus frowned at the loss of Annabeth's hands along his huge shaft and the subsequent lower pleasure his slut was giving him. He growled, and placed his hand on the back of his grandchild's head, "Open wide." Annabeth gasped as Zeus forced his dick down her throat; she had never felt this before! She found her lips locked nearly at the base, and she could feel his head poking her stomach. Zeus sighed in content feeling his cock stretching out his bitch's tight throat. He started to fuck her face and she responded eagerly, pumping what part of his shaft she still could.

Annabeth's cunt was flooding from Zeus' cock down her throat, she stopped rubbing herself and used her hand to cup Zeus' balls again; hoping to last until her lord gave her his seed. She swallowed around Zeus' meat, squeezing it deliciously.

Zeus looked down at his first slut, her throat gripping on his cock, while her mouth sloppily sucked him. His heavy balls were slamming into the tops of her breasts, which were covered in saliva from her stuffed mouth. He watched her blonde head pump up and down his shaft, her big tits sawing between his legs, adding to the sensations his slut was feeling. He could feel his end nearing, and fucked Annabeth even harder, forcing another two inches into her throat.

Annabeth felt the change in pace, and stroked Zeus' cock furiously, trying to draw her master's jizz into her mouth. She brought one hand down to her love box, rubbing her clit to her orgasm. Zeus' balls clenched, and she felt her treat empty into her throat. His first shot filled her mouth, some flowing straight to her stomach. She swallowed his thick delicious cum as quickly as she could, trying to get it all. Despite her best efforts, as Zeus' godly cum pumped out of his cock, it spilled onto Annabeth's tits, coating her chest until her bra was no longer visible.

Annabeth's body shook and spasmed as she came messily. Zeus' cum was infused with his aura, and it gave intense pleasure to his slut. As she swallowed hungrily, she unknowingly started the bonding to Zeus that would change her life.

Zeus watched the immortal demigod as she gobbled his cum from her face, scooping the thick cream from her body before eagerly licking it off one hand, using the other to keep stroking the stiff monument to man in front of her. Annabeth's eyes glazed over as she creamed herself again from the potent cum covering her body. She gazed longingly at the cock in front of her, yearning for it to fill her tight pussy like Percy never could. As Annabeth finished cleaning herself, Zeus remembered what the Fates had told him about bonding his sluts to him permanently.

"Zeus, for your dominance to be established, you must make love to the woman's mouth and her vagina. Once you have done this, she will be yours forever."

"What does that mean; in what ways will she be mine?" Zeus questioned.

"Once you have bound your woman to you, she will be loyal to you for her life, and her bloodline will be indentured to you for eternity. Any sons she has will do your bidding, and her daughters will desire to expand your base of power in every way." They replied as one.

Zeus smiled predatorily at this, thinking of all the ways he could benefit from this; the entire world would bow before him!

Annabeth unclipped her cum covered bra, giving Zeus a full view of her big tits and diamond hard nipples, enticing him to fuck them. She brought the lacy bra up to her now clean face, inhaling her lord's scent before bringing it down to her dripping panties, getting herself off with godly jizz, moaning and roughly groping herself. Despite her clear arousal, she conflicted about what she was planning on doing. Zeus was content to wait, confident that the slut was essentially his now.

'What about Percy, I love him!' she thought reluctantly to herself, sniffing Zeus' tool as it was draped over her head, 'He's always been good to me.'

'But Zeus gave us godhood, that's worth more than stupid Percy and his tiny penis' Horny Annabeth retaliated. 'Zeus' dick is amazing; we've had half a dozen orgasms without having him in us. Would you pass up getting the full thing from the fucking god of sex?' She licked eagerly at the heavy balls swaying onto her face. 'And if sucking his dick feels this good, imagine him between our legs; that would be pure heaven.' She pushed her panties aside and slipped a finger into her sopping wet cunt, closing her eyes to imagine the possibilities.

Annabeth made the mistake of opening her eyes, trying not to imagine Zeus' surely magical tongue on her swollen clit, to see Zeus buck his hips to encourage her to move, causing his balls to swing against her cheek, giving the final push to send her back into Zeus' arms, and more importantly, onto his dick. She snapped out of her inner debate, taking one ball into her mouth tasting it and warming him up for what was to come. With her other hand she removed her now ruined panties, wincing as the cool air hit the puffy lips of her tight shaven pussy. She gave Zeus' sack one last lick, before lying on her back and pulling her toned legs up to her chest, showing the lord of lightning her dripping wet fanny, eager for him to fuck her into next week. "Please my lord, fuck me, I want it so bad."

Zeus grinned at her words, "What about Jackson, will you go back to him after this?" He leaned over Annabeth's body fingers stroking her legs slowly, creeping along her thighs, electing a throaty moan as she begged for more

"No my lord, I would ne- oh, please more" Zeus's fingers trailed up towards Annabeth's snatch, teasing her into a frenzy. "I'd never touch Percy again; my body is for your desires alone. Besides," she said, her eyes fixed on Zeus' wedding tackle, "he's nothing compared to you… Gods damn it!" she swore as Zeus' calloused hands slid past her core, one cupping her full ass, the other drawing light circles beneath her heaving bust.

"Good answer, now convince me why I should keep going, and give you this privilege"

Annabeth shuddered as Zeus' hand slowly traced around her huge melons, still smooth from the cum bath they had just minutes before. "My lord, with your permission I wish to service you for the rest of time, your desires will be the most important thing in my mind." His wandering hand cupped her breast, squeezing it delightfully, twisting her nipples between his fingers, making Annabeth more desperate than ever. "Please my lord, fuck me, stretch me out, and let me please you in every way possible. Make me your bitch!" Zeus placed the thick head of his cock over the lips of his slut's needy cunt sawing it back and forth slowly, making both of them groan in lust.

"As you wish my lady" he said mockingly. He brought his hand out from Annabeth's luscious ass making her whimper, before flicking her sensitive nub lightly, throwing her over the edge. As Annabeth's mouth opened in a soundless scream, her hips bucking again, desperately hoping for penetration, Zeus roughly gripped her full ass and slammed his pole into the immortal demigod's soaking tunnel. Annabeth screamed in shock as the intruder stretched her more than anything before, even the foot long dildo she had stolen from the Hunters of Artemis. Tears of joy sprung from her eyes, word couldn't describe her fulfillment in that moment.

Zeus waited patiently until the tight cunt gripping his cock stopped convulsing, and Annabeth's hands reached down to his hips "Fuck me now." She deadpanned, before yanking his hips flush against hers, getting the last few inches of manhood inside her and forcing the tip straight past her cervix and into her fertile womb. She could feel the pulsing veins of his dick rubbing roughly with her tight squeezing walls. As he started to move inside her, he placed his hands on her ankles and pushed her right against her shoulders, giving him full access to the hot slick cunt beneath him. He sawed slowly half in and out, building up the tension he could taste from Annabeth. He knew she needed a good fucking, but wanted to make her work for it. "Please my lord, I need it so bad, pound my slutty pussy, it's all yours" She begged, her hips rocking with his dick, while trying to free her legs to she could wrap them around his strong body and pull her dream cock into her. She desperately tried to please Zeus, knowing he was in charge now. She clenched her cunt around him, trying to hold him deeper inside her. She played with her tits, mashing them together, and sucking them herself, trying to get a reaction out of him. In desperation and lust, she took a hand to play with her clit, while the other gathered her cum leaking from her filled pussy, and sensually licked it from her hand, before reaching down again to play with the great heavy balls resting on her rose bud. She lifted her ass up, sinking slightly farther into bliss as Zeus slid deeper, and his balls settled between her fleshy cheeks, stimulating her rear even more. She whimpered in desire, quietly begging for her lord to go harder, deeper, faster, anything.

Zeus had always had a good gut feeling with sex, knowing when to change the pace, with millennia of experience; he'd thought he knew it all. But with the powers the Fates had given him, he had a literal sixth sense about women now, and he knew now that Annabeth was at her breaking point, she needed him more than she needed anything in that moment, and if he fucked her right, she would never want anything but him and to please him, regardless of any binding she would have to him, she would be his. He had watched her attempts to draw him in, waiting for her lust to boil over, like it was now.

Zeus' hands reached to cup Annabeth's fun bags, his hands not even close to covering them. He grazed his thumbs over her erect nipples, her back arching to find more pleasure. Then at once, he released a light spark of lightning, straight into her soft orbs. At the same he slammed ruthlessly into Annabeth's eager cunt, grazing the back of her womb. He pulled to the tip and hammered back into her, molding the tight tunnel to his liking. Annabeth's eyes rolled back into her head, another wave of pleasure rolling out from her brutalized pussy. She felt Zeus' thick manhood rubbing against her G-spot, giving shocks of pure bliss, Percy had never been able to do this; she hadn't ever had her G-spot hit in sex, let alone her womb!

Zeus pulled his slut's ass up more, giving him a new angle of penetration with smaller quicker strokes, his cock now slamming straight along her G-spot and pounding right against her cervix. Annabeth head snapped up, grey eyes staring directly into his lightning blue ones, "I love you, sweet fuck, I love you!" she screamed before her body shook violently before cumming, her juices squirting out of cunt, covering the Olympian throne room in her cum. A jet blasted out, hitting Zeus' cum filled balls. He responded, pre-cum leaking out, more than a normal man would cum normally. Annabeth felt Zeus' sign of arousal going right up against her cervix, making her cum harder.

Zeus paused, letting Annabeth ride out her first female ejaculation. He lifted her trembling body and carried her over to an Olympian throne, Athena's. He lay her torso on the throne, her tits pressed roughly against her face, goose bumps rising from the cool marble of her mother's throne. Zeus mercilessly shoved his cock back into the halfblood's still sensitive cunt, her mind overwhelmed with the pleasure.

"WHO DARES CLAIM THE SEAT OF ATHE-"The goddess of wisdom was rendered speechless by what she saw in her daughter's mind. She had resigned herself to becoming the mother in law of the sea spawn, so when she saw a whirlwind of pleasure in Annabeth's mind, all centered around Zeus, King of the Gods and her father. Her rage calmed for now, she sent an observer, a snowy owl called Hedwig. She possessed the owl as her symbol, and watched in shock, and though she would never admit it-arousal- at what she saw.

"Take my godly dick you whore!" Zeus grunted at the sweaty girl beneath him, plowing her with his cock as his heavy balls slammed into her sensitive snatch, sending bolts of pleasure through her clit. While taking her from behind, he penetrated deep into her, his cockhead pushing roughly against the back of her womb, threatening to break her overworked pussy.

"Gods above, you're so deep inside me! Don't stop my lord, don't ever stop fucking your pet!" the once proud girl screamed eagerly to the surprise of her mother. Annabeth had always been independent and prudish honestly. Seeing her like this made her wonder what Zeus was capable of, having her favourite daughter being plowed like a common whore. Annabeth's head was slumped onto her mother's throne, drool pooling on the priceless marble, a nearly comatose expression of ecstasy plastered on her face as she lived through a continuous orgasm from this god of fuck who was mounting her like the bitch she was to him.

Zeus could feel his orgasm building, and he had noticed Athena's spy in the throne room for the past half hour. He decided to give his brain child a show. He concentrated briefly, sending a shock of electricity along his cock, making Annabeth feel something completely new, and completely ecstasy inducing. She moaned loudly, blacking out for a moment as even her newly immortal mind was overwhelmed by euphoric pleasure.

She awoke to Zeus' final thrusts, powerful and brutal. He slammed his cock all the way into Annabeth's womb, before roaring and blasting his thick baby batter into her eager and fertile womb. Annabeth felt her master's seed filling, and then bloating her womb, until a bulge was visible on her toned stomach. Her willing cunt was filled to the brim, and when Zeus pulled his massive dick completely out of her for the first time in an hour and a half, he slapped his cock between Annabeth's full ass cheeks, continuing to blast his load over her back and into her platinum blonde hair. With a final roar, his aura infused seed blasted over Annabeth's back, straight onto Athena's throne, her symbol of power. He looked down at the girl beneath him, her binding complete. Now all her children would be loyal to him forever.

As Zeus lifted the girl then vanished all his cum on her body into a jar labeled 'Breakfast', he failed to notice his seed being absorbed by Athena's throne, glowing briefly in blue, the colour of lust. Zeus teleported to his palace, placing Annabeth in his bed before passing out next to her. Zeus wasn't awake to see Thalia enter the palace, getting access as a child of Zeus. She walked into his room, finding her father, and to her surprise, her naked best friend, who looked more satisfied than she had though possible. She took a long glance at Zeus' soft cock, mistaking it for hard, before shaking herself out of her stupor, and running out.

But she would be back.

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