Zeus, Master of Goddesses and Demigoddesses

BY : GooberGoobwa
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Zeus pulled his cum soaked dick out of Piper's battered pussy, his seed dripping out from her filled womb in the process. He looked down at the unconscious immortal in front of him, his cock still erect even after firing his load inside her moments before. He watched her huge F-cup tits move softly with her breath, completely satisfied and drained from the fucking he had given her.

He heard a soft moan from the corner and turned to catch his daughter the Goddess of Love on a chair, frigging herself desperately. Her arms were hooked under her legs, lifting them right up and providing Zeus a clear view of her activities. Still unaware of her audience, Aphrodite had three fingers deep in her gushing cunt, with her other hand teasing her asshole, she was inches away from orgasm when Zeus spoke, breaking her trance.

"Enjoying the show?" he asked, not even bothering to hide his nakedness as Aphrodite's eyes shot open, and locked onto his pillar of manhood immediately.

"Z-Zeus," she stuttered, "S-shouldn't you cover yourself up? Please?" She pulled her legs down to protect what decency she had left, revealing her GG-cup breasts covered only by a straining bra, her nipples poking straight through to reveal her obvious arousal.

Zeus walked towards the goddess, holding his cock up, displaying it for her "Don't you like what you see? Your daughter loved it, little whore she is." With that he smacked his pole against her face, knocking her from her chair to the ground, kneeling before his indomitable cock.

Aphrodite could feel her control failing, she had never been in this position, as Goddess of Love she was supposed to be the best at this. "I've never seen one so fucking gigantic, how didn't you split her in half?" She asked before she could stop herself.

Her hand crept up to his dick, caressing it softly as she licked her lips, readying to service her King, feeling the throbbing veins that covered it, some bigger than her finger. She held it straight up against Zeus' body for a moment; "Di immortals, your cock reaches past your stomach!" She brought her second hand to grasp his godly shaft, trying and failing to encircle it with both hands, and brought his thick head to her lips.

"That's it you bitch, suck your daughter's pussy juice off my cock." Zeus said, sending shivers down her spine. The lust overwhelmed the immortal and she impaled herself with cock, filling her mouth and barely taking more than his huge purple cockhead. Slurping loudly on his massive manhood, Aphrodite worked her mouth up and down his meat, her hands covering what she couldn't reach. Without a care in the world, she devoted herself to worshiping his huge meat, having never tasted anything better than his musk mixed with Piper's sweetness in her life.

Reluctantly dragging herself off his towering cock, she unceremoniously began to clean his balls with her tongue, suckling and licking the two carriers of his precious cum. When they were both lathered in her spit, she impaled herself on Zeus' massive dick again. While her face was buried against his manhood, her fingers plunged into her needy sopping wet core, desperate to cum with Zeus' cock in and around her mouth.

Suddenly, with her throat filled with his cock, Zeus grabbed her by the hips and lifted her into the air. Now only suspended by his hands and cock, she slid down farther onto his shaft, her nose touching the base of his dick. He used his grip to lift her on and off his dick, hammering her throat with his enormous dick. Aphrodite was going blind with pleasure, cumming uncontrollably at the brutal throat fucking only being used for her master's satisfaction. She reached down to grab Zeus' huge cum filled balls, fondling them lovingly as she felt his dick slam in and out of her stretched out throat.

Suddenly, he held her against his abdomen for a moment before his balls pulsed, and Aphrodite felt his cock erupt deep inside her, fillingly her insides and making her scream around his cock as her world exploded in stars, cumming hard from being filled so completely with jizz. Zeus sat on the bed right next to Piper and let Aphrodite down, still shooting his load as she slid off his dick, coating her huge bra clad tits in his thick white cum.

"Mmmmm, thank you for the delicious load my lord," Aphrodite purred as she slurped up all the cum that was covering her body almost fanatically. She finished her meal and removed her bra, exposing her diamond hard nipples to her new master and kneeling down to wrap her breasts around his slightly softened cock.

"Please master, fuck my big titties, let me feel your divine rod in between them sir." Eagerly pumping her boobs around his shaft, Aphrodite's eyes were glassed over in pure lust, her mind lost in the face of the most amazing cock in the world. 'Gods above, why did I ever screw Ares when this tree trunk was around the whole time. No wonder Hera puts up with all the cheating, no sane woman would give this up.'

With a giant pair of firm, supple tits on his cock, Zeus was hard as steel in moments. Wrapping her enormous boobs around Zeus' shaft, Aphrodite locked her lips around the tip of his manhood, trying to milk out more of his delicious cum.

Piper's dream was filled with a harem of beautiful women worshipping a certain cock, and she found herself even more enthralled at the sight of Artemis, Annabeth and an unknown brunette slurping on the massive meat that extended from Zeus' groin. As she moved into position to take the tip of her lord's dick, she woke suddenly, disappointed at the denial of her prize.

When she woke, she was greeted by Zeus' fingers working their magic inside her, stroking her clit expertly at the same time. Her eyes crossed as she came for him, writhing on the bed in ecstasy. As she came down from her high, she noticed the newcomer in her apartment. On her knees with her ludicrously large boobs wrapped around the even bigger dick she was worshipping, was her mother. "MOTHER!? What are you doing?" she screeched.

Aphrodite looked over to see Piper gapping at her, "Well I came to check on you sweetie, and I couldn't just ignore such a divine treat!" she punctuated her words by giving Zeus' cock a nice long lick. "Especially with your delicious cum all over it." She gave Piper a wink, then went back to servicing Zeus.

"Piper get over here and help your mother." Zeus said, his fingers ghosting over her still sensitive clit. "Or you'll have to be punished" He said, then smacked her gushing cunt roughly, eliciting a cry from the young immortal.

"Ooohh yes master, punish your slut!" Piper cried, "Make me share your huge dick with mommy, make me suck her juices off your divine rod!" She crawled over to her mother, getting a solid grope in before going to work on Zeus' heavy balls while Aphrodite's tits and mouth covered the rest of his manhood.

Zeus watched as the mother daughter team took turns stuffing his dick into their throats, each encouraging the other to get deeper, and sucking on each other's tits as they went. Unable to take it anymore, he grabbed Aphrodite and threw her onto the bed, tits up.

Not pausing for a moment, he slammed himself into her soaking wet core, splitting her open as he hammered into her womb. Aphrodite's world went white as she came everywhere, squirting all over her daughter's lover's cock as it stretched her like no other. "Fuck me, fuck me fuck me, gods damn it stuff that dick in me till I break!" she cried, delirious with pleasure as she got the pounding of her life.

Piper decided to shut her mother up, lying on top of her while she was mercilessly pounded and locked her lips around her open mouth, effectively cutting off her latest dirty scream. With her tongue shoved down her mother's throat, Piper ground herself onto Zeus' dick, and her mother's stretched out cunt, while her tits were pressing against her mother's bouncing melons.

As Zeus hammered Aphrodite's pussy apart, he watched the action below, Piper was passionately frenching her mother, while grinding her sublime ass into the cunt she was born from. Enticed by the show beneath him, Zeus' cock throbbed inside of Aphrodite drawing a desperate moan out of her mouth, "Please Zeus, don't fucking stop! You're so much better than any of the other gods! Di immortales I want your fat cock inside me forev-mmmph"

She was cut off as Piper shoved her tit into her mother's mouth who moaned as her birth mother suckled at her plump teat, bringing the slutty immortal over the edge quickly. "Gods mom, you're so good at that! Not even Drew and Silena can make me cum that fast!" Piper rolled off of her mother in contentment as Aphrodite continued to quiver on Zeus' thick manhood.

As her cunt was permanently resized, Aphrodite was doing everything she could to milk Zeus' load from his heavy balls right into her fertile womb. When Zeus lifted her leg up to fuck her even harder, tightening her pussy in the process, she came harder than she ever had before. Her world whited out in overwhelming pleasure as she squirted all over the new center of her world. As she came, Zeus finally gave her exactly what she wanted, filling her to the brim with his thick seed.

"Fuck Aphrodite, you stupid slut, take my cock!" he grunted as his potent cum rewired her mind around him, dedicating her slutty body to him in all ways.

After firing off his fourth load of the night into his second busty beauty that day, Zeus staggered over to the chair that Aphrodite has watched him savage her daughter from, taking a breather from the marathon of fucking.

However Piper wasn't ready to see her new favourite toy put away so soon. The slutty daughter of Aphrodite crawled on all fours from the bed she shared with her unconscious mother over to her master, shaking her ample ass as she did. She locked eyes with a tired Zeus before taking a long lick of Zeus' half hard manhood. "Please sir, let me clean your cock, mommy made it so dirty." She moaned seductively, causing Zeus' cock to twitch involuntarily.

"Of course Piper, my cock is always available to those who ask," Zeus murmured, "Now show me how much you want it, and maybe I'll fuck that tight little ass of yours." Piper whimpered in excitement as she launched herself at Zeus' substantial cock, stuffing it down her throat and sucking her mother's cum off of it at the same time. She one of Zeus' huge balls in her hands, unable to hold both at once, and gently teased it while at the same time plunging herself up and down Zeus' rapidly rising pole.

Aphrodite woke up from her stupor to a rather appealing sight. Piper was on all fours, her pert ass and dripping cunt fully exposed, pumping her eager mouth up and down Zeus' huge shaft while her hands lovingly caressed his cum filled balls. Aphrodite stood up off of the bed, only to collapse as her knees gave out beneath her while Zeus watched on in amusement. Still she didn't let that stop her as she slowly made her way over towards her thoroughly distracted daughter.

Piper was lost in bliss as she did her best to coax another load out of Zeus' magically full balls. She didn't notice her mother approaching behind her until Aphrodite's lips were locked around her swollen clit, instantly setting her off. "Oh my Piper, are you this eager for mommy and Zeus to share you?" Aphrodite asked before giving her daughter's fit ass a slap.

Zeus looked down at the beautiful sight before him, his useless son's ex was stuffing her mouth full of his cock like it was the only thing she ever wanted to taste again, while being eaten out by her whore of a mother. "Mmmm fuck Piper, that's a good little slut," he groaned, pushing her head down even further as she choked and sputtered around his tree trunk of a cock. "Just for that I'm going to let your mother lube you up before I take your virgin asshole."

With her face and fingers buried in her daughter's pussy, Aphrodite felt as Piper clenched around her fingers in anticipation at the thought of Zeus reshaping her bowels. She reluctantly pulled her tongue out of Piper's juicy cunt and looked up and Zeus, "Gods master, this little slut just came again from you saying that you'd take her ass!"

Piper flushed in embarrassment as her mother shared her reaction, but deep down she wanted nothing more than to give her ass to Zeus, and only Zeus. She moaned around Zeus' cock as her mother pulled her firm ass cheeks back and shoved her tongue right into her bowels. As her mother ate out her virgin ass, Piper slowly lifted her mouth off of Zeus' shaft, giving it a loving kiss before sinking down to worship Zeus' sweaty balls for a while longer.

"Gods my lord, you smell so amazing, I could just do this forever!" Piper said before she returned to kissing and sucking Zeus' heavy scrotum. Zeus simply grinned in response and replied by reaching down and tweaking Piper's rock hard, drawing a half-yelp half-moan from the girl.

Zeus decided that he needed to fuck his little whore's ass before he blew his next load, saying to Aphrodite "All right Goddess of Love, its my turn to show you how its done." Aphrodite shuddered in lust at the overt show of dominance from Zeus, and pulled her face out of her daughter's ass obediently. Piper knew exactly what Zeus wanted her to do, and moved quickly to her bed, getting on all fours and presenting her well-lubricated ass to the King of the Gods. Aphrodite followed her to the bed, sitting beside her eager daughter and playing with her hanging F-cup tits, while diddling herself idly.

"Please master, fuck my ass! Take it like you took my throat and cunt! I want you to be the only person to ever fuck my tightest hole!" Piper begged as she wiggled her ass enticingly. Zeus stood behind Piper and dropped his heavy cock between her firm ass cheeks, grinding back and forth slowly.

"I'll warn you Piper, my cock won't fit quite as snug into your bum as it does up your pretty little pussy." He said, teasing the fat dip of his cock against her asshole. Piper reached a hand back to try and force Zeus' cock inside her, but it was slapped aside.

"You stupid slut, only Zeus gets to decide when you get to reach nirvana! You're just here to take his godly cock!" Aphrodite said as she lovingly stroked Zeus' massive shaft, her small hand barely reaching halfway around his thickness.

Zeus scowled at Piper's presumptiveness, and gave her ass a hard smack. "Listen to your mother Piper, this body belongs to me now. Aphrodite, show her what I mean." Aphrodite didn't miss a beat, throwing herself at Zeus' cock. In the flash of an eye her throat was filled with Zeus' manhood and her nose was right up against his rock hard abs. As she deepthroated Zeus, Aphrodite's hands were busy giving his balls the best massage they had ever had.

Not wanting to blow too soon, Zeus tapped Aphrodite's head, and she immediately withdrew, albeit with a pout on her face as she did. "Alright Piper, now I'm ready. Aphrodite you do the honours" Zeus said. He grabbed her by her hips and as Aphrodite lined him up, he slammed right into Piper's virgin ass.

"Oh gods!" She cried out, unready for the brutal penetration. But she wasn't an immortal for nothing, her body accommodating Zeus as best it could. "Fuck! Master you feel so much bigger in my ass! Please slow down a little!" She could feel her bowels rearranging for the enormous invader and she loved it. Piper's ass was far too tight for Zeus to split open quickly, and only half of his impressive shaft was able to fit inside of the eager girl's bum. Aphrodite was able to take care of the half of him that was still exposed, licking and kissing along his length and balls with abandon.

Piper was barely able to keep her wits together as she felt a familiar pressure building in her core. As Zeus hammered her as deep as she could take, his balls were slapping right against her soaked pussy. Just when she was about to lose it, Zeus managed to go even deeper into her untouched ass, sending her over the edge as his heavy balls slapped right into her hypersensitive clit. In that moment everything went white for a split second.

Aphrodite paused in her worship of Zeus' manhood as she watched Piper go rigid for a heartbeat.

"Ohhhhh gooooddddssss!" She screamed as her pussy spasmed and she started squirting on the bed beneath her. Zeus smiled widely and started hammering into Piper even harder to keep her cumming. "Wh-h-h-h-y-y-y wo-o-o-o-n-n-n't i-i-i-t-t-t st-t-t-t-o-o-o-p-p-p?" She cried as she continued to squirt endlessly as Aphrodite watched on in amazement, never having seen anything like this in all her years. Zeus smiled widely as he felt Piper's ass writhing around the part of his cock he could fit into her unbelievably tight ass.

Just as Piper started to come down and regain her senses, Zeus painted her insides with his godly cum. She felt the first shot blast into her gut like a cannon taking her to a level she hadn't thought possible, and was out cold before the next blast filled her ass completely.

Zeus groaned in pleasure as he unloaded inside the immortal's virgin ass, filling it to the brim far to quickly for his tastes. He settled for the next best thing, pulling his still firing rod out of Piper and stuffing it straight down a still shocked Aphrodite's hot throat. Instinct took over for Aphrodite as she swallowed Zeus' seed without missing a beat, the aura laced cum triggering another orgasm for the Goddess of Love.

As Zeus finished feeding Aphrodite, he collapsed onto the bed beside the still orgasming Piper, her body wasn't able to quit when her mind did. Aphrodite didn't join him, instead going to her daughter's exposed loins and cleaning the mixture of cum that Piper and Zeus had created during their brutal fuck. Once she was finished, Aphrodite curled up against Zeus, her massive GG-cup tits resting on his thick chest as they both based out beside Piper's exhausted figure.

In the city of New York, Calypso was wandering the streets of Manhattan. After her brief encounter with Zeus, one that she still couldn't get out of her head, she had found herself able to leave her prison for reasons that were beyond her. Now she was looking for a familiar face, and had settled on finding Percy Jackson. He had told her extensively of his home in Manhattan where he lived with his mother, and see was hoped that he would be able to help her explain to the gods that she hadn't meant to escape. As she knocked on the door of Percy's apartment, she was met with a stunningly beautiful mature brunette. The woman could only be Percy, although no one would ever think that this woman could have been the mother to an adult son.

"Can I help you?" Sally Jackson asked, looking up and down the gorgeous woman at her door.

Calypso blinked, taken aback by the woman in front of her, with the perkiest chest she had ever seen on a woman her age. An enticing pair of H-cup breasts were resting under a heavy sweater, but Calypso could hardly take her eyes off of them despite that. "I'm a friend of Percy, and I need his help. My name is Calypso." she said, tearing her gaze from the gravity defying chest in front of her.

"Oh of course he'll be back soon, please come inside. Can I get you anything while you wait?" Sally said, turning and walking back into her home, Calypso following with her gaze locked on her rhythmically swaying behind.

"Yes, do you have any liquor? It's been a hell of a day." She said, closing the door behind her.

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