Zeus, Master of Goddesses and Demigoddesses

BY : GooberGoobwa
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Annabeth slept like she had just run a marathon, a triathlon, and fought a horde of monsters. She dreamed about Zeus, her lord and master, about his cock in her tiny cunt, down her willingly throat, and strangely about her lord with her mother, the virgin goddess of wisdom, and countless other sluts to share him with. Instead of any jealousy to these beautiful women she saw being plowed by him; she was turned on, feeding off the wishes of her master, her body readying itself to suit his desires. She started to masturbate furiously at the erotic sight of her own mother being split open by the massive sausage between her thighs, an expression of pure joy plastered onto her face. Annabeth felt something graze her wet slit, and looked down to see her best friend Thalia, about to dive into the cunt in front of her.

Annabeth awoke suddenly, yanked out of her very wet dream unsatisfied and very hopeful for Zeus to expand his harem quickly so that she would get a chance to fuck her mom, her best friend and countless other fellow sluts.

She looked around and found she was in Zeus' bedroom. She could feel an amazing ache from her snatch, sore from its pounding the day before. The thick cum dried between her thighs gave off an intoxicating smell, and she scooped some up into her mouth, savoring the taste again. Annabeth could feel the aura infused jizz making her horny as Hades. She rolled over to her side and saw her master unconscious beside her, his flawless cock draped over his stomach, enticing her to suck it.

She bit her lip, one hand reaching over to pump Zeus' cock to hardness, the other slowly rubbing her sensitive clit, warming her up for her lord. She felt the thick cock in her hand swell and harden from her handjob, and watched in awe as the cockhead reached past Zeus' ribcage, reminding her what her cunt would feel soon.

She groaned as Zeus' cock rose straight up, waiting for attention. She crawled between his legs, hands trailing along his thighs before gripping the base of his cock with both hands, fingers not touching. She knelt in front of the giant dick so that her mouth was level with the tip. Annabeth shivered in desire before sinking her mouth onto the spear of manhood. She started to bob frantically on Zeus' cock, using her hands to stroke the bottom half of his dick while her mouth. Annabeth took one hand of the throbbing cock to quickly finger herself to her orgasm. She screamed around the cock in her throat, trying to awaken the god she was blowing so eagerly.

Zeus hadn't slept more than 4 hours a night in millennia, so he had diverted some of his essence to other tasks. As his slut was passed out beside him, he had chosen to visit some of the captive Titans. He appeared out of a strike of lightning on Ogygia, the island of the Titaness Calypso.

As he approached her small home, she strode out into the sunlight, her soft golden skin exposed in her revealing two-piece bikini. Zeus took in her body as she walked towards him, her hips swaying, her small C-cup breasts bouncing slightly, trying to bust out of her tight white top. His eyes trailed from her face, a small smile on her face, to her small hips. And between those thighs, he saw an enticing thong bottom, a small wet spot visible over her core.

"Lord Zeus, to what do I owe the honour?" Calypso was surprised; Zeus had never visited her before, preferring to send his pawns to watch over her. She had to admit, the millennia had been good to him. Zeus was dressed in only swim trunks, and despite herself, she was strongly aroused at the sight of him. As she walked towards him, she felt his eyes roving her body. His aura became stronger, and she shivered in desire; it had been almost 400 years since her last time, and she knew Zeus was amazing after talking with Circe long ago.

"Calypso, I decided you deserve a reward for your reputation. You will be released from your captivity under my supervision." Zeus flared his aura and saw her perky nipples come to attention for him.

The Titaness bit her lip, stepping closer to the god, her finger playfully circling her firm tits, running over her painfully hard nipples, drawing a soft moan from her. She placed her other hand lightly onto Zeus' muscular thigh, "Thank you my lord, I hope I can repay your kindness in time." She looked into his eyes and winked, her hand running from her cleavage to her soaking wet snatch, sliding one finger inside herself, before bringing it to eye level and sucking her own juices off.

Zeus' cock stiffened as the slutty immortal in front of him showed him how much she wanted him. "I'm sure we can arrange something dear Calypso." As he spoke, he placed one hand on her head, pushing her towards his hardening shaft, the other hand sending electric shocks towards her engorged clit, driving her over the edge.

Calypso, groaned, her hips bucking rapidly as her first orgasm crashed over her. Her knees gave out suddenly, and she used Zeus' legs to steady herself. With slightly glazed eyes, she looked down to find a mostly soft cock drapped over her left shoulder, and big, heavy balls resting on her high firm tits. Licking her lips, she slapped the huge dick against her face, making sure to keep her grip, before swinging it back against her right cheek. "Do you like me using your big cock like this lord Zeus? Do I have your permission to suck your amazing cock?" She inhaled Zeus' aura filled musk deeply, giving her a burning desire to satisfy him.

Before he could answer, Zeus felt his original form calling for his full attention. Sighing, he quickly gave Calypso a taste of what lay in store, stuffing the head of his cock into her hot mouth, his hands reaching down to spin her around, her pussy lips now right in front of his face. His tongue reached out, electricity sparking over it, before plunging into her dripping cunt.

Calypso cried out in ecstasy around the pole of meat in her mouth as the strongest orgasm she'd ever had hit. Her bodied went limp in Zeus' arms, his cock sliding deeper into her airway, adding to her submissive pleasure. The last thoughts that went through her head before she blacked out were 'He's so much better than my sisters, I could do this forever!'

Zeus awoke to find his blonde whore bobbing her head up and down, nearly taking the entire monstrous shaft. Sensing her master waking up, Annabeth slide all the way to the tip of the precious cock, before looking straight at Zeus and going all the way to the base of his pole, her eyes crossing slightly as she tasted his amazing dick. Zeus felt her swallow rapidly around her cock, desperately hoping for some of him delicious jizz to enter her mouth.

Annabeth could feel herself losing air, even gods can pass out. She could also feel the beautiful tool in her throat throbbing quickly, signaling Zeus' release. With even more enthusiasm , she pistoned the dick in and out of her throat as she rubbed her soft tits against the cum filled balls now encased in her bountiful titflesh. She pulled the whole cock out of her mouth, yelling "Please master Zeus, give me your hot cum, I want to feel it in my throat, taste it in my mouth all day, have you cover my big tits in your amazing seed. Please my lord, give this dirty slut your cum!"

As Annabeth's nose brushed the base of his cock again, Zeus blew straight into his slut's eager stomach. She held the pulsing cock in her mouth until it was filled with thick cum. She took the spraying dick and pointed it straight at her tits, covering her erect nipples in hot cum. Then she got a thick coating for her face and hair. As Zeus finished on the girl, she looked like a snowman; her hair turned white, her eyes held closed from the facial she had gotten, and her incredibly perky tits sagged under his spunk.

Annabeth moaned in joy as she scooped the cum from her body into her mouth, placing some in her cunt as well. She made sure to keep Zeus entertained as well, having crawled up to straddle the manliness that was between Zeus' legs, grinding her soaked little pussy against him, hoping to be stretched out by him again. She groaned longingly "Lord Zeus, take me, us me as you wish. Fuck my slutty cunt master." She ground her hips impatiently against his cock, trying to tempt him into taking her.

Zeus lifted his hands to cup Annabeth's big ass cheeks, mauling them roughly, building the immortal's burning lust. She finished cleaning herself of Zeus' godly cum, moaning in satisfaction as she swallow the thick seed into her stomach. She looked down at Zeus, his cocky smirk and his sculpted body. She watched his cock slide against her sensitive core as Zeus pulled her back and forth, coating his shaft in her juices. Annabeth dropped onto Zeus' chest, rubbing her big tits against his chest, moaning as her nipples squished erotically on his torso.

Zeus gripped his hands tightly onto Annabeth's bountiful ass and lifted her up. He flicked his cock straight up until his thick tip was directly beneath the slut's dripping wet pussy. He released his hold on her ass and speared her onto his massive dick. Annabeth arched her back as she was filled suddenly, her mouth opened in a scream of ecstasy. Sitting straight up, she felt the last of Zeus' spear slide inside of her, pushing right into her womb.

Annabeth placed her hands on Zeus' chest and started to fuck herself on the big shaft inside of her. She felt her tight cunt clenching around him as she came again, her body wracked with pleasure. Zeus saw her distraction, and continued to relentlessly pound her, his hands on her ass again as leverage to piston her horny little pussy. Annabeth was delirious as she kept on cumming, Zeus' cock was too much for her. She collapsed to the side, her mind overwhelmed with pleasure.

Zeus frowned as his fuck puppet slipped off his cock, her body at its max. He watched with pride as she squirted all over the bed, Annabeth hitting her peak, and blacking out. Zeus looked at her unconscious form, her face pressed into the bed, and her ass pointing straight into the air, begging him to take it.

Annabeth blinked, coming back after her orgasm. She smiled in satisfaction, lifting her head off of the bed, unknowingly putting her ass on display for Zeus. She looked back and saw the big dicked god staring at her luscious ass. "Do you like what you see my lord?"

Zeus pulled his eyes away from his slut's juicy ass, seeing Annabeth smiling at him, her lust written all over her face. Looking her dead in the eyes, he smirked, and then smacked her ass with his hand, making it ripple sensually. "Why don't you give me a little show, show me why you're the best slut in Olympus."

Annabeth loved the challenge, and the chance to show herself off to her master. She had never done anything like this for Percy, he hadn't earned it. But for Zeus, nothing was good enough. She would never be able to repay the sheer pleasure he had given her. Eagerly, she gyrated her hips slowly, her ass cheeks swaying back and forth for Zeus, showing off her body and loving how slutty she was being for him.

As Annabeth put on a show for Zeus, he was slowly stroking his shaft, loving the way her ass moved roughly as she picked up speed. Before long, Annabeth was dry humping the air, her arousal dripping from her pussy, begging for penetration. Zeus positioned himself behind her, and placed his huge shaft between Annabeth's plump cheeks.

Annabeth groaned as Zeus started to fuck her ass cheeks, the awesome friction turning her on even more. Zeus' big balls slapped into her cock hungry cunt and Annabeth screamed, her arms giving out as she came again, her cheeks clenched around Zeus' shaft.

Zeus pulled his cock from between her cheeks, and slammed his cock into her willing snatch all at once. Annabeth gasped as she was filled, keeping her cumming even longer. After several quick, long thrusts into his slut's cunt, Zeus pulled out again and paused for a moment.

Annabeth barely noticed the loss of Zeus' cock, still cumming powerfully, her mind elsewhere. With his whore distracted, Zeus lined up his cockhead with Annabeth's virgin rosebud. His cock was already lubricated from being buried in her dripping core, so he shoved himself right inside her ass.

Feeling Zeus' thick tip stretching out her ass, Annabeth moaned in pure lust. She had never had anal sex before, she never thought of herself as that kind of girl-at least not for Percy- but she didn't just want anal from Zeus, now that it started, she needed to feel his huge dick deep in her bowels.

Rocking her hips slowly, she tried to relax and help Zeus fuck her ass. With his slut's eager actions, Zeus quickly fit half his cock into her insanely tight butt. As he sawed his cock back and forth, reshaping her ass as he went, Annabeth had three fingers in her needy cunt, and one stroking as much of Zeus' shaft as she could.

Zeus felt himself starting to bottom out in Annabeth's ass, with still a third of his cock out of her bowels. With a primal roar, he slammed his dick ass the way into the slut's butt, nearly breaking her in the process. Annabeth had twin waves of pain and pleasure, feeling Zeus completely inside of her ass. As Zeus tried to fuck his cock into Annabeth's stomach, Annabeth had another massive orgasm building as the pain started to fade, the pleasure intensifying.

Zeus felt Annabeth's ass start to squeeze him tighter, trying to get him to blow inside her before she passed out again. Her virgin butt was too much for him though, he hammered harder and faster against her, launching Annabeth into another mind blowing orgasm, then, with a brutal thrust, bottomed out and painted her bowels with his spunk.

As he emptied himself inside her, Zeus pulled his softening cock out of the demigoddess's ass, and sprayed the last of his load all over her back. Annabeth felt Zeus finish inside of her, then all over her back as the last of her energy gave out. Just as she lost consciousness, she murmured "Gods you're good." Before she blacked out from the pleasure.

Zeus looked proudly at the worn out girl beneath him, having fucked her nearly to death over the past 24 hours. Despite his powerful orgasms recently, Zeus was still ready to go. With Annabeth off the table, he decided to distract himself with his other godly duties. With the snap of his fingers, he was dressed again. Before he left, Zeus couldn't resist on last spank of Annabeth's luscious ass. Moments later, the sole occupant of Zeus' bed was a blonde bimbo leaking cum from her holes, and a red hand print on her ass.

Zeus reappeared in the throne room, preparing to monitor his domains through his seat of power. Alone in the throne room, Zeus scoffed, thinking to himself; 'Am I the only one who actually checks their domains?' As he lost himself in thoughts of his superiority, he failed for the second time to notice an innocuous owl in the corner of the hall, or it's sudden departure from the hall.

Athena viewed the memory of her owl again, watching Zeus' crotch specifically. She couldn't tell if he was hard, but his cock was nearly the length of her arm! After last night, accidentally absorbing some of her father's cum, she had been oddly aroused. As a virgin goddess, Athena had never had physical sex, but she knew nearly everything there was to know. Not to mention the mental fucks she used to create her children. But now, she felt something she had never felt before, lust for her own father.

Logically, she knew that there had to be something magical or unique about Zeus' seed and the goddess of wisdom part of her wanted to investigate. On the other hand, she had been horny for nearly a whole day now, and she needed release.

Hoping that Zeus could cure her, considering how good a fuck he had given her daughter, she prepared to seduce her own father. Her mind drifted to her witness of Annabeth's wanton behavior last night. She had watched in shock as Annabeth fucked as sucked her grandfather right in the throne room. Athena didn't know why, but seeing her own daughter, a near carbon copy of herself, getting fuck into the next millennia by Zeus made her want to share in the ecstasy Zeus had given. Absently dressing herself in a strategically cut toga, she imagined sharing her father with her well-endowed whore of a daughter. Athena felt her virgin pussy dampen for the first time in her life, before steeling herself for what see was about to do, then teleporting to her father.

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