Zeus, Master of Goddesses and Demigoddesses

BY : GooberGoobwa
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In Zeus' palace, Annabeth came to after having her anal virginity taken just hours before. She rolled over to the side of the king bed, Zeus' jizz still coming out of both her holes. She touched her hand to her sensitive rear, scooping the cum out of her ass. She rubbed it into her jiggling tits, paying special attention to her pointy nipples. She stood up, her legs wobbly from orgasm, and made her way to the kitchen.

Walking naked through Zeus' palace, Annabeth couldn't care less, after Zeus' binding of her, she had no shame anymore, her inhibitions were basically gone, and all she needed was Zeus' cock, or any girl he desired. She walked to the kitchen, ass swaying as she reflexively acted sluttily now. In the kitchen, she found a note from her master, 'Slut, you are to be waiting for me tonight on the balcony. Your attire will be waiting for you. Until then, I require nothing of you. Lord Zeus.'

Annabeth finished her meal, her desire building again as she felt Zeus' horniness over the slut bond. She walked towards the bedroom, until her knees gave out beneath her. If someone were to walk into Zeus' palace, they would find the chaste Architect of Olympus fingering herself frantically, moaning uncontrollably. Whoever Zeus was fucking, Annabeth wanted in if she made her master feel this good! She was on her knees, her ass pointed straight up and her face and chest crushed against the ground as she had one hand in her pussy, the other teasing her ass.

She flicked her painfully hard clit rapidly, her holes clenching and unclenching around her fingers as she came powerfully. With a scream, she collapsed back onto the floor, drenched in sweat, her cum drenching the ground.

With the overwhelming pleasure that Zeus' had accidentally given her abated, Annabeth walked drunkenly towards the bedroom. To her surprise, her cum soiled clothes from the throne room were gone. In their place was something Annabeth never would've worn before. Now she was eager to show the world why Zeus had taken her as his whore.

Annabeth slipped into her new clothes, a dark red g-string which only served to rub against her overstimulated cunt, covered barely by a pair of short denim shorts framing her plump ass. She turned around, bending over to admire her ass in the mirror. 'Who wouldn't want this ass?' she thought, absently rubbing her thighs together, 'Now it belongs to master and his big cock.' She bit her lip, trying to calm herself down and finish dressing.

Grabbing her new bra, Annabeth discovered it was far too small, a meager C-cup for her massive E-cup tits. Not even hesitating, she accepted Zeus' decision and squeezed her rebellious boobs into the bra that matched her bottoms. With her bra pushing her tits up like the push up bras she'd had before her flat chest grew out over past few years, Annabeth took the white crop top from the bed. Slipping in on, she noticed there were only two buttons, leaving her entire stomach exposed while showing of a generous amount of cleavage. To finish it off, Annabeth was happy to see her sneakers from Camp Half-Blood, which she pulled on quickly.

In her new outfit, Annabeth glanced to the mirror again. She grinned appreciatively at what she saw. Her legs looked like they went on forever, until they met her shorts just centimeters from her snatch. With a quick turn, she saw her luscious cheeks peeking out along with her underwear which was riding up enticingly. Watching her front again, her eyes trailed from her waistband along her toned, tanned stomach to reach her pride and joy. The formerly modest daughter of Athena was excited to show off her enormous boobs which were squashed against her chest, giving her the slightest friction on her breasts when she walked.

Approving of her dress, Annabeth strode into the washroom, turning on the shower. Needing someone to talk to, she decided to use the new 'Iris Transport' system. She grabbed a golden drachma off Zeus' sink and threw in into the shower's mist. "O Iris, goddess of the Rainbow, please accept my offering. Send me to Thalia Grace, Lieutenant of Artemis" Instead of an image of the recipient appearing; a hole opened in the mist, showing a clearing in the woods filled with silver tents. Seeing the hunters roaming about, Annabeth stepped out of Olympus and towards Thalia.

Zeus smiled as his daughter tried to take his pole all the way into her mouth, gagging around it pathetically. The goddess of wisdom applied her entire attention to getting Zeus' amazing dick deep into her throat. From her position kneeling beneath her father's throne, she pulled Zeus' cock down, while tilting her head to align her throat. She pulled off of Zeus' manhood and then took only the tip, her tongue bathing his cockhead in her saliva. Then, the virgin goddess sucked an entire foot of thick dick into her newly stretched out throat. She moaned passionately around his shaft, before submitting as Zeus began to fuck her mouth.

As a cock forced its way into her stomach, pushing Athena over the edge for the first time in her life, she couldn't help but think, as her world exploded in pleasure, 'Why did it take me 3000 years to find this dick?' As Zeus kept mercilessly fucking her mouth like the whore she was, Athena blacked out from sheer orgasmic bliss. Zeus had fucked a goddess unconscious for the first time in history.

Pulling his cock out of his daughter's throat, Zeus plastered his cum all over his slut, the once proud Athena covered in jizz from head to ass. Athena's body was still spasming powerfully, her orgasm unending, so Zeus waited, and remembered what had just happened.


Sitting on his throne, Zeus was concentrating on the sky, trying to release the last of his arousal by shooting lightning throughout the American Midwest. As absorbed as he was, he didn't notice as Athena appeared in the throne room dressed to impress.

Wearing a traditional toga, shoulder bare, Athena had made some adjustments before visiting Zeus. Trimmed up above the knee, showing miles of leg, the toga left almost nothing to the imagination, draping over a huge, perky ass, a noticeable gap between her leg and the toga as a result. She had cut the toga along the sides, displaying the sides of her torso, her breasts on display to the world. Complete with a deep V, Athena was the epitome of sexy with her plump ass, long legs, and melon sized tits EE-cup rack.

Zeus looked up to find his daughter standing in front of him, legs crossed over each other, and her hands clasped in front of her, pushing her boobs together enticingly. Zeus couldn't believe it, the Fates had given him enough power to seduce a goddess! And a virgin one at that! Experimentally, Zeus released his aura slightly, watching Athena's reaction keenly.

With her father watching her in silence, Athena was getting nervous. She had come here to have her brains fucked out by her daddy's horse cock, but now she was losing her nerve. As she was about to turn around, she felt something wash over her, and suddenly, her cunt was on fire. She barely managed to control her body, biting her lip to suppress her moan, while involuntarily rubbing herself lightly with her hand.

Surprised at Athena's willpower, Zeus completely unleashed his aura for the first time, leaning forward to watch the show.

The goddess of wisdom was flushed with embarrassment and arousal; she had never felt like this before. Then suddenly, the same something hit her again, but infinitely stronger. Her eyes crossed as she came, her knees buckling, causing her to fall onto her back. Her pelvis arched up, her hands playing with her pussy desperately, trying to satisfy herself. But as she kept on cumming, she was only becoming more and more horny. With her clit to sensitive to touch, and her nipples visible through the thick cotton of her toga, Athena had a sudden urge for Zeus' cock. She struggled to her knees, only to find Zeus ready and waiting, pants off, and dick out.

Athena didn't hesitate to grab the manhood in front of her. With both hands, she lifted his dick level to her mouth, before licking from base to tip, taking in the aphrodisiac flavor of Zeus' shaft. Zeus smirked as his virgin daughter worshiped his cock. "Do you want daddy to give you his cock? Will you give up your vow Athena?"

Athena tore her eyes from the meat in front of her, looking up at Zeus, eyes filled with lust, love, and sincerity. "Daddy, all I want is your cock. Yours is the only one that will ever fuck this tight pussy. Please, let me warm you up, let you feel a fraction of the pleasure this horse dick will give me." She pleaded, her hands pumping up and down the giant dick just inches from her willing mouth.

Zeus placed his hand on the back of his daughter's head. "You will be mine forever Athena, you will be my slut for the rest of time, and my desires will be your only purpose. Will you take your place as my whore?" he asked.

Staring at Zeus, she screamed "YES, yes Daddy, my body is yours, I will do whatever you command, just give me this cock and I will be yours forever! Fuck me like you fucked Annabeth! Take my virginity!" Zeus didn't waste a moment, slamming his cock down his newest slut's untouched throat.

Athena was a quick study, taking first Zeus' cockhead, then more and more of his shaft into her throat. As she fucked herself on his cock, choking herself as his dick went deeper and deeper, her eyes glazed over in pure pleasure. Lubed up in saliva, Zeus' dick was stretching out his daughter's throat, spit and precum splattering her chest, making her tight toga see through to Zeus' delight. While she eagerly slammed back and forth on Zeus' dick, her tits bounced up and down, trying to bust free from the toga. As Athena worked his dick further into his through with unrestrained desire, Zeus couldn't help but think, 'I wonder if all the Olympian ladies are this slutty, I guess I'll find out'.

Flashback End

Seeing Athena returning to reality, Zeus decided that the throne room wasn't the best spot to fuck her. Instead, he grabbed the still half-conscious goddess, and teleported a cave in Camp Half-Blood. Unbeknownst to him, this cave was now the home of the Oracle of Delphi, Race Elizabeth Dare.

Rachel was minding her own business, painting another picture, this one apparently prophetic. As she finished, she was shocked at what she had painted. It was an image of the Olympian throne room, however, instead of the 12 Olympians, there were naked woman pleasuring each other, and a silver eyed woman bouncing on an incredibly large cock while a red head sucked on the balls, the silver eyed woman's cum spraying the red head.

Before she could think any more on this, Rachel was shocked as the cock from the painting appeared in front of her, attached to Zeus himself, butt naked. However before she could do anything, she found herself gone from her cave.

Zeus immediately noticed his observer, and, considerately as always, teleported her into the center of New York City, far enough away for him to finish his business. Turning to the Oracle's queen size bed, he unceremoniously dropped Athena on the bed, waking her up on impact.

Athena jerked awake, mind still clouded by pleasure. She looked down and saw a coating of Zeus' seed all over her body. Not noticing her lover beside her, she pushed her sizable tits up to her face before licking them clean, ingesting Zeus' cum into her mouth, and fulfilling the first half of her binding.

Zeus felt his cock harden again as he watched his daughter gobble up his seed like a starving woman. Knowing that Athena would be less open about losing her virginity than Annabeth, he waited while she finished her meal, slowly increasing the effect of his aura again to whet her appetite for him once more.

As Athena finished eating Zeus' tasty cum, she didn't feel satisfied, she wanted more. Finally noticing Zeus, she turned around and sat on the edge of the bed, her hands gripping his shaft while she licked at his big cum filled balls. "Will you give your good girl another meal daddy?" she asked in a child-like tone. "I want to feel your big dick fill my throat, and eat your thick tasty jizz."

Zeus gently took his cock from Athena's grasp, "Athena, dear, why don't you let daddy repay the favour, would you like that?"

Her eyes went wide, legs spreading subconsciously in preparation for Zeus going down on her. "Lord Zeus, please, show me why you are King of the Gods," her roleplaying gone in her surprise, "Eat my virgin cunt and drink down my cum Zeus!"

"You asked for it, let me see that tight pussy babe." Zeus knelt as Athena spread her legs wide, exposing her sopping wet snatch to Zeus. Leaning in close, Zeus inhaled, getting a good whiff of her juices, before blowing onto her engorged clit. He quickly pulled back as Athena's hips bucked up, craving his touch. He straightened up, pushing Athena back onto the bed, his hands tracing her sides.

Athena quivered underneath Zeus' touches, needing more stimulation. She felt his tortuously light caresses, fingers grazing her stiff nipples, ghosting against her flesh. As Zeus flicked his thumbs on both her nipples, she cried out "More Zeus, shove your fingers into my dripping cunt, just let me cum!"

Zeus brought one hand down between Athena's thighs, tracing her moist snatch, lightly stroking her swollen lips with the pads of his fingers. Under the constant attention without penetration, Athena was going mad. Combined with Zeus' sexual aura, she was losing her mind and her inhibitions.

Lifting her hips eagerly, and spreading her legs wide for Zeus, Athena pleaded for release, "Ju-just do s-something, anything, G-gods damn it! Agh! " She screamed as Zeus finally shoved his finger inside her, sliding right into her eager hole. Sighing in pleasure, Athena shuddered once, twice, three times before her entire body went limp around Zeus' finger, her pussy trying to hold it inside her as she experienced the best release she'd ever had.

Coming down from her orgasmic bliss, Athena came to a resolution; there was nothing that would stand between her, and the cock that was now dangling over her sensitive cunt. In that moment, Athena decided to give her virginity to her father, King Zeus.

Recovering quickly from her powerful orgasm, Athena surprised Zeus, flipping the tables. In an instant, Zeus was laying on the Oracle's bed, his cock stiff and eager, while the Goddess of Wisdom stood over the edge of the bed, her fuckable tits heaving with her breaths, her cunt literally dripping in arousal.

Zeus decided to let Athena take charge; after all it was her virginity on the line. He propped his dick up for her, ready to plow into those tight folds of hers.

Athena hovered over Zeus' manhood, her juices flowing onto the thick purple cockhead between her legs. Grey eyes filled with lust met electric blue eyes for a brief second. Then, Athena dropped down, her tight cunt split for the first time by the biggest dick on Olympus. As she worked the first few inches inside herself, Athena moaned in pain and pleasure before she felt Zeus hit her ancient hymen.

With his dick in the tightest hole he'd ever had, Zeus paused, looking at his daughter above him, her face torn between discomfort and love. He gripped her hips, stopping her. "Are you ready for this?" He asked concern on his face.

If Athena had had any doubts about letting her father fuck her snatch, they were erased in that moment. All hesitation gone, Athena dropped herself onto Zeus' dick, taking nearly half of him into her. She gasped, not in pain, but in pleasure as she came around her first cock.

Zeus, using his aura to his advantage, dulled the pain of penetration, letting Athena feel all the joys of sex her first time. Feeling her tight cunt squeezing even harder, his hips bucked upwards, pushing his fat cock further into her.

Athena rallied quickly from her orgasm, feeling Zeus pumping back and forth, working more and more of his cock into her slick hole. She looked down at her stretched pussy, her juices gushing out and covering Zeus, showing him how much she loved the fucking he was giving her. She placed her hands behind her for support, showing off her body for her father, before she slowly bounced on his cock, trying to stuff more and more dick into herself. "Take my dick your little slut, you know you want to feel it deeper. Do you want me to stuff your womb with my cock?" Zeus asked, working himself further into her.

Her cunt was slowly expanding to welcome the intruder, Athena fucking herself wildly on Zeus' dick now. "Oh Gods, fuck me just like that, give it to me harder. I want that dick right in my womb. Do whatever you want, just fuck your little girl!" She had managed to get 2/3 s of his dick inside her when she felt him brush her cervix. She saw a flash of white, her brilliant mind going blank as she exploded around Zeus, her love juices soaking into the bed beneath her.

Zeus ruthlessly kept fucking her, giving no respite. As he slowly worked the last inches of dick into Athena, she didn't stop cumming for him, her pussy clenching around him as she screamed bloody hell. "DON'T STOP, DON'T STOP, JUST FUCK ME FOREVER. PLOW MY PUSSY, IT'S ALL YOURS. FUCK ME DEEPER, HARDER. MAKE YOUR LITTLE SEX TOY SO I CAN HAVE THIS COCK IN ME ALL THE TIME. FUCK ME ZEUS!"

Deliriously, Athena was on the verge of tears, overwhelmed by the sheer amount of pleasure she got from the huge dick that was stretching her out. With a smug smile, she felt her swollen clit bump against Zeus' pelvis as he bottomed out inside her, his godly cock hitting the back of her womb, sending her back over the edge into yet another orgasm. Even with her powerful brain, she had lost count of the times she'd exploded in orgasm thanks to Zeus in the past hours. She didn't know how much longer she could handle his dick for.

As Athena collapsed backwards, holding Zeus' dick inside of her as if unwilling to give it up for a moment, Zeus changed positions, giving himself more leverage to pound Athena to the breaking point. With Athena half off the bed, her chest facing the ceiling; her hips were now just below Zeus' while standing. He towered over her, standing off the bed, legs on either side of Athena's limp body. Patiently he waited, wanting to his newest slut to experience his dominance.

Slowly fading back into consciousness, Athena felt empty, only Zeus' sizeable cockhead was inside her, nearly 10 inches of emptiness in her cunt. She opened her eyes to find herself on the carpet, her tits right in front of her face. Looking past her diamond hard nipples, she saw Zeus watching her unmoving. Then, his hips slammed down, pushing his dick back into her for an instant, drawing an appreciative moan from her. Then, he was back up again, barely in her. Athena knew in her mind what was happening; Zeus was asserting his control. But more importantly at the moment, her pussy liked it.

With Zeus hammering into her hard, fast, and deeper than ever, Athena swore as Zeus rubbed her G-spot nonstop. Nearly an hour into this new position, Athena felt that telltale feeling, bigger than ever this time. With Zeus relentless above her, and her big boobs slapping against her once regal face, now open in a constant moan, Athena was completely submissive to Zeus, willing to do anything for him.

Athena managed to scream "FILL ME UP, PAINT MY VIRGIN CUNT WITH YOUR TASTY CUM, LET ME BE YOUR CUMDUMPSTER ZEUS. BLAST MY WHOLE BODY WITH YOUR SEED, CLAIM MY BODY! MAKE ME YOUR BITCH! MAKE ME LIKE ANNABETH!" Then she came, milking Zeus' potent seed out of him. After pounding his daughter's virgin cunt for hours, Zeus sunk completely into her, pushing his whole cockhead into her womb. Then with a bestial roar, he let himself go.

Stream after stream of cum filled up Athena for the first time in eternity, feeling better than anything that came before. As she felt her womb swell with jizz, Zeus had finished binding her to him. He pulled his thick cock out of Athena's still twitching cunt, his cum flowing out of her abused hole. Her body slid down to the floor, where Zeus straddled her torso and slapped his cock between a pair of massive tits.

As his newest slut, Athena automatically wrapped her tits around the dick on her chest, making a new hole for her master to fuck. As he rocked back and forth, his dick slid towards her mouth. She eagerly sucked on his cockhead when it appeared as he fucked her tits, his dick erect again.

After ten minutes of a slow titty fuck, Zeus stood up and squatted over Athena's head. He draped his big heavy balls onto her, covered in her own juices she'd sprayed as she came countless times. Athena took a good whiff of them, the scent alone getting her juices flowing, before she started to service Zeus' ball sack. With her hands, she was pumping Zeus' dick, excited because he was erect, and that always meant good things.

Zeus was amazed at the transformation Athena had undergone. From the not so shy virgin just hours ago, to the completely subservient whore she was when he wanted now. Groaning as Athena sucked one of his balls, he stood up.

Looking at Athena's eager yet exhausted expression he said:

"Get up slut; it's time for round 2."

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