Zeus, Master of Goddesses and Demigoddesses

BY : GooberGoobwa
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Thalia, daughter of Zeus had a problem. She couldn't stop thinking about her hot best friend Annabeth, and more importantly, her father. Earlier in the day, she stumbled across a scene she would never forget; Annabeth, who was in a relationship with Percy, lying naked beside her father, obviously satisfied beyond words. Yet despite everything in her mind screaming against it, she felt nothing but arousal, and jealousy towards Annabeth for getting such an amazing fuck.

With these thoughts in mind, Thalia bit her lip, wavering on the edge of temptation. In her head she relived the moment, the blonde bombshell covered in sweat and looking happier than ever with Zeus' godly cum pouring out of her abused cunt. Thalia moaned, quickly ripping her silver hunter leggings open, exposing her panty free core to the cool air. Tentatively, one finger slipped between her legs, rubbing softly along her wet pussy as she imagined being filled up by her own fathers cock.

Slowly losing herself in her fantasy, Thalia brought her other hand to cup her breast, reaching inside her silver jacket and imagining it to be Annabeth toying with her stiff nipples as she was filled to the breaking point by Zeus' massive cock. "Mmmm Daddy, faster." She moaned, thrusting a finger deep inside herself, craving penetration more than anything at that moment.

Lying on the bed, hips raised to meet her fingers, Thalia wanted nothing more than a good hard fuck. In her lust clouded Thalia was starting to doubt her decision to become a hunter. The only time she had had sex was with Luke, and that had been a disaster. The boy hadn't tried to get her off, only concerned with himself. It hadn't taken much once the stress of the Prophecy kicked in. Sure life with Artemis and the hunters was fulfilling -gods damn could the goddess of the hunt lick a cunt! -but after seeing Annabeth in her post fuck coma, she knew she needed to experience Zeus' gift.

Now with three fingers pumping her tight cunt, Thalia was about to cum. Roughly groping her firm D-cup tits, she cried out in desire, "Fill me up Daddy, pump your little girl with your cum!" Running a fourth finger along her ass, she came powerfully, soaking her now useless leggings with her release. She collapsed onto her bed in a daze, clothes ruined in her frantic lust. In her post orgasm haze, she slowly brought her fingers to her mouth, sucking them clean of her cum one by one. She froze suddenly when she heard voices outside of her tent, getting louder quickly.

"I must say Lady Artemis, I am surprised to see you in your adult form, I've only ever seen you as a child."

"Call me Artemis my friend, after all we are both immortals now. And why shouldn't I be, I am always comfortable with my hunters." Thalia could detect a playful innuendo in her Lady's voice, perhaps this was another prospective huntress that Artemis lusted for? "Though you are one to speak Annabeth that outfit of yours leaves little to the imagination…" Artemis trailed off, her voice soft and husky.

"Is that a hint of desire I hear Artemis? We wouldn't want to break your pesky little vow would we?" Unbeknownst to Thalia, Annabeth ran her hands over her perky tits, teasing the virgin goddess in front of her.

"Oh you silly girl, that vow only limits my intimacy with men, I have no problem with fucking the brains out of one of the fairer sex. Just ask your friend Thalia, or any of the hunters if you want to hear more." With that Artemis left a gob smacked Annabeth outside the tent, walking in to see her half naked lieutenant lying in a mess of sheets, clothes and cum.

Thalia admire Artemis as she walked in, hips swaying, curves bouncing. She raked her eyes along the goddess' 21 year old body, her intense silver eyes, currently sparkling with lust, to her soft pouty lips which had been experience by every hunter there ever was. Thalia moaned in desire as she saw Artemis' giant mounds, enough to make Aphrodite jealous. Measuring in at an astounding J-cup, Artemis' tits were the largest on Olympus, something that Aphrodite was reminded of constantly. However, in Thalia's opinion, Artemis' greatest asset was her gravity deifying ass. With all the exercise as goddess of the hunt, Artemis had powerful legs, with a soft layer of fat over her luscious cheeks. In the tight silver dress she was currently wearing, Thalia could see the just how perky and firm her Lady's rear was. Just watching Artemis had her in the mood as always.

As Annabeth finally entered, Thalia was shocked. Gone was the modest, understated Annabeth. The girl who was in her shoes was a slutty schoolgirl at best, and a complete cockwhore at worst. Taking in her outfit, Thalia was dripping wet. With her big E-cup boobs spilling out of her tiny bra, Annabeth was just begging to get pounded. Not to mention her almost nude waist. Thalia could visibly see the outline of Annabeth's sweet cunt, which was very wet from her flirting with Artemis.

While Thalia was striping Annabeth with her eyes, Annabeth got a nice look at the horny huntress. She was a postergirl for naughtiness. Her leggings ripped at her crotch, exposing her hairless cunt and pert ass to the world. She was sweaty, her hair mussed up, and her boobs out of her shirt entirely. She was already up for another round, her nipples trying to cut through the air. Annabeth took note of Thalia's apparent love of being caught, before making her move.

After a minute of fantasizing and admiration from all three, Annabeth acted. "Well I feel a little overdressed now." She said, teasingly pulling her tight top over her bra cupped tits. She fondled herself lightly, her nipples poking through the C-cup bra she wore, before exposing her big tits to her audience. Not waiting for a reaction, she went to the end of the bed, before placing her mouth right in front of Thalia's eager love hole.

"Fuck Thals, you look so sexy right now," She whispered, breathing softly on Thalia's exposed pussy, "I could just eat you right up!" With that, Annabeth darted her tongue out, flicking the huntress' love button. Instantly, Thalia had her legs locked around Annabeth's head, crying out as she felt two fingers push into her tight cunt.

Artemis watched on in shock as the once quiet Annabeth devoured a cunt right in front of her. She felt her juices start to run as she saw Thalia screaming soundlessly at Annabeth's attentions. But even more interested was Annabeth's sexy ass, just teasing her, jiggling with every movement she made. Unable to control her godly lust, Artemis knelt at the edge of the bed, her face level with Annabeth's denim clad arse.

Annabeth was completely lost in her task, seducing the Hunters of Artemis in the name of her lord Zeus. Currently blowing the mind of her best friend with her tongue and fingers over stimulating the sensitive daughter of Zeus, she groaned into her friend's pussy as she felt Artemis grope her ass lovingly. Thalia came as Annabeth's attentions pushed her over the edge, squirting her cum right into her friends face as the pleasure overwhelmed her.

With Thalia unconscious beneath her, Annabeth turned over, and slipped off her short shorts, now soaked through by her absolutely sopping wet core. Artemis stifled a moan as she saw the most enticing cunt ever, eagerly awaiting her ministrations. Annabeth was now desperate for attentions, as through her bond to Zeus, she felt him fucking another slut, boosting her own libido in the process.

"Please Artemis, fuck my slutty little cunt, I need to feel your fingers in my love hole." Annabeth begged, her hands cupping her tits as she gave Artemis a pleading, lust filled look. Artemis smirked, more than willing to fuck the blonde's brains out. Expertly, she filled the slut with her fingers, eliciting a moan "Di immortales yes, fuck me my Lady, eat my tasty pussy!" Annabeth bucked her hips, trying to get Artemis as deep as Zeus had been just hours ago.

Never one to turn down a challenge, Artemis lunged forward, tongue pushing between Annabeth's swollen lips, getting her first taste of the girl's cunt. As she sucked up Annabeth's juices straight from the source, her fingers working wonders, somehow knowing all the girl's sweet spots, Artemis unknowingly sucked some of the most addictive cum in the world out of Annabeth's spasming cunt. As Zeus' cum leaked out of Annabeth's pussy, and down the throat of Artemis, virgin goddess of the hunt, Artemis felt something she never had before; lust for dick. And not just any dick, the dick that had knocked up her mother, Leto, millennia ago. Pushing the thoughts aside, Artemis focused on the sweetest pussy she had ever tasted.

As she felt Annabeth writhe underneath her, Artemis hiked her silver dress up to her stomach and started to play with herself, sliding her nimble fingers up and down her own pussy, already horny enough to do anything. Desperate for some attention, Artemis bit lightly on Annabeth's engorged clit, sending the blonde over the edge, "Gods above!" she screamed, her eyes rolling back into her skull.

As Annabeth was lost in orgasm, Artemis repositioned herself into her favourite position. "Eat my cunt you fucking slut." With her pussy flush against Annabeth's, the goddess ground herself against her lover, her enormous J-cup tits swaying back and forth with her passionate rhythm.

Thalia reentered reality to an amazing sight. Artemis was joined at the crotch to Annabeth, whose legs were in perfect splits, rubbing frantically against each other. Annabeth was reduced to a fuck puppet by an Olympian once again, having never stopped cumming thanks to Artemis' amazing scissoring. "Artem-ahhhhhhh! Fuck me pleeeease! Gods, I want your pussy on mine forever my lady!"

With the furious pace, Artemis' boobs now hung free from her restraining dress, bouncing around wildly. Thalia listened for a moment to all the erotic noises coming from the pair; their cries and moans, and the amazing slap of flesh on flesh as they tried to fuck each other raw.

She crawled over to the pair, ready for another go at Annabeth's fantastic oral skills. Not wasting any time, she placed her sopping wet cunt right over her best friend's mouth, moaned loudly as Annabeth attacked with her tongue, sending the black haired beauty into greater ecstasy.

Artemis was lost in pleasure, her body working on autopilot to bring more and more pleasure to herself and the sexy blonde beneath her. She snapped back into reality when her giant tits were given attention at last. She looked down to see her lieutenant where she belonged; worshiping her goddess. "Mmmm Thalia, show me you love your mistress, show me why I should reward you." Thalia bit lightly on her lady's nipple, hands expertly fondling the huge orbs in front of her.

Annabeth, not one to be left out, decided to bring things to a head. With her hand which was previously cupping her breast, she traced Artemis' tight stomach, before trailing down to her furiously rocking pussy. As the goddess was pleasured from all angles, Annabeth hit her magic little button, causing the voluptuous woman to stiffen, then, mind overwhelmed, drop to the bed limply.

Thalia, surprised by her mistress' sudden orgasmic collapse, fell forward as she lost the big tit she had been suckling. She wound up in an arguably better position, a perfect 69 with Annabeth. Locking her mouth onto the blonde's cunt, Thalia was in heaven. With her tits pressed firmly against Annabeth's stomach, she couldn't focus on anything but eating out her best friend.

Upping the ante, Annabeth teased her finger against Thalia's pink rosebud, slipping a knuckle inside of the girl's ass, tighter than ever her vice like pussy. For Thalia, this was something new, and for her, pleasant. "Uhhhh Annabeth, moreeee" she moaned, her hips grinding into Annabeth's face, seeking more stimulation. Annabeth, eager to oblige, shoved the rest of her finger inside the tight ass in front of her.

With her first anal penetration, Thalia screamed in orgasm, her body shaking deliciously on Annabeth, driving her friend to satisfaction as well. Thalia received a face full of cum for her efforts, Annabeth squirting endlessly, drenching Thalia's upper body in her sweet, tasty cum. With that, both girls entered oblivion, lying naked against each other, looking more natural than either had ever been with their ex demigod lovers.

And both were dreaming of each other, the well-endowed goddess beside them, and the King of the gods.


While Zeus had woken up in a bed with a woman who was not his wife countless times, he had never before done it with a virgin goddess. Draped over him was Athena, formerly a three thousand year old virgin, now his personal fuck toy. The goddess was filled with his seed, likely pregnant, and wouldn't be waking up for a while. After a night of relentless fucking, Athena fully worshiped him and his dick. Not bad for a second conquest. With a marathon of sex behind him, Zeus was already looking for his next slut.

Without anyone in mind, he walked out of the Oracle's cave, and into Camp Half-Blood. Looking around, he could see many sexy demigods, ranging from the busty beauties in the Aphrodite cabin, to the tight, athletic slutty daughters of Apollo.

As a new addition to Camp Half-Blood, each cabin had a statue beside it, showing its immortal patron from whom help could be requested. For Poseidon's cabin, it was Percy Jackson, for Athena's, Annabeth Chase and so on. As Zeus wandered the Camp, using the Mist to stay incognito, he approached the Aphrodite cabin, seeing the lifelike statue of Piper McLean, immortal protector of Los Angeles, and guardian of Cabin 10.

However, Zeus was interested in that, instead looking at the generous bust of the girl, her enormous breasts straining against her shirt, lifting it and showing off her tight stomach. With an innocent look on her face, with her long brown hair done in a nice pony tail, Piper looked like the ultimate girl next door, and Zeus wanted her bad. Still conscious of hiding his new interest in the mortal world, he walked quickly away from the crowded center of camp and teleported to Los Angeles.

What he hadn't noticed though, was his state of dress. Wearing only his boxers, Zeus had had the rapt attention of every girl in the camp, his giant package drawing their eyes like moths to a flame. And as he left, even with his new aura concealed, he left all the demigoddesses with their little pussies aching for relief.

"Gods, that cock was bigger than arm!" cried out a daughter of Ares, all the girls around her nodding in agreement, their fingers rubbing their respective cunts.

Piper Mclean was getting tired of LA. She had asked to be placed there in order to see her father, but he was hardly around, and everywhere she went, she was ogled, since her tradition jackets weren't really comfortable in the sunny city. Instead she was stuck wearing short shorts, tank tops, bikinis, etc. She was more exposed than she was used to, to say the least.

The worst part was Jason. He had been given immortality as a guardian as well, however he hadn't had any luck with his positioning. Stuck in the original Rome, he was not only busy handling the new influx of demigods that had shown up there, but he seemed more interested in getting to know Nico than seeing his girlfriend. And she was sick and tired of it.

Piper found that the best way to get back at someone was by cheating. Normally, she wouldn't even consider it, but Aphrodite was behind the scenes, trying to stir up some drama once again. However, no one could've predicted just who Piper would take home tonight.

No one could ever say that Piper was a beauty. Her shoulder length brown hair framed her face, with her full, enticing lips, her thin nose, and her entrancing kaleidoscope eyes. Tonight she had slipped into a black cocktail dress her father would be ashamed of. With much effort, Piper stuffed her full F-cup tits into her shoulderless, form fitting outfit. With more cleavage exposed than hidden, no one would look any lower than her bountiful tits. If they were to, they'd find her long, toned legs running from mid-thigh, down to her stiletto 'fuck me' heels. After a quick look in the mirror, Piper did a little spin to see everything, her huge tits bouncing dangerously, trying to break free of their silk prison.

Walking through downtown LA, Piper felt everyone's eyes on her, either locked to her bouncing tits, or gazing at her firm behind. With the subtle influence of her mother, Piper felt no shame, only pride as the daughter of Aphrodite showed her beauty to hundreds. Without the fear of being recognized, Piper strode confidently to the front of a line outside a club.

"Hi big boy," she said, leaning over, and showing her huge tits to the bouncer. "Wanna help me out? I really need your help to get into this club." She whispered, no charmspeak necessary as the bounce was dazed with arousal, letting her pass instantly.

Once inside, Piper hit the dance floor. More free than ever before, she grinded shamelessly, feeling their tiny little erections as she let them peek down her dress. Without fail, every mortal she danced with creamed his pants, her firm huge boobs pressed up against their chests sending all of them over the edge. Piper was getting hornier and hornier when finally fate intervened.

Two powerful arms wrapped around her body, trailing along her belly and thighs, teasing her in pleasure points she didn't know she had. But most amazingly was the firm cock she felt all the way up her back. As she ground her ass against the stranger's bulge, she couldn't deny the building anticipation. "You sure know what you're doing hunk, it's time for me to see just how much of a hunk you really are."

Turning herself so that she was right up against her lover's chest, Piper looked up to see stormy blue eyes, like Jason's, but filled with something primal, powerful, and undeniable. Her hands had a mind of their own though, and as she processed who she was throwing herself at, she was stroking the cloth covered dick that was now pushing against her giant tits.

"Lord Zeus," she said, watching his eyes darken in lust instantly, "We need to get out of here, so that you can show me just what you want to do with this big cock," She squeezed his shaft, "and this tiny little pussy." Piper pulled her dress up to her hips, exposing her sheer lingerie, and rubbed her soaking cunt along Zeus' leg. She was surprised with her slutty actions, but between the cloud of lust from Zeus, and Aphrodite's manipulations, she couldn't wait to sink herself onto that huge cock.

Teleporting them straight to Piper's home, Zeus ripped the expensive cocktail dress of the girl's body, exposing her enormous F-cup tits, a transparent lace bra covering them. Piper moaned in arousal, her nipples poking through her bra in her lust, and her slutty little panties already soaked through from Zeus' seductive foreplay.

Piper took the initiative, wrapping her legs around Zeus as she attacked his mouth, quickly losing their tongues' battle for dominance. Before she knew it, Piper was having her ass mauled by the King of the Gods, before he teased a finger quickly against her aroused cunt, sending her into her first orgasm of the night.

Without missing a beat, Zeus had the slutty immortal on her knees, his pants undone, and his gigantic dick straining against his underwear as Piper finished cumming, and instantly pulled down the last thing separating her from a dick bigger than her greatest hopes.

The steel hard bar of cock found itself in the mouth of Piper McLean, daughter of Aphrodite, as she instinctively knew just how to use her throat and hands to pleasure Zeus. Quicker than any before her, Piper had the entire shaft down her throat, furiously slamming herself on and off the godly dick. Her hands found Zeus' softball sized testicles, lovingly caressing them as Zeus obliterated her mouth with his dick.

With her giant tits trapped between Zeus' legs, they flew up and down with Zeus' brutal rhythm, colliding with Zeus' big balls, sending Piper's lust addled mind into another orgasm. Her cries of joy vibrated around the dick in her mouth, and, with one more powerful thrust, Zeus plastered her stomach, face, and upper body with enough cum to knock up every drug free celebrity in LA.

As Piper collapsed, devouring Zeus' cum like she hadn't eaten in days, Zeus teleported them out of the street in front of the girl's home, with all the jealous men and lustful women watching on, and into her bedroom, where she immediately pulled her arousal soaked panties to the side, and pulled her legs up to her shoulders. As if her body language didn't scream it, Piper looked her ex's dad in the eyes and, with a load already in her stomach, halfway bonded, said:

"Fuck me 'til I break."

Zeus didn't waste any time stripping down, his cock ready to go again. Piper tore off her bra, eagerly pushing her tits together, trying to arouse Zeus even more. Naked except for her see through panties, Piper was desperate for dick.

Moaning, Piper felt a dick prodding her cunt, just the tip against her swollen lips stretching her more than Jason ever could. As Zeus sawed up and down her pussy, Piper's lust was becoming unbearable. Suddenly, she crossed her legs behind Zeus, ripped her panties off, and pulled. "Just put it all insidEEEEEE."

Zeus filled Aphrodite's daughter to the brim, her cum covering his cock as her cunt clamped down on him in orgasm. Without a pause, Zeus slammed in and out of the girl, her bountiful bosom bouncing back and forth as Zeus' big thick cock pounded her cunt into oblivion. Piper was frantically bucking her hips up, trying to get even more dick inside her needy pussy. For the first time in her life, the daughter of Aphrodite was outmatched.

Without a doubt, Zeus was enjoying this pussy. Piper had the hottest, tightest, in short, best cunt he'd ever fucked. As his balls slapped against her tight ass, Zeus was in heaven. He eagerly brought his lips to the slut's tits, sucking on her big melons. Piper's face was slack, overwhelmed as she was mercilessly stretched to the breaking point.

With the King of the Gods fucking her like no one before, Piper could only think one thing; 'I wanna do this forever!' Her lust at a new high, Piper clenched her legs around Zeus' body, and flipped herself over him, keeping her cunt filled the whole time. Without missing a beat, Piper was riding Zeus with abandon. Each time she dropped herself onto his pole, her huge tits slapped together, timing perfectly as her soaked pussy slammed against Zeus' hips.

The slut shrieked as she came powerfully, her womb filled up as Zeus bucked his hips into hers, pushing deeper than ever before. "Gods damn, make me your fucking bitch!" she cried out, her hands bracing against Zeus' powerful chest while she bounced up and down on the massive dick inside her. With nothing left in her mind but lust, Piper mindlessly fucked herself into oblivion, Zeus simply letting the slut work as he groped her giant tits, working the girl up as he roughly pulled her rock hard nipples.

With a final scream, Piper clamped down on Zeus' cock, milking him in her orgasm. Her arms gave out, and she collapsed onto the god's chest, her boobs crushed against his body. Zeus grabbed a handful of ass with each hand, and was right back at it, holding her steady as he hammered into the brunette beauty.

Piper was half conscious, drooling onto the god beneath her as her cunt was ravaged and reshaped brutally, her body approaching its pleasure threshold quickly. Zeus grunted with each powerful thrust, his heavy balls, filled with potent cum, slapped up into Piper's full ass with each thrust. Without notice, he had spent almost 3 hours fucking the horny slut, and she was his, mind, body and soul. As Piper's orgasm continued endlessly, Zeus' cock was balls deep in her cunt, his dickhead pushing against the back of her womb, right up to her limits as he blew his load.

As the first jet filled her, Piper's world shattered, her mind restructured itself around the cock inside her. At that moment, Jason, her father, nothing else matter. To her, sex, specifically with her new master, would always be her top and only priority. These were the last thoughts running through the mind of Piper McLean before she passed out, filled with godly cum, her body hitting its orgasmic limit.

In the corner of the room, Aphrodite sat awestruck as she watched her daughter reborn as a slut to her father. Her fingers were all the way into her cunt and ass, trying fruitlessly to get rid of the persistent arousal she felt from Zeus' cock.

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